274 Episode 268 Scarlet ②

 December came.

 Last month, Allen and his team defeated Beebe and then Scarlett.

 She is a three-level hierarchical boss, a worm-like S-ranked monster monster, which has no resistance and can pass any attack, but she also recovers at a high rate.

 I couldn't attack fast enough to outpace its recovery speed.
 After three hours of stalemate, I gave up for the day.

 A short time later, my reinforcement level reached 8.
 So I tried again, but I still couldn't defeat it.

 As expected, enhancement level 8 increased the two statuses of the summoner by 2000, but even if the attack power increased by 1000 from enhancement level 7, it was still unable to attack beyond Scarlett's increased strength.
 After a fierce three-hour battle that day, I was unable to defeat it and decided to give up.

 Then the month changed to December.

 Since then, Sophie has already changed jobs and become a great genie user.
 With the exception of Merle and Sophie, the other members of the new group have their skill level of 6 and their status has increased.

 If this is the case, today is the day of your fourth attempt to defeat Scarlet.

Today I am going to try to defeat Scarlett.

How many times are you awesome?

Well, you won't be able to get to the fifth level without beating this guy. How long do you plan to stay in this S-class dungeon, Helmios?

"Hmmm. The emperor hasn't asked me to come back. Maybe he'll see to it that you get to the dungeon, Allen.

 Allen will share information with Helmios, who lives in the same base, when he does something he doesn't normally do.

 And he occasionally checks on Helmios' schedule as well.
 Helmios' party has also been in S-class dungeons for a long time, but the goal of this party is not to conquer dungeons.

 I've got the equipment and made a lot of money, but they still seem to be there.
 Normally they only stay in this dungeon for a couple of months, but the divine artifacts that were sent to the Ghiamut Empire a few months ago may have prolonged their stay in Helmios' S-class dungeon.

''Then I guess I'll stay until Allen's skill level is up.

 Cecil also joins the conversation.
 Allen's skill level is just about to be able to reach 8 next month, and I've even started buying magic stones in the imperial city of Baucis.
 I've even started to buy magical stones from the imperial capital of the Baukis Empire.

 It's thanks to the cooperation of my friends that I was able to work on the materials for the Adventurer's Guild and earn skill experience at the same time.

I see. I'd like to see your new skills, Allen.

 Rosetta the Phantom Thief and everyone else's eyes are focused on Allen.  
 It seems that they are interested in the particular skills of Allen.

I see. Well, if we don't defeat Scarlett today, I guess we'll have to wait until after the summoning level is raised to try again.

"Hmmm. That's not true. My parahumans will kick Scarlett to the curb.


 Merle folds his arms and declares the defeat of Scarlett.
 For some reason, Kreena is also folding her arms and smiling wryly with him.


 Admiral Galala clicks his tongue at the mention of Merle and Krsna.

 Without reacting to Admiral Galala's swearing, as usual, Allen and his friends head for the temple.
 Then, they move to the desert area on the third level.

Scarlet's that way. Let's go.

 The giant worm-shaped scarlet is in the sand.
 She is invisible, but her huge body is crawling in the sand, so her location has been captured by the bird E summoner.

I'm going to attack today!

 As soon as you reach the sky above Scarlett, who is moving silently through the sand, Cecil, who is behind you, declares his first attack.
 Of course you don't mind, so you make a meeting to adjust the timing once again.

"Keel. Like I said before, recovery is a little slow, so be careful with that.

"Yeah, I know.

"Please. If we don't do this right, Krsna and Dogora will be out of shape and we won't be able to defeat them. We'll need it for future fights against hierarchical bosses.


 You don't have to say it again and again to Keel's disgruntled expression, but Allen still firmly reminds him.

"Okay, Cecil. Let's go.

 When everyone is in position, move Fish B's summoner in the sand.
 He then moves it to the vicinity of Scarlett's head, where it reacts loudly under the sand.

 Fish B's summon in the form of Archelon is sucked into her mouth by Scarlett.
 She then raises her head as if to raise her body from the sand and lifts it several dozen meters.

Okay, I got one!

"Petit Meteor!

 Scarlett lifts her head, and a huge chunk of burnt red rock falls down from where it is perpendicular to the ground.

