285 Art. 279 Misrill Golem

 Allen and his friends finished their coming-of-age ceremony with a group-like vibe.
 It's been a long time since they have seen their families, and their friends seem to be in high spirits.
 I feel like a party leader of a disabled gamer with a sense of well-being.

 My friends may be able to come back to reality from the unusual situation where Allen hunted iron golems for more than 10 hours straight with a goal of 100 a day.

Silver beans and gold beans, 100 each.

Thank you.

 Allen gives silver beans and gold beans to Helmios at the stronghold.

 He hastened to give silver beans and gold beans to Her Majesty the Elven Queen in support of the most deeply attacked city of Rosenheim.

 It was urgent to repair the defenses at various points.
 The silver and gold beans would allow the wall to be safely repaired and the safety of the elves protected.

 But it was not only Rosenheim that was invaded.
 The Ghiamut Empire was also invaded well inland.

 Much of the territory reclaimed was lost in the last year's war.
 Even now there are fortresses that were taken.

 I gave them gold and silver beans because the Giumut empire needs them too.

 But gold and silver beans that keep away monsters aren't necessarily effective in war.
 Because while using gold and silver beans to protect a town or village from magical beasts is the right thing to do, is it really necessary to use them in a fortress or fort to keep magical beasts away?

 If Allen is the hexenbiest driver of the hexenbiest army, he'll ignore the fortresses that even A-ranked hexenbiests can't get to.
 Or hit the fortress with an S-ranked ancient dragon or something.

 For your information, I've given you some advice on how to use them in the fortress.
 For example, place gold and silver beans in the fortress.
 I told him that they're useful as insurance to ensure the safety of the soldiers if they're about to fall despite their best efforts.
 This will allow the demon king's army to lose time and exhaustion of troops that they could not take the fortress after a long time of attacking.

 I told Hermios to explain how to use it, including its drawbacks.

 I gave him 100 of each gold and silver beans, but perhaps he will say that we need more.
 Unlike Rosenheim, the Ghiamut Empire is a great power with a strong hegemonic mindset.
 Allen is thinking of giving out gold and silver beans little by little, including giving out more than necessary and seeing how the nation does not run the course of expansion.

Oh, um. Mr. Allen can also be found at .......

 Helmios' fellow saint Greta reacts with a look of delight.
 Allen's demeanor suddenly changed when he was able to summon the angel Merus.

 It's almost as if he's making Allen an object of faith.

"Miss Greta.

"Yes, yes

This is from Rosenheim.

 Allen says this was prepared by Rosenheim.

"Yeah, but ......

"Greta. Just put it away. Thank you. Mr. Allen.

 When Allen says that he got it from Rosenheim, Greta is not convinced.
 Helmios remonstrates with Greta and thanks Allen.

 On the two days off, Allen is holed up in his room.
 Only Allen's friends are allowed in his room.
 I'm sure they're doing something, but they won't say it.

 An unnatural look spreads through Helmios' party, but he doesn't pursue it.
 Because I know what Allen has done to the adventurers over the past six months.

 Tens of thousands of adventurers have already had their lives saved.
 Tens of thousands of lives aren't just a number.

 I'm not here to ask you to tell me all of Allen's power for taking the initiative to do so.

Well, today I challenge you to a mithril golem.

"Ha! They won't be able to get close enough for a long-range attack, which would add to the pile of bodies! Stop, stop, stop, stop!

 Then Admiral Galala, who has been drinking since morning, swears.

(I see. Next is a golem with a long range attack.

 Allen thinks about challenging the mithril golem, including a hint he got somehow.

 From the temple, you will move to the fifth level.
 The Iron and Bronze medals have already been placed on the medal table at the 5th level.
 If you defeat the Mithril Golem and get the Mithril Medal today, you'll have everything you need.
 Then you can finally challenge the lowest boss.
 Today is such a battle day.

 Move from the cube-like object to the Mithril Room.

After all, this hall is just like the copper and iron rooms.

 Say what you think of the destination that has somehow shifted.
 You move to a place where the ceiling is endlessly high and wide, as usual.

 And a golem made of mithril stands in front of Allen and his friends, standing on a pole.

Let's go!

 Allen and his friends ride the summoned bird B. Merle descends on the mithril golem Tam-Tam and closes the distance.

 When they have closed the distance to some extent, the mithril golem, which had been standing on a stick in front of them, reacts.

 All at once it changes shape and becomes smaller and more cohesive, but then it forms wings and a large, hula-hoop-like loop rotates at high speed on top of the body.

 With a driving sound, the mithril golem floats in the air.

It's coming. What?

