264 Art. 258. Theological Instruments

 The genie god Rosen went to the divine world to find out why master craftsman Habarak could no longer hear the voice of the fire god Freya.

 When the genie god returned from the God Realm, he said that the world is doomed.

What do you mean the world will be destroyed?

"Yes. To tell the story, we need to talk about what happened just now. Allen, this happened while you guys were defending Rosenheim.

 The genie gods give a sequential account of what happened.

During the war at Rosenheim?

''Yes. It seems that while you were fighting with the Demon King's army on the ground, the main army of the Demon King's army invaded the God Realm.

"The main army? Ah. I knew the main force was not coming, right?

(Don't let my prediction come out the worst.)

Yes, it is. This is exactly what Mr. Allen thought it would be.

Hey. Allen, you need to talk to us so we can understand.

 It was a conversation that only Allen and the Spirit God could understand, so Cecil asked him to tell the story in more detail.

You'll be able to find out what's going on with the demon king's army and what's going on in the school. What is it? I guess just a bunch of demonic beasts is the right way to describe it.

By the way, Mister Allen has been talking about that.

 Folmar also recalled a conversation that took place when Allen was at war in Rosenheim.

 Throughout the war, Allen had been saying something strange about the Demon King's army.

 They were a heavily outnumbered forward force with little or no supply troops.
 They were a horde of monsters without a solid chain of command and focused on the offensive.
 They were starving monsters.

 In school, Allen had learned that the demon king's army was cunning and would attack where they were weak.
 That's also why the central continent was experiencing battle after battle after battle.
 I felt different from what I had learned, and I had talked to my friends about it several times during the breaks.

"You said it was as if we were a disposable unit. Is that what it was?

 Keel also remembered.

"It was just a stalling mission. It was a plan to get the gods to turn their consciousness to earth to attack the God Realm. To make it easier for the main army to attack the God Realm.

So, 10 million hexenbiest are disposable.


 The president of the school has told me that the army of hexenbiests is greater than ever before.
 It's true that Aren and his team defeated quite a few hexenbiests, but the sheer number of them didn't make the battle any easier.
 But it all makes sense if it was all just a diversion to achieve their goal or something.

(This is no. So that's it. How well prepared was the Demon King's army?

 A hypothesis was circulating in Allen's mind.

The main army was made up of evil dragons, ancient dragons, demonic gods, and higher demonic gods.

It looks strong. Disposable is the right word for earth. (It's said that ancient dragons are more like sub-gods than S-ranked monsters.

 Each one of them must have had an army equal to or greater than that of the demon goddess Razel and the hierarchical bosses of S-class dungeons.

''At the very least, they were S-ranked. And what happened to the God Realm?

"The demon king's army didn't think that it was enough to attack and destroy the divine world with the gods. It's like they had a goal in mind.

So that's what you mean, Master Freya.

"Yes. We've raided Freya's temple. It seems that the demon king's army had its sights set on Master Freya completely.

...... And what about Freya?

 Master craftsman Habarak leans forward and fears for Freya.

Freya, also known as the "Four Great Gods" and "Rough God". I had some trouble with my army, but with the support of my gods on my side I was able to fight off the attack. Well, I guess we didn't make it out unscathed.

 We both made some sacrifices, but it seems that we were still able to repel the demon king's army.

Is that so?

 The master craftsman, Habarak, was relieved to hear the genie god's words.

But something important has been taken away from the temple. Freya can call herself the God of Fire because of this, but the artifacts in the temple were stolen from me.

 The Spirit God speaks the word "divine instrument".

(You can tell me a lot of things, especially about the divine realm, when you've told me little at all before.

 Allen thinks he can tell you a lot about the situation in the divine world.
 That's how urgent the situation may be.

"Is that why the fire is so weak?

 It all started with the story of master craftsman Habarak, who lost the voice of Freya, the god of fire.
 Freya's voice was lost, and the fire was too weak to process the orichalcone.
 Even the adamantine cannot be processed adequately.

Hmm. A god deprived of his artifacts is not a god at all.

"Oh, no. ......

 Tears in the eyes of master craftsman Habarak.

Do you think it will result in people perishing?

That's what brings us to the present situation. If you continue to use your powers as a god of fire in the same way as before with the loss of your artifacts ....... That's right . If you continue to do this for three years, Freya-sama will be turned to stone.

Maybe it's a story about God's way of dying. Maybe we're talking about God's way of dying.


