281 Art. 275 Iron Golem

Let's go. Let's get the Iron Medal today.

 Allen said and left the base with his friends.

It's hard to get S-ranked medals every time you go to the fifth level.

 As usual, while standing in line for the temple, Keel muttered loudly to himself.

I know. Well, they're a lot easier to beat than they used to be.

 Allen replies lightly.
 Compared to the first time I defeated an S-ranked hierarchical boss, the time it takes to defeat an S-ranked hierarchical boss is much shorter.
 Allen's A-ranked summons are useful, so I can beat them fairly consistently.

 Except for the medals of the S-ranked hierarchical bosses, I've been getting them with money left over from trading.

 Allen's party now has over 500,000 gold coins.

 At Cecil's suggestion, the gold coins earned in the dungeon will be managed by your party.
 Since the dungeon attack was more about collecting equipment and stone plates, the amount of money I earned was ridiculous.

 I asked them to add B-rank to their dealings with the Adventurer's Guild not long ago for the once-every-five days magic stones.
 Thanks to this, every five days the magic stones alone will amount to 14,000 gold coins.

 I give out 100 gold coins every month to my friends, including Allen, because I know they'll need to pay for all the other miscellaneous expenses.
 Crenna and Dogora use the money to buy food and drink.
 Allen, who has a sweet tooth, also uses the money to buy sweets and fruits.
 Merle sends some of it home to his parents.
 This reminds me of that story.
 I wondered where Merle's family lived, even though they were in the same empire.
 They're in the villages around the imperial capital of Baucis.

 I handed them out like that, but they kept accumulating.
 The equipment Aren and his friends are selling ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of gold coins.
 The ring with a status increase of 3,000 will fetch more than 30,000 gold coins when it goes up for auction.

 While talking in line, the queue will move fast and you will soon arrive at the fifth level.

 Move to the center of the usual dimly lit, large room, and a light can be seen in the distance in front of you.
 There is a floating cube-shaped object that will take you to the location of the bottom level boss.

This way today.


 Allen turns around and walks toward the lights behind him.
 Soon after, there is a cube-shaped object floating in front of the light.

"I'm S503, the Iron Room Transfer System. Do you wish to move to the Iron Room?


 The view changes when Allen replies.
 It was a large hall.

 Allen ignores the enemies in front of him and looks around.

(After all, this is a hall, but it's not completely private.

 Allen was wondering if among the copper.

 It was Admiral Galala's escape from the battle of the lowest level boss.
 Admiral Galala took on the lowest boss.
 This is checking with Admiral Galala's people.
 He beat the boss between copper, iron, and mithril to get the medal and challenge the bottom boss.
 There he was defeated and escaped from the dungeon with the loss of his companions.

(In the Death Zone, the terrain is the same, even though the levels are different. If the space between here and the bottom level boss is the same, then the same for the bottom level boss. Let's just assume that the bottom level boss is the same, and I'm looking for an escape cube.

 You are determined to defeat the lowest boss.
 However, it's not always possible to defeat them, so the party leader thinks it's his duty to assume that you can escape.

 The walls of the high-ceilinged hall have many passages leading to it.
 This is probably one of the small rooms in the labyrinth.
 And somewhere in the maze there's a cube floating to escape.
 I'll use a summoner to find it.

 Allen returns his gaze to the front.
 In front of you are two 100-meter-long iron golems standing side by side.
 We're still far enough away from them that we won't start fighting.

Okay, everyone, let's go!

 With two S-ranked enemies for the first time, Allen gives a spirited shout.
 Forming a formation, Merle descends the Mithril Golem and closes the distance between them.


 Once at a certain distance, two iron golems begin to move.
 One of them has one hand that glows and creates a beam lance.
 The other one creates a beam sword and a beam shield with both hands.

(I see, it will continue to use Merle's skills after the bronze golem.

"They're both equipped with weapons! Which one do you want to beat first, Allen?

 As Allen proceeds with his analysis, Dogora grabs his weapon and shield and asks which target to take down first.
 Hearing that there are two of them, it is Allen's strategy to decide on a target based on the situation.

I'll take the spear first. The shield is going to take longer to take down.

 Based on the skills and appearance of the enemies, I was trying to determine what they are good at: long range, short range, defense, and recovery, but I think it helped because they made the weapons as they were.

 Divided into two hands, the Iron Golem of the shield, Dogora and Merle and the dragon A summoner to block the movement.
 In the meantime, I'll attack the Iron Golem of the spear with all the remaining players at once.

This is my first time against two S-ranked equivalents, but not too bad. Can I beat it?

 The opponent seems to be all about physics, wielding a beam lance or beam sword.
 That attack is also offset by the enemy's turn of attack as Dragon A's summoner takes the brunt of the attack.
 Dragon A's attack seems to be effective to the extent that it cannot be ignored.


"Dear Ms. Sophia Lorne!

"No, I'm fine.

(Oops, the range of the spear is longer than expected.)

 The spear alone has a range of nearly 100 meters.
 The attack will reach the rear guard where Sophie and the others are!

I'm sorry. Sophie, let me give you some evasion. Come on out, taco.

"You wanted to see me?

 Out comes a giant kraken that reaches 10 meters high.
 It's a new Fish A summoner that you can now summon.

Put up a smoke screen!

"Awe, sir.

 Fish A summoner sprays black ink against two iron golems from its mouth.

