279 273. The Circle of Angels

 The angel Merus, defeated in a clash with the bronze golem, is blown away.
 Then, from the hollow of the sky, it summons a huge dragon A summoning beast as huge as the bronze golem, behind Allen and the others.

"Orochi, combine your attacks, create an opening!

"Oh! Lord Merus!

 Five heads close in on the giant bronze golem.

 The bronze golem's arms rotate like a drill, sending out a crashing sound of something scraping as it approaches the head of dragon A's summoner.
 With a single blow, you crush one of the dragon A's summoner heads.

 By far, the bronze golem seems to have a higher status than the dragon A's summoner.


 The dragon A summoner's lost neck meat has moved, and its head will grow out of its neck meat.
 This is the effect of Dragon A's summoner's special skill "Super Rebirth".

This is usually very helpful. (It has five heads, so I can spend more time recovering the heads that aren't attacking.

 When dealing with strong enemies like this one, summons are treated like a consumable item.
 It consumes a lot of magic stones, so I think you'll be glad to see them persevere in battle.

 Utilizing the regeneration ability, they ignore the damage and attack from all sides.

Okay, this bronze golem is pretty strong. Watch out for the drill punches. You'll get hit close to a kill shot!

"I'm coming with you!


 Allen analyzes the battle between Merus and the dragon A summoner and issues a notice to his friends.
 And with those words, Dogora and Krsna, who have been watching from the rear, are closing the distance at once.

 Merle also descends a mithril golem that has already reached 100 meters in length.


 It's a battle between two giant golems.
 Tam Tam grips the bronze golem's shoulders and pushes it slowly, step by step.

(But then, the Angel's Wheel is too capable. Is this exactly what you call administrative authority?

 Allen confirms the page dedicated to the Angel's Wheel that was added to the new page of the grimoire.

[List of Angel's Ring of Rights Settings]
 Please select a range of authority in the Angelic Circle.
Summons Unlimited
Generate Unavailable
Composite Unavailable
Enhancements available
Awakening Available
Storage Available
Share Available
Fast Summons Available
Conducting Available
Equivalent Exchange Unavailable
The amount of magic stones used per day.
Distance to the administrator Unlimited
Chat Input Unlimited

 Allen can give the angel Merus permission to use various skills of summoning.
 And you can choose how much authority you can give him.

 For example, for summoning, you can choose from H to A for rank, and if you want to be able to summon all of them, choose the [Unlimited] option.

For example, if you want to summon all the magic stones, you can choose "Unlimited".
 For example, an E-ranked marker is replaced with 1, a D-ranked marker is replaced with 10, and so on.

The distance between you and the administrator is whether or not you want him to exercise his authority from Allen to Merus.
 If you select 1 kilometer, Merus loses his privileges if he is more than 1 kilometer away from Allen.

(It would have been nice to include skill experience, but that would have been too convenient.

 The use of the skill requires Merus' magic.
 Perhaps because it does not consume Allen's magical power, even if Merus creates a summoned beast, Allen does not receive any skill experience.
 For now, it selectively gives him the authority he needs for things like combat.

 I don't know if they're in a higher position than other summons, or if they're not on the Angel's Circle authority list, but the summons seem to listen to Merus' instructions.


 Tam Tam is losing power to the bronze golem.
 Tam Tam Tam grabs him around the shoulder and tries to block a two-handed drill punch, but can't keep it down.
 Tam Tam Tam's body is being chipped away at by the oncoming drill punches.

'Allen, you're so f*cking hard!

 In the meantime, Dogora is astonished at how hard it is.
 She's gone through three career changes, and she's gained a tremendous amount of offensive power, but her attacks still don't work.
 The same seems to be true for Kreena.

It's clearly a stronger enemy than the S-ranked monsters at the second to fourth levels. The only enemy this powerful is the transformed demon god Razel.

 The bronze golem makes the attacks of Krsna and Dogora almost incomprehensible.
 Even from behind, Cecil's magic and Sophie's attacks through spirits do not show any damage.

 It seems to have a certain level of resistance not only to physical attacks, but also to magic and spirit magic.
 I understand that this is an enemy with overwhelming attack power and durability, as well as a fairly high resistance in each area.

 The total attack continues in a situation where the attack is almost ineffective.
 It seems like the last time the attack didn't go through like this was when the demon god Razel got serious and turned into a grotesque monster.

"Allen, I'm going to use my breakthrough!

"No. . Not yet. Melus! Isn't it time to get ready?

