269 Chapter 263: Changing jobs ③

 In time for the dungeon festival, Admiral Galala attempted to conquer an S-class dungeon, but the result was a disastrous defeat.
 He lost a number of comrades in the battle against the lowest-tier boss and declared the party disbanded.

 Admiral Galala began breaking into Allen and his friends' home base.
 And so does every day of his life.

 Today, I'm in the dining room of Allen's base, holding a small barrel of booze and drinking from it.

 Apparently, Admiral Galala has a building that serves as his base.
 It's even finer than Allen's building, and it's fit for a top military officer and hero of the Baukis Empire.

 Admiral Galala's stronghold has been disbanded, with the money earned from half a year in the dungeon divided up among his friends and the dwarves who were looking after the building.
 However, believing in the return of Admiral Galala, the stronghold continues to be maintained to this day.

 One of Admiral Galala's fellow dwarves comes to check on him occasionally.
 They give money for drinks and meals to Helmios' servants.

 Neither Aren nor Helmios has done anything to drive the drunkard out of the city, so they have decided to sit tight.

 If you're in the military, you've seen a lot of deaths of your comrades and subordinates over the years.
 So it must be something to think about, to be in this kind of situation.

"So, I guess you three have a new job today.

 As Allen looks at Admiral Galala, who is sitting deep in the sofa and drinking, the genie god Rosen speaks up.

Mmm. . please.

(Why is the Zeuschwein Prince also there? I don't care.)

 And for some reason, Prince Zeu is here as well as the coming of age ceremony.
 We talked about your job change when Princess Shea and the Evil Goddess exchanged information.
 But today only Helmios and his companions are the only ones who told them they were changing jobs.

 Allen glances at Helmios.
 Helmios smiles back at him.
 It seems it's through Helmios.

 As Duke of the Ghiamut Empire, Helmios may have something of a position.

 The Spirit God's waistband dance begins.
 While only Kiel has the option of a paladin-type occupation that combines attack and recovery, Dogora and Formar have a choice of one career change.
 Each of them will move on to a new job with instructions on where to change jobs.

 As for Sophie, she now misses her fourth and final child spirit.
 The genie god says they'll be able to change jobs in a month.

''So the three of you have changed jobs now.

"Thank you.

 Today, Dogora, Kiel and Folmar's job change is over.

 Age] 15
 Occupation] Destruction King
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 1729
 Magic power] 857
 Attack Power] 1988
 Endurance] 1235
 Quickness] 1138
 Intelligence] 695
 Fortune 953
 Skills: Destructive King, 1〉, Full Length, 1〉, Axe Technique, 6〉, Shield Technique, 3〉.
 Extras] Wholeheartedness
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 [King of Destruction] 1
 Best of Body 1
Skills Experience
 Destruction King] 0/10

 Name] Kiel-von-Carnel
 Age] 15
 Occupation] St. King
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 970
 Magic power] 1740
 Attack Power] 577
 Endurance] 665
 Quickness] 1182
 Intelligence] 1670
 Fortune] 1274
 Skills: Holy King, 1〉, Recovery, 1〉, Swordsmanship, 3〉.
 Extra] God's Drop
 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 St. King] 1
 Repetition 1
Skills Experience
 St. King] 0/10
 Recovery 0/10

 Name] Formal
 Age] 68
 Occupation] Bow King
 [Level] 1
 Physical strength] 1376
 Magic power] 828
 Attack Power] 1605
 Endurance] 1294
 Quickness] 1068
 Intelligence] 622
 Fortune] 851
 Skills: Bow King [1], Distant Eyes [1], Archery [6].
 Extra] Arrow of Light

 Experience] 0/10

Skill level
 Bow King] 1
 Distant] 1
Skills Experience
 Bow King] 0/10
 Distant] 0/10

 Allen's Party Change History Memo
Krsna Kensei ★★★⇒Ken-Oh★★★★⇒Ken-tei★★★★★
Cecil Mage★★⇒ Grand Mage★★⇒Mage King★★★★
Dogora axe wielder ★⇒Madmaniacal warrior ★⇒Warrior ★★⇒The King of Destruction★★★★
Kiel Monk *⇒ Saint *⇒ Saint *⇒ Grand Saint *⇒ Saint King ★★★★
Sophie Spirit Mage ★⇒ Spirit Mage ★⇒ Spirit Master ★★⇒ Spirit Master ★★
Formal Archer => Bowman => Bow Guru => Bow Saint => Bow King => ★★★★

(Hmmm, they look good.)

