276 270 First Angel

 At summon level 8, the new line of summons that could be summoned was an angel.

(Something about this summoner's status is different from the others. Is there another law that comes into play when you reach A rank?

 Allen thinks it's a summoner with many discomforts.
 I'll continue to analyze what the true nature of the discomfort is.
 The summoner of Angel A is also staring back at Allen, thinking about something.

"What is this person?

"Hmm? Greta. What's going on?

Mr. Hermios. Is this man possibly...

 Apart from Allen's analysis, a saint named Greta in one of Helmios' parties seems to have noticed something.
 She gulped heavily and the blood drained from her face.


 The gaze of Allen and Helmios' party gathers on Angel A's summoner, wondering what's going on, as Greta drops her staff from her arm and begins to tremble in surprise.

 The spirit god who was on Sophie's shoulder landed on the ground and bowed deeply towards Angel A's summoner.

"Sophia Lorne bow too. Lord Elmea, the creator god, what have you done? What does this mean? Ha-ha.

"Yes, yes

 In time with the Spirit God, Sophie also sat down and bowed deeply to the Angel A summoner.
 The Spirit God's laugh was different from usual, awkward and very dry.

 With the genie god and the princess of the great country bowing with their hands on the ground, everyone except Allen knows that this is no longer a simple matter.
 You will be able to find out what is going on.

 Sort of] Angel
 [Rank] A
 Name] Melus
 Physical strength] 20000
 Magic power] 20000
 Attack Power] 20000
 Endurance] 20000
 Quickness] 20000
 Knowledge] 20000
 Fortune 20000
 Protection] All status 2000
 Special Skill] Attribute granting, Angel's Wheel
 Awakening: the thunder of judgment

(Its status is twice the maximum of any other A-ranked summoner. This seems to solve the lack of firepower of summons that we've been lacking.

 Previous summons had the same maximum status if their ranks were the same.
 However, only this Angel A summoner has twice the maximum value of the other A-ranked summons.

 In the battle against the demon god Razel, the summons were inferior to Krsna and her friends in terms of firepower, so they had to defend, disperse and recover, but this problem seems to be solved.

The blessing is amazing. All status 2000 or so? Wouldn't this be a great status for me if I made all 80 of them angels? Let's try to increase it a little. More? You can't do that. You mean, only one? And the other summonses? (You can do that)

 There are still a lot of A-ranked magic stones, but they can't be generated any more.
 Only Angel A summons seem to be limited to a limited number of angels.

Oh, um. Mr. Allen. Could this person be...?

 While Allen stares at the grimoire, Saint Greta approaches Allen fearfully, ready to die, and talks to him.

"Ah! Okay! It's Melus! You're getting melus!

No, of course. You are Herr Merus?

 Allen noticed the presence of discomfort.
 And Greta seemed to understand everything.

(Hey, there's a name in there.)

 When I generated the card, I entered the names of the other A-ranked summons by myself.
 I don't remember registering the name of the summoner of Angel A. I don't remember registering the name of the summoner of Angel A.

 If I hadn't registered the name, the name wouldn't have been displayed automatically.

(Merus.) That does sound familiar. But still, it's Merus. What's the name Melus?

"Merus, Merus ......

"That ......

 Greta desperately wants to talk to Allen, but something about the name Merus stuck with him.

"After all, it's the same name as Merle. Shall we use a different name? Angel, Tenshi, or Tenten?

 Merus, which is a name similar to my buddy Merle.
 It's like a small bone in my throat, knowing what's wrong with me.
 Allen thinks he came up with a clever name.

Tenten and...what? What the hell. You can't change your name. (You're an assertive little Merus.)

 A name is supposed to be chosen once and changed as many times as possible, but it can't be changed.

Mr. Allen. Isn't this person the First Angel, Lord Merus?

 Greta's voice reaches Allen's ears.

"The First Angel?

(Huh? Speaking of which, Melus is Elmere's . (Why are you on your knees, Sophie?


 Before Allen could fully recall, the angel Merus replied.
 His tone is calmer than when he first appeared.
 He also noticed that several people, including Sophie and the Spirit God, were bowing behind Allen, which was an odd situation.

Melus. Oh, I just remembered. Was it Melus, the one called the first angel or something? (First angel, why are you doing a summoner?

