275 CHAPTER 269 Rank A

 After defeating Scarlett, Allen and his team challenged Crimson.
 The Crimson calls up to 100 Kaiser Sea Serpents that are as strong as the white dragon, so it's a battle of attrition.
 I tried twice, but failed, because of the difficulty of saving my companions' extra skills to fight.
 I held off on attacking the Crimson, thinking that I could beat it if I pushed a little harder, but I wasn't in a hurry to put my friends in danger.

 Then on January 1, as the year began, there was an oracle against the church.
 Just as the Spirit God had said, the power of the Fire God would weaken, and the job change would begin in April.

 The details of the changeover system will be discussed in detail in the future.
 Allen thought that maybe the policy wasn't completely set in stone.

 Today was the day after they had conquered the dungeon for three days.
 Allen and his team finished their deal with the Adventurer's Guild and rushed home.

It's a little late for that.

 Get out and return to your base with a somewhat brisk walk.
 The excitement never stops.

(I haven't felt this high since.)

(Oh?) (Are they all there?)

Well, I'm going to the dungeon, if you want to come.

"We've been waiting for you. Of course we'll be there.

 There is a whole party of Allen and Helmios here.
 Apparently, they're all going to be there.

"That's fine. But I'm sure it will take some time to verify that.

 With that said, Allen and the others headed to the temple, aiming at the second level of the dungeon.

 Today was supposed to be a day to take two days off from dungeons, as it would be after three days of dungeon conquest.

 However, the log that finally flowed after raising the skill level yesterday changed Allen's plans.

 While standing in line, Allen repeatedly looked at the log of the grimoire transcribed into the memo function.
 It contains a log that can be viewed all day long.

'The synthesis skill experience is now one billion/one billion. Synthesis level has reached 8. Summoning level is now 8. The grimoire extension is now at level 7. You have gained the Equivalent skill. You have gained the Royalty skill.

 Allen finally got his summoning level to 8 the other night.
 I want to verify the summons, but the summons could be huge.
 Some summons can't be verified in the yard of the base, so I tried to verify them in the dungeon instead of giving up my day off, but Allen and Helmios' whole party would be watching.

(Geez, I finally got to A-rank. I didn't know I could do it at 15 years old.

 I kept raising my skill level incessantly until I was 15 years old and could finally summon an A-ranked summoner that I couldn't stop drooling over.

 The artifacts were stolen and the oracle was ordained.
 In such a critical situation, the hope is to raise Allen's skill level.
 You are interested, and you want to share the information with them.

 But that's not the only reason for Allen's friends to follow him.
 Allen is a verification enthusiast, and he was worried about being immersed in verification in a place overrun with magical beasts.
 The same was true in the dungeons during his time in the academy.

01 years and 00 months, grimoire acquired, summon level 1, summon level H
01 years and 10 months Summoning level 2, gaining synthesis skills
03 years and 00 months old, Summoner G rank
05 years and 11 months, summon level 3, acquisition of enhanced skills, summons F
-07 years, 09 months Summons level 4, storage skill acquisition, summoned animal E
09 years and 10 months Summons level 5, shared skill acquisition, summoned animal D
-12 years, 09 months Summons level 6, Awakening skill acquisition, Summoner C
13 years and 11 months, summoning level 7, fast summoning skill acquisition, commanding skill acquisition, summoning animal B
15 years and 03 months Summoning level 8, Equivalent exchange skill acquisition, Royalization skill acquisition, Summoner A

 Add to the grimoire a record of all the skill levels you've walked through while going through the procession of the temple.

 Soon after, you'll be transferred to the second level of the temple after a short break.
 Furthermore, take Bird B's summoner and move to a place where there are no other adventurers.

(Now let's go through them one by one to get them organized.

 All the summons have already been carded, as the summoning level was raised to 8 last night.
 There are enough A-ranked magical stones in Rosenheim's War and this S-class dungeon.

(As expected, the grimoire holder has increased from 70 to 80, an increase of 10 cards.

 Every time the skill level is increased, the maximum number of summoner cards you can have is increased by 10 cards.
 Since there are 10 more cards this time as well, the summoner's blessing is also increased by 10 cards.

(Hmmm. I've got two skills again. Equivalent Exchange and Royalization. (Equivalent exchange skill first?)

 Proceed with the analysis of equivalent replacement skills.

 Until now, it was only possible to generate summons with magical stones of the same rank.
 But the Equivalent Exchange skill I've obtained seems to solve that problem.

 The price of a magic stone increases tenfold with each rank it goes up.

 One rank down, the price becomes a tenth.
 There's a reason why the price and rank are exactly tenfold or one-tenth of the price.
 The amount of magic stones needed to move a mage tool only takes a tenth of the cost of a higher rank, and a lower rank requires ten times as many magic stones.

 The Equivalent Exchange skill seems to follow this rule.

Equivalent exchange is quite useful. This solves the problem of running out of some magical stones. You'll be able to earn more skill experience.

