282 Art. 276. Relaxation

There's something so refreshing about this bleak landscape. It's so refreshing.


 Cecil let out his thoughts as he looked at the rocky mountainside.
 I wonder why his words have a thorn in their side.
 Riding Bird B's summoner, Allen sits in front of me, silently holding on.

 There's a reason for this situation.

 Ten days ago, Allen discovered an umami called the Iron Golem.
 With a crushing passion, he announced to his friends that he was going to kill 100 golems a day.

 The actual challenge was a lot of trial and error on the first day, and it took me 15 hours to defeat 82 Iron Golems.
 After a break, I flew to the hall on the fifth floor and tried again.

 I think Allen did the obvious: more efficient and in less time.

 But Allen's friends were different.
 It took me a while to understand what was going on.
 He didn't understand that Allen was enjoying himself, but the current state of the hunt, which lasted more than ten hours, caused Cecil to explode.

 He pressed Allen to find out what the hell this was all about.

 Even when he was in school dungeons and attending S-class dungeons, 10 hours of activity is the norm, but he says that 10 hours of hunting alone is insanity.

 We took more breaks, brightened up dimly lit rooms with mages, and built baths on the fifth level, but the majority of people said they wanted to take a break.

 The idea of going to the dungeon alone was also considered, but if possible, I would like to hunt with my friends.
 Then I thought, is there any way to relax?

 This is not the purpose of today's trip, I have several other things to do.
 Nevertheless, I've come with my friends to the rugged mountainside to take a break.

 For that reason, Keel and Merle did not accompany me here.

Ah! There it is!

 Krsna, flying in front of you, raised her voice and pointed at you.
 Krsna might be the one who was looking forward to this moment today the most.
 Instead of the large sword on her back, she carries a large piece of meat that looks like it could be seen in a comic book.

It's true. Let's all go down!

 Allen, too, begins his descent as loudly as Krsna's voice.
 And we're getting closer to one of the goals of what we came here for.

'What is it? It's so big. How can they get this big in a year or so?

 Even Dogora is surprised to see the giant white creature.

"Haku has gotten so big, hasn't he?

 Allen looks up to see a large white dragon larva, named Haku by Allen.

"Oh, Mister Allen.


 When Allen moved closer to get a better look, his fangs were bared and he snarled softly, "Do not threaten me, Mister Allen!

"Don't you dare threaten Mister Allen!

 The dragon B's summoner was furious with Haku for threatening him.

It's not a good idea.

(Sounds like a dog.)

It's getting so big. Is this the baby of the white dragon?

"Yeah, it's freaking huge!

 Cecil is curious too.

 I had several things to do today, including checking on Haku, so I'm in the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

 The white dragon is growing well, partly because it was taken care of by dragon B's summoner.
 It grew to about five meters in length in less than a year.
 They were more than two meters tall when they were born so they have doubled in size.
 He has a voracious appetite and will eat anything a dragon B summoner hunts.

Show yourself, Orochi!


 Take out the summoner of the five-headed dragon A. Today we're going to hand over from dragon B to dragon A.
 Today, it's also a handover from Dragon B to Dragon A. I've been taking care of Dragon B's summoner.

 Until now I've been letting dragon B's summoner take care of Haku, but I think dragon A's summoner with its high status and 5 heads will be easier to take care of.
 For the time being, I'm thinking of letting dragon B and dragon A's summoner take care of Haku together, then eventually only dragon A's summoner will take over.

(Nevertheless, the sparrows are still useful. Well, all A-ranked summons are useful. That's a lot of ground to cover. I can fly now. Mm-hmm.

 As he thinks this, Allen has a swallow on his shoulder.
 It takes the form of a swallow, but it's a bird A summoned by Aren, whom he named Swallow.
 It's much smaller and weaker than other summons, but its abilities have tremendous potential.

 After graduating from the school, Allen participated in the war in Rosenheim and made friends outside of the kingdom of Latash, like Helmios the Brave.
 Aren has placed dragon B and spirit B summons in various places, including the places where he had such acquaintances.

 But the summons can only be summoned for one month in a row.
 So, summons that are placed to take care of the white dragon, serve as liaison between countries, or help in the settlement of Rodan village will return to their cards after a month.

 Therefore, from the Baukis Empire to Rosenheim, Latash Kingdom, and the Ghiamut Empire, I had sent in advance dragon B and spirit B summons that can fly.
 Some of them could take half a month or twenty days just to travel and stay for the rest of the year.
 I was convinced that this was also necessary.

