265 Art. 259. The Vases of Faith

 Allen and his friends are in their usual Merle's favorite liquor store.

The armor seems to be coming along nicely from the exoskeleton of a hexenbiest.

"I see.

 Sophie is relieved.
 Beside her, Folmar nodded vigorously.

 Not long ago, Allen heard from Rosen, the spirit god, that Freya, God of Fire, was robbed of his artifacts.
 With the loss of her artifacts, Freya's fire god's power gradually diminished to this world.
 She can only make weapons and armor that look like scrap iron, and the demon king's army will be unable to stop the invasion.

 The demon king's army will not conquer the people.
 There will be a massacre of demonic beasts on every continent within years.

 Allen asked the Genie God how much and to whom he could tell about this artifact being stolen.
 He only said that if they didn't blow it out, he would leave it to Allen.
 To Rosen, the Spirit God, the most important thing is the peace of the elves.
 He must have a strong desire to do so.

 I have something from the war in Rosenheim.
 It's the exoskeleton of more than a million insect-type monsters.

 They're B-ranked or higher monsters that are light and strong enough to be used for armor.
 The bones and tendons of dragons are used for bows and tusks are used as arrowheads.

 I've told the queen of Rosenheim that I want you to start processing the vast amount of monsters you've killed while you still can.
 Even though Rosenheim has not yet been restored, she agreed to work on it first.

 I've asked Viscount Granvell to investigate the nest of the armor ants.
 I'm glad we didn't destroy the ants.
 Their armor can be made into strong armor.
 I'm investigating how many nests there are of armor queens that are prolific and can produce large numbers of ants in a short period of time.

 I have also asked the emperor of the Central Continent's Ghiamut Empire to convey this information via Hermios and ask him to develop a national countermeasure.
 With hundreds of millions of people, the Giamut Empire, the world's largest population, is making a big move.
 I will send a servant to Helmios to send a letter to the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire.

 Surely these efforts will extend the lives of the people of the world a little.
 But I do not know how many years it will add to their lives.

It's just life-extension therapy. We have to come up with a solution.)

 What needs to be done is not life-prolonging treatment, but a radical solution to the problem.
 Allen believes that the solution to the problem is to get the artifacts back from the Demon King's army.

 Allen has found a solution to this problem based on the memories of his previous life and games.
 But now we know that the other side, the Demon King's army, has been planning and acting with great care for decades.

 The invasion of ten million demon king's troops was just one part of the plan.
 If you do nothing, you will fall behind because Allen is always working behind the scenes.
 If you ignore the demon king and slavishly level up in the nearby dungeon like in previous games, the world will fall apart.

 But you can't fight the demon king's army if you don't level up and equip yourself.

And yet, it's not worth it to sit here and relax.

 Keel anxiously asks Allen.

(To Kiel, no.) Everyone has a family, including me. (We all have families, including me.)

 Family-friendly keel is a worrier .
 He has not been well since he heard that the sacred artifacts of the fire god were stolen.
 I'm sure he's thinking of his sister and her servants in Karnel territory, hearing that the world may fall apart in years.

Certainly, there is much to do. But what are we going to do if we're strung out now? You have to take a break when you need to take a break. So tell you what, I've got a lot of work to do, so help me out.

"Oh! Is there? Of course!

 What Allen is trying to do is not only ask for help from the people he has been working with.
 I have a number of things I'm going to be doing at the same time.

 However, even though there are more things to do, Allen's goal of capturing S-class dungeons hasn't changed.
 He originally came to S-class dungeons in order to change jobs and equip his friends.
 And to get rewards for attacking dungeons.

 In order to break the current situation where you are struggling with the demon gods, it makes sense to go to this dungeon.

Aren't you awesome?

 Hearing the conversation between Allen and Kiel, Helmios praises Allen.
 This time, Helmios' party is with him for the meal.

What is?

"That's putting together a party at that age.

No, well, sort of. So, have you negotiated with DiGragni about the first attack reward?

Yeah, of course you said I could get you something special. That's my boy Allen. What do you have in mind for your reward?

"No, no, it's for the world. And we don't necessarily get paid.

(Yes! (I'm still in the groove)

 In the center of this S-class dungeon level 1 is a temple.
 And the dwarven priests who serve Digragni are looking after him.
 This is similar to the composition of the elves who cared for the spirit god Rosen.

 No ordinary adventurer would be allowed to meet Digragni, but Helmios the Brave is different.
 The position of a hero is not to be feared.
 You can see Digragni if you formally ask the temple.

