Popocka talks about the almost impossible level of difficulty required to produce this material.
 Allen knows that, but he doesn't listen and continues to explain.

 It's not important to take the time to make people trust you, but to give them enough information to trust you.

(If I do, I owe it to a brave man.)

 There is one thing that Allen does not have, by far, and that is credibility in the world.
 That is his trust in the world.

 The trust that Helmios has built up through his years of valor is nothing to write home about.

 Born and lived his life as a hero, Helmios is more trustworthy than most royalty.
 There are also royalty from many countries who are unwilling to listen to the emperor of the Empire of Ghiamut, but will hear from Helmios.

 This is a supplementary material on the Death Zone, and I will give you a summary of the Death Zone as well.
 I'm going to look at the supplementary material, but this one also has a detailed summary of the ranks and strengths of the monsters that appear in the Death Zone.

Hm? What's this number 1829?

That's the number of hexenbiests they've killed. It seems it's true that there are an infinite number of magical beasts. Helmios told me that after killing more than a thousand monsters, some of them still appeared.

(You can verify with over 10,000, but for an escape move, 1,000 would be enough.

 Talk about the importance of escape moves if you want to be saved.

This is a four-level story, right?

Yes, but at the bottom of the document it says that the same thing was done on the second and third levels, and it also says that more than 1,000 bodies sprang up indefinitely.

 Branch Chief Popocka checked his memory in his head to see if he was wrong.
 If he remembered correctly, there are only A-ranked monsters in the four-level death zone.
 That's what it says in the supplementary material in front of you.

 Is Helmios the Brave Warrior that powerful?
 Maybe she does.
 But Section Chief Popocka has something to confirm, too.

"Hey, did you get me that?

"Yes, yes. This way.

 Branch Chief Popocka did not come empty-handed this time to hear Allen's report.

 Let's see if you can check the contents of the parchment given to you by the person in charge.

I served the lord of Granville. He may have defeated Murdergarsh at age ten. The branch chief went to question him, and was told it was rejected.


 Allen listens in silence.

"Conquering five A-level dungeons during your time at the school. I've never heard of this before, but what do you think?

The "Ha. The first in the world since the beginning of the school system. You're the third person to go through the history books in a thousand years.

 The person in charge explains in the supplementary .

"Hmm? You were in the last war.

"I'm sorry. The kingdom of Latash and Rosenheim have not been cooperative.

 There seems to be no record of him beyond his participation in the war.

But there is no doubt that he was quite active. A staff member? Rosenheim's chief of staff. How many battles do we need to win to become a major power in our first battle?

 Having said that much, Popocka looks at Allen.

"Um, what do you mean by that?

"What's the purpose?


Why are you doing this. I'm sorry, but you just have to tell me that. I know it's valuable information. I appreciate it. But adventurers don't do this.

(That's why I'm doing it.)

 Adventurers do not research and compile records of such an attack.
 Because this S-class dungeon is the most dangerous dungeon that kills 50% of people a year.

 If you enter the dungeon, you can get thousands of gold coins in a short period of time.
 Most of the adventurers quit after they have earned enough money.

 Some adventurers dream of conquering the dungeon, but they fail as soon as they find out the difficulty of this dungeon.
 As a result, none of them put all the information together and quit after earning money.
 Or they lose their lives in the dungeon.

 The information that Allen can provide is unusually valuable.

 The information he gave me last time, which summarized the range of activities of Beebe, Scarlett, and Crimson, and where they were moving to, caused the entire guild to go into a tizzy.

 The laws of movement paths and transfer destinations of S-class bosses that were thought to be absent were actually there.
 No one had known this since the Adventurer's Guild had been set up in an S-class dungeon.
 No one had even bothered to look into it.
 If the price of looking into it was the adventurer's own life, no one wanted to look into it.

 But in fact, 80% of the time, it was possible to determine where the S-ranked hierarchical boss was located at different times of the day.

 In the past few months, more and more information similar to that came to me.
 The one in front of me is a dark-haired boy.

 It was about half a year ago that an adventurer entering an S-class dungeon reported that a dark-haired boy had the mysterious ability to release a magical beast.
 It wasn't just the power that was strange.

 How you're looking into it is important, but I don't know the purpose.
 I told the person in charge to just ask that, but I've been sidetracked every time, so I've come to this day to try to handle it myself, the branch chief.

