283 277 Coming-of-Age Ceremony ②

 Allen and his team returned to the village of Rodin to plant a Grass A summoner so that they could manage the nest of armor ants.
 This will make them easier to manage, and we'll let the Dragon A summons raise the ants.

 I have registered several of my family members in the nest at the Rodin Village.
 Since they flew to Rodin Village from various places, there are no more summons of bird A to transfer to Rodin Village until tomorrow.

 So, I've returned to Rodan village on bird B's summoner.

(That's pretty hectic.)

 Allen looks around his parents' home, the village chief's house in Rodin village.
 You can see that there are quite a few villagers coming and going in a hurry.

 Get down nearby and go into your parents' building.

I'm home. Mom. Can I help you?

 Teresia is busily cooking.

'What? Are you back already? I'll be ready soon, so if you'd like to relax in the hall . Our guests are waiting.

Then I'll do it.

 In the kitchen, preparing food with the nanny, my mother Teresa told me so, so I decided to go with everyone to the hall.

Pippi! That's something different: ......

 There are already quite a few people in the hall that we've come to as instructed.

 As soon as you enter the family home's largest room, your sister Murat comes up to the bird A summoner that rides on Allen's shoulder.

 She has named the summoner "Pippi-chan" after the parrot-like bird G. The bird A's summoner is a bird.
 The summoner of Bird A is about the same size as the summoner of Bird G, but its color and shape are different, so it looks strange to me.


 For now, I will ring the summoner of bird A and place it on Murat's shoulder.
 Then I let it flap its wings around Murat's body.

"Wow! Pippi!

 Murat is cackling with joy.

"Hey! Murat! I told you to stay put!

"Yes, sir. . mash brother.

 Murat is making a fuss, so Allen's brother, Mash, remonstrates with him.
 Murat replies with a frustrated expression on his face, unrepentant at all.

(No wonder I made a scene.)

I'm home.

Welcome home. Brother Allen.

 Mash, three years younger than Allen, turned 12 years old last year.
 He has taken good care of Murat and he's grown up a lot.

Hey, Allen. There you are.

"Yeah. They say it's going to start in a little while.

"Yeah. It's too soon, Dad. Hey, I'll get the guys. Excuse me, sir, but I need you to keep our guest company.

 Father Rodin looks troubled.

Good luck, chief. Everyone wants to participate, so it's no use.

 The parents of Gerda and her family and Dogora's parents who live in the village of Rodin, as well as Merle's parents and Kiel's sister and servants have come here.

 Merle's parents are commoners and live near the imperial capital of the Baucis Empire.
 They tell me that Merle's father is a soldier and a lowly soldier.
 Merle doesn't talk about himself much, but he learns that Merle had his own reasons for fighting.
 There was someone he could protect by playing an active role in the front line.
 I didn't see him once during the dungeon attack, but when I asked him if I should invite Merle's parents about today's event, he asked me to give them a call.

 Merle comes to his parents and they are talking in a warm atmosphere.
 Kiel is also having a nice conversation with his sister Nina for the first time in a while.

 This is the reason why Merle and Keel did not come to see Haku grow up this time.
 They were getting to know their family better than they have in a long time.

 Dogora is too embarrassed to visit her parents.
 I think one of them is in the middle of puberty.

(This way, I've got the transference skill and we'll all get a chance to see the family a little more.


This way.


 Waiting in a separate room are the Viscount and Master Granville, Cecil's brother Thomas, the butler, the head of the order, and the deputy head of the order.
 Viscount Granville is ushered into the first chair in the hall by Rodin.

 Rodin leaves the hall once more.
 The viscount is not the only one waiting in the other room.

 In addition, Marshal Sigur, General Luchidrard, old Philamere, and several elves will enter.
 They sit side by side on the right hand side of Viscount Granville.

 Rather than being surprised by the unfamiliar race of elves, all eyes in the village are drawn to these elves who exude an air of nobility.

 Today is the day of Aren and his friends' coming-of-age ceremony.
 In the S-class dungeons, each of the children went by themselves without being celebrated by their parents.
 But today, they are going to have a full-scale ceremony with their families.

 The reason this happened is that Allen moved around to the place where he had built the "nest" to test Bird A's skills.
 How many things can you move?
 How much area can I move at once?

