280 Art. 274. Harmony

 After defeating the bronze golem, Allen and his team returned to the base after exploring the three levels for two days.
 They did not fight a series of battles in the iron room where the iron golem is believed to be located.

''Heh, so there are three bosses besides the hierarchical bosses at the fifth level?

Probably something like that. Maybe even the weakest bronze golem was pretty strong.

"How long is it?

"Hmmm. Overall, it's a little weaker than Demon Raesel's transformed state.

 Allen found the bronze golem's two-handed drill punch to be a threat.
 Perhaps a single blow from this drill punch would kill a less durable rearguard instantly.
 It attacked them endlessly.

 It had high endurance and, like the demon god Razel, most of its physical and magical attacks were unreachable.
 It has a high physical strength, and even if you use high-powered magic and skills, you cannot defeat it easily.

 However, she didn't recover her health like Demon Razel, so I told her that she could be defeated when her health was exhausted.
 There were no ranged attacks, so I analyzed it as being slightly weaker than Demon Goddess Razel's transformed state as a whole.

Isn't that amazing?

 I'm surprised that Rosetta the Phantom Thief was able to defeat an enemy that strong just by Allen and his party.
 It seems that the rest of Helmios' party did the same.

"Keck. It's only taking down a bronze golem.

(Oh?) (Did you see that?)

 Admiral Galala sits on the couch drinking and swearing that it's no big deal, while Helmios' party praises him.


(And, as usual, when Dogora reacts)

 Allen pauses in his mind as Dogora glares at Admiral Galala.

What? You don't know anything. The iron golem comes in two pieces. Of course you guys can't do that with your b*tc*ing about the bronze golem! You're crazy! Haha!


 Admiral Galala then laughed so loudly that it echoed through the large living room.
 Dogora took a deep breath in silence, then stood up, fists clenched.
 The man's battle is about to begin.

Hey. Dogora.

 But Allen remonstrates and stops the man from fighting.
 Let him sit down with his friends.

That's enough. But still, the last two medals aren't going to be easy to get. (This dungeon's been a medal game for years.)

 To fight the bottom level boss, you have to fit three medals into a pedestal.
 I expected the Iron Golem to be strong, in a different way than the Bronze Golem, but apparently there is not always one enemy.

 Allen had told me that when you go to the fifth level, Admiral Galala said that you can't fight the lowest boss.
 I understood that this was advice, knowing how to actually fight the bottom boss.

 So I figured that when I defeated the bronze golem and challenged the iron golem, something Admiral Galala would say again.
 And as I expected, Admiral Galala has been swearing at me, but despite his attitude, I'm sure he's not a bad person inside.
 After defeating the bronze golem, I didn't go into the next one, as I thought it would be a good idea to have a hint for the next attack.


 While Allen is planning his next two bosses, a grimoire appears in front of him.


 The grimoire's pitch-black cover has a log written in silver letters.


 A very short statement was written in the log.
 There's only one body that does this.

Is this good?


 The angel Merus, who became the summoned beast of Angel A, has the privilege of writing in the grimoire log with his special skill, the Angel's Wheel.
 Allen granted him this authority.

 The Angel's Ring has been given the authority to summon summons, but I can't seem to summon myself.
 I think the scope of authority is solid in this area.

 Merus lies down on one of the several sofas to himself.
 He wanted to loll around on the sofa.


 Both Allen's party and Helmios' party watch the scene in silence.

 Merus lives a self-defeating life at the base, surpassing Admiral Galala.
 From what Helmios' party's saint Greta tells me, Merus was known for his considerable diligence and served the creator god Elmea as the first angel.

 The backlash has been violent, and the do-nothing attitude has come to the fore.

(It's as if he was a businessman who was forced to work for a black company for many years and then became a NEET? (I don't care if the battle is done well)

 The situation of Merus is forced to fit in with the memories of a previous life.

 It does a good job as a summoner.
 And if you ask him the story of how he made the summoner, he'll tell you.

 He told me that he worked very hard to create the summoner.
 From the coordination of power with other professions to the design of the summons, Elmea, the god of creation, did not allow himself to be compromised.

(I don't remember any S-ranked summons being left blank, thanks to that.

 It would take more than a year to decide on the abilities and design of a single rank.
 The story goes that Merus has no idea what an S-ranked summoner is capable of, since he was defeated by a high-ranking demon god, Cubel, without even completely deciding on an A-ranked summoner.

 I don't know if it's a successor angel or what, but I'd like to see it be able to summon an S-ranked summoner in a solid setting once it reaches summon level 9.

"It's not so critical, is it?

 Dogora muttered in frustration with Admiral Galala, looking at the attitude of Merus.
 It's hard to believe that the demon king's army has stolen our artifacts and is about to destroy all of our species from the earth.

 Dogora's impression is that everyone else thought so, but didn't seem to say it, agreeing with a troubled and sad expression.

''Hmm? Critical? If you're talking about a fire god's artifacts were stolen, you're a threat.

 What are you talking about, says Merus.
 Regardless of Merus' attitude, the world seems to be in crisis.

"Does that mean that the god world doesn't care much about people?

 Allen goes a step further and talks.

'Oh, from my attitude?

 Apparently, Merus realized that his attitude was making him uneasy.
 Allen wanted to know what kind of stance, if possible, the people of the God Realm had towards them.
 How do they feel about it?
 Do you want the people to prosper.
 Do you want to save them from the demon king's army with all your might?


