266 260. Vaginism.

 Prince Zeus comes into the store with his men, looking furious.

(Oh my God, Ur failed? You could have asked me better. I don't know if I should be so angry.

 Allen asks the beastman Ur to look into it.
 However, he wonders if the Beast Prince Zeu would be this enraged.

 Prince Zeu slowly walks up to Allen and his friends' table.

Oh, Prince Zeus, would you like to join us?

 Like Allen, he is surrounded by beastmen, but Helmios also calls out to Prince Zeu without moving his eyebrows.

"Helmios. Is this a ploy of the Ghiamut Empire?

"Huh? What would that be?

 Helmios has no idea what he's talking about.
 As Helmios looks at Allen as if he knows something, his gaze lingers on Allen.

Oh, it's probably me, then.

 Allen then looks at the wolf beastman Ur, who looks apologetic, behind the Zeu Beast Prince.

"So it's Allen. So you're the one sniffing around the Beast Kingdom. You've got some nerve being a mouse.

 With a nonchalant look on his face, Allen drinks some fruit water and says, "I'm impressed with you, Prince Zeus.

It's unexpected that you've been sniffing around. It was the United Kingdom that was investigating, so if you say so, then the Beast Kingdom is also involved.

(Okay, that's pretty relevant.)

 A confederation is a group of small and medium-sized states that are politically and economically united in a continent south of Rosenheim.

I was going to check with Ur-san, but it's just as well that Prince Zeus is here. Please, the seat is open.

 Allen says there's still a seat available at this table.


 Prince Zeu's expression becomes even more grim as he is asked to take a seat under these circumstances.

 Keel, the jumpiest of Allen's friends, has a worried look on his face.
 He seems to be swallowing the words, "Hey, are you all right?

"Huh? In the Beast Kingdom do lions get frightened by rats?

(I'm not getting anywhere, so sit down for now.)

"Oh, oh, that's funny. It's really funny. That's right. I'm thirsty from walking. I'm going to have a drink of something.

 Too angry, Prince Zeusu's tongue is in trouble.
 With an awkward smile made to show some composure, Prince Zeus takes the vacant seat slowly.
 Hermos admonishes Allen with a look of admonition, saying that he has gone a little too far.

 One of the surrounding beastmen heads over to the clerk at the counter to order a drink, who is watching what's going on.

"So why were you sniffing around the Beast Kingdom?

As I said before, it was the Allies who were looking into it.

I see. But we're also told that the Beast Kingdom is involved. Why were you looking into it?

 I remind you that Prince Zeus hasn't even thanked Allen yet.
 I think I'll be a little more polite.
 Drinking the ale seemed to calm him down.

"Hmm? Just to be sure, is this perceived as an exchange of information?

"What? What the hell, you!

 The gratitude that I felt for saving the beastmen, which I had just sprouted, was now once again brought to a climax by Allen's words.

 I've heard from the Beast Prince and Ur that he is a loyal beast prince, but he seems to have a rather short temper.
 You'll find that your hair stands up all at once, as if the hair has nerves, Allen thinks fluently.

Of course. It's an exchange of information about me for Prince Zeus. It's a deal. Why did he think he could make me talk? Here's the princess of Rosenheim, and here's Helmios the Brave,

"Hm? But, nggg.

 Allen says there is no reason to forcefully give up the information.
 Then he looks at Sophie and Helmios.

 Sophie is a better royal than the Beast Prince who is not even the Prince of Beasts, and Helmios' party is more powerful than the Beast Prince Zeu's friends.

"No more provocations, Mr. Allen. We think it's useful information. Hey, Allen, you still haven't told us what you want to know, so let's just exchange information, shall we?

 Helmios steps in and politely talks to Prince Zeus.

"It really is beneficial, isn't it?

Of course. We can talk about it first, and if it's not useful, we don't need information from Prince Zeus. How do you like it?

 Hermos further persuades.

"Enough. Hmm, okay. If the heroes of the Central Continent are so bold as to say so. You can drink wherever you like.


 The Beast Prince Zeu also realized that this was an important exchange of information, so he scattered the beastmen around Allen's table.

"So, Mr. Allen. You can talk to me.

"Yes, Mr. Helmios.

That's great. You did a good job of putting it all together in the end, while also making Prince Zeusu look good.

 Impressed, Allen carefully explains to Prince Zeus the story of Freya, the fire god, from the discovery of the orichalcone to the story of how the fire god Freya was robbed of his divine weapon.
 Then he told the story of what was to come.
 The genie god was covered by Hucaman and never stopped talking or said anything.

 Prince Zeus listens attentively, even though he is upset several times.

I see. I see. It sounds so crazy, and it was. But is that right? Talking like this to me

 The Central Continent and the Beast Kingdom are virtual enemies.
 On the surface, the five continents are militarily united in an alliance of five continents, but that is only on the surface.
 Also, we don't know when the Beast Kingdom will invade the Central Continent.