(With this to increase the evasion rate)

 Species] Fish
 [Rank] A
 Name] Tacos
 Body strength] 9000
 Magic power] 10000
 Attack Power] 8000
 Endurance] 6500
 Quickness] 8000
 Intelligence] 10000
 Fortune 7000
 Protection: 200 magic power, 200 intelligence, increased evasion rate
 Special skills] Smoke screen, octopus heart
 Awakening] Mimicry

About time you got through?

"Oh, Mister Allen. That's not a problem. You sure you want the spear to go first?

"Yes. Let's take down the spear before the shield.

 Merus uses the attribute on the spear iron golem.

"Okay. Thunder of Justice!

 Merus uses the awakening skill Judgmental Thunder.
 With one day of cool time, it's no longer available today, but the priority is to reduce the number of enemies.

One iron golem has been killed. You have gained 1.2 billion experience.

 And it was easily defeated by Cecil's lightning magic and Krsna's attack.

(Over a billion experience. But still, it's not that strong.

 The Iron Golem of the Beam Shield reacts to the Iron Golem of the Beam Lance on the ground.

Repair Energy.

 And then the shield iron golem, which had been silent for a long time, chanted something, and then the spear iron golem revived with its body completely restored.

The iron golem of the spear has revived with its body fully restored. You're back to normal!

 Cecil is upset.
 So are the others.

"I've never seen the enemy revive before.

"How can you be so calm?

(Don't slap me on the back.)

 There are hexenbiests that call for companions or work together to attack, but there has never been a hexenbiest in this world that uses resurrection magic.

Next time, let's put down the shield first! Dogora, Merle, change your opponent to a spear to block the movement.


"Yeah, I get it!

 It will try to defeat the shield first.

 I've used Melus's Awakening Skill, but I can attack it without much trouble because it has the Attributes.

I've killed an Iron Golem. You have gained 1.2 billion experience.

 Defeat the shield iron golem over 10 minutes.

"Repair Energy

 The Iron Golem of the shield that you have just defeated will be revived.

"Hey! Hey!


 With Cecil surprised behind him, Allen considers countermeasures.
 Apparently, both of them can be revived.

(Well, I wonder how Admiral Galala and the others defeated these guys.)

 You're in the middle of a battle, so you'll have to figure out how to defeat them as quickly as possible.
 Aside from Krsna and Dogora in the vanguard, Sophie and the others in the rear might not be able to withstand the attack.

 The first thing to consider is how Admiral Galala's party managed to capture the two iron golems with 20 mithril golems.

 To be honest, the speed of the revival is so fast that even if you defeat two of them at the same time, they're likely to be revived within a little time difference.

(Perhaps distance, if not force-pressing?)

 Maybe the option of a finite number of resuscitations is an option, but I'll try to take it down in the most likely way possible.
 If I were Admiral Galala, I would turn my head to see how I could defeat him.

Let's all run for the passage!

"Huh? Allen, run away?

 Crenna, who didn't think he was going to escape, shouted to Allen, who was behind him.

That's right. Everyone make a dash for the aisle!

 "What's a dash? With Cecil at his heels, begin to retreat.
 There are several passages in this large hall and you run to the entrance of the nearest passage.
 Two Iron Golems are chasing after you, but you'll halt them with Dragon A's Summoner.

 You can use the two dragon A summons to use super regeneration to halt them while Aren and his friends flee to the passage.

The ceiling is so high that it usually comes in!

Yeah, I'm starting to think that's a good idea.

 There is no time to elaborate on Cecil that there is no point in running into the aisle.
 The status of the Iron Golem is quite high and it moves fast.

"Sophie, ask the gnomes to take the spears behind you and hold them back!

"Yes, yes

 Sophie uses her extra skill, the Great Spirit Manifestation, to solidify the spear iron golem underneath her feet with a large rock using the Great Spirit Gnome.

 The iron golem is so huge that it is only able to secure its foothold up to its waist, but it is enough to stop its movement.

Okay, then let's run for it!

 Once you've done this, Cecil won't say anything.

 Once you've pulled away from it, you can defeat the shield iron golem with a combo of an attribute and an attribute attack.

'One iron golem has been killed. You have gained 1.2 billion experience.

"Hm, no resuscitation. That's how far away the golems are.

Wow, that's amazing. How do you think you can take it down so quickly?

"Allen wow!

 The friends are always surprised at what Allen does, but today the reaction is quite loud.
 The first fight against the boss, they quickly come up with a strategy.

I'm used to it. It's been a while.

 I think there were quite a lot of enemies who could revive your friends in a previous life.
 It was important how to stop and defeat them, such as resuscitation magic.

 With that said, Allen and his companions head to the other iron golem that has froze near the entrance of the hall.

This one's not moving yet!

 Something inside Allen, like a big crush, comes up.

'I killed an iron golem. I've got 1.2 billion experience.

 Regardless of such feelings, beat up and defeat effortlessly.
 You'll get experience again.
 There's a treasure chest at the iron golem's feet.

 Every time the iron golem was defeated, it would drop a chest.
 Collect all chests.
 All the chests give you three Mithril Golem tablets and a ring with a status of 3000 more.
 As many S-ranked magic stones as you killed have also fallen.

 Go back to the hall and you'll find a treasure chest at the back of the room.
 Open it and you'll find the Iron Medal.
 And in front of you there's a cube-shaped object floating in front of you.

Allen, what's going on?

 While everyone is loosening their mouths at the thought of having successfully captured the first game, Allen is thinking.
 Dogora, wondering about it, calls out to him.

No, they're experience. I finally found them!

 There was something else going on in Allen's group, I think.