It was the day after my new job ended.



 Sophie is holding a boy dressed in a traditional costume, about three years old.
 The boy is a young spirit of the soil called "Korbokkul".
 He carries a large leaf on his back and holds Sophie in his little hands.

You've grown up, haven't you?

"Yes. Thanks to the Spirit God.


(I'm not sure if you're out of the loop or not, but that's the kind of advice I'm talking about. No, it's not just advice.

 Allen sees the genie god, but curled up silently atop Sophie's head.

 Hearing that the world will be destroyed in a few years, Rosen, the genie god, rushed to Sophie's aid with all his might.
 The destruction of the world means that her beloved elves will disappear from the world.
 He has been trying to persuade the young spirits he has revealed to listen to Sophie.
 How is this allowed?

 However, the little genie is not very intelligent, and the genie is puzzled that he doesn't understand what she's saying.
 Then the spirit god is desperately trying to persuade her.
 It's like a comedy show or something.

Hey, Allen. Hey, Allen, can the admiral or whatever the hell he is, get rid of that drunkard?

 In the warmth of the air, Dogora swears.

Dogora, are you still saying that?

 I'm going to be here for how long?" said Dogora talking to a babbling Allen in the queue.

 You're going to enter the dungeon in the morning today, but as usual, especially in the morning, the queue stretches outside the temple, so you have to wait accordingly.

 Dogora, who had been patient, albeit a drunk, in the presence of Admiral Galala, is not happy.

That's right!

 Crenna, too, was not happy with the bad things said about Dogora, and puffed out her cheeks in sympathy.


"What? Fugitive!

 Allen would have Krena's cheek nailed to the ground.

Are you sorry?

What the hell. .

 Glare in defiance at Allen's question.
 Adding an even harsher sentence for showing no remorse.
 Crenna's cheeks stretch and contract.

"Oh, hey, should I get a kick out of this?

 Kiel is puzzled by this situation.

(He doesn't hesitate to try.)

"That's enough. The gatekeeper will stop you again.

 After getting a firm tweak from Cecil, we release Krsna.

Why ......

 Crenna tearfully asks why it's wrong to speak ill of Admiral Galala.
 Apparently, she's not convinced.

"Hmm, Admiral Galala was a trailblazer. "Hmm, Admiral Galara is a pioneer.


 Crenna and Dogora voice their doubts simultaneously.

"This is a memory from a previous life, though. There are always trailblazers in this world.

 Allen talks as he makes his way through the procession bit by bit.
 Not only Krena and Dogora, but all of his friends listen to what Allen has to say.

 In a previous life, the so-called bosses were placed in dungeons, castles, and various other places.
 It's a game, but as always, we'll skip that part.

 The bosses haven't always been there and sometimes they just appear out of nowhere.
 It's called new bosses with an update.

 No one knows how to defeat the new bosses.
 It is the so-called "pioneers" who can defeat such new bosses.

 Through trial and error, you will try to find the best solution to defeat the new boss.
 What are the weak points, what is the ideal party's occupation, how many people are needed, what equipment is needed, etc.

 Since there is no strategy, the pioneers are most at risk.
 Still, it paves the way for the latecomers.

 Allen was a pioneer in his previous life as a student because he had a lot of time on his hands.
 But when he got a job and became a businessman, he was a latecomer.
 I know how grateful I am for being a pioneer.

 You can post your strategies on online forums and your own blog to light the way for the latecomers.

 In a previous life, when I was playing online games under the character name of Kempy, a stupidly strong new boss called the Ice Queen was implemented in a new dungeon called the Ice Castle.
 Since the game distributor had implemented the new boss without proper testing, it was a new boss that was impossible to beat in the first place.
 The person who challenged it was a senior user who had been a good friend of mine.
 The overwhelming force of the Ice Queen defeated me and my equipment fell to the ground.
 The equipment you had spent tens of thousands of hours forging disappeared when it fell to the floor and could not be recovered.   
 Once, to save an older player who was on the verge of retirement, we all brought our equipment together.

(How brave we are to do this in real life.)

 Allen understands that this story is about a game.
 For Allen, the game was life itself, not play.

 Still, you can't look at Admiral Galala and ask yourself if you would have risked your life in a previous life.

Admiral Galala lost six of his comrades who had followed him into the military since his adventuring days. It's not surprising that I'm desperate. Perhaps, Dogora. Maybe it's because I'm afraid you've grown so strong and conceited that you're going to be reckless.