 All eyes are drawn to Merus.

'It bothers you that much. That's understandable. The gods cherish harmony.

"Does that mean it's not the people's salvation?

 Allen's question continues.

That's not an exact answer. If saving people leads to harmony, then save them. By nature, people should prosper by themselves. The gods may preach, but they will not interfere unnecessarily.

 Merus clearly shows his attitude towards all races of gods.

"There are gods who care about certain species, such as spirit gods and beast gods?

 Rosen, the spirit god of Rosenheim, and Garum, the beast god of the Albahar beast kingdom, for example.

There is a sense of gratitude to some of the species for what the gods have done for them. The attitude of the gods as a whole is harmony, but with some bias.

So you're willing to let people perish as long as it's in harmony?

"Oh, hey. Dogora.

 Dogora was clearly not happy with the answer.
 He didn't like the fact that he didn't care much about the people.
 You will be able to get a good deal more information on this topic.
 The other person is the former first angel Merus, who is fully propped up on the sofa, but is also well educated in the school's theology.

"Of course. It's all about harmony. As long as it's harmonious, people perishing or not perishing is of secondary importance. To begin with, life and death are two sides of the same coin. I was angry when he killed me too, but not desperate, right?

"Oh, no.

 Saint Greta despairs at those words.

''Hmm? Is it possible that no species has ever died out, or been driven to extinction?

"Huh? The way you talk about it, it sounds like you're pretty good.

 Allen returns to his conversation with Merus.

"Yes. There have been quite a few in the last tens of thousands of years. To begin with, if you are going to talk about salvation, it is for the dwarves, elves and beastmen who have been displaced because of the human race that prospered in the Central Continent that you should sanction the human race. I didn't do that, did I? Do you know why beastmen only use two letters in their names?

"Hmm? Huh? What does that mean?

After all, the beastman's name meant something to you.

 While Dogora said he didn't know what it meant, Allen understood the word alone .

 Ur, Sarah, Beast Prince Zeu, Beast Princess Shea, Beast Crown Prince Beku, and a number of other beastmen's names over the past six months, but they all had two letters .

 There seemed to be a deeper reason, but I couldn't help but ask.
 Allen had a pretty good idea what the answer would be.

The beastmen were no more than slaves to the humans on the central continent, no more than cattle. They were given only two letters in their names, and some of them were even given numbers. The beastmen still remember the hatred they felt back then, so they still use two letters for their names. I'm sure the humans would do the same if they had to go through that.

 In order to remember the hatred, the law of the Beast Kingdom decreed that beastmen's names should have two letters, and nearly a thousand years have passed.

"But that's why,

'I'm talking about the whole. If the whole race were whole, they wouldn't have done only good deeds. If you study history, you'll understand.

It's a matter of race and no gods involved. Does that mean that demons are the same?

"Yes. There is one world, including demons. The attitude of the gods is to accept a certain amount of chaos, as long as it is not disrupted by harmony.

(Is that why the Demon King was among the options?)

 Allen had wondered that the Demon King is among the profession choices when it comes to this world.

 Apparently, the gods think of the world as one world, including demon kings and demons

"The idea that the world is in harmony now? They've taken the artifacts, and it looks like every race will be extinct soon except for the demons.

It's not true. They demons have disturbed the harmony a long time ago and are already outside the gods' agreed upon harmony. They were sent for a mediator, but they have not been able to resolve it. It was Elmea's idea that I become a summoner.

"Mediator God?

It is a god who judges those who disturb the harmony, who break the rules of harmony. I give him the right and power to judge, even if he is a god. But he has not come back after more than 50 years.

 He tells the story of how he sent the demon king's army a god to sanction them not to harmonize.
 He has not enforced his justice and we have not heard from him.
 They said it was as if the demon king's army had killed them.

Will the gods forgive those who disrupt the harmony? Harmony before peace? Was that why the Spirit God was so impatient?

 Allen silently looks at the genie god listening to Merus.

 The genie god looks despairing.
 The gods do not care if the elves are extinct.
 In fact, millions of elves died in the last year's demon king's army invasion of Rosenheim.
 Perhaps he knew that and was willing to save the elves until the very last minute, even if he himself would be judged.

 I wonder if that's why every time Allen tries to get in touch with the truth of this world, he refuses to answer any questions.

 Understanding the truth of this world also means thinking of ways to break the rules.
 Maybe the spirit god himself was afraid of being subject to the sanctions.

That's why it's me? I've never been told to do anything in particular?

"God does not interfere. Therefore, there is harmony. So I'm sure the Creator never asked Mister Allen to do anything.

(Yes, I know. All the Creator told me is to enjoy this world.

 Hermios and his party did not have a story about Allen's reincarnation from another world.
 So now the conversation was understood to be about the gods giving Allen the supernatural power of a summoner.

 But Allen's party understands the real meaning of this conversation.
 To restore harmony to the world, they were brought in from another world.

 And to give Allen the power to fight the demon king's army.

 All eyes are on Allen.

"I hear you're willing to accept a little chaos if it will restore harmony, but you're okay with that in the God Realm, right?

 Leaning up at Allen's words, Merus loosens his mouth.

"Of course. Don't hesitate. It wouldn't be right for the distorted harmony to return to chaos.

 I've got a quarrel with you," grinned Allen.
 Allen knew what it meant to have come to this world to restore the harmony that not even the God of Mediation could restore.