262 Episode 256 Master craftsman Habarak

 Allen and his team placed a large clam shell on a leaf at a distance from where they had retrieved it, so that Crimson and the others could not follow.

I can't see inside. Let's open it up and take a look.

 Keel puts his face close to the chakogay's mouth, but he can't see inside the mouth of the chakogay, which is snugly closed.

Oh, I'll take care of it. I'll take care of it.

 Dogora forces his hands together and tries to pry open the mouth of the shakocai.
 Dogora puts his arms into his mouth and slowly and forcefully opens it open when the fish B's summoner is unable to chew it.


 Allen and his friends become one voice.
 The glow they had all hoped for was slowly coming out of the mantis shell.

 There was a slightly craggy, golden, pale glowing orichalcone lump in it.

 Allen ponders what he can make from the size of the orichalcone lump.

(Well, the weapons and armor of the vanguard. Weapons for Crenna and Dogora, armor for the two of them, and then Dogora's shield. Can you make a lump this big and make one? (Then there's only one answer.)

 The weapons of the Krena and Dogora are very large.
 A chunk of orichalcone of this size would only be able to make one.
 And the armor and shield are going to need the same amount of orichalcone.

 I've worked very hard to find a lump of orichalcone, but I'm thinking about what I need first.

"Let's make this Krsna's greatsword then.

"Oh, really? Yes! Orichalcong!

 Krena raises a lump of orichalcone to the sky with both hands and explodes with joy with her whole body.

 Aren's companions, composed of the vanguard and rearguard, may have different equipment needs.
 In such cases, Aren will decide who will equip the items he or she has obtained for efficiency.

 This policy has been agreed upon by all of us since we were in school town.
 That's why this time, although Dogora won't get the Orihalcon, Dogora won't say anything.
 And no one complains when they see Krsna expressing her joy with her whole body.

 Three days have passed.
 Three days have passed since then, and Aren and the others have done their best to destroy the shakogai in an attempt to find the second orichalcone chunk, but they can't find it.

 Time is running out and we're a bit early than usual, but we'll escape the dungeon for now.

"Huh? Is it a lump of orichalcone? I've already found it.


 As Krena holds a lump of orichalcone in both hands, your gaze goes to the pale golden glow.

 While Allen and his friends spent three and a half days in the dungeon and one and a half days off, Helmios' party was holed up in the dungeon for three days and had two days off.
 This time, it was in line with the schedule of Helmio's party.

"Mr. Helmios. I want it to be a sword!

"Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah. Okay, I'll show you in the morning.

 Helmios is slightly taken back by Krsna's pressure to hold the Orihalcon in both hands, but he says that tomorrow morning he will take you to a blacksmith who can turn it into an Orihalcon weapon.

 It's been a long time since I rode the summoned beast of bird B away from the high tower of trials of an S-class dungeon.

It's a long way from here to where Dr. Habarak is. It'll probably take me a couple of days to get there at this speed.

 Helmios tells me while flying through the air.
 Helmios has a history of traveling to Forthenia on Bird B's summoner during the war in Rosenheim, so he knows how fast it travels.

 The journey from this S-class dungeon to the imperial capital of the Baukis Empire took about half a day, but from here to the place where the blacksmiths are located is said to take about two days.

 All of Aren and the others will go to the master smith Habarak's place to ask Orichalcong's greatsword to work on it, but Helmios' party will go alone with Helmios.

 I was told that he is a tightwad and might get into a bad mood if he stumbles around too much.

 It's been two days.
 Allen and his team are still flying in the sky on Bird B's summoner.

This is where the landscape started to change.

 Allen notices that the ground has changed.
 The terrain has become more mountainous and rugged.
 And there are many volcanoes, with plumes of smoke rising from their craters everywhere.

Ah, this area is already the old Mercia kingdom. I heard they used to call it the Fire Nation.

(I see, it was a different country before it was absorbed by the kingdom of Baucis.

 I've heard in the academy that the Baucis Empire unified this continent into a single country following the invasion of the Demon King's army.
 They have moved a lot, but it seems that they have already moved from the territory of the former Bauchis Kingdom to the territory of the former Mercia Kingdom.

 Helmios tells me that at this rate we can arrive today.

 Then, moving further, a city comes into view for Allen.

"That's the city where Dr. Habarak is.

"Yes. Let's get off at the front.

(I guess a city with only three legendary craftsmen in the world isn't that big of a city.

 There are only three blacksmiths in the world who can process orichalcone, Helmios told me.
 The town where such a legendary master craftsman lived was an ordinary-sized city with several chimneys, but otherwise unremarkable.

 Although Helmios' guide was sketchy, it seems that thanks to Bird E's summoner's hawk-eyed wide-ranging spotting, we were able to arrive safely.
 Normally, they would be using a magic ship to transfer between them.
 We'll get off at some distance so as not to be surprised by Bird B's summons, and we'll head towards the city.