(If that's the greedy emperor's unreasonable order of attack, you might have to drink to do it.

I see.


 Both Dogora and Krsna replied, and their expressions showed that they understood.

 In the meantime, you will move to the fourth level.

There are three level 1's today. Merle and Krena will take the lead, and Dogora will drop back a bit until we get to a certain level.

(Well, there are only A-ranked monsters in this level, and their levels rise quickly. You mean? (It's a hidden cube)

 The bird E's summoner discovers a hidden cube floating on a leaf.
 Bird E's summoner is circling in the sky on level 4, even when Allen is not on level 4.

 The hidden cube rarely appears, so I'll head for it as a priority.

 Get down on the leaf in front of the hidden cube.

Hopefully this will give you a giant tablet.

"Yeah! Then my parahuman will be complete!

 Merle replies, clutching the grimoire hanging in front of his chest.

'I want to do it today!

 Crenna, who had been scolded and remorseful by Allen, said she would do it .

...... Yeah.

." "Allen has lost five in a row. Allen has lost five in a row, so just give it up.

No, I gave it to you straight away.

"You're not being honest,

 Cecil says with a look of dismay at Allen's attitude.
 Cecil seems to wonder what he was thankful for earlier.

 And the moment Krsna comes closer to call out to you.


 The view changes from the top of the leaves floating on the surface of the water.

(Oh? What's this? (Did a Grand Canyon-esque look do?

 Allen and his friends are amidst reddish-brown pillars of rock and dry land.
 And in front of them is a one-eyed giant over ten meters tall, clutching a club.
 Then it seems to have noticed Allen and the others.


 A roaring, earth-shaking figure rushes at Allen and the others.
 And it looks like there's more than one of these giants.
 More than one Titan is approaching, shaking the ground from front to back and left to right!

We're in the death zone! Get on the glyphs. Merle stall for time!

 Understand that Allen was sent to the Death Zone.
 I'm going to tell everyone, one after the other.

"Un! Tam Tam descends!

 A giant golem of mithril brilliance emerges.
 Then, as it has become accustomed to doing, it rides in and subdues the giants.
 Its size overwhelms the giants.

 You literally kick the 10+ meter tall giants and blast them into the sky.

I'm impressed with the gigantic tablet from last time. It held its own against A-ranked monsters! Who made this precious stone tablet? Well, it doesn't really matter.

 Name] Tam Tam
 Pilot] Merle
 [Rank] Mithril
 Physical strength] 9000 + 1800
 Magic power] 9000 + 1800
 Attack Power] 9000 + 3000
 Endurance] 9000 + 4800
 Quickness] 9000
 Intelligence] 9000 + 1800
 Fortune 9000

 Allen is impressed by the effect of the tablet for super-giganticization, which Kiel put out before the one that overlaps the tablet in five consecutive defeats.

 The Mithril Golem was a golem with a total status of 3000.
 Then, by inserting a supermassive tablet that takes up three stone slabs in the recesses of the grimoire board, its status was tripled to 9000.
 The reinforcement tablet increases the status by 3000, increasing attack power and durability respectively.

It's still awesome: ......

 Dogora is impressed by the overwhelming power of Mithril Golem .

'Icky! Tam Tam!

 Inside the crystal of the chest Merle maneuvers the earth-shaking mithril golem.
 The giants are probably A-ranked monsters from their size, but they can easily block several at once.

 The Mithril Golem, which is fitted with a super-massive tablet in a grimoire, reaches 50 meters in length.
 It reels off the giants like a kitten or a puppy.

 With a unison effort, Krena and the others reap the lives of the blown-away giants.

One Cyclops has been killed. I've acquired 72,000 experience.

 Allen's grimoire shows a log of the experience gained from the cyclops that Krsna just defeated.

"O-haaaaah! There's a level up!

 The Dogora has quickly leveled up to nearly 40, barking loudly and clutching the big axe with a strong grip.
 Since he was at level 1, his status has exploded, and the big axe feels very light.


 But more and more cyclopes emerge from the pillars of rock in the valley, emitting a low roar.
 There seems to be more than a hundred cyclopes all around, but they seem to be too numerous to see from the rumbling ground.

Cow, we've got experience. It's been a while since we've been in the death zone. Let's make some money!


 With the call of Allen, the battle was to continue.