278 CHAPTER 272 Tier 5

Well, today I would like to take on the lowest boss of the five levels.

So you're finally going for the lowest boss.

"I'm just waiting to see how it goes. Sophie's skills aren't developed yet.

 At the usual base, at the usual breakfast, Allen tells Hermios and his party about today's plans.

 Today is the day I decided to take on the lowest level boss.
 We've spent about ten days analyzing A-ranked summons, and now that we have our medals, we decided that it's time to go.

 I haven't completely analyzed the specialties of A-ranked summons.
 Besides, Sophie's skill level isn't yet 6, and she doesn't handle spirits well enough.

 However, you'll be rewarded for defeating the lowest level bosses every time you kill them.
 You'll be rewarded only once for the first kill, but just like in C- to A-class dungeons, you'll be rewarded each time you defeat the lowest boss.

(If you can't, you can run away.)

 Admiral Galala's party attempted the bottom level boss, but could not capture it and withdrew.
 The decision to challenge the bottom boss was based on the knowledge that it was possible to retreat.


 In the midst of this conversation, Admiral Galala, sitting deep in the sofa drinking, swears.

Admiral Galala, how do you feel?

"You can't challenge the lowest boss with your level.


"Ah! That's the extent of you! Te Te Te Te!

Hey . Dogora.

(Not provocation resistant?)

 Saying such a thing, Dogora's face immediately appears on his face, his face is bright red.
 I admonish Dogora and end the conversation there, and we head to the dungeon.

I knew you were worried about it.

 When I decided to take on the S-ranked hierarchical bosses, I was also reasonably worried about the party of Helmios.
 This time, Admiral Galala's party, which seems to have gathered the strongest of the Baukis Empire, has already been trounced.

 I didn't try to stop them, but the worry was evident on the faces of Helmios and his friends who had been living together for months now.

It's going to be okay. Allen's gotten stronger. Or maybe he's gotten too strong.

 Allen's words are met with a stare from Cecil.

"No, I can't change jobs.

 Unlike Allen, his friends changed jobs several times, and as a result, their base status became very high.
 Allen couldn't even transfer half of his status from one job to another, and his level remains static.

That doesn't matter anymore.

 Anger subsided and Dogora agreed.
 Everyone nodded in agreement.

Surely you've gained enough power to not care about the job change? No. What's the point in being satisfied?

 For a moment you are almost satisfied, you admonish your thoughts.

 Thinking that this is just the middle of the road, the queue has been ordered, and you use your medal to move through more and more layers.

Okay, now five levels.



 Dogora takes the great axe that he carried on his shoulder and grasps it with a strong grip.
 The same is true for Krena as well, taking the big sword and stepping forward to protect the rear guard in case the enemy suddenly attacked.

(For now, though, even in an A-class dungeon, the lowest level boss has never suddenly attacked you.

 C to A class dungeons also have bosses in between the bosses, so you need to get in between the bosses and get somewhat close to them to avoid being attacked.

 Although Allen thought so, he steeled himself to be vigilant and spoke to the cube-shaped object at the fourth level.

There are five levels. Please give me five bronze, iron and mithril medals.


 Put out five different medals, including one obtained from an S-ranked hierarchical boss, visible as a cube-shaped object.
 The raised medals disappear and Allen and his team move.

Where am I?

 Kiel looks around at full alert.
 It was a large room that looked like a mechanical device, like a magician's tool.

I see lights in the distance. Over there.

 I can see lights in a dimly lit room, not knowing how large it is.
 Dogora also grabs his weapon and checks the situation.

"It looks like there are no hexenbiest in here. We'll jump between here and the lowest boss?

Looks like it. I see some lights, but what to do?

 Allen will take care of the situation.
 This is a slightly dimly lit room that looks like a magical device.

 There's a cube-shaped object in front of you, and there are lights in the distance on the front, back, left, and right, so there might be something there.

 At first, talk to the nearby cube.

I am S501, the lowest level escape system. Do you want to escape from this level?

"No. I want to challenge the bottom boss. I want to try the bottom boss.

