268 262. Dissolution

 The clamor of the dungeon festival, which could be heard from a little farther away, becomes a great commotion.
 From the screaming cries that could be heard, it is clear that something has happened .

 Allen and the others sober everyone up with the effect of the Grass C summoner's Awakening Skill "Flavored Vegetable" to cure their condition.

 The commotion seems to be coming from near the temple.
 You will enter towards the center of it.
 In front of the temple is a square with no stores or roads, and it's crowded with dwarves.

(Admiral Galala.)

"Pepek is still in the dungeon! Bobogua is still around, too! Let go of this hand!

'He was a wall to get us out! You're not going to make it. There's no more recovery medicine. We've got to get this wound healed soon!

 Admiral Galala, who is being carried on his shoulders by the dwarves, whether by his friends or subordinates, is missing an arm.
 He is missing an arm, and his legs are crushed, or perhaps crushed, as he is carried away, leaving a trail of blood in a strange direction.

 Since the dwarves were a head shorter than Allen, the situation looked good to him.

 Amidst the cries of the dwarves for healing potions and recovery magic, Allen pulls a blessing from the chamber and uses it without hesitation.

""What's this?

 In addition to Admiral Galala, there were quite a few other seriously injured dwarves, but we'll make them all heal.
 Admiral Galala looks around, his lost arm and crushed leg back together.

"We have restored them with the elven elixir.

 Allen came forward because he seemed to be looking for someone to recover.

...... Oh, you're Allen.

 They at least seem to remember your name.


 Then Admiral Galala seemed to notice something.

"Do you still have the elixir you just used?


(Hmm, you're still upset. That's how good a mate you are.

There is, but what is it used for?

"Of course I'm trying to help my friends!

(Was the mate?)

 There seems to be a hierarchy, but it's more like an ally than a subordinate.

Admiral Galala. ...... I don't have any more medals, sir.

 Admiral Galala's friends tell him that he can't help them.

"Admiral Galala. I'm not here. Why don't you calm yourself down?

"Nuh? Prince Zeusu?

 Since it's a festival, and since it's the entrance to the dungeon's temple, all eyes are on Admiral Galala's party.

 In order to calm down, Admiral Galala comes to the base of Aren and his friends.
 You'll be able to see that the prince Zeusu, who doesn't live in the base, is a royal.

...... This is quite a treat.

 As soon as you arrive in the dining room, you'll find a lavish array of food.

Yeah, we were having a coming of age ceremony for you guys, Allen.


 Hermios explains the situation briefly.

"Merle. I remember you said that you went to school and joined the war.

"...... yeah

 Merle also looks sad because of the situation.

"There is still more food, would you like to eat?

"Are you sure? I've been on the run all morning. I haven't eaten. Thanks, man.

(Have you been on the run?)

 With that, the dwarves crept into the dining room.
 Allen has no qualms about Prince Zeus inviting Admiral Galala and his party without permission.
 Nor is it about being able to tamper with the coming-of-age meal prepared for them.

 Naturally, I was thinking of Admiral Galala's situation, but I was also thinking of Allen's friends.

 Admiral Galala's party of 20 fought the lowest boss of the S-class dungeon before anyone else.
 And from what we've seen so far, the bottom tier boss had killed six of them, leaving fourteen of them in the end.
 The bottom tier boss must have gotten to him and he couldn't get out of the dungeon safely.

 Allen knows how difficult it is to fight a boss on the first try.
 You don't always find a way to attack on the first try.
 You're dealing with the lowest-level boss of an S-class dungeon.
 The price of the strategy may be the lives of Allen's friends.

 Only Admiral Galala and his party know what the bottom boss was like.
 I'm not going to ask the haggard Admiral Galala for any more questions, but we must get any useful information we can!

(There are a few things we've learned so far, though. First, the lowest bosses can escape after the battle begins. (Not impossible to escape, but difficult, just like in the Death Zone, right?

 You don't have to ask a lot of questions to find out.
 Once you get to the lowest level of the hierarchy with the bottom boss and find out that it's possible to escape, that's pretty useful information.

This is not good enough for me. Ur and the others, I'm sorry, but you need to go shopping.

"Zeuschwein Prince, awe

 As a coming-of-age gift, a cask of wine is not going to be enough for 15 dwarves.
 It seems that Ur and Sarah, who came with you, will be running errands for you.

"Coming of age. He's been with us since he was a newborn. ....... You risked your life for me. ......

 So saying, clenching the wooden cup and shaking the ripples.

 The dwarves ate their food and drink.

"You have been fighting all morning.

Yeah, I know. I wanted to make it to the dungeon festival.

 Admiral Galala says he wanted to beat the lowest level boss in time for the dungeon festival festivities.

"But it's already evening. Have you been fighting for more than half a day?

"Huh? That's true. I knew right away that this was an impossible fight. We've been on the run for half a day now, retreating.

 Already the city on this one level is starting to get darker as the outside of the dungeon.
 Admiral Galala says he rode into the dungeon in the morning, but decided it was impossible on first try.

"The party that beat Beebe and Crimson?

Yeah. You'd think so too if you saw it.

 After defeating S-ranked monsters from the second to fourth levels, Allen wonders if this is such an enemy that even Admiral Galala's party would find it impossible to defeat it.

 After that, while there were dwarves crying out for their friends, the bottom boss was mentioned in passing.

 It must have been quite a fierce battle.

 As if in repentance, stories that ignore the timeline spill out of Admiral Galala's mouth.
 Apparently, Admiral Galala was a former adventurer.
 It seems that his unique talents led him to be spoken to by the former emperor and he became an admiral in the Baukis imperial army.
 The old emperor was better, Admiral Galala says.

 Some of them have been with him since he was an adventurer, others joined his party when he became an admiral, and so on.
 That's how the twenty of us got together.

Admiral Galala. What do we do now?

"Yeah. . yes.

 It was now dark.
 After some time, when things had calmed down, one of the dwarves spoke about the future.


 We wait for the words of the party leader, Admiral Galala, with Allen and the others.

I guess we're dismissed.

"Or is it dismissed? What about the emperor's request to capture it?

 Admiral Galala announced the dissolution of the party.

"Huh? It's a no-brainer. It's impossible and you guys want to fight again?


 No one seems to want to fight the lowest boss.
 Anyone can see how hard it is to fight someone who couldn't do it with a full 20 men, when you've lost so many.

 But Admiral Galala is a civilian.
 The word of the Emperor of the Baucis Empire is absolute, and he told me to conquer an S-class dungeon.

"Don't worry. It was my own choice. You can go back to your homes and do what you want.

 Admiral Galala says that he takes full responsibility for his own actions.

"Admiral Galala isn't coming home?

It'll be a slow ride. Well, we'll be back in the past.

 I announce to my fellow dwarves that the party is breaking up.

(Well, Admiral Galala is retired, and Prince Zeu says the party never got together in the first place.

 Allen thought that in the end, they were all alone in capturing an S-class dungeon.