267 261. Coming-of-Age Ceremony

 It's about to get dark.
 Allen and his friends' base is just off the main street, but they can hear the hustle and bustle even here.
 It's a festival outside.

 Incidentally, the S-class dungeon that Allen and his team are attacking is not supposed to have sunlight in it, but for some reason it's bright in the daytime.
 And it gets dark at night.
 This doesn't change after the second level.
 The adjustment of the dungeon's brightness is also due to Digragni's power.

 Today is not a day for Allen and his team to conquer a dungeon.
 The food in this stronghold, which contains two well-earned adventuring parties, is very lavish, but today it's even louder.

 Helmios' servants must have worked hard to make it happen.

But was Prince Zeu good? It seems to be a dungeon festival,

"Hm? No problem.

(I invited you because I had no reason to say no, but you're usually very relaxed.

 Prince Zeus is leaning back on the fluffy couch.

"Come on. It's your coming-of-age ceremony, Allen.

Mr. Helmio. It's our coming of age ceremony.

 Today, October 1st, is Allen's birthday.
 With the exception of Folmar, all of Allen's companions will come of age this year.
 People and dwarves come of age at 15, elves at 30, and high elves at 50.
 That's why Sophie came of age this year.

 Even serfs celebrate coming of age.
 It's not the whole village, but it's a small way for each family to celebrate their coming of age.

 If you're a nobleman, you invite influential people to your mansion for a big celebration.
 The royals hold a ball for the prince when he comes of age.
 In some countries, you can even roam the capital.

 When Allen began to conquer the dungeon, he asked his friends if they wanted to have a coming-of-age ceremony, many of them said that they should do so.

 And since it's not a good idea to do it every time they have a birthday, they decided to do it all at once on Allen's birthday.
 Today is Allen's birthday, and it's the coming of age ceremony for him and his friends.

(It's been 15 years since I came to another world today.)

 My memories of my previous life are now very fuzzy, except for the memories of being enthusiastic about an important game.
 It's very emotional to think that I was in this world until I became an adult.

 And the reason why Prince Zeu is slumped on the sofa is because of the conversation he had yesterday when he met Ur.
 He asked me to have dinner with him tomorrow and I told him I had this thing to do and I couldn't go.
 That was the end of the conversation, but this evening, Prince Zeus, along with Ur and Sarah, arrived.
 Prince Zeus himself brought a barrel of wine on his shoulder to celebrate.
 It seems that he came all the way to our coming-of-age ceremony on the day of the dungeon festival.

But I hear the city is celebrating yesterday as well.

(I haven't attended any festive events since a previous life.

 In his previous life, Allen did not participate in the seasonal events that took place in the game.
 He was not interested in these events because they basically gave him no items, experience, or clothing that changed only in appearance.

 Allen's proverb says, "I'd rather be naked than wear an ineffective avatar.

 However, I don't think it's a bad idea to reincarnate and be surrounded by friends and people to celebrate with.

Hm? I've been drinking with my compatriots until past noon,

 Don't worry about it, says Prince Zeus.
 It seemed like you were already drunk when you came, but you were.

 The dungeon festival seems to be a unique event in this town.
 In the frontier villages, October 1st was a harvest festival, but here we are in a dungeon with few fields to harvest.

 They don't have a harvest festival, but they must have decided to have an annual festival today.
 It's the dungeon festival, a day to worship Digragni, to thank him for his safe journey in the dungeon, and to wish him well in future dungeons.

 This year's festival is especially exciting and you can hear the dwarves' joyful voices so far.

Is Admiral Galala coming home soon? He said he's going to beat the bottom boss.

 Admiral Galala, the hero of the dwarves, has been challenging the lowest boss all morning for this dungeon festival.
 The dwarves are crowded in front of the temple, waiting and waiting.
 I heard that we're going to challenge the boss in the morning, but I think it's going to take quite a while to beat the lowest boss.

 Aren and the others were still working on gathering equipment and leveling up.
 Prince Zeu's powerful beast prince's party is having a hard time gathering friends.
 Meanwhile, Admiral Galala's party, which had already gathered the stone tablet and strengthened it sufficiently, challenged the lowest boss.

 It seems that the bottom boss is at the fifth level.
 It seems that Allen and his team at the fourth level only needed to attack one more level.

But, Allen. Now we have an idea of what to do in this dungeon.

"Well . Dogora. This is going to go a lot faster than I thought.

 Dogora is the first to say what Allen is thinking.
 The more time we spend together, the more this happens.

(Unfortunately, I wanted the first attack bonus, but well, if this will help strengthen the five-continent alliance, then it's fine. I'll see what kind of bottom-level boss I can find later.