 Everyone is waiting for a word from the spirit god.
 What will happen to the earthly world in three years, I'm asking with bated breath.

In less than three years, the fire power, which is now affecting the Adamantites, won't be able to process mithril anymore. We'll be fighting the demon king's army with ragged iron armor and scrap iron weapons.

"Oh, no.

Oh, hey. Then the mithril mine in the Bailong Mountains.

 Cecil of House Granvelle, who is mining mithril from the mithril mine across the Shiro Dragon Mountains, and Keel, the head of House Karnel, are inconsolable.

 The power of the god of fire is lost from the earth.
 It was said that the weapons and armor needed in the battle against the demon king's army would soon be unavailable.

(The number of weapons and armor available in the dungeon would not be enough to cover the weapons and armor of the soldiers.

 Weapons and armor are expendable.
 They can't be bought new, and they're hard to repair.
 You have to fight B-ranked and higher monsters with cheap weapons and armor.

So I guess that's why I'm going to have to change jobs. To break this situation up as much as possible.

That's what I thought. You said you were going to oracle the church, along with the story of the fire god losing his power.

 The idea is to tell a bad story and a good story at the same time so that people don't get confused.

(Is this why you're starting a job change program?)

 Allen had doubts about his decision to make a career change in this world that he hadn't made before.
 The reason was simple.

 The world was dying.
 People were going to despair.
 It was also a terrible despair.
 The Zauber-King's army does not rule over people.
 Soon the Zauber-King's army would use hexenbiests and slaughter people in the most horrible way possible.

(I can't defend the world from being invaded at the same time. But still, the only thing to think about is why he's after Freya.

 Even if Allen had defeated millions of monsters, he would not have the power to protect the entire world.
 No matter how much blessings you give out, you won't have time to use it if a soldier equipped with inferior weapons and armor can't withstand the monster's blow and dies instantly.

 But that's not what we should think about now.

I understand the situation. Freya is also known as the Four Great Gods or the Four Attributes. I've heard he's even rougher than Aqua and Gaia. Would the Demon King's army go after such a god?

 I learned in school that God has a rank.
 This knowledge of theology is one of the best parts of attending the school.

 Elmere is an absolute god. And while not as powerful as the creator gods, they are immensely powerful.

 I was taught that Freya, god of fire, Gaia, god of earth, Nynryl, god of wind, and Aqua, god of water, are particularly powerful gods.

 The four gods with overwhelming power are different from the other gods, but Freya, god of fire, is also famous as a god of rage.
 While the gods of earth and water specialize in protection and healing, the god of fire is especially specialized in attack.
 It is even said that if angered, the volcano will erupt and burn the earth to the ground.

 Allen thinks that if he wants the artifacts, he'll go after other gods that are easier to fight against.

Does this have something to do with us dwarves believing in Dighlagni and not praying to Master Freya?

 The master craftsman, Habarak, says the answer to Allen's question.

Perhaps that's what it is. Isn't that right, Spirit God?

"Ha. Allen, you seem to be very close to the truth of the world. But this is the only thing I can't put into words.

(If there is something you can't say in this situation)

 The Spirit God closes his eyes and refuses to answer.
 Even if the world might end, it seems there are things that cannot be said.

Enough is enough. Freya must have been losing her powers little by little. That's why she was targeted by the demon king's army.

Oh, no. Freya will be turned to stone by us dwarves.

 The more the dwarf stopped praying, the more Freya would lose her power.
 Knowing what is happening to Freya, master craftsman Habarak holds his face in his hands.

"Huh? That's impossible. It's impossible! So, how long have you been waiting for?

"Cecil understands. This has been planned for decades. The demon king's army has been waiting for the dwarves to pray to Master Freya for so long that their power would diminish.

 The war against the demon king's army has been going on for more than 60 years.

That would explain why the demon king's army hasn't completely destroyed the people. And what are they going to do with the artifacts they've taken?

 The League of Five Continents in pieces and even the greedy Emperor of the Baucis Empire seems to be a demon king's army operation.

 And I have to think about what the Demon King's army's next move will be now that they have the divine weapon in hand.

''The demon king's army is definitely planning to attack and destroy the world. Haha.

 The last words of the spirit god seem to speak to himself.
 It even sounds to Allen as if the demon king's army is planning an invasion not only of the earth, but also of the divine world.

 Knowing that he had only a few years left to live and the future of the people's lives and destruction, Aren wondered what he should do.