 Allen records in his grimoire the status of the three people who have moved on and how they moved on.

(Dogora's strength and attack power are amazingly good at taking over. I think these two stats will be in line with Krsna's once their levels and skill levels are complete. (For now, let's leave the whole body and soul out of it.

 Although I was sarcastic about the Full Spirit Extra Skill in my last job change, I'll refrain from being sarcastic about Dogora, who is bursting with joy at being awarded 4 stars.
 In addition, I haven't activated the Full Spirit in any S-class dungeon for almost half a year now.

 This makes me wonder if there's some other reason why it can't be activated.

(Folmar's offensive power looks good, too.)

 When he was a 1-star bowman, Folmar's shortcoming was his lack of attack power, but after changing jobs three times, his attack power has increased significantly.
 With this, I think I can defeat even A-ranked monsters from a distance.

''I see, this kind of job-changing system will start next year?

It seems so.

 Prince Zeu watches the job change with admiration.

(Is there an oracle on January 1 about the job change system and the diminishing power of the fire god?

 The genie god has returned with additional information.
 It seems that the genie gods, who hadn't heard that their sacred artifacts were stolen, have been traveling to the divine world from time to time recently.

 They don't tell you that the sacred artifacts were stolen or the divine world was attacked by the demon king's army, but instead they tell you that the fire god's power is weakening.
 It's only to avoid confusion in the world, but Allen wonders if that's the only reason.

So this party is made up of people who are more talented than the Swordsman? It's just like the Ten Braves of my beast kingdom.

 I stare at Allen's party as if I were staring at someone I've missed.


 Dogora reacts to the words of the Beast Prince Zeu as something cool comes up.

The Ten Brave Beasts is a term that honors the ten heroes recognized by the Beast Kingdom.

(I'm pretty sure Prince Zeusu wants to bring the Ten Brutes or something close to them to the Baucis Empire.

 This reminds me of a story I heard from the beastman Uru.
 Prince Zeu wants to bring talented men to the Baucis Empire.
 At the top of the list are the Ten English Beasts.

 The ten beastmen, all ten of them with different weapons such as swords and axes, are not only the vanguard but also the rear guard.

 They were chosen based on the winner of each division in a martial arts competition said to have originated in the Albahar Beast Kingdom.

 When asked by Urn without a second thought, Urn spoke passionately about it.
 The Beast Kingdom Martial Arts Tournament held once a year attracts fierce fighters from all over the Beast Kingdom.

 The winner is called as one of the Ten Brave Beasts for one year.
 It's like a defense battle, and as long as you don't lose against the winner of each division the following year, you'll keep your position.

 You can be an adventurer, a soldier, or even a civilian, and as long as you win the tournament, you can do anything you want.

 I thought it was a pretty brainy system and tournament, just like the beastmen.

 Of course, the crown prince Beku is very opposed to you joining him in his dungeon quest.

Heroic. Am I a hero?

 The potato-faced Dogora's eyes twinkle even more when he compares himself to the hero of the Beast Kingdom.
 Dogora is more heroic than anyone else in Allen's party.

 That feeling doesn't seem to change when it comes to professions beyond swordsmanship.

That's it. You're a flower garden! I don't know if you're a hero or not, but you can't beat the lowest level boss, no matter who you are!

"An? What the hell! You'll never know unless you try!

 Admiral Galala swears, and Dogora's face turns red as he thinks his dreams are being laughed at.

Ha! It doesn't matter who's doing it. That bottom-tier boss. Doesn't matter if there are 20 or 50 brave Helmios. You can't beat you!

 Dogora swears even more in return.
 Everyone hushes Dogora, who turned red with a so-so smile.

(Oh, so it's not even possible with 50 brave men?)

 In the meantime, only Allen had other things on his mind.