 Equipped with a ring that raises your intellect and magic power by 3,000 each, and thanks to the status you've achieved after two career changes, your extra skill "micrometeorite" is far more powerful than it was in Rosenheim.

 A well-timed Fish B summoner crushed its head the moment it was returned to the card, and the huge boulder also crushed its body part.

 The impact of the micrometeorite blows the sand into a crater, revealing the entire body buried in the sand.

 Kreena and Dogora rush straight into the crushed scarlet head.
 They've fought so many times now that they know this level of attack won't kill Scarlett.

 Lift the body and continue to attack the part of the torso that lost its head, where the head is about to regenerate, with both of you.

(I wish there was some kind of kryptonite, but it doesn't seem to make any difference where I attack. Now, let's see if we can make a kryptonite.

 Scarlett has no resistance, but there is no area of weakness.
 Carefully attack the damaged areas.

 Then, you will execute the strategy that was the key to today's challenge.

"Tam Tam, descend!

 Merle summons a mithril golem at the same time as Krsna and Dogora.

 Name] Tam Tam
 Pilot] Merle
 [Rank] Mithril
 Physical strength] 15,000 + 1800
 Magic power] 15000 + 1800
 Attack Power] 15000
 Endurance] 15,000 + 1800
 Quickness] 15,000
 Intelligence] 15,000 + 1800
 Fortune 15,000

 In the Baukis Empire, a golem that reaches 100 meters is called a paramour.
 You must install the Giant Slate and the Supermassive Slate into the grimoire board to become a supermorphed soldier.

 The 10-meter long golem reaches 100 meters and its status is increased to five times its original state.

 Merle's mithril golem is now the largest and highest-status golem among his friends, including Allen's summoner.

(It's as powerful as ever.) The only downside is that keel and summoner assistance doesn't work on the golem).


 Merle invokes a skill named Allen's "Luminous Flux Sword".
 The mithril golem uses its glowing sword-like skill to literally slice the center of the giant worm beast's scarlet torso into a circle.

 It slowly slices Scarlett into two equal parts, spraying copious amounts of blood and bodily fluids.

'Oh! One side is stuck!

(I couldn't do it when I had one supersized tablet, but I found a strategy?

 The scarlet is cut into two halves, and since one of them is immobile, she tries to bisect the moving one into two more halves.

 The idea is to make it smaller and smaller so that the attacker can focus on a single point.
 I was afraid that due to its regenerative ability, each of the two halves would regenerate into two bodies when it was cut into two equal parts, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

"Oh, Sophie. I'll go down to the ground.

Sophie. Great Spirit Reveal, please.

 Merle and Allen simultaneously notice that the moving end of the torso, which is cut into rings, is about to enter the sand.

Yes, sir! Great Spirit Gnomes. Please help us.

 Sophie invokes the Extra Skill "Great Spirit Reveal".
 The Great Spirit Gnome appears and hardens the sandy ground into a rocky mass.

 The ground changes from sand to bedrock, stopping Scarlett's escape into the ground.
 Then, when Scarlett is reduced to 1/16th her size, Krsna activates her extra skill and slashes her to pieces.

 Aren also spares no effort in letting the dragon B summoner use its Awakening Skill, "Angry Fire," to burn it to a crisp.

 About 20 minutes have passed.

Scarlet-Sand-Worm has been defeated. I have gained 250 million experience.


 Scarlett has disappeared, and an S-ranked magic stone and an iron coin with a worm-shaped pattern of a magical beast have fallen to the ground, which has hardened like a bedrock.

 As expected, the smiles of all of us are leaking out as we have successfully defeated it after trying and failing over and over again.

This is it. It's gotta be this way!

 It seems to bring back vivid memories of the funniest moments of a previous life, like the time when you finally found a way to attack an enemy that you couldn't defeat by trial and error.

"Now all that's left to do is Crimson.


 Allen answers Dogora's voice, but one concern crosses his mind.

 Admiral Galala's party of twenty Mithril Golem supermen had failed miserably to capture the lowest level of the boss.

 Allen wondered if defeating Scarlet and level 8 skill is the minimum requirement for the attack.