 Allen recalls his theology class from school.

 There are many gods in this world, with Elmea, the god of creation, at the top.
 There are four gods called the four great gods, the god of fertility, the god of war, the god of beasts, and many others.

 And in the divine world there are not only gods, but also divine messengers called angels.
 An angel serves each god, and one god follows multiple angels for the exercise of his power.

 Among such many angels, there is the most famous angel who has penetrated the human world on earth.
 The angel's name is called Merus, and he is called "the first angel" with respect and awe.

 The reason why it is called the first angel is because this angel, called Merus, serves the top of the gods, Elmea, the creator god, as the first angel.
 He conveys the will of Elmea to other gods, delivers oracles to the church, and serves as Elmea's side-keeper.
 It is the name of an angel that has been deeply involved with people since the beginning of history.

 In each country's cathedrals, there is a divine picture of Elmea, the god of creation, and next to it, there is always a picture of the first angel, Merus.

 It is the perception of this human world that among the many angels who serve Elmere, the creator god, he has the first authority and is the one closest to the creator god.

 The Elmerian priests recognize their position above the gods around them.
 There are even sects that believe in Merus.

"Huh? Why are you doing a summoner?

(Huh? A real angel switched to a summoner? (I'd like to change the name)

"Hmm. I don't know where to start. Rosen, good to see you. Oh, to not know the gods are so close. I must be a full blown Summoner.

 Merus looks around for Allen's question, wondering where to begin.
 Then he notices Rosen kneeling behind Allen.

''Yes. First Angel Merus, it's been a while.

As you can see, I am no longer the first angel. I am no longer the first angel.

 I told them not to bow so deeply and made them stand up.

"So, it is true that you were killed during the invasion of Freya, the god of fire.

 On Sophie's shoulders, Rosen spoke to Merus with pity in his eyes, "You know about the invasion of Master Freya?

"You know about the invasion of Master Freya?

 Having said that, Merus realizes something.
 It doesn't surprise anyone that Rosen called the invasion of Freya, the god of fire.

 I understand it to be a known fact.

"I have heard from the gods and angels in the god realm. They say that the second angel, Lupt, will take your place.

"I see. Rosen. Can you tell me a little more about what happened to you after I'm gone?

"Yes. In that case,

 The Spirit God answers the question of Merus.
 Freya, the god of fire, has been deprived of her artifacts and her power is diminishing.
 It is unclear how the demon king's army will use the artifacts.
 The divine realm has already decided to start the job-changing system, and it has been ordained that Freya's power is weakening.
 The job change system will begin in April.

So that's what it was supposed to be.

 Melus begins to think while floating in midair.

"So, how did the First Angel become your summoner, Mr. Allen?

"Actually, I was thinking about setting up a summoner's profession. That's one of the reasons.

So you're the creator. So you had a decision for the summoner with the limbed apple? You have very good taste.

 Allen thinks that's a terrible revelation.
 The angel in front of me is like the creator of the summoner.

 Then Merus tells us how he became a summoner.

 Following the invasion of Freya, the god of fire, Merus, who was in the temple of the creator, rushed to return fire.
 He fought to defeat the superior demon god, Kyubel, who was leading the charge, but he was tragically defeated.
 As I realized my own end, I remembered a fact.

 In fact, in March and April of last year, the setting of the A-ranked summoner was still undecided.

 In the midst of his dwindling consciousness, he asked the creator god Elmere to place him in a new slot for an A-ranked summoner.
 It seems that Elmea heard his request and sealed his soul in a grimoire.

(Huh? It was a form of sticking with the setting until the very last minute? But was Kyubel perhaps exhausted at that time? Could you have beaten him if you fought back then? (No, not that atmosphere)

 At the end of the battle with the demon god Razel, the high ranking demon god Qubel suddenly appeared, perhaps with wounds all over his body from participating in the war in the divine world.
 They had just had a brief conversation and then he was gone.
 A genie god was also there, so he might have just come to check the situation.

''Such a thing happened.

 The spirit god is impressed that you are using your life to accomplish your mission, even if you are a summoned beast.

I've been able to break free from the shackles of the nagging Elmera-sama! I got freedom!

 The angel Merus raises his hands in the air and explodes with the joy of his release.
 Aren't they ruined by the last word.