 But at last, a summoner appeared that could transfer to Allen's summoner.
 It's the summoned beast of bird A in the form of a small swallow that's now riding on his shoulder.

 Sort of bird
 [Rank] A

 Name] Swallows
 Physical strength] 200
 Magic] 8000
 Attack Power] 200
 Endurance] 200
 Quickness] 10000
 Intelligence] 10000
 Fortune 9000
 Protection: Speed 200, Intelligence 200, Flying
 Special skills: nesting, nest building
 The Homing Instinct

 For all of the A-ranked summons, I know one thing about them.
 You can always get three blessings from an A-ranked summoner.
 Two are status increases and one is resistance or a skill you can use if you've made it a card or a summon.

 Among Bird A's summoner blessings, there is a skill called "Flight" that allows Allen to fly on his own.
 Like Helmios' skill, Allen can now fly at will.
 The speed of movement depends on Allen's speed.

 Nest Shelter is a skill that allows you to move to a point determined by nest-building.
 You can use it as many times a day as you like.
 The Nesting Instinct moves all friends designated by Allen within a one-kilometer radius to the point designated by the nest-builder. The cool time is one day.

 Since this nesting technique only allows for one summon per carded summoner, if you delete the summoner of bird A specified in the nesting technique, you must build the nest again to move to the nesting point.

 This transition point was named the "nest" by Allen, based on his special skill.
 The story goes that each nest location requires a summoner of bird A to move.

 The creator, Merus, told me that Allen used summonses to prioritize what he thought was missing, or what he wanted to have such an ability for his specialties.
 The rest was decided based on the balance of ranks and other professions.

 When Allen used a B-ranked summoner to fight Helmios, he admired Helmios' flying skills.
 He also told me that he chose this skill because he was struggling to move around during the war in Rosenheim, which took a long time.

 In addition, when I told Merus that I wanted the appraisal skill quite badly, he told me that there was no point in getting the appraisal skill at summon level 8 with A rank.
 This is because you really need to appraise only against powerful S-ranked monsters and demon gods.
 They say that a hexenbiest below A-ranked monsters won't need to be graded at all.
 But an A-ranked summoner may not be able to appraise an S-ranked hexenbiest.
 It seems that demon gods of higher ranks can never be appraised.

 The reason why higher-ranking ones can't appraise them is because Hermios can't appraise the blessings of Allen's summons, he said.

Haku. Here's some meat. Eat.


 Kreena tries to get Haku to eat a big chunk of meat.
 This is a tub of meat I brought from Rodin's village.
 Kreena offers it to him, a twinkle in her eye.

Is this maternal instinct? So did Kreena.

 Allen thinks rudely of looking at Krsna.
 Krsna remembered happily listening to stories about Haku's growth from Allen.

 Haku, who always gets fresh meat from dragon B's summoner, is troubled to be presented with dried meat.
 He takes the meat from Krsna and swallows it without chewing it.

It's going to be so big!


So, can it be tamed?

"It may be difficult to keep things as they are.

 Watching Crenna, Allen asks Merus.
 It is said that the Demon King influences all magical beasts.

"But there have been many magical beasts that have had a mind of their own.

 My first strong enemy was Murder Garsh.
 He playfully kills humans but does not seem to have lost his mind.

 Neither did the white dragon he had defeated before.
 If the demon king had stolen it, and the white dragon had been consumed by madness, Krsna Village wouldn't have existed.

The demon king empowers and controls his monsters. I don't know how he does it, but he's probably using his servant skills. Haku won't be safe if they're controlled individually.

"I see.

 Somehow I understand what you're saying.
 Crenna listens beside me and looks worried.

 Haku's growth was seen, so he left this place to ride the bird B summoner.
 The reason Allen is riding the bird B summoner with Cecil is because flying consumes magic power continuously.
 It's a waste of time, and flying is basically a waste of magic.

"So, we'll do the armor ant nest first.

 I hear Cecil's voice from behind me.

"Yeah, there's a nest of armor ants not too far from where Haku is right now. I think I'm going to experiment to see if I can manage it.

 There is a nest of armor ants a short distance away from where Haku is.
 Their armor is harder and lighter than steel.
 But it is inferior to mithril.

 I plan to feed this nest as well and begin experiments to see if we can breed them into an armored ant farm.

 Kiel's Karnel territory is just beginning to mine the mithril ore.

 With the stolen artifacts, we think it might be too difficult to manage in Charnel territory.
 I'll start with what I can do with Aren's summons.

 With that, Allen and the others headed to their next objective for a break.