273 Episode 267 B.I. ②

"Huh. You're late today, Hermios.

"Oh, good morning.

 Helmios comes wobbling down from the second floor .

You're late. I've already started breakfast.

(You're a sleepyhead.)

"Allen, do you have a human heart?

 At the base, we usually all have breakfast together, but Helmios arrived a little late.
 His head hurts and his temples are grumbling, so Allen uses Grass C's Awakening Skill "Flavored Vegetable" to help him recover.

 Helmios lets out a heartfelt cry to Allen, who says calmly.
 Both Allen's party and Helmios' party can't do anything about it, so you let out a small sigh.

 The information Allen has obtained in S-class dungeons has provided the Adventurer's Guild with little.
 It ranges from the art of defending yourself against hierarchical bosses and the death zone to the methods of golden tricks.

 All this was published by the Adventurer's Guild in the name of Helmios.

 The first of these was the beastmen who ransacked the two levels for gold.
 The beastmen will suffer the most from the beastmen.
 Allen's information about where the bees are located and how close they need to be to be spotted by them saved many of them.

 As a result, the beastmen who were returning to the Beast Kingdom to thank Helmios for the one-year dungeon conquest term set by the Beast Crown Prince Bek, ended.

 Even though Helmios was a nobleman of the Ghiamut Empire, the beastmen still expressed their gratitude for the life they had saved.
 Not long ago, Prince Zeu was frequently asked by the beast prince if he could thank Helmios for his help.
 Prince Zeus knew it was Allen's doing, but he made it widely known that it was okay to thank Helmios.

 That was good enough.
 Helmios has no trouble with this.

 But the general map of the Death Zone and its evacuation route released last month sent shivers through the dwarves.
 There are ways to get out of that death zone with no certainty, but a high probability of survival.
 Many of the dwarves were grateful.

 There's a reason for this.
 Approaching the hidden cube will send you into the death zone for a few percent of the time, but most of the time it's the dwarves who get sent there.

 The rewards and exchanges for these hidden cubes are heavily weighted toward "stone tablets," and the temple will buy up unwanted tablets at a discount.
 Inevitably, most of the dwarves who approached the hidden cube were golem-using dwarves who needed the tablet.

 Helmios provided information that seemed to help the dwarves in this situation.

 The dwarves were much obliged.
 Many cried in front of the Adventurers' Guild's bulletin board.

 One dwarf thanked the guild for "Let me buy you a drink.
 The best way to thank a dwarf is to buy him a drink.

 Now, in the city of S-class dungeons, Helmios gets this "Let me buy you a drink" when he walks down the street.

 I'm not talking about in a tavern or restaurant.
 I'm talking about in the literal sense of the word, even as he walked down the street.

 As Helmios walked down the street, dwarves would come out of the taverns and other places along the street like zombies with wooden cups.

 Helmios said he had never been so grateful for his high status.
 With all his speed and all his senses, he had been turning down the advances of the dwarves, but last night he had let his guard down and the dwarves had dragged him to the tavern.

 He was finally freed in the middle of the night, and here we are.

I'm off to slay the beebee today.

 With Helmios' teary eyes, Allen says of today's plans.


 Wordlessly, Admiral Galala is drinking breakfast soup in response to Allen's statement.
 He does not seem to stop or advise them.
 Admiral Galara has been at Allen's base for over a month.

 Allen and his men have decided to take down the bees.
 As the others change jobs, their skills are strengthened.

 However, with the exception of Sophie and Merle, all of their vocational skills are at about level 5 and have not yet been perfected.
 Since Sophie's last job change is not yet available, if it seems too difficult, we'll focus on improving her skills for a month or so.

 I've decided that it's not efficient to ignore the tiered bosses that we can beat when we don't know what they'll be used for.
 Also, if we can beat them, we can analyze the characteristics of the monsters and report them to the adventurer's guild, which will further reduce the number of adventurer's deaths.
 That's another purpose.

 Move from the base to the temple and then to the second level.

 Get on the bird B summoner and move to the bees.
 You have a good 80% of the location at this time, but the summoner of bird E has already supplemented the location, so go straight ahead.

 Then, I will move to a place one kilometer above Beebe.

"Okay, Merle, please.

"Mm, I'm on it.

 Merle flippantly returns Allen's blurbs.
 Merle fiddles with his nonexistent beard with one hand while holding up the grimoire with the other.

Merle is ready!

 Merle exclaimed, and without hesitation jumped down from the top of Bird B's summoner.
 Then he descends into the air and climbs into the mithril golem, which has reached a length of 50 meters with a supersized stone plate.

