277 Episode 271 Crimson ②

"Here it is. I'm sorry, Mister Allen. I'm sorry, Mister Allen.

No, you made it easy for me.

(For taking down the Crimson in one piece.)

'One Crimson Kaiser-Casper Serpent has been killed. You have gained 340 million experience.

 There are traces of a fierce battle in the area.
 Leaves floating on the surface of the water over a wide area have become extinguished charcoal.

 As for what I'm doing now, the angel Merus, who has been turned into a summoned beast, wants to know what happened to his power, so I asked him to fight a hexenbiest.

 I can see that both A-ranked monsters and hierarchical bosses have no problem in terms of status.
 I have them fight the S-ranked bosses one by one from the second level to the current level.
 I wasn't able to defeat Scarlett, who was recovering her health at the third level, but I was able to defeat Beebe and Crimson with one of them.

Except for that long, wormy monster, we'll just have to wait and see.

 Allen also wanted to know how strong Merus was, so he decided to let him fight.

 At a distance, watching the battle from our shared vision, I was reviewing the materials to be given to the Adventurer's Guild tomorrow with my companions.
 Just when I thought the battle was in its final stages, my companions and I came together.

"Well, I guess we can't have Scarlett with her intense regenerative abilities.

"I'm surprised that there's a Hexenbiest I can't defeat. I didn't know there was a Hexenbiest I couldn't defeat.

 Melus looks a little disappointed.

"How much power does that give you when you were an angel?

 I was told that there was no need for honorifics, so I decided to treat Merus like any other summoned beast.
 Merus says that Allen's companions can also call him by his name and there is no need to fear him.

 This may not be Merus' auspicious attitude, and he may just want to spread his wings to the angels alone.
 He seems to have an honest personality that doesn't like to be formal and his true feelings often leak out.
 It helps that he is not a prideful or high-minded character.
 I'm talking about how Elmere, the god of creation, has treated you.

"A fraction of his former strength.

 That's the kind of Merus that says "Lord Allen" to Allen.
 I've heard that the Pope used to call him "Lord Allen" as well, but that seems to be one of the reasons why he became a summoned beast.

''So you're saying that the High Priestess Cubel is several times more powerful than you are now?

"So it is. We've seen the power of Lord Allen and his men, but if we fight now, we'll be annihilated before we can get Kyber to take them seriously.

"Seriously? What do you mean you can't beat it several times over?

 Once again, Kiel knew the strength of the people he was about to fight.

Well, it's getting late and we're leaving the dungeon.

 Today is the third day of the three-day dungeon attack schedule.
 It hasn't changed since the beginning of the year that we're going to return to our base of operations and go to the Adventurer's Guild to summarize the information we learned during the three days.

This is the new Death Zone map. This is the new Death Zone map, and the magical beasts that come out have changed.

I see. I'm sorry.

 And the next day, the Adventurer's Guild.  
 At the Adventurer's Guild, I was ushered into a private room, as usual, due to the enormous amount of transactions.
 Since the terrain of the Death Zone had changed, I gave the Adventurer's Guild's Popocka Branch Chief a parchment with an overall map and escape route to the Adventurer's Guild.

 Note that the angel Merus is not here.
 It's in the grimoire as a card.

 People who know the face of Merus are all over the world.
 I was told the commotion would be too much trouble.

"To be sure, this is a four-level death zone. I'm not sure of the other levels. It's possible the terrain is the same, but the hexenbiest may be different. Okay, bye.

 Branch Chief Popocka is reviewing the parchment drawings while Allen tells him what to tell him.

I've given you what I need to give you. Then you can go home.

 The deal is done.
 I've given you the materials to give.

Our branch received a story the other day about an oracle from the Church of Elmere. So this is what Allen was talking about. This is going to be a problem.

 However, the conversation of Popocka Branch Chief continues .

 On January 1 to the headquarters of the Elmerian religion, that the power of the god of fire is weakening . It was ordained that the changeover system will begin in April of this year.

 The job change does not begin immediately.
 The oracle is only public knowledge, and the job change begins in April.

That's what Mr. Hermios said. No offers, no suggestions, I'm just calling.

 It's nice to have Helmio himself to say that once in a while," Allen swears.

"...... that dungeon information department that suggested it. It was officially approved by the Adventurers' Guild Headquarters.

 Allen denies it, but Branch Chief Popocka goes on with the story.

"Huh? Is that so. Congratulations.

Good for you. This will save me a lot of trouble.

 Allen made one suggestion to Popocka chapter chief last month.
 It's that we need to create a department to gather information in the dungeon and provide the necessary scrutiny and information.

