263 Art. 257. The Unusual World

 As one of the three master craftsmen in the world who can process orichalcone, Havarak was exhausted.
 He was sobbing in front of Aren and the others and apologizing to Freya, the god of fire.
 Aren and the others were helpless and were too stunned to say anything to him.

 A group of dwarves, who appear to be apprentices, come out of the building that serves as a workshop and house and carry the master craftsman, Havarak, into the house.

 I was told that Habarak was tired today, so I decided to stay overnight at an appropriate inn and come back another day.

 The next day, we all headed to the building where master craftsman Habarak was blacksmithing.

This way, please.

 When I knocked on the door, a dwarf, who seemed to be his apprentice, now opened the door and seemed to lead me into the house.

 When he takes you to your room, he will call for the master craftsman, Havarak.
 We all wait in silence.

 As you wait for a while, a master craftsman dressed as yesterday, Havarak arrives.

...... Isn't this the Orihalcon you found?

 Without mentioning the fact that he broke down in tears yesterday, master craftsman Habarak talks about the pale gold glow in front of him.
 His expression is somewhat sad.


 I wasn't sure whether to bring it today based on yesterday's master craftsman, Habarak, but we agreed to bring it today.
 On the table is a chunk of orichalcone we found in the dungeon.

 Krena's reply is somewhat more subdued than usual.

"I see. I'm sorry, like I said yesterday, I can't forge the Orihalcon anymore.


 Crenna's eyes glaze over, but she says nothing more.
 The master craftsman, Havarak, takes his gaze off the mass of the orichalcone and there is silence in the room.

This sword you have forged for me has been a great help.

An orichalcone sword forged by a master craftsman. I've had my share of pain with that sword.

 Helmios talks about his orichalcon sword.

 Helmios has the sword and armor of Orihalcon.
 The sword was forged in the dungeon by master craftsman Habarak from a lump of Orihalcon, I am told.
 The armor is a national treasure of the Ghiamut Empire, and is now on loan, Aren is told.


Why did it come to pass that you can't work out anymore?

 Hermios decides to ask why.
 In this situation, no one thinks that master craftsman Habarak is no longer refusing to work the orichalcone into a great sword out of eccentricity.
 There must be a reason.
 Aren and the others are quietly listening to the conversation between Helmios and Master Craftsman Khabarak.

 Haverak closes his eyes and speaks out.

"The fire's gone weak. I can't even hear you now.

 Then the master craftsman, Habarak, began to speak.

 Not long ago the fire in the furnace suddenly became weak.
 And I can no longer hear the voice of Freya, the god of fire, who used to whisper to me when I was blacksmithing.

She sounds more like a priest than a blacksmith. A great master craftsman gets closer to the gods.

 Allen is candid about the master craftsman Habarak, who beats and forges the orichalcon while talking to the God of Fire.

That's why Dighragni said

"Yeah. That's what it's all about. I don't know if you're a money-making dungeon master or what, but you've got to make a good fete out of this since you became the Baucis Empire.

 Apparently, Freya, the god of fire, is not saying anything, but seems to be the prediction of master craftsman Habarak.

(This is what Ur also said. So I heard that Admiral Galala doesn't like the Emperor of the Baucis Empire either.

 Allen recalls what Ur has told him about the current state of the Baukis Empire.
 The Baukis Empire has made its people believe in Digrigni and is making money from the war against the demon king.
 I heard that the people of the empire continue to admire how much Digrigni has contributed to the Bauchis Empire through his men.

 The emperor of the Baukis Empire even hopes that the war with the demon king will continue as long as it does.

 If the war continues, the demand for magic tools will increase in each country, allowing them to be sold to other countries at a higher price.
 And the dungeons will attract adventurers from all over the world, and their activities and the treasures they find in the dungeons will benefit the Baucis Empire.

(So the central continent should also provide minimal assistance.

 And it fits with how Allen usually feels about the current situation of the Baukis Empire.
 They only provide the Central Continent with the bare minimum of magic tools and dispatch golem soldiers to the Central Continent.