 I've practiced this kind of aerial combat techniques.

 Soon Beebe's compound eyes spot Tam-Tam approaching from above, but it doesn't matter.
 He lets his weight bear down and crushes the beebee with both feet, perfectly positioned.

 With a crash, the earth blows away dirt and rocks, forming a huge crater.
 In the center of it all is Tam-tam and a beebee buried completely underneath his feet.


"Gashee, gashee!

 Merle screams and grabs Beebe, buried under his feet in the middle of the crater, and tries to grip him with both hands.
 While Tam-Tam was whimpering and trying with all his might to hold on to it, Beebe used all the strength of his moving legs to escape from Tam-Tam.

 Allen and the others have already begun their descent aboard Bird B, as Merle descends.

(Hmm? (Is Beebe still more aggressive?

"Alipons! Soften it with formic acid!


 Defeated and about to break free from Tam-Tam, Tam-Tam's arm and the summons of Bug B shower Beebe with their special skill "formic acid".
 Surrounded by a strong exoskeleton, Beebe's endurance is diminished.

 Then, just as he is completely out of Tam-Tam, Krsna and Dogora come to the front.

"Krsna, Dogora, don't you dare get caught.

"Yeah, I know!


 The most important part of this strategy was to deal with this quick beebee.
 If you lose by being too quick, the beebee will suck out your energy.

 The beebee will suck up the opponent's energy to regain its own, so first and foremost you must not get caught.

 To do this, I told Merle to attack with an eye on destroying Beebe's wings.
 The wings are covered by a ridiculously strong exoskeleton, so they seem to be holding up well even when crushed by an aerial assault.
 And although the formic acid dissolves the feathers from their motionless state, they still seem to be hard.

(Hmmm, a bit too hard exoskeleton. Is it too early?

 I think it was a perfect combo that changed the terrain.
 But it was flying freely through the air, moving its deformed wings at high speed.
 It was a little less quick, but it couldn't completely shut down the movement.

 Against an S-ranked monster, their attack power is still not strong enough.

 I've equipped each of them with two rings that increase their speed by 3,000.

 Aren and his team have opened a three-digit treasure chest, and they have 20 rings of all types that increase their status by 3000.
 This is to change the status to suit the mission.

 Dogora and Krena attack from a distance.
 Krena and Dogora's first priority is to keep the beebee from going to the rearguard.
 Let them know that the attack is secondary to them.

 The tamtam is too big and likely to be targeted and depleted.
 Having done with this area, Merle falls back.

 Sophie and Formal will use their bows and arrows against the magically ineffective Beebe, draining her strength.

 Allen also uses his dradra and continues to rain his fury on them from a distance.

 More than ten minutes have passed.

You've already used up all of your energy. Isn't that about right? Can you make it, Sophie?

"...... yes. Mr. Allen. Mr. Salamander, please.

(Hmm? (What's the pause now?)

 Sophie even wanted to be called "Sophie-sensei", so she makes a rueful face.


 The fire nymph Salamander turns into a giant mass of fire.
 Then, using all of Sophie's magical power, she runs into the beebee.

 As Krena and Dogora evacuate, a huge mass of fire attacks the bees.

Geese, Guy ......

 It seems to have been a sufficient blow.
 The beebee lets out a little cry on the ground and slowly disappears.

(Spiritual magic and magic are different. They're different skills, too.

 In Allen's mind, there is another analysis going on.

'One Blood-Blast-Beetle defeated. You have 120 million experience.

I've got 120 million experience! Experience 120 million! (Demon gods did not get experience, level 1 up, but demonic beasts are experience.

 Recall that the battle with the demon god Razel raised my level by 1.

 An S-ranked magic stone and a bronze medallion with a beetle and stag beetle-like pattern were on the ground.

It's your first S-ranked magic stone. It's huge.

 The huge magical stone, which looks like it's about thirty centimeters long, just barely fits into the compartment.

That's great. I wasn't on duty.

 Because of the high magic resistance of the beebee, Cecil says no cue.
 Spirits' attacks were understood, but not magic.

"Well, you don't always have to take your chances.

 I think it's important to have a variety of professions, because you can attack the key points.

That said, Sophie is a big help.

"Yes . Mr. Dogora. You did well.

 Dogora was wary of Dogora's ass when he heard the name Salamander, but he was able to avoid it.
 Sophie has gotten used to it, so she doesn't burn Dogora's ass as much.

Now it's time for Scarlett. Let's go beat them today.

 Allen was aiming at the next goal, the three-level hierarchical boss, Scarlet-Sand-Worm.