284 Episode 278 Coming-of-Age Ceremony ③

 It's just before dusk, but due to checking on Haku and working on the armor ant nest, Allen and his friends haven't had much to eat today.
 A hungry Krsna is shoveling food into her mouth in a frenzy.
 Gerda at the other end of the room is wishing for a little more calm, but it's unlikely that she'll be able to reach Krsna.

 Mash asks you to tell him a story about a dungeon, so you tell him the adventure story of an S-class dungeon.
 I'm sure Krsna's sister, Lily, is also an adventurous person and is listening to the story with her eyes shining.

"So, it's Allen. I heard about the petition from the Adventurers' Guild. I also hear you're active in the Baucis Empire.

(Huh? Are you totally getting into my story? You're a branch manager, too. (Well, that's okay.)

 In the meantime, Allen is spoken to by Viscount Granville.

"What? Are you already talking to the kingdom of Latash? I'm told that the Intelligence Department is still in the trial stage,

For what it's worth, they want to test it in other dungeons using the Academy City dungeon.

(As I recall, the Viscount works in the diplomatic department of the Adventurers' Guild.

 Viscount Granville is in the diplomatic department.
 The reason for this is because of the aims of Latash Kingdom to get along with Rosenheim.
 The current king of Latash wanted to distance himself from the military and school faction with Count Hamilton.

 It's not only a good idea to have a good time, but it's also a good idea to have a good time.

 The noblemen of King's Landing have asked him to live in King's Landing because they have a lot of work for him to do.
 His son Thomas is also working at the castle and studying to take over the Granvelle family.
 The baroness also lives with you in the capital and has a deputy in the town house of Granville.

 It's another thing that Rikker, who has a habit of skipping work, is being squeezed by the deputy, who looked after Allen when he was a servant.

 When the viscount asks if he's done something again, Allen says plainly that he hasn't done anything.

 This time, Marshal Sigur of Rosenheim calls out to him.

"But I am grateful to you for another valuable gift.

"Huh? You're welcome. Be careful, silver beans last for 100 years and gold beans for only 10 years.

No, it allows us to safely focus on rebuilding the devastated city that needs to be rebuilt. Her Majesty is pleased. Thank you so much for saving Rosenheim not once, but twice. Thank you.

 The general, General Lucidrall, old Philamere, and several attendant elves bowed to Allen in time to wait for Marshal Sigur, and they all bowed deeply to him.


 The hall fell silent at once.
 The boa's flesh fell from the hands of the serfs who had just come of age on their knees.

 The serfs and the commoners didn't know who they were when they heard Marshal Sigur's greeting.
 Little of what was said fell into place, but even the village serfs could tell from the way he was dressed that he was a nobleman.
 Obviously, he's dressed better than Viscount Granville.

 He bows his head so low you'd think he'd touch the floor, and no one moves an inch.
 All eyes are on Allen, whose noble head is headed straight for you.

 The viscount's mouth unconsciously opens, and as you try to comprehend what has happened, your mind gives up on your work.

 A moment later, as the viscount complains with his eyes, Allen also replies with his eyes, saying he will tell you later.
 Allen thinks that he doesn't know if he's getting through to the conversation with just a glance.

(Hey, hey, I'm definitely thanking you now on purpose. (Hey, I'm sure you're thanking me now on purpose.

 I remember Her Majesty thanked me in a rather exaggerated manner at that time as well.

 Allen gave you "silver beans" and "gold beans" made from Grass A summonses, a seed that grows in the shape of silver and gold sola beans.

 It was a restorative or an abnormality recovery potion from rank E to B, but rank A was different.

 Species] Grass
 [Rank] A
 Name] Solarin
 Physical strength] 100
 Magic power] 10000
 Attack Power] 100
 Durability] 100
 Quickness] 100
 Intelligence] 100
 Fortune 10000
 Protection: magic 200, good fortune 200, breakage 200

 Skills: silver beans, bean throwing
 Golden Beans

 Grass A summons look like a spider bean with arms and legs.
 I wonder if the grass lineage will push this look through at will.

 As for the effect, if you plant silver beans, a tree will grow and form a ward that no monster below the rank of B within a kilometer of the tree.
 According to Merus' idea, the effect will last for 100 years.

 When you plant a golden bean, a tree will grow and form a warding that no hexenbiest below the rank of A can come within a kilometer of the tree.
 According to Merus' idea, the effect will last for 10 years.

 If you plant it near a hexenbiest, it won't be able to kill it, but it's almost impossible for it to come close to you.

 One of his specialties is the "bean-throwing" which involves throwing silver and gold beans at a hexenbiest.
 If you throw either of these beans, you can defeat a B-ranked hexenbiest.
 If you throw them at an A-ranked hexenbiest, it will slow it down considerably.
 A-ranked monsters will be weakened.

 Furthermore, the effect of breaking the evil is a blessing that prevents C-ranked or lower-ranked monsters from coming near you.

 Currently, Rosenheim is in a hurry to recover from the less-than-one-year-old invasion by the Demon King's army.
 However, there are many cities and forts that have been destroyed and their walls are no longer functioning.

 Use five A-ranked magic stones to make one.
 I gave her a hundred of two types of beans, and when I told her to prioritize their use, her majesty cried and thanked me.

 There are still demonic beasts from the Demon King's army remnants in Rosenheim.
 They are so finely dispersed across the wide continent that it may take decades to defeat them all.

