It's almost dusk. We should go home.

"Yeah. I'm tired today.

 Allen looks at the clock on the grimoire and says let's get out of the dungeon.
 The conquest of Allen's group in three days is over.

 We used to have a three-and-a-half day schedule, but when I heard that the Demon King's army took the artifacts, I reduced the dungeon schedule by half a day.
 This change in schedule was due to the fact that there are more things to do besides the dungeon.

It looks like you've earned your money again.

Yes, I did. We had quite a few treasure chests, but thanks to Krsna's single pull on the Death Zone, we were able to complete three levels.


 Returning, Allen and his friends eat a meal with the party of Hermios.

 Krsna, with her mouth full of food, exclaims with praise and joy.

 There are quite a few weapons and armor from the treasure chest.
 This time's achievement was even more than that, as Krsna entered the dungeon and pulled a transfer from the hidden cube to the Death Zone early on, and Dogora, Kiel, and Formal have all reached 60 levels in three days, which is a must.

(Well, if you're in normal mode, with 250 million experience, you'll be able to level up. S-class dungeons would be a piece of cake).

You're the only ones who level up in the Death Zone.

 Rosetta the Phantom Thief joins the conversation with a dumbfounded look on her face.

 The death zone on the fourth level is filled with a large number of A-ranked monsters.
 This is a situation that is definitely not a problem, even for Helmios' party.
 And the death zone has been transferred to a different space from the fourth level, and you need to find a cube-like object somewhere to return home.

For that matter, I'll borrow your name again tomorrow, Helmios.

Yeah, well, that's okay. Don't push it too hard, okay?

 Unsure of what to say, Hermios responds in the form of a question.

It's okay.

 Allen replied with a smirk, but what would be okay and Hermios let out one small sigh.

 The next day, he headed to the Adventurers' Guild early in the morning.

Mr. Allen. This way, sir.

 Heading to the usual counter at the Adventurers' Guild, the Adventurers' Guild representative comes out of the counter when he notices Allen's arrival.

 Since the transactions of Aren and his friends cannot be accommodated at the counter, he shows you a private room.

You can leave your weapons and armor here, just as you always do.

"Yes, sir.

 Several staff members of the Adventurer's Guild work to retrieve the weapons and armor that Allen and his friends brought with them.

I'm sorry that neither Dogora nor Klarna has any luggage.

"What are you talking about. But it's okay? Don't stay until the end.

"Are you sure?

Yeah, it's going to be a little long now. I'll be back to the base when I'm done.

 Since there are many weapons and armor that Allen and the others have to acquire at once, and since the grimoire is too big to fit in, Dogora and Krsna help them carry their luggage.

 The two of you will be leaving the private room as you have a training session with Doberg.

Then, as always, I've put the grimoire down for you all to wash it down.

"Yeah. I understand.

 Crenna and Dogora are gone for practice, but the remaining five of us will work on it.
 With an answer, Cecil lifts the bag of magic stones in one corner of the room and pours them into the grimoire on the floor.
 The other members split up and put the grimoire into the grimoire.

 There is no Adventurer's Guild representative here.
 The guild members are out of their private rooms to evaluate and decide which weapons and armor to sell at auction.
 I'll leave it to you to sell it the way you can get the most money.

 These magic stones, I had been trading 1000 gold coins for each of C, D, and E rank magic stones.
 This was increased to 2,000 gold coins each.

 This is a request to double the amount of the transaction because the artifacts were stolen and I needed to raise Allen's summoning level to 8 in a hurry.

 Since this is impossible in a city in an S-class dungeon, we are limited to 1,000 gold coins each, but there is a city in the Baukis Empire that has the same amount of transactions as an S-class dungeon.

 That is the imperial capital of the Baucis Empire.
 The imperial capital also asked me through the Adventurer's Guild to trade the same amount from this city and transport it by air on a magic ship.
 They said that the commission would not be enough for the usual 10%, so I offered to pay 30%, and they responded with two replies and agreed to triple the amount.

 Thanks to this, the adventurer's guild of this S-class dungeon branch earns thousands of gold coins a month in commission earnings just from trading with Allen.

 This private room, perhaps a private room for entertaining nobles, is very spacious, and the table is filled with tea, sweets, and fruits.
 All sweets and fruits are collected as a matter of course.

I'm sorry. I'm done retrieving the magical stone.

 Let the guild representative, who was waiting outside the private room, into the room.


