256 Chapter 250 Change of Employment ②

 It's been a month since Merle was able to descend the Iron Golem.
 Since then, I was able to get the strengthening tablet and the giant tablet.
 The golem Tam-Tam keeps getting stronger and stronger.

"Aren't you going to the dungeon today, Helmios? I mean, Rosetta. Don't get too close. There's a seat available over there.

(Not touching me easily)

"Don't say that. It's our thing.

"Yes. Mr. Allen. You don't talk to your superiors like that.

 This is the first floor of the base to share with Helmios' party.

 This is where Allen and Helmios' entire party is.
 Thanks to this, we have a fairly large party of about 20 people, but this base can accommodate a party of 30 adventurers, so it's not a problem.

 In addition, the rent for this base is 10 gold coins for Allen's party and 20 gold coins for Helmios' party.

 Thanks to the help of Helmios' servants who have furnished this formerly drab base, the tables and sofas in this month's room are now reminiscent of a nobleman's dining room.

 Next to Allen, who is sitting on the sofa, sits a woman named Rosetta who has a talent for thievery. The woman in the navel-gazing costume is trying to poke fun at Allen to see what he likes about her.

 I asked her how she got into this party, since she often gets involved in drinking at the base.
 Rosetta was the chieftain of a bandit gang of thieves in the imperial capital of the Gearmut Empire.
 She was about to be captured and executed by Helmios and others, but was freed on condition that she become one of them. Now he wants to steal Helmios' heart.

 This is the way to get a rare 3-star scout to join your team, and my opinion of Helmios has been raised a bit.

 For various reasons, Helmios has brought together eight women around 20 years old.

 Rosetta the Phantom Thief puts her hand on Allen's shoulder as she squirms.
 Allen is unresponsive to anything he does, and that seems to be fun.

 A sigh escapes from Allen.


 Then Cecil, who was sitting next to Allen, wordlessly brushed away his hand and stared at Rosetta the Phantom Thief with a murderous stare.

 This is why the thief Rosetta grimaces even more at the sight of it.
 She seems to enjoy teasing Cecil.

 In the meantime, Rosen, a spirit god in the form of a flying dragonfly riding on Sophie's shoulder, floats in the air and looks at Allen.

 Today is the day to extend the day off and change everyone's job.
 I want to talk about how to fight after changing jobs and after changing jobs, so today is a day off.

"All of you are at the limit of your growth in terms of level and skills. Haha

"Yes. I'd like to have a job change for everyone I've done.

"Okay, I'm going to go, I'm going to go, I'm going to go. Haha.

You really can change jobs.

 Rosen, the spirit god, is doing a waist-swinging dance, and as he moves forward with his new job, the swordsman saint Doberg is watching him with tears in his eyes.
 Maybe it's a scene you've dreamed of for decades.

 Not only Doberg, but all of Helmios's friends are looking at Allen's friends with wide eyes as they change jobs.

 Some of the companions have more options in their professions, and they choose their professions with an eye to structure and efficiency.

 And after everyone's job change is complete.

 Name] Krena
 Age] 14
 Occupation] Sword Emperor
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 1790
 Magic power] 770
 Attack Power] 1790
 Endurance] 1608
 Quickness] 1150
 Intelligence] 775
 Fortune 1095
 Skill: Sword Emperor <1>, Slash <1>, Swordplay <6>.
 Extra] Breakthrough

 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Sword Emperor] 1
 Slash] 1
Skills Experience
 Sword Emperor] 0/10
 Slash] 0/10

 Name] Dogora
 Age] 14
 Occupation] Warrior
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 1098
 Magic power] 651
 Attack Power] 1615
 Endurance] 817
 Quickness] 683
 Intelligence] 504
 Fortune] 727
 Skills: Demon, 1〉, Full-body, 1〉, Axe techniques, 6〉, Shield techniques, 2〉.
 Extras] Wholeheartedness
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 War Demon] 1
 Best of Body 1
Skills Experience
 War Demon] 0/10

 Name] Cecil Granville
 Age] 14
 Occupation] The King of Magic
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 995
 Magic] 1614

 Attack Power] 578
 Endurance] 624
 [Quickness] 1022
 Intelligence] 1778
 Fortune 1007
 Skill: Mage King <1>, Fire <1>, Kumite <4>.
 Extras] micrometeorite
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 [Magus King] 1
 Fire Magic] 1
Skills Experience
 Magus King] 0/10
 Fire Magic] 0/10

 Name] Kiel-von-Carnel
 Age] 14
 Vocation] The Great Sage
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 583
 Magic power] 1120
 Attack Power] 447
 Endurance] 623
 Quickness] 712
 Intelligence] 979
 Fortune] 895
 Skills] Great Saints, 1, Recovery, 1, Swordsmanship, 3
 Extra] God's Drop
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 The Great Saints] 1
 Repetition 1
Skills Experience
 Great Saints] 0/10
 Recovery 0/10