 Allen handed Popocka branch chief a proposal outlining the idea of a new organization, the "Dungeon Information Department".
 The proposal states that dangerous information, like the Death Zone, will be traded for information from adventurers who have safely returned alive.

 Until now, the main trade has been for magic stones, weapons, and armor.
 But "information" sometimes trumps expensive weapons and armor.
 The valuable information would be scrutinized by the Dungeon Information Department and traded to the adventurers who needed it.

 When Allen finished conquering the S-class dungeon, he would leave this dungeon.
 He could not provide the information that Allen had collected and analyzed forever.
 But a situation where 50% of adventurers die a year cannot be overlooked.
 In Allen's mind, a dungeon of this level of danger could reduce the annual mortality rate to about 20%.

 I don't know what form the battle with the Demon King's army will take.
 We can't afford to lose our precious strength when only 10% of our talents are born.

 Thinking about what would happen after Allen was gone, I proposed that the Adventurers' Guild be self-sustaining and permanently organized.

 As of the end of last December, Allen reported that the yearly mortality rate was less than ten percent.
 The combination of the oracle and the S-class dungeon adventurer's guild chapter's efforts may have led to the proposal being passed quickly at headquarters.

"So, about this status and honor.

(Hmm? (Feel like the story is still going on?)

 I wanted to go home early, but at Allen's suggestion I have a question, says Branch Chief Popocka.

What's wrong with that?

"No, the reward offered by the adventurers who escaped the Death Zone is donation points. Isn't it money?

Hmmm . Well, I don't mind the money. Why don't you let the adventurer who provided the money choose that part? Just

 Allen answers Popocka's question.
 In his proposal, Allen suggested that the reward for those who provide information would be to accumulate the information you provide, known as donation points, and depending on the accumulated points, you could receive a letter of recommendation or an honorary award.

 The reason for this is that adventurers who have scored gold in S-class dungeons often retire from the adventuring profession.
 S-class dungeons can earn you more than 10,000 gold coins.
 What such an adventurer needs after retiring from adventuring is a stable life afterwards, a second life.
 Money is enough when you retire from adventuring.
 When you retire from adventuring, you need more than money; you need a title or a letter of recommendation for a new job.
 Many adventurers have money but can do nothing with it; they spend a lot of money and become a broken adventurer.

 The Adventurers' Guild, a global organization, fully supports the retired adventurers' lives of those who have provided useful information and contributions to other adventurers and people.

 Good deeds and contributions to the Adventurer's Guild should be recorded and clearly stated so that employers can be aware of your background when hiring you from a noble family or a wealthy merchant's home.

 This way, the Adventurer's Guild Information Department will not have to pay for valuable information.
 Your guild will be able to operate sustainably without running out of budget.
 Naturally, you will sell the information you get to adventurers who need it at a low price.
 I will also pay a reasonable salary for the person in charge of vetting the information, and I will hire someone who is qualified to analyze the information.

Sure, yeah. I see.

 The person in charge beside Popocka's branch manager is frantically taking notes on Allen's story.
 He repeatedly asks me to wait for a moment, so I give him time to take notes each time.
 It seems that this person in charge is going to be the head of the Intelligence Department.

There are only a few adventurers who can become branch heads of the Adventurer's Guild. I hope you'll think of this as another way to support adventurers in their retirement.

So, is there any desired reward for providing such information, Mr. Allen? As the head of a branch in the world's only S-class dungeon, I'll do my best to make it happen, right? Of course it doesn't have to be gold.

 He assures me that he will consult with the headquarters of the Adventurers' Guild if necessary.
 I don't want to put myself together with these branch managers, my vibe tells me.
 From the way he looks at you, he'll do most of the work.

 For information about Allen's information, which has been going on for months now, Allen hasn't been paid for anything.

Huh? As I said before, with information from Mr. Helmios, and a suggestion. If you want a reward, ask Mr. Helmios.


 I don't believe Popocka's chief anymore.
 At least Section Chief Popocka has met with Helmios a few times due to his position, but I can tell you that he doesn't have a clue about these things.

 With the chapter chief at his back, Allen leaves the private room.

"Hey, shouldn't you be thanking me?

 The adventurer's guild is no longer on my mind, and I say to Allen that it's a waste of time.

"Huh? Well, you owe me a world class organization. I'll get it back to you via Mr. Helmios when I need it.

 Allen grins and makes a bad face, letting out a grin.
 Cecil lets out a sigh.

''Okay, now that we've collected all the medals and finished analyzing the A-ranked summons there, let's go for the fifth level.

"Wow! Go finally! Let's go, let's go!

 Crenna also clenched her fists in front of her chest.
 The S-class dungeon, which he had been trying to capture since last April, Allen called out to his friends to aim for the fifth level where the bottom boss is located.