260 Art. 254. Purpose

Hey, it's about time you took over. I'm the one asking you to do it.

"Oh, okay!


 Doberg watches the exchange between Klarena and Dogora in silence.
 In his hand he holds a mithril greatsword for practice.

 This is the large garden of the large building where Allen and Helmios' party is based.

 The servants that Helmios had brought with him and his party, combined with Allen's party and Helmios' party, would have plenty of room to wash and dry their dirty clothes from the dungeon.

 Aren and his party will be in the dungeon for three and a half days out of five, so the remaining day and a half will be free, Dogora began to gesture in this garden.
 Krena also joins in and does gymnastics, or the two of them play a game together.

 In fact, I think they didn't need a vacation, but Keel and Merle seem to be the ones who want a vacation, so they continue to maintain this vacation system.

 As for Allen, he also wants to have time to generate magic seeds and the like.

 When Dogora asked him to practice, he replied with a resounding yes.
 Since then, on their days off, Doberg, Krsna, and Dogora have been practicing in the garden.
 Allen quietly recorded the scene in his mind's notebook with the trio of brains.

 Doberg is also a person who doesn't need a break, or maybe Krsna and Dogora take turns asking him to train, so they'll be in the yard almost all day.
 When Allen takes care of himself, he is told only by Doberg that it's not a problem.
 Allen wonders what he sees in Doberg's eyes, which are now hidden under one eye.

Thank you.

 As Allen was watching the exchange between the three in the yard, he thanked Helmio's servants for their tea.

So, how's the fourth level going?

I'm done leveling up, so I'll focus on the skills. But there is something else I want to ask you.

"Hmm? What is it?

 Helmios, sitting next to me, asks me about the status of the fourth level.
 It's been about a month since you entered the fourth level, and your equipment and items are coming together smoothly.
 But when I was about to ask Helmio about the fourth level, that's when I saw him.

"Hey, hey, Kelpie, please be quiet.

"Cui Cui

 The water child spirit that Sophie is manifesting runs amok in Sophie's chest as she tries to drink the tea the servant has given her.

 The water child spirit kelpie is the child spirit that Sophie began to manifest next to the salamander.
 It takes the form of a cute two-tone child dolphin with a white belly and a light blue back.
 When you hear the word "kelpie", you imagine a horse-like figure, but in this world, it seems to take the form of a dolphin.

 Furthermore, the name Kelpie reminds me of a character I named in a previous life, "Kempy", which I played in my internet game, but I try not to say it.
 My spine tingles every time Sophie calls the young water spirits.

 The manifestations during battle could be the Fire Child Spirit Salamander, but if you fail to handle it, Dogora's ass will be burned.
 With this in mind, I decided to use a water child spirit since I've gotten used to handling the fire child spirit.

 A spirit user can only reveal one spirit child at a time.

So what is it?

"No, orichalcone does not come out.

(There's no answer. You lied?

 One of the main reasons I came to this dungeon, the acquisition of Orihalcon weapons and armor, has not yet been fulfilled.
 I've only been in the fourth level for a month or so, but I'm moving faster than the other dwarf adventurers and I think I've collected a lot of chests.
 But I haven't found any orichalcons.

Oh, hmmm. I found it at the bottom of the ocean.

"Undersea? Was there a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea?

 I've had Fish B's summoner look for something in the water as well, but I don't think I've found anything but a magical beast.
 I don't remember finding a treasure chest.

Well, it's-

 Helmios explains about the discovery of the orichalcon.
 There is more than just the appearance of a treasure chest in the fourth level, there is a place where the treasure lies.

 He tells me that the orichalcone just happened to be found inside a large shell that looks like a shako-gai.

(Seriously? There's other treasures besides treasure chests? (And under water?)

That's amazing. How did you find it? I don't think it's a coincidence,

"Huh? How did I find it? Isn't it great?

 The thief Rosetta, who had been listening in, proudly joins in the conversation.

"Is it a skill for detecting treasure?

Yes. Nice try. Can I tell you more about it sometime?

No, thank you.

It's no use asking for more details. But it's still a skill for a thief. Can you locate the treasure in range, or something like that?

 Anticipate the effects of the treasure-finding skills used by Rosetta.

 Then head to the Adventurer's Guild to trade, thinking about how to explore the seabed.
 It's the usual deal, so leave Dogora and Krsna at the base.
 Then, as usual, you will trade for a large quantity of magic stones, but the price is not likely to change yet.

 That's how many adventurers there are and the supply of magic stones is large.
 As expected of an empire that tries to rule the world with magic tools, this is the place where the most magic stones come from.

 In the evening, you'll have dinner at the usual restaurant with your friends.

 As the leader Allen said, it is okay to have a good time in town, and sometimes not everyone is together, but today everyone is here.

 Going to the restaurant in the evening is also a way for Merle to refuel.

(No Admiral Galala today? (No Admiral Galala today?)

