257 CHAPTER 251 Reason

 Except for Allen and Merle, the rest of my friends have successfully completed their second career change.
 Most of my companions started at level 1, but even regular monsters that weren't hierarchical bosses were able to level up in the three levels with A-ranked monsters without any problems.

 After a month or so of their new comrades reaching level 50, Allen and the others decided to move on to the next level.

 Although I didn't have that many Iron Medals, as a result of Allen's continuous efforts to cover me with stone tablets in exchange for hidden cubes, weapons and armor of the baboon tree appeared quite frequently on the third level.
 If you sell the weapons and armor that came out, you can often get more than 10,000 gold coins in a single dungeon attack, so I've decided that buying medals is the faster way to go.

 Now that I had some spare gold, I negotiated to see if I could trade magic stones other than E rank.
 As a result of negotiation, I have agreed to deal other magic stones up to 1000 gold coins.
 I will purchase D- and C-ranked stones as well to increase my inventory.
 In addition, the 10% commission will be charged separately, which is the same as when you were at school.
 As for B-rank, you can get them in S-class dungeons and there is plenty of inventory, so we are not recruiting them.

Hey, wait. I'm eating now. Please be quiet.


I guess I'm getting used to it.

"Oh, really?

 As everyone is taking breakfast, Sophie, sitting in a chair, crawls bewilderedly up from her feet and hugs a red object that sits on her lap.

 It is bright red and looks like a salamander, and the tip of its tail is flaming.
 Allen wonders why the tip of its tail doesn't burn when it hits the furniture.

I wonder if the salamander is hungry too?

 Think about why Krsna came crawling up, stabbing the meat with a fork while eating.

"No, no, genie, you don't need to eat. If it's not enough, I'll just give you my magic.

(Though the genie gods usually eat.)

 Saying that, Sophie crawled over and gave the young fire spirit salamander a hug.


 The dull-eyed salamander squealed with delight and flapped his hands in the air.

 This situation was directed by Allen.
 I learned from Rosenheim's spirit user, Gatruga, that spirits have a will, and they don't always do what you want them to do in battle.

 It seems that when the spirit user is in contact with them, their affinity with them increases and they become more attentive to your instructions.
 When Aren heard that you can slowly and painstakingly become friends with the spirits, she thought that slow and steady is not the way to go.

 He instructed Sophie to keep the spirits out at all hours of the day and night to the limit.
 Thanks to this, this bright red salamander-looking young fire spirit, which looks like a young salamander, stays close to Sophie while she eats and when she sleeps, until her magic continues to reach its limit.

 Its intelligence may be quite low, but it repeatedly clings around Sophie with a cry, rubs her face, etc. (Summoned, descended, or manifested).

(The logic is very different depending on the summons, descent, and manifestation.

 Having lived as a summoner for about 14 years, Allen has been analyzing summons for many years.
 He has taken a golem user and a spirit user into his group and analyzed the characteristics of each, but he realizes that they are different from summoners in many ways.

 Summons require magic power to generate and summon.
 A dragon B summoner requires more than 3000 magic power and 29 B-rank magic stones.
 Generating one of these summonses requires a lot of magic and stones, but you don't need magic to summon an Iron Golem or reveal a Salamander.

 If you're a golem user, you can send it down as many times as you want as long as you have the stone tablets.
 As for the spirit user, you don't need magic power or magical stones to make a spirit appear.

 This is one of the major advantages of the golem and spirit user, but it also has a disadvantage.
 The mere existence of a golem or spirit consumes the wielder's magical power.

 Both golems and spirits consume their magic power just by existing the golem or spirit user's magic power.

 Looking at Merle's battles, it seems that a golem user with a magic power of around 3,000 can't keep his golem out for an hour in the case of a skill-based battle.
 The spirit user is similar and requires the same level of magic power to manifest and fight.

(That's why the Baukis Empire desperately needs a seed of magic.

 Recall that Foreign Minister Nukakai desperately wanted the seeds of magic.
 It takes an enormous amount of magic to move the golem.
 The magic is inexhaustible, and that alone will change the battlefield.
 The magic seed was the best munitions the Baucis empire could ask for.
 The Baucis Empire must have known that these seeds were more effective than any other magic restorative they had used before.

(So, Mr. Gatoruga had a bow.)