 I don't know how to fly or what powered the mithril golem, but it floated in the air.

 Then, just as I was about to be careful if it was going to attack me from close quarters, it thrusts forward two cylindrical objects.
 And then, all at once, the tips of the tubes begin to glow.

Oh, watch out!

 At the moment of saying that, it will shoot countless number of things like light balls in rapid succession.

 Merle stepped forward to protect his friends from a long-range attack.

"Gu! Nggg!


 Tam-Tam's outstretched arms are hit by the mithril golem's long-range attack and are shattered.

 The body also takes a myriad of hits, and Tam-Tam's knees hit the ground.
 Inside Tam-tam's crystal with most of his arms shattered, Merle rushes to turn the arms of the grimoire into a spare tablet.

'I'll go in front!

"Me too!

 Riding the summoner of Bird B, Dogora thrusts forward with his great shield and closes in on the Mithril Golem as it flies through the air.
 Krena and Angel Merus join in and close the distance, but the mithril golem chooses an escape move.

 It does not seem to do any close combat.
 They will let the summons of Bird B use their Awakening Skill "Heavenly Drive" as they continue to flee, but they cannot catch up.
 Then, when it's far enough away from Aren and the others, it fires another series of light balls from the cylindrical object.

(Hey, I understand glyphs, but what's this about Merus's status not being able to catch up with him?


 Dogora holds out his great shield to withstand the attack.
 The two of them try to close the distance between them and one of them, and Kiel desperately tries to recover.

 The mithril golem was unable to defeat Dogora, whose durability had increased with each career change, but the summoned beast of Bird B was different.

 Bird B's summoner becomes a glowing bubble and disappears.

Allen, bring up the next glyph!

 They tell Allen to hurry up and bring out a new bird B summoner.

"Hey, hey, hey!

 Cecil chants and tries to smash his magic, but he rarely hits the fast-moving Mithril golem, which is always moving fast.

 Sophie, like Keel, is trying to heal and protect her friends from a barrage of mithril golems.
 It's such a powerful enemy that it seems like this might be the first time it's attacked so fiercely.

(Well, this is a new type of enemy. Because she's good at long range, her magic attacks are somewhat weak. At this rate, it's going to be a long game.

 They keep their distance, never moving away from you, and attack you in a disgusting manner from a dominant position.
 I've never experienced an enemy that runs away after being chased.

Locaner, you're on, come on out.

 Sort] Stone
 [Rank] A
 Name] Rocanelle
 Physical strength] 10000
 Magic] 8000
 Attack Power] 6500
 Endurance] 10000
 Quickness] 7000
 Intelligence] 8000
 Fortune] 9800
 Protection: Strength 200, Endurance 200, Revive
 Special Skills] Absorption, return to death
 Convergent bombardment

 I summoned a stone A summoner of about 15 meters in height made of baboon grass.
 It is much slimmer than previous stone summons.

 And instead of a large shield, it has a small shield called a buckler on each arm.

Use your absorption!

 Allen instructs you to use his speciality "Absorption".


 Then he reacts silently, sending countless metal balls made of baboons into the air.

"Dogora, Krsna, I'm sorry, step back a bit.

 At Allen's words, the two who had been closing in on Mithril Golem retreat.
 The two retreat, and now that the distance has opened up sufficiently, they come firing more light balls than ever before.

 Dogora and Merle brace themselves, but all the metal balls floating in the air sent by Stone A's summoner are absorbing more and more of the mithril golem's light balls.

 Each metal sphere was shining vermilion, but as a result of absorbing the mithril golem's attack, the light became stronger and stronger and ended up shining white.


 Stone A summoner's body begins to crack, which continued to absorb .

 And then the cracks go around the whole body, and it looks like it's about to collapse.

 But like time goes back, the cracks have disappeared.

(Huh? (Once back to death?)

 The stone A summoner was healed completely while doing nothing, including Kiel's recovery magic.

 But the cracks start to show again.

"I'm at my limit. It'd be nice if you could come back once.

 Then Allen thrust his hands out in front of him.

Finally, it's time to say this.

 The time has come to say the words you've wanted to say one day.
 My spirits are rising.

 The stone A summoner reacted to Allen's gesture and held his hands out in front of him in the same way.
 And countless metal balls gather in front of your hands to form a single mass.

 A glowing ball of metal, completely in one piece.

 Allen took a deep breath and shouted, "Cleave!



 The Stone A summoner's eyes sparkle and react.

 The Stone A summoner's eyes sparkled, and the huge metal ball that floated in front of the Stone A summoner was sucked into the mithril golem with a tremendous force.

 And then it delivered a blow that shattered the mithril golem.