"Then please move from the front system


 When Allen speaks to me, he says that this cube will only let us escape from the bottom level.
 You can challenge the bottom level boss from the front light, so we'll move on.

 Shortly after, a cube-shaped object floats in front of what looks like a lantern made of magic tools that glows faintly.

"I am S505, the lowest boss transfer system. I'm S505, the lowest boss transfer system, and I can't move between the lowest bosses because the medal isn't stuck in the pedestal.


What. I'm not saying you shouldn't.

 I was refused before I could talk to him.

What do you mean by "medals on a pedestal?

"It should be confirmed to the transfer system between each medal

"Hmm. Apparently, you can get to the bottom level boss from here. But they say you have to put the medal on a pedestal. I heard it's just a matter of going to the other light, so let's go.

 Everyone nodded when Allen said that.
 For now, I'll move toward the lights on my right as I enter the fairly large room.

 There is a cube-shaped object floating in front of the magic lantern.
 There is a pedestal in front of the cube-shaped object.

I see that you want me to put my medal in here.

Cecil. I guess so.

 There is indeed a recess in the center of the waist-high pedestal to fit the medal.
 It seems that you have to fit your medal here.

(You go from the front to the bottom boss. Did you say between each medal, and is there a pedestal in the remaining three lights where you can challenge the bottom boss by fitting all the medals into the pedestal?

 Allen approaches the cube-shaped object.

"I am S502, the copper-to-copper transfer system. Do you want to move to the copper chamber?

No. Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question. Does the medal that goes into this pedestal have to be the medal that you get in the copper room?

"Yes. Defeat the guardian golem of the bronze medal and get the medal.

 Allen looks at his friends.
 It seems that they understand the situation.

 I can see lights in the front, back, and sides, so I'll check them all.

 In the center is the bottom level escape system, S501
 The right hand inter-copper transition system S502
 The back of the iron inter-transfer system S503
 The left hand is the transition system S504 between Mithril
 The front is the lowest level boss transition system S505

 Allen records a note in the grimoire.
 Go to the medal room and put the medal you got from defeating the guardian golem into the pedestal in all three places.
 Then, talk to S505, the lowest boss transfer system, and you can challenge the lowest boss.

"Allen, which one do you want to go first?

 Krena will ask you which guardian golem you want to defeat first.
 Leaving is not an option for anyone.

Let's just move to the weakest copper.

 The medals for the S-class dungeon were also in the order of the bronze, so I spoke to the Copper-to-Copper Transition System S502, thinking that it would be weak.

I'm S502, the Copper-to-Copper Transfer System. Do you want to move to the copper room?



 As Allen replies, their vision changes.

"This is a hall. There's a big golem in front of us.

 Allen looks around at the whole thing, ignoring the big golem in front of him.
 Probably expecting it to do nothing if you don't get close enough.

Do we just have to take it down?

"Well. A golem made of bronze. At least it's a vague and mysterious hexenbiest. Let Merus have the first crack at it.


 When Allen summons the angel Merus, who was tucked away in his grimoire, Merus goes closer to the giant golem.

 Although Merus was tucked away in his grimoire during the verification, Merus understands the situation as well as Allen does.

 He attributes this to the fact that, like other summons, he shares Allen's experiences and experiences when he is in card form.

 As Melus floats slowly closer, the nearly 100-meter-long bronze golem begins to move violently.

 It rotates its hands like a drill and closes in on Merus.
 Merus also closes in on the bronze golem as it attacks, closing the distance in one fell swoop.


 With the enhanced attack, the 22,000 Merus is overpowered and blown away.

(Wow, that's a lot of offense.)

 The bronze golem in front of me seemed to overwhelm the offensive power of the merus.

 That's the moment I thought that.
 The loop floating above Merus' head glowed faintly.

 And then, too fast for anyone to hear, Merus whispered, "My special skill is the Angel's Wheel.

Activate your 'Angel's Wheel' skill. Confirm administrator rights. Summoning Dragon A's Summoner'


 From behind Allen's back the dragon A summoner is summoned.

 And the five heads were closing in on the bronze golem.