 Merus had come up with some rough ideas about the specialties and awakening skills of an A-ranked summoner.
 However, as of last March, he thought that there was still nearly a year to go until summon level 8.
 Therefore, we hadn't completely settled on the setting of the summoned beast.
 Not only the specialties and awakening skills, but also the desines, had to be determined by Elmere, the god of creation.

 Since the decision was not necessarily made in its original draft, a detailed examination was necessary.

 To briefly explain how this transition was possible, Rodin and Gerda told me that they wanted to give him a proper coming-of-age ceremony.

 Then I asked if other parents would do the same, and I was told by Viscount Granvelle and the Queen of Rosenheim that they would love to have it done as well.
 Since the coming of age of a child is an important event for the nobles and royalty, they earnestly requested me to do so.

 What about Merle's parents, who live in a village near the Baukis Empire whom you have never met before, and Keel's sister Nina and her servants in the city of Karnel?
 It's become a big deal because no one says no.

 The coming-of-age ceremony is to be celebrated together in the village of Rodin.

 Her Majesty's position prevents her from traveling to other countries, so Marshal Sigur and his men will represent her.
 Since this is Viscount Granvelle's domain, the topmost seat is occupied by Viscount Granvelle, his wife to his right, and Marshal Sigur and other Rosenheim's leaders.

 Allen and his brothers and siblings are in a huddle, with their parents sitting on the other side of the room.
 It feels like a home visit.

"Marshal Sigur. Sorry to put you in a place like this.

 As his father Rodin could not say it directly, Viscount Granville would say it for him.
 Such Viscount Granville is a low class nobleman.
 He speaks to Marshal Sigur, a powerful man of great power, quite reservedly.

"What. What... isn't it nice here, surrounded by nature? And I wanted to see the birthplace of our hero.

 In fact, some of them really wanted to see Allen's parents and the place where he grew up.

 For nature-loving elves, the frontier village with its idyllic wooden buildings is not that unpleasant.

 Amidst the conversation between the Viscount and the Marshal before the coming-of-age ceremony begins, several pairs of parents and their children enter the throne room near the entrance.

 Allen and his family were born in the frontier village baby boom.
 So it's not just Krsna and Dogora, there are many children the same age as Allen.
 Among the villagers who came to settle the village, there are several families with children the same age as Allen's. Both commoners and serfs have grown up.
 There are families with children of both commoners and serfs who have reached adulthood.

 Viscount Granvelle won't say no, just because Allen asks if he can have a peasant in too.

 We can fit a hundred people in this hall, and it's become quite large.

I know, I know," can often be heard from around the room.


 There was a loose voice from the nervous villagers as people dressed in obviously fine clothes were stationed at the top of the throne.
 The food, which could not be prepared in the kitchen of this building alone and was prepared by neighboring houses, was being brought into the hall.

 It would be impossible to roast a whole head, as it's too big to do so, but rather large chunks of grilled great-boar have been brought in.
 It was harvested last fall and dried in a large block.

 A nice smell fills the room as it browns.

(After all, a frontier village is all about the boa.

 We stopped at the capital of Latash Kingdom, and there is better meat in the city of S-class dungeons.
 We could have prepared better meat, but for a child of this village coming of age, this meat is the best treat.

 We've brought five barrels of the best fruit wine in the city of S-class dungeons to make sure it's at least as good as it sounds.
 Since elves don't eat meat, we've prepared an abundance of fruit from around here, as well as the Baucis Empire's famous Fuqaman.
 When the food was served, Marshal Sigur thanked them for their hospitality and bowed his head.
 The spirit god is already on Murat's lap with the shikaman.

 When all of the food has been delivered, Teresia will sit down next to Rodin and the coming-of-age ceremony will begin.

 Viscount Granville, Marshal Sigur and Rodin, in turn, congratulate the children who have become adults.

I would like to ask you to eat without hesitation, but it would be helpful for the village chief to be a little more reserved. Well, then, I hope you all enjoy your meal.

 The greeting of Rodin's biting speech is over.
 Only the God of Spirits can't seem to wait, or maybe they are eating with great vigor, but with Rodin's words, everyone seems to be eating their food with relish.

 After sitting down, Teresia, sitting beside him, said to Rodin, "You don't get nervous," which made Allen smile for the first time in a long time.