 The room has a slightly questioning look to the room where the vast amount of magic stones in the room are gone, but he doesn't say anything.
 You will be able to see that there are also storage mages and spatial magic in this world, so this situation is not entirely impossible.

"So, I have another document from Hermios today, if you don't mind me passing it on?

"Ho, really? We've gotten some great stuff before.

 A surprised, but apologetic look on your face.

"Yes. . this parchment, please.

 Allen is about to pick up a piece of parchment that he has prepared on the table.

"No, no, our guild leader said he'll take it this time, so please wait here. I'll get him right away!

 Without waiting for Allen's reply, the guild representative walked out of the private room.

 I'll wait until I have no choice.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

 After a while, a muscular, bearded dwarf man comes into a private room, accompanied by the guild's representative.
 The chapter leader and his two staff members will take care of you.

Hey, here's Allen. Get up.

"Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you for coming all the way.

 The wait was only a few minutes, but Allen seemed to have fallen asleep sitting on the sofa.
 Cecil propped up on his elbows and apologized to the branch chief for his lack of sleep.

"No, what. I'm the head of this adventurer's guild, Popocka. What did you bring me today?

(That's a pretty name for what it looks like.)

 This isn't the first time Allen has brought this to us, so he'll get right to it.

First of all, this is an update on the information from the last time we talked to you.

"Ho, wow.

 Organized on parchment is information on the location of hidden cubes and treasure chests.
 And what comes out of the hidden cubes and chests is meticulously organized.

 A map shows where the hidden cubes and chests are located in a large hierarchy.

 What percentage of probability you have to get a stone tablet from the hidden cubes, and what percentage of probability you have to pull the death zone from the hidden cubes.
 From the treasure chest, the probability of mimicry of the monsters is also arranged in detail.

 This is updated twice a month, and the results are provided to the Adventurer's Guild free of charge.

Next, there's additional information on the investigation of how many Kaiser Sea Serpents the Crimson will call. Apparently we're going to end up with 100.


 Popocka unintentionally unfolds the report in his hand as if to take it away.
 Shaking his shoulders, he checks the report Allen and the others had made.

"What do you think?

"Is this true?

 In two ways Popocka Branch Chief confirms .

 The Crimson Kaiser-Serpent, the hierarchical boss of the fourth level of the hierarchy, is an S-ranked magical beast that was said to call the infinite number of subordinate Kaiser-Serpents.

 I'll look over the research on how many of them to call.
 There is a record of an experiment in which if you defeat 100 of the Kaiser Serpents that keep calling, they won't call their followers for a whole day.
 The number of experiments is listed as 5, so you will have defeated at least 500 Kaiser Serpents.

 I look at Allen to see if this is really possible.

"Here are the results of Mr. Helmios' research.

"Was it that powerful to be a brave man?

"Yes. . although he is a gentle young man up close.

 Allen says it's a flowing stunt.
 This investigation was all done by Allen and his team.

Seriously? That one gave me shivers last time, but this one's great. I'll let you know about this one, too.

(With careful analysis and verification.)

 The Adventurer's Guild says that they will make it known, so I hope they will do a thorough analysis and verification before doing so.

 The branch leader hands the parchment to the guild's representative sitting next to him.

This will be the last report for today. I'm told it took a long time to create: ......

"What? Is this even a map? It looks pretty big, but it's not the map of the hierarchy .......

 Allen hands him a parchment with what looks like a map on it.

 Popocka shows the map to the person in charge, who sits next to him, but he shakes his head because he doesn't know which map it is.
 The person in charge has never seen this map before.

"It's a map of the entire Death Zone, with the locations of the Death Zone transitions and the management system.

"...... huh?

 Branch Chief Popocka was trying to listen carefully, but he couldn't hear Allen's voice.
 Not so much that he didn't hear, but more that he didn't understand.

What? Such ....... Branch Chief! This is awesome!

 Beside a frozen Popocka, the person in charge, realizing the value of this map, stood up with his hands clenched.

It's impossible. There's no way they could make something like this: ......

 Popocka denies Allen's words, talking as if something that doesn't exist exists.

That's not true. According to Helmios' research, it seems that the death zone has remained the same over time and across the hierarchy. The only difference in the hierarchy seems to be the monsters that appear. However, the destination seems to be randomly chosen from among eight locations, as shown on the map. The management system for the escape is at ......".

 While the head of Popocka Branch and the person in charge beside him froze, Allen explained in a matter-of-fact manner.