 It will soon be evening when Allen and the others will enter the city.
 Show your adventurer's ID and they will let you all in without a problem.

 There seems to be no people or beastmen here, only dwarves.
 Allen wonders if the city is not a great place for adventurers.

 Not only weapons and armor, but also earthenware, ceramics, and many other things are displayed in front of the store.

Ah, this is where Dr. Habarak's workshop is.


 Krena's throbbing heart climaxes as Helmios points to a building.
 Crenna has been carrying a lump of orichalcone to her heart.

 It's a simple building, just like the others.
 I see a chimney at the back, so I guess there's a furnace or something for smelting ore.


 Helmios knocks on the door.
 He offers to introduce me to master craftsman Habarak, so I will stand back and let him do it.

"Yes, who are you?

 Answering a knock, the door opens slightly.
 Then, as if to see what's going on outside, a young dwarven man peers out and asks, "My name is Helmios.

"My name is Hermios. I'm Hermios." "I'm here to see Dr. Habarak. It's about time for today. I'd like to come back tomorrow.

"Helmios? Is it Mr. Helmios the Brave?

Yes, I am. I'm here to ask you to process Orihalcon.

(It's kind of like how you respond to a newspaper solicitor.)

 I have a frank opinion of the young dwarf who will only open the door so wide that I can't even recognize half of his face.

"...... Sorry, please take it away.


 I told him what I wanted, but the young dwarf refused me.
 I didn't expect to be rejected so quickly, and even Allen and the others listening behind me were surprised.

"Huh? Can't you get Dr. Habarak to act as my contact? When I came here before, you said, 'You can come whenever you want'?

No, actually, I'm in a very bad mood right now. ....... I'm sorry.

 Apparently, master craftsman Habarak is not in a good mood.
 But Hermios can't just leave, either.

It's very important. Could you at least ask me to do you a favor?

Wow, okay. I don't think your answer will change.

 Then the door closed.
 He's on his way to master craftsman Habarak.

You're inside this building.


 In a small voice, Krsna replies to Allen's words.
 Krsna's face has gone down in shock at being rejected.

 Then, shortly afterwards, the door opens slightly to reveal a young dwarf.

"How was your visit?

I knew it was a bad idea.

"Oh, no. I have the orichalcone. Would you mind turning it into a sword?

 Krsna, who had been watching from the back, steps forward.
 She presses forward to ask for the Great Sword of Orihalcon.

"Well. So, no.


 The young dwarf refuses, and Krsna presses him further.

"Krsna, that's a bit much. He's in trouble.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. ......

 When Allen admonishes Krsna, Krsna apologizes to the young dwarf.

"Hey, hey, that's just annoying!

Sorry . Dr. Havalak. I am now refusing ......

 Someone comes from the back with an old man's voice. Before the young dwarf can say everything, the door opens at once.

 Then an old dwarf man with a cloth wrapped around his head appears.

Huh? What are you guys?

"Oh, Dr. Habarak, it's been a long time.

"Hmm? Isn't that Helmios?

(Is this old man a legendary master craftsman?)

"Yes. We are here today to have you use the Orihalcon as a weapon.

 Hermios tells him what to do.
 Then the young dwarf covered his face.

He said, "It's Orihalcon.


 Krena also shows the orichalcone holding.

 Then, blood vessels emerge from the face of master craftsman Habarak.
 You can see from the side that he is furious.

...... You guys, where did you find that?

"It's a dungeon,

 Allen notices the anomaly of a furious master craftsman Habarak, steps forward and replies on behalf of Krsna.

'A dungeon? Then you're an adventurer?


 As soon as Allen replies, master craftsman Habarak grabs Allen's chest with both arms.
 Although Havalak is smaller than Allen, his hands, forged with a blacksmith's technique that has exposed exposed blood vessels, cause Allen's body to float a bit.

"Dr. Habarak. How are you doing, sir? What did those kids do?

 Hermios is puzzled and tries to remonstrate with Habarak's behavior.

"Because of you guys, Digragni, Digragni, Digragni, because you worship such a cryptic guy! Freya-sama is so angry that she can no longer beat Orihalcon!

What does that mean?

 He restrains his friends from worrying about Allen and asks them why they are doing this while holding his chest.

"Oh, it's your fault! d*mn it!

 Saying so, Allen is freed from master craftsman Habarak.
 Then he collapses to his knees and puts his hands and head on the ground as if he were crying.

Uh, um?

"Huh, Freya, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir. ......

 Allen tries to talk to him, but he can't seem to reach Master Craftsman Habarak.
 With a crumpled face, master craftsman Habarak is at his feet, apologizing in a shaky, low voice over and over again.

 Seeing Master Craftsman Habarak punching the ground and sobbing to Freya, Allen and the others can't understand what's going on.