I've heard that 50% of adventurers die in these S-class dungeons every year. The biggest factors are the S-ranked hierarchy bosses and the Death Zone.


 Talk about the most common cause of death.
 S-ranked hierarchical bosses die if they can't escape.
 In the Death Zone, you will die if you cannot reach the cube-like object to escape from the Death Zone while escaping from the infinite number of monsters.

 Especially in the Death Zone, you will die if you cannot escape, so the Adventurer's Guild recognizes you as dead after a certain period of time from your disappearance.

Mr. Helmios says he wants to reduce this situation to less than 10 percent somehow.

"Less than 10 percent. Huh? Why?

We've talked about our purpose.

 Allen says he was asked why he was providing the information, and he replied.


 The branch chief can see that this is a superficial purpose.
 I look at Allen's face, wanting to know the real reason for this.

"Mr. Helmios said I could wait another two months or so.

There's an oracle about to change jobs at the beginning of the year. So you can see why.

 When Allen heard that the Demon King's army stole the sacred artifacts, he asked Rosenheim and others to help him secure weapons and armor, and did many other things.

 But that's not all.
 We also need people who will fight against the demon king's army.
 And those who will fight them need the best weapons and armor.

 If you're talented, I encourage you to change jobs and gain more power.
 If it's strong enough to go to S-class dungeons, so much the better.
 But now, adventurers are dying in a flurry.

 Originally I was going to do as much research as I could to see if there was any way to improve the situation, but I decided to focus my efforts on providing information.

 I don't care if weapons and armor crashed, I'm actively providing information such as the location of the treasure chest.
 Freya, the god of fire, will lose her power and be unable to make weapons and armor.
 Then we need to make sure that as many dungeon made weapons and armor as possible are available to adventurers and soldiers.

 Allen believes that the price of information is the survival of the human race.

 I'm very sleepy thanks to all the work we did yesterday on the Death Zone.
 I've been working with my friends to help me with the documentation, but since maps and such are faster to be made by Allen with the grimoire, the workload has been concentrated on him.

 That's why I changed the dungeon schedule from three and a half days to three days.

 It's exhausting, but we still have to do it.
 When the new year comes around without dying, the adventurer learns that he can change jobs and may gain more power.
 It will give you the power to fight the demon king's army.

 I want you to live in the now, and Allen continues to provide information to the Adventurers' Guild.

"Two months. What's in two months?

"Yes. After two months, it seems to make sense to me.

 Allen looks straight at the head of the Popocka branch, hoping that this is enough to convince him for now.
 As expected, telling the adventurer's guild of a global organization about the contents of the oracle before the oracle could interfere with their future activities.

"Okay. Thanks for the information.

 I vaguely understand that it's not Helmios who is doing this, but Allen.
 I don't know why, but I think that I've seen adventurers over the years and I know it's not a bad thing.

 I let out a small sigh, thinking that it was good to know that there was no evil intent in Allen's eyes.

I'll be happy to provide more information. Oh, you can use the information as you wish, but please note that dungeons can change at any time with the help of the dungeon master.

 Allen believes that the reliability of dungeon information can be changed at any time by Dungeon Master DiGragni.

Well, I'll let the officer in charge know to warn you about that as well.

Thank you . Bye.

 Allen and his friends get up from their seats while Chief Popocka is slightly depressed that he didn't get to hear everything he wanted to hear.

 He looks again at the map in front of him.
 It's a good map of the Death Zone.

 If you look closely, you'll see that it even has a suggested route for a safer escape.
 Imagine how many lives could be saved with this one.
 I don't know why you would give this to me for free.

What's the matter. Who the hell is Allen?

 Branch Chief Popocka said to Allen as he walked out, loud enough to be heard.


 Sophie had been quietly listening to the conversation between Allen and the branch manager, but when Popocka looked at her, she smiled.
 Allen got up from his seat and started to leave the private room, but Sophie was still sitting there, not getting up.


 I can't help but wonder out loud what's so funny.

"Mr. Allen is a trailblazer,


 Sophie has one word to assure you of what Allen is.

"What's the matter? Sophie and Folmar are going too. The Crenas are waiting for you.

"Yes. Mr. Allen.

 Saying that, Sophie gets up and heads to Allen's place, leaving Popocka's head of the chapter frozen in place, wondering what he's talking about.
 And Sophie was proud of how wonderful the pioneers she had heard about from Allen.