 Of course, they have never sent an army to the Demon King who is said to be in the forgotten continent, which is said to be in the northern part of the central continent.
 If money-making is the reason, there is no need to attack the demon king's army, even if you have the military power to repel everything at sea.

(Even I can see how difficult it is for the world to be united with all its interests. Still, it's not good if we don't do something about it.

 Allen has lived for 35 years in a previous life, so he doesn't believe that the world is made up of dreams and ideals alone.
 He thinks it's so difficult for the world to come together that he wonders how many countries have completely disregarded their national interests.

 But this is a very bad situation to deal with the demon king's army.

 The Baucis empire is a money-making, procrastinating war.
 The Ghiamut Empire is a hegemonic, five-continent alliance that takes advantage of its dominance.
 Rosenheim, which is exclusive and averse to interference from other nations.
 The beast kingdom of Al-Bahar, blinded by hatred of the world.

 And the kingdom of Latash, which is locked in a battle for the throne and factions.

(This makes the League of Five Continents in name only. Is it because the war wasn't a short-lived one but one that lasted for decades? Maybe, or maybe not.

 I can't help but wonder if it's also a ploy of the Demon King's army.

"And that's why Master Freya, the God of Fire, stopped assisting you?

Yeah, I'm sure. How many of the former Mercia kingdoms have now forgotten their faith in Lord Freya, the God of Fire.

"I see.

That's all. So why don't you leave. The adamantites can't be trained with this kind of fire.


 including Allen becomes mute.
 It is said that the orichalcon cannot be trained because of the belief in God.
 What are we to do then?

 While the eyes of the others focus on Allen, wondering if they should go home, the only thing standing between them and Sophie's shoulder is the small animal looking at master craftsman Habarak.

''Haha. It's not like that at all. No way. No. Yeah. We can't just sit back and do this. Ha ha.


 The master craftsman Habarak was about to glare at the spirit god Rosen with a strong gaze for a moment, because his words were denied.
 But the sight of him takes my breath away.
 You'll be able to feel the presence of a god, Allen thinks.

The Freya I know would never abandon the dwarves. "The Freya I know would never abandon the dwarves. More than any other species.


So there is another reason why Master Freya has stopped helping you, isn't there?

 While master craftsman Habarak is astonished, Allen understands the true meaning of the genie god's words.

''That's right. That's right, Mr. Allen. There's a reason why you stopped helping me. There's a reason why I stopped helping you. No, I guess that's why I can't help you anymore. Ha ha.

Just don't know it. I knew it.

 In any case, the orichalcone can not be processed.

"Haha. I'll go to the God Realm and ask him. Maybe Freya will tell me.

 When he said that, the spirit god on Sophie's shoulder floated in the air and then disappeared.
 It seems to have traveled to the divine world.

 The master craftsman, Habarak, is left looking at the place where the genie god was upset.

 I'm hearing from Hermios as to what the genie god is.

'I see. So it was with the gods. I'm sorry about what I did yesterday. Well, this was a dwarf affair and I blame you for it.

"No. . . it's okay.

 Once again, Allen apologized for grabbing the chest yesterday.
 That's how desperate I was, Allen thinks, and I was blind to everything.

 Then an hour passes.

 The situation is what it is, and Allen and his friends wait patiently.
 They sip their unknowing cup of tea.

 Another hour has passed when the genie god appears.

How was it? Spirit God

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

 There is no energy in its expression.
 He looks like a flying squirrel, but his face is even desperate.

A genie god?

 Sophie looks at the genie god very anxiously.

"Sophia Lorne


"Before we talk, I promise you one thing,

Yes. Spirit God

 Staring straight at the genie, Sophie replies that she will accept any words.

I, Spirit God, am for the elves above all else. I promise to use all of this existence for the good of the elves in accordance with my old pact with the prayer maiden. So don't worry.

"What, why?

 Sophie wanted to say why she would say such a thing, but she couldn't.
 How much preparation do you have to have to have become a god to say such a thing?


 All eyes are on them, and they're all holding their breath.

The situation is more serious than we thought. At this rate, the world will be gone in years. Haha.

 The genie god Rosen spoke of the world dying.
 The Spirit God's laugh sounded much drier than usual to Allen.