 Name] Sophia Lorne
 Age] 49

 Protection] Spirit God
 Occupation] Spiritist
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 712
 Magic power] 1231
 Attack Power] 504
 Endurance] 489
 [Quickness] 713
 Intelligence] 1406
 Fortune 594
 Skill: Childhood manifestation <1>, Fire <1>.
 Extras] The Great Spirit Reveal
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 [Yo-Manifestations] 1
 【Fire】 1
Skills Experience
 Childhood manifestation] 0/10
 【Fire】 0/10

 Name] Formal
 Age] 68
 Occupation: Archery
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 982
 [Magic] 535
 Attack Power] 850
 Endurance] 846
 [Quickness] 543
 Intelligence] 360
 Fortune 582
 Skills: archery holy [1], far sight [1], archery [6].
 Extra] Arrow of Light
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Bow Saint] 1
 Distant] 1
Skills Experience
 Bow St. 0/10
 Distant] 0/10

 Allen's Party Change History Memo
Krsna Kensei ★★★⇒Ken-Oh★★★★⇒Ken-tei★★★★★
Cecil Mage★★⇒ Grand Mage★★⇒Mage King★★★★
Dogora axe wielder ★⇒ mad warrior ★⇒ war demon ★★★★
Kiel Monk ★⇒ Saint ★⇒ Saint ★⇒ Grand Saint ★★★★
Sophie Spirit Mage ★⇒ Spirit Mage ★⇒ Spirit Master ★★⇒ Spirit Master ★★
Formal Archer *⇒ Archer *⇒ Bowman *⇒ Arch Saint *★★

That's it. Dogora is a war demon. I thought extra skills would disappear with this new job, but they're still here. What's next?


(Because you can't use extra skills, you're kind of in Hell Mode, right?

 Allen balked at the fact that you still have all of your spirit in you that you have never used since you switched to a berserk warrior.
 Dogora doesn't seem to have anything to say about it.
 She is convinced that when Dogora can use all of his faculties, the battlefield will change dramatically.

 I've been asking Hermios about ways to learn how to use extra skills, but I haven't been able to get any useful information.

Thanks, though. Did you all see that? There's hope for mankind now.

 As Allen is recording the results of his job change, Hermios starts talking.

"No, there's nothing to hide,

 If Rosen, the spirit god, is telling the truth about how he is preparing to change everyone's job, then the world will know about it.
 I don't think there's any need to hide it now.

 Although she lives with Helmios and his friends, she does not show them how to make heavenly blessings or magic seeds.
 If you ask me what I do when I'm not in a dungeon, I'm not going to tell you what I do when I'm not in my room.
 I will only say that I am resting.
 I don't think it's necessary to tell you about my abilities that need not be disclosed in the future.

But thank you for your help.

I know. You don't have to show me your new job, I'll still make you a referral.

 Allen has asked Hermios to do one thing for me.
 It's to process the orichalcone.
 If you go to the next level, you'll get an orichalcon.
 But this orichalcon is not in the state of a weapon or armor, Helmios tells me.

 Digragni does not yet have the power to process the orichalcone, the god's ore, into weapons or armor.
 To do so, he said he needs the help of Freya, the god of fire.
 Orichalcone, which is rarely found at level 4, is in a lump.

 I was told that he can introduce me to the most famous and masterful blacksmith in the Baukis Empire.
 It is said that this difficult dwarven blacksmith can process orichalcone into swords, shields, and armor for you.

Also, bring this from the next dungeon.

Yes, Mr. Allen. I'll do my best.

Lord Allen. After all, you have to be able to handle the spirits first ......

"Mr. Folmar. We don't have much time. Let's try first, and if it's too tough, we'll give the spirit our all.

 Sophie is upset, so Folmar follows up.
 But Allen's thoughts were not changed.

 Sophie became a spirit user.
 She reveals spirits to fight.

 Allen gave Sophie an adamantine bow she's salvaged from a treasure chest less than two months ago.
 It had been sitting at the base, not sold, with the intention of giving it to Sophie when she changed jobs.

 Allen was watching the war in Rosenheim against the spiritist Gatluga, and he had the bow.
 Through Spirit B's summoner, Sophie became a spirit user and when I asked her if she could use a bow, she told me that once she got used to communicating with spirits, she would have no problem.

 That's why I'm giving Sophie the two tasks of learning the bow skill and communicating with spirits.
 With the Adamantite bow, B-ranked monsters can be killed in an instant, and with the ring's increased attack power, A-ranked monsters can also be attacked.

 I'm sure you'll be able to convince Sophie to learn it for the sake of future efficiency.

After that, we'll stay at the third level for a month or so, then we'll try the fourth level.

 Allen spells out the following policy.

This is what it means to be a lapsed gamer.

 While listening to this, Rosetta, who had previously heard the meaning of the name of the party "Abandoned Gamer", of which Allen is the leader, looked at the current situation and somehow understood it.