259 Episode 253. Dogora's bottom ②

 As the fire child spirit Salamander defeated Dogora and the other hexenbiests, Dogora's ass was unable to avoid the fire of the Salamander, which turned into a huge fireball and burned heavily.

"Hey, hey. You okay?

"It's not okay. How many times do I have to do this. And why is it me every time? ......

 Keel jumps down from the bird B summoner and casts a recovery spell on Dogora's ass.

Here's my spare pair of slippers. I'll have to go back and buy some more when they're gone.

 The lower half of my body is in a terrible situation, Allen pulls out a pair of spare socks from the grimoire and hands them to Dogora.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

"Huh? No, it's fine.


"It really doesn't matter.

 The red face is probably because she doesn't want people to see her lower body.
 Bending her body, she desperately tries to keep her lower body out of Sophie's sight using the underwear Allen gave her.
 You can see the look on your face that says, "Don't apologize, but I want you to get away from me.

"Keel, let Sophie recover her strength, she's running low on energy.

(You've taken all of Sophie's magic and half of her strength. No way.

 The grimoire shows that Sophie's strength is down to half.
 Keel found out and Dogora's next step is to restore Sophie's strength.


 The young fire spirit salamander hugs Sophie's chest with an expression of having done such a troubling thing, floating in the air.
 She is hugging her bosom, staring at Sophie with dull eyes and waving her flaming tail in the air.
 The expression on your face, which is showing the feeling of having done it, seems to want you to praise the tragedy you just caused.

Oh, thank you. Mr. Salamander.

 In this situation where the water has boiled and is still like a hot spring, I desperately need to squeeze out words of thanks.

(How many times have I done this? Dogora's ass might not be able to hold out any longer. But still, if you use your strength, it's a hell of a lot more powerful.

 A short distance away from everyone else, near the center of the foliage, Dogora had taken off his armor and was changing into a spare pair of slippers that Allen had given him.

 Allen had misjudged his power when he heard that he was an infant spirit.
 Spirits use the wielder's magical power to bring power and influence to this world.
 The greater the amount of magic they need at one time, the more power they can exert.

 This is the same as Cecil's extra skill.
 This time, we sucked out half of Sophie's magic and strength, resulting in the tragedy we've just witnessed.

"Sophie. I've told you before, don't get carried away. The spirits can hear their messenger's voice well. It picks up on your anxiety, you know?

"...... yes

(Yes. I'm here. (Spirit God's eco-patriotic advice)

 Rosen joins the battle on Sophie's shoulders, but does not answer many of Allen's questions, but Sophie's advisor, now a spirit user, is willing to help.

 Since the beginning of the battle, Sophie has been asking the Salamander to fight.
 She hugged him and didn't move, and in her impatience, she gave him too strong a command.

If things continue as they are now, I wonder if we should wait for Sophie's next career change.

That's good. With the current situation against a young spirit, it might even take your life against a spirit. Haha.

That's a lot of work.

(Next genie?)

 When a spirit is born, it's called an infant spirit, and it can progress from infant spirit to spirit, great spirit, spirit king, and spirit god.
 Sophie can change jobs one more time so that she can manifest a genie next time.
 However, both Aren and the genie gods think it's too risky for her to reveal a genie when she's a young genie and has a hard time.

 The spirit user, Gatruga, also tells us that it takes time to communicate with spirits.

 If you only have the skill experience, no matter how out of control the spirits are, they will still be able to get the amount of magic they consume, so it's possible to change jobs.
 But since this time is here, let's not force them to do so.

Well, I borrowed the ring from a brave man. Let him out all day.

(I didn't say when it's due, and I plan to borrow it.

"Oh, thank you. Are you sure?

 I decided to borrow the magic recovery ring that Helmios has in order to tame Sophie's young spirits for training.
 Allen also said that you don't need it if you're not going to attack the dungeon.
 I gave him 100 of these blessings to borrow for you.
 I told him that with this much money, he should be able to handle whatever traps we run into in the dungeon, and that I'd give him more via Rosenheim when the blessings are gone.

 Thanks to Allen and the ring, Sophie's mood has improved tremendously, which is another story.
 And Cecil's bad mood is yet another story.

"Is Merle okay?

Yes, I can fix that one.

 Because of the huge golem, the golem's body was slightly damaged by the salamander's fireball.

 Name] Merle
 Age] 14

 Occupation: General of rocks
 Level] 60
 Strength] 1677 + 1800
 Magic power] 2420 + 1800
 Attack Power] 782
 Endurance] 1318 + 1800
 [Quickness] 782
 Intelligence] 2420 + 1800
 Fortune 1503
 Skills: Demon rock general <6>, flying arms <6>, piercing fist <6>, halo sword <6>, repair <6>, alloys <2>, spearmanship <3>, shield art <3>.
 Extra] Combination (right arm)

Skill level
 Flying arms] 6
 [Perforated fist] 6
 [Light Flux Sword] 6
 Repair] 6

 The last skill Merle got was "Repair", which was completely perfected to the skill level.
 Golems can be destroyed in battles against magical beasts.
 There are many A-ranked monsters in this S-class dungeon, and they are constantly damaged.

 There are two ways to fix the breakage of the golem.
 The first is to replace the destroyed stone plate with a new one.
 For example, if your right hand is destroyed, you can refit it with a new tablet from your right hand and the breakage will be fixed.
 Of course, if you put the broken tablet back on, it will still be broken.

 The other is the last skill Merle learned, "Repair".
 This allows you to repair the damage to the golem by spending magic power.
 The downside is that it doesn't heal breakage at a rapid rate.

 If you want to fix it immediately, put a spare intact tablet in place.
 If you want to take your time, use the repair tool to fix it.

 Since we can still fight this time, we'll use the magic repair skill to fix it.

Huh? There's a treasure chest!

 Dogora, who was changing in the distance, noticed a treasure chest placed in the middle of the leaves.
 Seriously, Keel rushes over to take a look.

(So, Keel. It could be a hexenbiest, so please don't make me open it for you.

 Keel apparently will not be happy if he does not open the treasure chest when he sees it.
 Since this is a dungeon, the treasure chest could be a magical beast that mimics.
 In fact, there have been many times since we arrived in this S-class dungeon that an A-ranked monster called the Abyss Box had mimicked.

 Dogora also seemed to notice Allen's sighs and glances.
 With his high endurance, he opened the treasure chest before Keel arrived.

Hey, it's a ring. What's this ring?

 Dogora comes to Aren and his friends and gives them a ring.

Wow, that's a big ring all of a sudden! This is an increase of 3,000 in intelligence.

(Oh, that's a good start for day 1 . We got the ring. I think this tier might be a good bet. (I heard the S-ranked hierarchy bosses are bad, but this is the best place for items and experience.

 Allen confirms with the grimoire that the ring has increased his intelligence by 3000.
 Previously, the ring only had a status increase of 1,000, but at this level, you can get a ring with a 3,000 status increase.

 You can equip two rings, so you can expect a quicker increase in status than ever before.

Then, let's see. The key is ...... as planned.

"Oh, come on. You're not.

 When you try to hand it to Kiel, Kiel shows his palms and shakes his head.
 The reason for this is because Cecil is staring at Allen with a deadly look on his face.

...... then Cecil.

 Delayed by Keel, Allen also senses the danger.

"Hmmm, is that a good idea? Thank you.

 Cecil looks happy to be handed the ring by Allen.

(Hmm, well, is it more efficient to give the ring to Cecil for more firepower than to give it to Keel at this time? Now we just need to find Orihalcon on this level.

 While Sophie will have a big challenge, the four levels of attack will be advanced.