255 Art. 249 Descending of Golem

 Allen and the others heard about the fate of the fate between the Beast Kingdom and the Central Continent.
 Since there doesn't seem to be anything to do now, I hope that the Beast Prince who will get along with the Central Continent will become the next Beast King.

 I heard that the Ghiamut Empire is negotiating its own political bargaining.

 Although the beast kingdom became independent from the empire a thousand years ago, both the Ghiamut Empire and the Albahar beast kingdom are parties that have existed for a thousand years.

 I hope you'll talk with them and find a way to solve this problem.

 I think there's a lot of things we can do before the worst happens.
 But if the Beast Kingdom comes from the south of the central continent, then I have no choice but to become the demon king.

 If we look at the past precedent, it is said that once a war breaks out, millions of beastmen will invade the central continent.
 Although there is an alliance among the allies in the form of the Five Continents Alliance, the Beast Kingdom is a potential enemy of the Central Continent.
 Therefore, Allen thought that the Demon King's army might not attack the Beast Kingdom out of the two southern continents.

 If the Beast Kingdom marched in, he would protect his village and country with his family, even if he had to destroy all the beastmen.
 No matter how much blood is spilled," Allen said, and Helmios said he would make sure that didn't happen.

 Helmios' companions gulp as he says it so matter-of-factly, knowing that Allen and his team have destroyed most of the Demon King's army, which has grown to ten million.

 The social gathering at Helmios' party ended with a bang.
 Helmiaos asked me how often I capture dungeons, and when I told him that I spend three and a half days in dungeons out of five days, Helmia's party seems to match up with the same frequency.

 The third floor base is the same as it was in the school, with the men's room on the second floor and the women's room on the third floor, but the room on the third floor is no longer sufficient.
 Since Helmios' party is almost in a harem, I've decided to use part of the second floor.

 I've heard that Helmios and his team will be mainly working on the fourth floor for this dungeon as well.
 I heard that valuable weapons and armor will be available.
 At the same time, I'm going to raise the level and skill level of Helmios, who has become the Hero King.

''Well then, try to bring out the Iron Golem.


 Allen and his team are in the plaza that we have transported to the third level.
 This is the perfect place for the golem's descent experiment because it's a large area and a safe zone where no magical beasts can come out.

 With Allen and his friends at his back, Merle grips the grimoire board.
 The grimoire is clenched with both hands, and geometric characters appear on its surface.

"Something's going on with the grimoire. Is it finally coming out?

 At the unusual grimoire's reaction, Keel involuntarily clutches his staff and braces himself.

 Then, taking a deep breath, Merle shouts, "Tam-Tam descends!

"Tam-Tam descends!

 In front of you a huge magic circle with geometric characters arranged in a circle is laid out.
 Then, as if jumping out of the magic circle, a golem emerges from its head.

 A ten-meter-long steel body stands upright and immobile on the ground.

That's amazing. How does this thing work?

You can't move it unless I'm in it.

 The golem cannot move by itself, it is only a puppet doll.
 It will not move unless the golem operator enters the room.

 Merle holds the grimoire over the iron golem that has appeared.
 Then a light is emitted from the golem from the crystal-like part of its chest, like a flashlight shining on Merle, and it responds to the grimoire.
 Merle is sucked into the golem as it floats in the air.

Amazing. We're going in. I think I'm going in.

"Oh! It moved!

 Just as Dogora was rattling on about how Merle could be inside the crystal, the golem began to move slowly.
 It seems Merle is controlling it.

 Then I tried walking it, moving it a little faster, punching it, and so on in the square, but it seems to be able to move freely.
 The fight against the monster is no problem with this movement.

 Merle comes out from inside the golem.

Merle. That's great!


 Merle looks somewhat embarrassed as Crenna praises.

"I see. So that's what this golem is capable of.

 The surface of the grimoire board can be fitted with up to 10 stone tablets.
 And on the flat back side, the performance of this golem is displayed.