 Then he asked Digragni to ask her a question and a favor.

 The request is that the first time you conquer the game, you will receive a special reward.
 This comes from Aren's memories from his previous life, where he believed that the first time you attacked a dungeon, you deserved to get something special.

 I've heard from Ur, the beastman, that this S-class dungeon is unexplored, so I want something special for the first attack.
 And I asked Helmios to ask DiGragni to let me choose what he would give me.

 DiGragni said, "Yes! Helmios tells me that the answer was a resounding yes.
 It's the same light answer we've heard before.
 He has none of the dignity of a dungeon master.

"So, did you say that the artifacts are in Digrigni's possession?

Yes, she said she had it. I'm super happy to get it from Elmere. I'm glad I worked so hard on my dungeon master! It's not.

 That word wrinkled the brow of the genie god.
 It sounds like it was an unpleasant conversation.

"Allen, what would be the point in asking that?

"Hmm? Cecil. If you don't know what the artifacts are, you can't find them. I see.

So don't just tell me what you know.

 Cecil complains.

For example, is Mr. Hermios a god? But at least he is a hero, loved by the whole Empire.

"Huh? Heroes and God?

 What are you talking about, Cecil thinks.

'What about you, Hermios? If they keep on celebrating, is there going to be some kind of deification?

"No, I don't feel like it. Mr. Allen, what's going on?

I think, as I've said before, a sacred object is a vessel for gathering faith.

 We had a similar story before in the workshop of master craftsman Habarak.

A vessel of faith?

Yes. I think that's the closest thing to describing it.

 Allen has been thinking about faith and God.
 It's been a long time since Sophie told him that faith begets God when he was at school.

 Elmea, the creator god, distributes vessels of faith, called vessels of faith, to those who are worthy to become gods.
 Each of those dealt it desperately needed to gather faith.

 Rosen, Degragni and Freya all gather faith in the same way.
 For a certain period of time or in numbers, they pass through sub-gods to become gods.

 After becoming a god, they have to work hard in their own way to recruit followers and gain faith.
 Allen believes that if the gods do nothing, they cannot be gods in this world.

 Even if they are hailed as heroes, even if they are praised and thanked as they pray to the gods, those who do not receive their artifacts from the god of creation, Hermia, like Hermios, will not become gods.

I see.

 Helmios stares at the genie god with understanding.
 The genie remains frozen, without blinking.
 It might be completely frozen like an ornament, a taboo that must never be spoken.
 But something like cold sweat is cascading from your body.

''But now it seems that Dighragni has nothing to do with the Demon King's Army.

Well, I thought differently from the beginning.

 The reason for the deprivation of the artifacts from Freya, God of Fire, this time lies in the belief of the dwarves in Digragni.
 I thought for a moment that Dighlagni was under the control of the demon king to gather the faith of the dwarves and weaken Freya, the god of fire, but I have come to the conclusion that this is not so.

 To begin with, this world is a world where the gods gather faith.
 Allen believes that the demon king's army just took advantage of that rule.

 If you just want the artifacts, all the gods have them.
 Even Digragni has it.
 Freya, one of the four great fire gods, is in trouble, says the genie god.
 Surely this artifact that holds the power of the world's fire must have immense power.

All right... but what can we do?

 Cecil doesn't think that the fire god's artifacts can be retrieved just because he found out that.
 The other members of the group also look at Allen, wondering why he's talking about it.

Yeah, we're not sure yet, but it's just a theory, and one of the possibilities is about to arrive.

"Huh? What's coming?

 Cecil had no idea what he was talking about.
 Allen always talks so much, but today, Cecil thinks he's flying like never before.

 Allen is using his previous life experiences to solve this problem.

(It's about time, but Ur is late.)

 Allen looks at the mage clock on the wall.
 I'll be meeting the beastman, Ur-san, at this store today.


 As Allen was looking at his watch, the door opened with a loud bang.

 You'll break the door if you open it that hard, and when you look at the door, you'll see an enraged lion beastman standing there.

What is this? I'm talking about Prince Zeu being pissed off. (Is it my favorite thing to walk into a store in anger?

 Allen wonders if it's going around in his mind as Prince Zeu, not Uru, comes in with a bang, spurred on by the last time.

"Ho, the rats really are here. Go ahead, everyone.


 The beastmen, who seemed to be under their command, grabbed their weapons and rushed into the store all at once.