 The genie wielder Gatoruga had a bow.
 Gatluga himself told me that it was for fighting even if the magic runs out and the spirits cannot be produced.
 Also, if you are able to communicate completely with them, you can give them instructions while using the bow.
 You can also use the spirit's power to attack by burning or speeding up the bow and arrow and combine it with archery.
 I was taught that spirits are good with the bow.

 Sophie's archery skills have steadily improved under Folmar's tutelage.

Everything happens for a reason.

"Huh? What, all of a sudden?

 Allen suddenly asserts something, so Cecil, sitting next to him, does not understand and asks a question.
 Breakfast at the base, the party of the brave Helmios is also together, so all eyes are drawn to Allen.

"No, well, that's this story. I just thought it made sense.

 Cecil wondered if that statement caused Allen's analysis sickness to reappear again.

Allen, you're amazing at thinking and analyzing everything.

 Hermios compliments Allen.
 I don't know what Allen is thinking, but he's learned over the past month that he likes to analyze and involve his friends in the validation.

 I've also seen how he assured Sophie that he's going to keep it manifest all day long, seeing as he just revealed a young fire spirit that's almost impossible to communicate with.

''Well, there's a lot of things you don't know.

"Heh. Allen, what you don't know. Tell me something.

Hmmm. For example, Rosen-sama, the spirit god, is a spirit of what attribute?

"What? That's it, Mister Allen.

 What would not understand is that Folmar, who was asking what would not understand, came up with a story about the genie gods, so it's rude and a far-reaching attitude.

By the way, do you know Mr. Folmar? We've been together for decades, haven't we?

 Allen says that Folmar, who serves the royal family, Sophie, would know.
 When he was the Spirit King, the Spirit God must have lived under the same roof, the temple, for decades.

That's ......

 Folmar doesn't seem to understand.
 Allen looks at Sophie.

I'm sorry, too. Such inquisitiveness can be found at .......

"By the way, what kind of spirit is Rosen, the spirit god? Although there is no sense of attribution.

"Hey! Mister Allen!

 Folmar raves that he doesn't know what not to listen to by himself and Sophie's attitude.

"Whoog. It's the spirit of the tree, isn't it? I think it's the spirit of the world tree. Haha.

 A genie on the table eating the Baucis' famous "Hucaman" will suddenly answer your question.

I see. I see. So you can use the skill to increase your status.

 In Allen's mind, it's common knowledge that wood spirits and skills are passive skills.

"Don't be too inquisitive. You're right, though. Haha.

 Sophie and Formar look on, blanked out.

Allen, you are really curious.

"Curiosity? Mr. HERMIOS. That's not true.


 Allen denies everything Helmios said.

 Most of us have already stopped eating because of Allen's exchange.

We can't make a plan unless we figure out why. That's why the Demon King's army has been good to us for decades.

How and why?

 Doberg wrinkles his brow at the word being played nice.

If you think about why and find the answers, you'll understand the situation. Wouldn't that change what you're doing?

"I see.

 Doberg said just that and closed his eyes.
 He's convinced of something.

"What exactly is it that you don't understand, Allen?

 Cecil asks Allen, who seems to know everything, if there's anything he doesn't understand.
 While everyone is looking into Allen's face, he says the question that's been on his mind the most lately.

Why did I decide to start a career change that I didn't have before?

"Huh? What's that?

 Why would you question such a thing, Cecil thinks.
 I don't even know why Allen is wondering.

The more I think about it, the less I understand. If all the talented people changed jobs, wouldn't that make the Demon King's Army fearless? Then we should have done that from the beginning, even before.

(It's hard to believe that the Creator didn't think about changing jobs until I told him.

 Just changing from 1 star to 2 stars will increase your status instantly.
 If 10,000 soldiers could change jobs, that alone would greatly increase the odds against the Demon King's army!

 It's impossible that the god of creation hadn't thought of this, Allen thought.

 I can't help but feel a sense of discomfort at this job-changing system that is about to start so abruptly.
 The memory of the previous life whispers that perhaps they will at least do some kind of quest to prevent you from changing jobs easily, but it is still strange.

I see. Haha.

 Allen looks at the genie god who said that, but eats the Fuqaman and keeps a blank look on his face.

He doesn't answer. Could it be that he really doesn't know? Or maybe he can't tell. Well, I guess I should focus on getting along with Sophie's spirit now.

 The spirit god's attitude gives no definitive answer.
 The discussion continued in Allen's mind as he watched the young fire spirit snake to Sophie.