 As a result of the loss of the divine artifacts, the Ghiamut Empire, which is in direct war with the Demon King's army, may suffer a terrible defeat.

No, no, my job change is about to begin.

Job change.

 About changing jobs, Allen also talks about.
 There's a program that's being worked out, but it's about to start next year, and there are countermeasures.

If that's true, that's also valuable information. Do you think such a story has something to do with the Beast Kingdom?

 I nodded vigorously as I understood the story.
 The story of the stolen artifacts and the job change is all about what's involved in the beast kingdom.

As I said before, the United Kingdom. As I said before, it's the confederation. The story is that the beast kingdom is involved in the confederation's 'defeat of the evil guru'.

"Well, sure. Hmm, I see. So you've been looking into Shea, huh?

 Allen has heard a number of stories about the Beast Kingdom from Ur in the past few months.

 Among them, he has heard more about the succession to the Beast King's throne.
 Who will be the next Beast King for Allen?
 I needed to know how to change the next Beast King from Prince Beku.

 In the Beast Kingdom, the first child basically becomes the Beast King.

 But it's quite common for a good child to come from someone other than the firstborn.
 Your first child may be an ordinary monarch, or a child with superior talent will be born after your second child.
 If this happens, the second child or later children will be put through a great ordeal, and the one who overcomes the ordeal will be able to succeed the Beast King even if he or she is not the first child.

 The ordeal of Prince Zeu is the first attack of an S-class dungeon.
 This S-class dungeon, known as the Tower of Trials, is a test that must be overcome for Prince Zeu.

 But Prince Zeus isn't the only one who's been tested.
 There's Princess Shea, the youngest and most famous of the warrior princesses.
 Princess Shea, who was excellent in character and battle, was also severely tested.

 This is the defeat of the evil gods' guru.

 It is said that this paganism originated in one of the lands of the Confederacy and spread throughout the United States.
 It was born many decades ago and gradually increased its followers.
 They say that if you believe in it, you won't be invaded by the demon king's army or something like that.
 In fact, the demon king's army never came to the United Kingdom.
 Because of this, their followers were slowly but steadily increasing.

 And a few years ago, his teachings crossed the sea and came to the Beast Kingdom.
 Since the United Kingdom and the Beast Kingdom have trade with each other, the teachings of the Evil God religion was carried along with the trade.
 And the teachings of paganism were slowly spreading in the Beast Kingdom as well.

 The current Beast King was enraged by this situation.
 The Beast Kingdom of Albahar believes in the beast god Garum.
 He is revered as the absolute and only god.

 Therefore, he ordered his youngest son, the Princess of the Beast, to defeat the evil guru.

 Allen has heard that the Allies were also very supportive of the beast kingdom.

Yes, I believe the artifacts may have found their way to the Evil Gods.

 The demon king's army is always planning and thinking ahead.
 I've been thinking for days about what the artifacts would be used for if they were taken.

 To Allen, who has memories of his previous life, the evil guru is as much of a target for his assassination as the demon king.
 Even though he didn't know the teachings of paganism in his previous life, he had defeated the guru many times.
 Evil gurus are prejudiced against doing absolutely bad things.

 I got the idea that the evil guru that Princess Shea was after would be given the sacred artifacts and start doing something wrong by gathering faith.

I see, but that's unlikely.

 In response to Allen's suggestion that paganism is suspicious about the destination of the artifacts, Prince Zeus assured him that there is absolutely no such thing.

"Huh? What does that mean?

(Hmm? (How can you be so sure?

I received a letter from Shea the other day. Shea wrote to me the other day, stating that he has captured the evil guru and handed him over to the Elmerian headquarters. He will be put on trial for his religion soon.

"Huh? Oh, that's right.

What's going on? Will there be a trial? That's Elmerian HQ indeed! So the next Beast King is the youngest, Princess Shea.

 One of the countries of the confederacy is the Elmair State, the headquarters of the Elmair religion.
 Prince Zeu also tells me that we were able to catch him earlier thanks to the full cooperation of the Elmair State.

(But then again, this is completely off the mark. I wondered if the paganism is for those who believe in Elmea, the creator god, or Garum, the beast god?

 It is embarrassing to predict with a smug look on your face.
 He might have called it paganism because it is not tolerant of beliefs and religions.

"Now that we're going to be examined in the religious courts to see what we've been doing, well, yeah. I've heard about your treatment of the congregation, and it's probably going to be an execution.

 Prince Zeus seems to have even heard that the pagan religion has done some pretty bad things to him.

 Then we talked about some dungeons and the future.
 The artifacts are used in the world in one way or another.
 Finally, we shared our understanding that if we heard anything about the sacred artifacts, we would have to look into it, and the day was dismissed.

 Then Prince Zeu gets up from his seat and says a few words.

Next time you want to find out about Shea, you'll have to come talk to me directly. Is that clear?

"Yes, I will.

(What. Just a big brother who likes his sister.

 Apparently, Allen thought it was an act of concern for his sister.