 Krena checks with Allen to see if she can use Extra Skill Limit Breakthrough to raise her status because she is too hard of an enemy.

 However, Allen stops Krena's decision and checks with Merus to see how the mission is going.

As I told you before, this won't work 100 percent. Wait a second, okay, I think it worked.


(Did you say?)

 Merus was just about to tell you to wait a bit, when something seems to have worked.

"I've made this enemy's weakness an attribute of lightning. I'm going to change everyone's attribute to the lightning attribute.

"Wow! The attack is coming through!

 Clenched with both hands and wielded with all his might, Krsna's great sword sent the giant bronze golem reeling back on impact.

"Oh, hey. I'm coming too!

 Dogora also urges him to use it on himself as soon as possible.
 Merle also uses the "Attribute" skill on Dogora's big axe, Formal and Sophie's bows.

 Then he applies the Attribute Grant to Merle's Tam-Tam arms as well.

(Merle's Tam-Tam is a weapon decision.)

 The angel Merus used the special skill "Attribute".

 Skills and magic have attributes.
 Of course, there are also non-attribute items without attributes.
 And monsters also have attacks that are easier or harder to understand depending on their attributes.

 If you have strong resistance to the fire attribute, fire magic and fire-attribute skills will not be so effective.
 On the other hand, if the fire attribute is a weak point, you can deal more damage than usual.

 Melus' special skill, "Attribute Giving," allows you to change the attributes of your allies and enemies.
 Change an enemy's attribute, making one resistance a weak point.
 You can then add the attributes to your allies' weapons.

 Depending on the rank and resistance of the hexenbiest, the attribute may be applied immediately or may fail to be applied.
 Scarlet was the only S-ranked hexenbiest to be able to give the attribute to a hexenbiest all at once.

 Due to the ability to add enemy weaknesses, I was able to defeat Beebe and Crimson with just one Merus.

 There's another reason why I lowered the lightning attribute among the many attributes.

''That's great! The magic will work!

 Cecil impresses behind Allen's back.
 Equipped with two rings of 3,000 intelligence and a combined status of over 10,000, Cecil's lightning magic clearly shows that he now has access to a bronze golem.

 One of the magic that Cecil the Mage King can use is the lightning attribute.
 Cecil, who acts as a rear gunner, casts gunning spells.

"Evil, destroy. Thunder of Justice!

 Then Merus uses the blessings of heaven from his storage to recover all his magic, concentrating it in the palm of his hand.

 Then, a huge bolt of lightning falls on the bronze golem, spreading the discharge.
 Merus's Awakening Skill "Thunder of Judgment" is a lightning attribute.

It's obvious that the enemy is slowing down.

(I mean, you haven't been hit yet.)

 This is a powerful enemy that cannot be defeated in a single blow, even with the thunder of judgment, which uses enhancements to hit it with all its magic power exceeding 20,000.
 However, it seems to have been a sufficient blow, and it is quite slow moving.

 After that, Krsna's extra skill will also be activated, and everyone will be beaten to a pulp.

"Buo Oom

 One last word, a cry, and then it collapses.

I've killed a bronze golem. You have gained 860 million experience.

 The bronze golem disappears, and a treasure chest appears where it was defeated.


 The bronze golem disappears, and you notice a cube-shaped object floating in the back of the hall.

 And right in front of the cube-shaped object is a treasure chest.

This is such a great enemy!

 When Kiel opened the chest, he knocked over a stone plate for the main body of a mithril golem, which had fallen into the chest. The treasure chest at the back contained a medallion with a bronze golem pattern in one.
 Merle's shoulders relax as he sees the stone plate for the body of Mithril Golem, which he already has on hand.
 He's clearly disappointed.

"Keel, you're starting to disappoint me. Look at this. I've seen this treasure chest before. It's the treasure chest from the bottom level boss's attack.

"Oh! Does that mean there's also a silver box and a gold box? You don't mean I have to take out a bunch of them, do you?

(The answer is already in you!)

 As Allen grins, Keel's face contorts as he grins.

 The nostalgic crates from C-class to A-class dungeons have emerged, and Allen thinks that there will be a silver and gold box as well.

 However, the probability of a silver box is about 10%, and when I was at school, the gold box only appeared once, less than 1%.

Well, this time the goal is to capture the lowest level boss.

 It only says that the treasure chest that came out before defeating the lowest level boss is a bonus.
 Kiel is relieved to hear that from Allen.

(I'll have to kill two more of these things?)

 In this way, Allen and his team defeated a powerful enemy that was not the lowest boss, but could lead to the lowest boss.