 I've heard that sometimes these monsters will come to interfere with the rebuilding of a city or a fort, forming gangs.
 The silver and gold beans can help you out in this predicament.
 They say there's more if they're in short supply.

 If we can rebuild safely and keep the monsters at bay, how much less elven blood will be spilled?
 That could mean tens of thousands of elven lives could be saved.

No, let me thank you. Rosenheim will do everything in its power to fulfill Master Aren's wishes. If you have any trouble, you will be the first to call on us elves.

I see. If there is anything I can do, please.

 That's about it for now because I can't think of anything else.
 I remind Marshal Sigur not to add any more weight to the fun atmosphere.


 Rodin is watching this process in silence.
 Somehow I thought he was a child who didn't fit in with common sense.
 I remember as if it were yesterday when Allen made me tell him when he was eight years old that he didn't fit in as a servant of the Granvelle family.
 I look at Allen with some sadness, feeling distant that he's become more than that.

You. Don't.

"Oh, I'm sorry.

 Rodin shakes his head at Teresia, saying, "Don't look at me like that.

 The silver beans and gold beans were planted around the ants' nest so that they won't interfere with their activities, to prevent them from being attacked by predators and to make them easier to manage.
 An investigation into the biology of armor ants shows that they have many natural enemies, such as hexenbiests.
 This is a measure to prevent natural enemy monsters from coming around the nest.

 From now on, I want to take care of Rodin Village, Granville and Baron Karnel.
 Although we're still in the process of examining these beans, I'll talk to Rodin and the baron about what's happening now as well.

Oh, that reminds me. Mash. How's your study going?

"Yeah, brother Allen,

 Mash is going to start school this April.
 He says he's studying hard.
 Thanks to Viscount Granville for sending a teacher to the village of Rodin.

Well, there will be all sorts of dangerous assignments at the school, so take this with you.

 Allen holds six rings, two to increase strength, attack power and speed, in the palm of his hand and offers them to Mash.
 This is a special ring that comes from the silver box on the fifth level.
 A ring that raises your status by 5,000.

 As a basic policy for developing younger brothers and sisters' levels and skills, Allen had decided not to help them level up, even if they had talents, until they had some discernment.
 If he increased his status by tens of times with no discernment, there might be an accident.

 But the mash had grown up more than Allen thought.
 Krsna and Dogora told me when I was at school that I was quite depressed after Allen's disappearance.
 I'm sure that thanks to Krsna and Dogora, Mash has grown up without his older brother, Allen.

 Mash has grown into a solid brother who cares for his sister.


 Such a mash is silently looking at the ring on the palm of Allen's hand.

"What's the matter?

 Allen asks Mash if he won't accept.

"It's okay. I'll be strong in my own right.

(Oh! (I said no!!!)

 Mash turned down any power Allen could give him.
 At the age of 12, Mash said he wanted to move forward on his own.

 The conversation with Viscount Granville, the current exchange with Marshal Sigur, and the story of Allen's dungeon exploits in the school city have made Mash feel more self-awakened.

 You say you'll walk on your own and not rely on your brother.

Yeah, but you know what? But you know what? When you leave this village, you'll find a hexenbiest more powerful than Boa, you know?

 Allen struggles to keep his face from slackening as he talks to his brother, who is growing up and trying to walk on his own.

"Uh-huh. I'll take him down under my own power.

There are Hexenbiests more powerful than you?

"Huh? There's no such thing.

There's a lot of them. There's a lot of them.

(Like demons)

"Oh, yeah. ......

I heard that Lily will be at the school next year. When you're at the school with them, what will you do if you meet a monster that you can't defeat without a ring? Hexenbiests are not gentle.

 Allen teaches Mash that this world is not kind and is cruel.

 What's going on? Marshal Sigur and Viscount Granvelle are also listening to the brothers' conversation in silence as their companions listen silently to Allen's story.


 As he tried to move forward of his own volition, Mash froze, not knowing what to do or what to say.

You might wish you had a ring for that.

"But I am ......

 Still, Mash wants to go on by himself.

That's why I keep this ring in my pouch in case I need help with something.


"Try to do it on your own, and when the going gets tough, equip yourself with a porch ring.

 Allen won't stop mash's growth.

Thanks. Brother Allen.

 Mash understood, even as a child, what Allen intended to do.
 Allen respects Mash's ideas and shows him a way to help, and when he still can't, he shows him that he can be patient with his brother.

 Tears are pouring from Mash's eyes.

Winning is the most important thing. Winning is all that matters. Then do what you have to do, and don't hesitate.

"Yeah. Yeah. ....... Thanks.

 Saying that, Allen pulls a pouch out of the compartment, puts all six rings in it, and hands it to Mash.
 This time he'll accept it and I'll give him a pat on the head.
 Mash looks embarrassed as he is being patted on the head in front of everyone.

 The others are relieved to see that Mash has received the ring safely.
 Conversation and reunion are resumed.

A reunion. Is this all I want to protect?

 Allen sees a warm reunion of various families and friends.

 The world may die in a few years.
 God values harmony and won't help people.

 I'm not going to tell Rodin and his friends about this.
 By ourselves, we're going to pretend this predicament never happened.

 The scene that unfolds before me seems to be everything that Allen needs to protect by his own hand.
 You must protect this happiness at all costs.

That's right. I must do everything I can to protect it.

 Throw the words you told Mash to say to himself.
 The power dwells in Allen's eyes.

"I will do anything.

 Allen muttered this in a voice that no one could hear, but with determination.