 Name] Tam Tam
 Pilot] Merle
 [Rank] Iron
 Physical strength] 1500 + 900
 Magic power] 1500 + 900
 Attack Power] 1500
 Endurance] 1500 + 900
 Quickness] 1500
 Intelligence] 1500 + 900

 Fortune 1500

(Is the increased stamina and magical power affected by Merle's alloy skills? (Is the increased strength and magic power affected by Merle's alloy skills?

 Allen looks intently at the grimoire hanging around Merle's neck.

 While Allen's grimoire allows you to see the status of your companions, you can't seem to see the status of Merle's golem.
 However, the pilot, the golem wielder, displays the status on the back of his grimoire.

 Just as Hermios was able to see the quantified stats of Aren and his friends with their appraisal skills, I expect that this world will be able to quantify the skills of some talents and the status of these grimoires with these grimoires.

 And since the status is currently increased by 900, it will increase by 1800 when you reach alloy level 2.
 The increase in status due to the number of stars in the pilot's talent will affect the golem's status.

Then try on the strengthening tablet you got.


 You'll need to get three enhancement plates from a treasure chest or hidden cube to complete the five main body plates.

 You can fit up to five of these plates, which are the same size as the ones for the main body.

 I learned from Merle that the size of these tablets are different for giant and special versions.
 The size of the tablet depends on the effect it has on you.
 The more special the effect, the larger the tablet becomes, and it fills a vacancy in the grimoire board, which can only hold a maximum of 10 tablets.

The size of the tablet for the main body is 1
The size of the stone slab for strengthening 1
Size of the stone slab for gigantism is 2
The size of the stone slab for supersizing is 3
The size of the mobile tablet is 3
The size of the stone slab for special use is 5

 I'm aware of the importance of strengthening the golem of my companion Merle in this dungeon.

 I've got the strengthener tablets that increase strength, power, and speed, so I'm going to put all three on.
 Then, the status of the golem has been increased by 2000 each.
 The Iron fortification tablet seems to be unified with one 2000 increase.

(If I want to protect it, I can put in the strength and endurance tablets? That's a lot of flexibility. But still, now Merle's skill level is increased!

 Merle can't raise his skill level without a golem.

Okay, Merle. Now for the real battle.


 Now that we know the power of the golem, we're going to move to the rocky mountains.
 I already have a target for the rocky hill where the magical beast will appear.

 Move in the bird B summoner and have Merle on the iron golem between Krsna and Dogora in front of the large hole in the rocky hill.

 Walla Walla, the usual scorpion monsters will fly out of the hole.

 The iron golem swings its arms around as Krena and Dogora brace themselves.

"Megaton paunch!

 Merle invokes the skill of the flying arm, named Allen.
 The steel arm extends and crushes the scorpion monster.

There's a cord-like object connected to its body? Megaton Punch is right then.

 Since it was a flying arm skill, I wasn't sure whether to use Megaton Punch or Rocket Punch, but since it's a type of attack that doesn't completely disengage the arm, I think Megaton Punch was the right choice.

 Note that the Iron Punch option was excluded from the beginning.
 Allen thinks that Mithril Punch is not a good choice since he plans to collect the Mithril Golem tablet in the next level.

 Then we'll clean out the monsters and go to the big hole to examine them.

"Merle's done it. It's a good thing we didn't lose any strength because of our new job and the drop in levels.

 Cecil praises Merle.
 In another month, all of them, except for Allen and Merle, will be able to reach their skill levels and change jobs.

 Thanks to Merle's golem, we'll be able to get by at this level of the hierarchy with A-ranked monsters.

Yeah. But A-rank is still difficult to achieve: ......

(Merle's status as a hard-skinned, hull-covered A-ranked magical beast was still a tough sell.

 Merle's Iron Golem has an attack power of 2400.
 This was not enough to crush the hull of an A-ranked magical beast with an endurance of 3000 to 6000.

''You're right. I just started collecting the stone tablets. There's room for the B-ranked ones, but you can leave the A-ranked ones to Crenna and Dogora.

"Yeah, Merle. I'll take care of it!

 Krena stretched her chest and Merle's smile returned.
 This is how Merle got the golem, and the attack continued.