 Allen looks around as he enters the store, but Admiral Galala, who is doing the Cobra Twist, is not there.

 The wolf beastman named Ur, who he rescued from the beebee, and the cat beastman named Sarah are eating together.
 When Allen looks around, their eyes meet each other's.

Ur-san, it's been a while. Are you eating?

Oh, yeah. You're in the store today?

"Yes . Merle likes it. Would you guys like to have dinner with us?

 I said that and invited Ur to dinner as a matter of course.

 Ur has apologized for bringing Prince Zeu to you a while ago.
 And since we see each other occasionally in the city, we sometimes have meals like this.

 Whenever he sees Ur Ur in town, he tries to talk to him.
 I want to know what's going on in the beast kingdom.

 Since Ur is just an adventurer, he doesn't seem to know the big story of the Beast Kingdom, but he seems to know about Prince Zeu.

 So the reason I'm approaching Ur is to find out what's going on in the Beast Kingdom and the status of Prince Zeu's dungeon attack.

''So you're still working on the second level?

Yeah, Crown Prince Beku keeps me from sending my best adventurers. Oh, don't talk about it anywhere else.

 While his friends are asking for orders, Allen continues his conversation with Ur.

No. . I don't. Is that so? Then it's going to take a long time to conquer the dungeon.

"Oh, Allen, what about the place. Are you going to stay on the fourth level all the time?

I'm going to be there for six months. I'll be there for six months. It's still hard work. Do you have to stay a little longer, Mr. Ur?

 Urr accepted the invitation and the conversation continued.
 Ururu has never refused Aren's invitation.

 Maybe Prince Zeu asked me to check out what's going on with Aren and his friends.
 Maybe he wasn't looking for information about Allen, but what they were up to.

 The conversation progressed with each other's intentions.

Yeah, maybe half a year for us too. Then we'll get to go back to the Beast Kingdom.

 I heard the other day that the beastmen didn't want to come to this dangerous S-class dungeon.
 It seems that if you're talented enough, you have to go to this S-class dungeon for a year for the prosperity of the country under the order of Prince Beku.
 He was told that he would be loaned money and adamantite weapons and armor, and would be forced to hide in the dungeon for a year.

 Half of the money you got would be yours, but half would be taken to the Beast Kingdom.

 That's why they put you in the most dangerous dungeon where half of you die a year.
 If you refuse, you will be arrested for treason, so many beastmen go to the dungeon in spite of themselves.

(When I talk to Ur-san like this, it doesn't seem like he hates people completely. (Well, maybe it's just that I'm a lifesaver).

 I don't sense any kind of malice or hostility from Ur towards the people of the central continent.

 I learned in school class that beastmen, elves and dwarves are all people.
 To be precise, they are sub-humans, but they are educated at the school to be no different than people.

 Prince Zeu, who couldn't bear to see the beastmen going to the dungeon, is taking care of them in this city.
 He is taking care of the beastmen who are active in different parts of the city and trying to keep them as safe as possible.

 Ur seems to be overflowing with gratitude to Prince Zeu.

 I heard that Prince Zeu didn't come to this S-class dungeon just to help the beast prince.

 It seems that the purpose of Prince Zeus is to conquer the dungeon is to inherit the beast throne.
 Apparently, the current Beast King told him that he would inherit the Beast King's throne if he conquered the S-class dungeon first.

 Normally, the Beast King's throne should be succeeded by his firstborn son, but I feel like this is a very brainy country where it is customary for the strongest one to become the Beast King.
 This seems to be a country where there are challenges for royalty other than the firstborn to take the throne.

 And I guess I've just come to this dungeon and seen the horrors of the beastmen in person.

 We need good companions to conquer S-class dungeons, but we're having a hard time getting good adventurers from the beast kingdom.
 Ur laments that Prince Beku is standing in the way.

''Speaking of which, what's Allen doing diving in this dangerous dungeon? You didn't get an order from the king, did you?

That's of course . I want a dungeon capture reward.

"Seriously? Are you sure?

There is no doubt about it, according to what Mr. Hermios told me once, Dighragni.

 Hermios said that he had a conversation with Digragni when he was at school.
 When I asked him how he did it, he said that he asked the priest looking after Digragni in the temple of this S-class dungeon to let him meet with her.

 According to the story, he was told that if you attacked this S-class dungeon, you would be rewarded for attacking the dungeon as you would in other A-class dungeons.

 Allen has a goal to capture this dungeon.
 It's to capture an S-class dungeon to get the reward.

 This is a dungeon where you can get chunks of orichalcone while attacking.
 More rewards will be given to you after you complete the dungeon.

Are you serious? I hear Admiral Galala hasn't reached the fifth level yet either.

Yeah, well, there wasn't a dungeon I couldn't complete. I haven't had a dungeon that I couldn't conquer.

 So confidently did Allen verbalize his intention to attack the dungeon.