258 Episode 252. Dogora's bottom ①

 Allen and his team are going to the fourth level.
 Today is the day of the first attempt at the fourth level.


 The gatekeeper of the temple, which can be reached on two levels about 10 minutes' walk from the base, is silently staring at Sophie.

 The young fire spirit salamander, which looks like a bright red salamander, is out of the gatekeeper's line of sight, and Sophie is holding it like a baby.

Oh, hey, be quiet!


Still a baby. But the gatekeepers still stare at you.

 Sometimes he flails his hands in Sophie's arms and flails about.
 The gatekeeper gazes at the salamander quietly and without expression.

 The first time I was about to enter the temple with the salamander, I was stopped by the gatekeeper.
 I asked him what he was carrying when he entered the temple, and if he had a magical beast with him.
 The gatekeeper, who has stopped Allen in his tracks, seems to be firmly sorting out who can get in and who can't. "This is a genie," says Sophie, standing still with a questioning look on her face.

 This is a genie," Sophie says, standing still and motionless, looking at you suspiciously.

 That's where Folmar comes in!
 Is it true that the Baucis Empire does not accept spirits? And crowded the gatekeeper.
 "Do you want to kiss me? He was inches from my face, staring at me as if I was staring at him.
 Sophie's bodyguard and sidekick, Folmar, the next queen's most likely candidate for the queen's bodyguard, is sometimes in a very prominent position in Rosenheim.

 But the resolute gatekeeper did not move on the spot, so he put away the genie on the spot, expecting to hear from Rosenheim.
 On the same day, I had Rosenheim notify the Baukis Empire through official channels from the queen.

 The content of the notice is a request that the Baukis Empire does not treat spirits with disrespect.
 I added that the treatment of spirits within the Baukis Empire would also be discussed at the meeting of the Five Continents Alliance.

 Having gone that far, the gatekeeper didn't say anything the next time Sophie walked in a few days later with a spirit in her arms as a matter of course.
 The Baukis Empire seemed to respond immediately.

 It's no wonder, considering what Allen and the others are fighting about.
 The spirit user, Gatruga, told me that affinity with spirits can only be improved by letting them manifest for as long as possible and being mindful of them.
 I told Sophie to keep the spirits manifesting and with her every waking moment.

This is it? It feels like something on a leaf, as I've heard.

"Yes. . it's a little soft when you step on it.

 Allen and his friends moved to the fourth level for the first time with their medals.

 The ground at the fourth level was green.
 It felt somewhat like a leaf, probably because of the vein-like streaks running across the ground.
 Although resilient, the ground seems to be quite thick because it doesn't seem to tear when you put pressure on your feet.

(Is this what the brave man told me? (Is that what the brave man told me about this part?)

 The fourth level is the level where the Helmios the Brave party is active.
 We've already checked the status of the hierarchy.

 However, Allen summons the summoned beast of bird E to see if it's as good as he's heard.

 From above, Allen's feet were indeed on a lotus leaf-like leaf floating in a pond and other places.

 From the sky, the place where he was transferred to the fourth level was on a large lotus leaf about one kilometer square.
 Then, if you use your Awakening Skill "clairvoyance" to look around a wide area, you will see that the lotus leaves are scattered on the water surface and there are magical beasts and adventurers working on the leaves.

(So the fourth level is above water.)

 The fourth level was a vast watery terrain.
 I heard that you had to move over the water and leaves to complete the attack.

Apparently, that's what Helmios told us. Well, we'll be riding on the glyphs, so it doesn't matter whether we're on the water or the sand.

If you put it that way, yes. Then I wonder if the cube is the same as Mr. Hermos?

 Because Allen says the cube-cube, the way he says it is contagious to his party mates too.

. Cecil. Let's check it out, shall we?

 The hierarchy was just as you had heard.
 There is a cube-shaped object in sight, so you decide to check the conditions for going to the next level.

Hello there. Dear abolished gamers. This is S401 dungeon hierarchy management system. Would you like to go to the next level? Or do you want to go back to the first level?

"I want to go to the next level.

"You have five levels. Bring me five bronze, iron, and mithril medals each.

(Not five sheets, or five types)

 To get to the next level, whether it was the second or third level, what was required was the number of cards.

Do you mean we can't go with five of the same kind?

"Yes. That's right. You must have five medals of a different design on each of them to get to the fifth level.

How many types of hierarchical bosses are there in levels two to four?

"There are five types of each.

I guess you still want me to beat the S-ranked hierarchical boss.

 You have to defeat all the different hierarchy bosses to get to the next level.
 That would include the S-ranked hierarchy bosses of Beebe at the second level and Scarlet at the third level.