 I don't know if Admiral Galala and the others will be able to capture it, but I wish them a safe return.

 As the coming-of-age ceremony begins naturally, Hermios and Prince Zeus go out of their way to congratulate you.
 Have a nice dinner with the same old friends.

"Hey, you should have a drink today!

 I was asked to drink a drink by Cecil, who sat down and held a wooden mug close to my face.
 It seems that Cecil is quite drunk.

 There is no particular reason for refusal, so I turn it over to the receiver.

 The first drink I had in a long time did not taste good.
 The first drink I had since I came to this world was still the same.
 You still have a tongue that doesn't know what alcohol tastes like, Allen chuckled to himself.

"Oh, by the way, Prince Zeus.

 Allen is drinking and talking to Prince Zeus.
 There's something I have to ask you.

What? What's up?

"Your Highness Princess Shea, the Beast Princess, successfully defeated the evil guru, but you won't return to the Beast Kingdom?

I will not return. His Majesty the Beast King ordered me to capture the dungeon. It's not over yet!

(I thought that strategy was also the first strategy.)

 Soon, Admiral Galala may be making his first attack.

His Royal Highness the Beast Prince: ......

 Ur cried tears of joy at those words.

 In the end, Prince Zeus couldn't get his friends together until now due to the interference of Prince Beku.
 It seems that one star talent can be gathered as much as possible, but it's almost impossible to form a party with more than three stars.

 Even Prince Zeu knows that.

 Then why are we here for the beast prince?
 Even now, he uses his position as the Beast Prince to lead the beast men.

 Prince Zeu never seems to talk about it.

"I thought you were still young, but this year you came of age. Is this how the hero who saved Rosenheim has always been?

 It became mournful at the celebration because Uru shed a tear, and the Zeuschwein prince waved another story.
 It seems that Prince Zeu has heard about Aren and the others' activities in Rosenheim.

''Yes. They've always been great!

 Cecil next to Allen reacted strongly to those words.
 Cecil, seated with his eyes, grabs a wooden cup and stands up.


It's happening again.

 Amidst Prince Zeu's interest, Keel murmured in a low voice.
 It's a story that Cecil has told me dozens of times since I was in the academy.
 The story is not uncomfortable, but as he reacts to Cecil's bright-eyed speech, you'll hear about the incident that happened when you were 10 years old from beginning to end.

Thus, when I was 10 years old, I defeated Maedergarsh with a dagger alone!

 He imitates Allen with a dagger twisted into his eye socket while being eaten by Maedergarsh.
 There's not an ounce of aristocratic grace in it.

Is that so? Maedergarsh may be in our beast kingdom, but he's a tough nut to crack at ten years old.

That's right. That's right!

 The wide-eyed Cecil looks from the wide-eyed Cecil to Allen.
 You will be able to find a lot of people who will be able to help you.

There are many legends and heroes here. I heard that Mr. Doberg slayed a red dragon when he was ten years old.

 Allen, who is already starting to get drunk, says what he wanted to hear in a drunken stupor.

 The Dragonslayer's doberg

 This is a legend of heroism throughout the kingdom of Latash.
 Even Allen, a peasant, was told this famous story by the priest during the ceremony of the appraisal.

 But de Bergh was quietly sipping his wine slowly and refusing to participate in the conversation.
 He doesn't seem to have any answers.

"I want to hear your story, too, Mr. Doberg! Was the red dragon strong?

 More interested than Allen, Crenna says to fold.

...... well, that was strong.

 I let out a single sigh and Doberg told me the story.
 Maybe he was careful not to ruin the festive atmosphere.

 It was a story that became part of the book The Heroic Biography of the Swordsman Doberg.

 A red dragon was sitting near the village where Doberg was born.
 The red dragon had asked the village to make a sacrifice.
 I learned of this custom when an old friend was chosen for the sacrifice.
 The adults thought it was inevitable and no one agreed.
 I stole a fine sword from the village armorer and went to rescue him.
 Miraculously, he cut off the red dragon's head and killed it, but he said it might be difficult if he was asked to do the same thing twice, Doberg said matter-of-factly.

 I'm sure you're familiar with the story, but I'm sure you've heard this story dozens of times before with your children.


"Well, ......

 Everyone's longing eyes fell on Doberg, but he said he had talked to them and began to drink again, quietly.

Huh, what?

 That's when Krena tried to lean forward to hear more.
 The revelry outside turned to screams.
 What sounded like shouting reached the stronghold.

 With a good ear, Ur stood up and reacted strongly.

Something's going on! Let's go!

 When Allen said this, everyone got up and ran outside toward the screaming.