 The skill of the equivalent exchange requires only a tenth of the number of magic stones if the magic stone is one rank higher than the summoner.
 Also, if the magic stone rank is one rank below the summon, you need ten times as many magic stones.
 And if the magic stone rank is higher than the summons, if there are extra magic stones when creating a summon, the extra magic stones will be generated automatically.

A D-rank magick stone will generate 10 insect E summons for a D-rank magick stone.
10 D-ranked magic stones can generate a Bug C summoner
One D-ranked magic stone can generate one Insect E summoner and nine E-ranked magic stones.

 As his friends look on, Allen records the results of his analysis in his grimoire.

(Another royalization remains sealed? I mean, I haven't been able to level up since I defeated the demon god Razel).

 I defeated the demon god Razel and reached level 76.
 I need 400 billion experience to raise my level from 76 to 77.
 I'm currently collecting equipment at the same time, so I don't feel like I can level up, but I don't think I can level up.
 The hierarchical bosses of S rank are too vast to be able to defeat them in a single round.

'I don't think we'll be able to use Oka for a while. Now, let's take out a summoner. I want to see what it looks like.

 I have a vague idea of the generated cards, but I don't know their size.

"So you're finally going to put it out. What's it like?

 Cecil, who had been watching closely, picks up on Allen's soliloquy.
 Everyone's attention is focused on Allen as Cecil's voice finally brings him out.

"Since we're going to start with the big one, let's go with the big one. Come on out, Orochi!

 Allen knows the picture on the card.
 It's a mythical being from a previous life, one he's seen since he was a child.
 I've wanted to summon such a summoner ever since I came to this world.

 There is such a thrill in the card's design.

"'Gruaaaaaahhh !!!!

 Allen summoned a dragon A summoner.
 With multiple heart-crushing screams, his companions looked up at the enormity of the beast.

'What the hell! Awesome!

 Dogora looked up and screamed.

(About too big to see the whole picture. (Shall we check with Hawk's vision?)

 Fly the summoner of bird E into the sky above to see the full extent of the summoner.

 The dragon A summoner is a multi-necked serpentine summoner like the Yamata-no-Orochi and Hudler that looks to be 100 meters long.
 The raised head is divided into five parts and extends far beyond the body to the tip of the tail.

 Sort] Dragon
 [Rank] A
 Name】 Orochi
 Physical strength] 10000
 Magic] 7700
 Attack Power] 10000
 Endurance] 9200
 Quickness] 10000
 Intelligence] 6000
 Fortune 8000
 Protection: Attack power 200, quickness 200, no breath
 Special Skill] Venomous fangs, super regeneration
 Awakening: Hell's fire

"You've reached 10,000 without any status or enhancements. Or rather, you have two skills.

 Allen felt the strength of the grimoire and dragon A summons as he compared them.
 Reaching 10,000 means that they are able to compete with the strength of the top A-ranked monster beasts as well.

 And you can raise your status with the summons' buffing skills and Kiel's auxiliary magic.

 Then we will go through the other summons as well.
 There are some summons' specialties and awakening skills that we can't understand or verify all at once, so this is a tactile confirmation.

(Okay, that's about it for now. Now it's time for the main course. Only this newly added summoner has a different feel to it than the others.

What's going on?

 Crenna notices something is wrong with Allen.

Hmm? CRENA. I have a feeling that the summoner that was implemented this time is somehow different from the others. Anyway, I'll take it out.

 It's not so strange as to be verbalized.
 It's the first new strain of summons in a long time, added over a year ago.
 I guess I was just too excited, I guess.


 Allen took out the card of the summoned beast from the grimoire holder, which was only able to be summoned at summon level 8.
 I had enough A-ranked magic stones, so I knew how to synthesize the summoned beast that I had quickly added using fast summoning as well.

Okay, come on out.

 The card disappears in a bubble of light, revealing a summoned beast.

 The figure is a man in his late teens with strong hair.
 Unlike Dragon A's summoner, it's about the size of a man.
 He's half-naked with a halo floating on his head and wings on his back that float a little higher from the ground.

Just like the status on the card? She's a complete angel. I mean, the card says Angel A.)


 Everyone also screams at the sight of the new summoned beast that Allen has summoned.

 Allen and Angel A's summoner's eyes meet.


 One person and one body stare at each other in silence.

 Then Angel A's summoner takes his gaze off Allen and looks around.
 It's as if it doesn't know where it is and is checking to see if anything is wrong.

 It's as if it doesn't know where it is and is checking and moving its hands and body for any changes.
 It's as if he's checking to see if something's happened to him.

 When he's done, he looks again at Allen and his friends.
 Dogora is momentarily frightened by this sucker's gaze.

(Is something confusing? (Are you okay?)

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that you're not alone.

 You'll be able to see that the summoner of Angel A has a look of inspiration on his face as if he understood something.

'I see! Did the Master Elmere listen to you? Kyber. Behold! They'll kill you!

 But without returning Allen's words, uttering boisterous words bursting with joy.

(About some spirited angel being summoned.)

 What a great summoner, Allen thought.