 That's why I heard that Helmios the Brave has given up on going to the fifth level.
 If you stay in the current party, you might be able to defeat the S-ranked hierarchical boss and go to the next level.
 But if you push things too hard, you might lose your friends.

 Helmios hesitated.

We've seen the conditions for the next level. Let's just take a look around and see what the next four levels are like.

 I'll take a stroll through the four levels to determine whether I'll stay on this level or go back to the previous level.
 Take out the bird B summoner and start flying above the leaves to start moving.

This place seems to be very dwarf-friendly. That was amazing.

"Ah, Cecil. It seems that the dwarves were originally fighting the demon king's army at sea.

 At sea, the golem piloted by the dwarves is transformed for the sea.
 They seem to have the same shape as those running on the sand.

 I wonder if this is how the battle against the Demon King's army controls the seas and keeps the battle on track.

 In front of Allen, I can see a bird B summoned by Merle riding alone.
 For a while after Merle joined up, he rode the bird B summon together to protect his rearguard companions with a large shield.

 However, after Merle took possession of the Iron Golem, he was assigned to the vanguard, as were Krsna and Dogora.
 In particular, Merle's control of the giant golem alone makes him a huge shield for his fellow rearguard members.
 The difference between Krsna and Dogora, who are able to maneuver in small circles, brought even greater tactical diversity to the game.

 And "Merle's gone," said Cecil, taking a seat behind Allen as a matter of course.

 Since the rearguard is Keel and the two-man team of Sophie and Formal, it seems easier to attack in the middle guard position with Allen.

There's a hexenbiest over there!

 Allen shouted loudly because of the distance.
 The summoner of bird E finds three monsters that look like something between a newt and a dragon resting on a leaf.

(I thought there were a lot of aquatic monsters on this level.)

 I've heard from Hermios that this hierarchy is full of aquatic magical beasts that match the water hierarchy.
 And the fourth level is mostly A-ranked monsters.

 Krena, Dogora and Merle are closing the distance to the hexenbiest.

"Tam-Tam descends!

 Merle raises the grimoire on top of bird B with both hands and shouts.
 A huge magic circle floats above the leaves and at once a huge iron golem appears.
 Then Merle, as if accustomed to it, holds the grimoire over the crystal part of the iron golem's chest while riding on bird B and enters the golem as if he were sucked into it.

 The three monsters have already noticed that Allen and the others are approaching, so all three of them are ready to attack.
 The iron golem piloted by Merle holds down one of the approaching magical beasts as it reaches 20 meters.

 Name] Tam Tam
 Pilot] Merle
 [Rank] Iron
 Strength] 3000 + 1800
 Magical power] 3000 + 1800
 Attack Power] 3000 + 4000
 Endurance] 3000 + 3800
 Quickness] 3000
 Intelligence] 3000 + 1800
 Fortune] 3000

 At the third level, Allen and his team got a giant tablet.
 This tablet, which is the size of two stone tablets, will increase the size of the Iron Golem from 10 meters to 20 meters.
 And all stats doubled.

 With Merle's skill experience and skill level attained, the iron golem gained enough durability to hold off even A-ranked monsters.

 In terms of attack, Krsna and Dogora have the advantage because they have more weapons, but they still serve as tanks.

 Merle holds them down and blocks their movements while Krsna and Dogora hunt down the monsters.

 Cecil and Formal also fight back from a distance, reducing their numbers one by one.
 There was only one monster left.

That's the last one!

 Dogora rushes into the hexenbiest with great energy.

Wait! Wait. Please wait. ......

 I hear an unusual voice from Sophie.

(Hmm? (What?!)

"Hey, avoid . Dogora! Coming from behind!

 Allen also let out a loud voice in a panic.

 The salamander on Sophie's chest, which hadn't participated in the battle for a long time, turned into a huge red mass of fire and rushed towards the monster beast.

It's a huge, red, flaming mass.

 Sophie was momentarily unconscious or drooped, and Formar, who was behind her, screamed with concern and held her with his hands to keep her from falling to the ground.

 It seems that the salamander has sucked all of Sophie's magic away.

Hmm? Away!

 Allen frantically manipulated the bird B summoner, but not in time.

 Bird B summoner disappears as a glowing bubble under the salamander's attack.  
 Dogora's ass burns and jumps up like a cartoon.

 The last hexenbiest is killed instantly by the salamander's attack, its leaves are scorched to the point where the water looks large, and the surface of the water is boiling over a wide area.

I'm sorry. Well, I did it again.

 Sophie, having regained consciousness, desperately apologizes for the devastation.
 The place had become a picture of hell, obscured by widespread burning leaves and boiling, kiln-like steam.