'A mithril golem has been defeated. I got 1.6 billion experience.

"Wow! That's a blow!

 Stone A's summoner's awakening skill "convergent bombardment" was a direct hit and was able to violently crush and defeat the body of the Mithril Golem .

''You're right. Maybe this enemy had assigned the majority of its status to speed and attack power. It also triggered my return to death.

 Analyze why Allen was able to win against Mithril Golem.

 Stone A's Summoner's special skill, "Absorb", absorbs the damage dealt by long-range attacks.
 There is a limit to how much damage Stone A's summoner can absorb, and if it absorbs more than the limit, Stone A's summoner will shatter and fall.

 At this time, Stone A's summoner will develop cracks in its body, but they cannot be fixed by recovery items such as Kiel's recovery magic or the blessings of the earth.

 The only way to fix it is Stone A's summoner's other special skill, "Return to Death".
 When this is activated, the absorption limit is reset and the cracks in Stone A's summoner's body disappear.
 Absorption will then continue to be absorbed.
 It will automatically trigger once every 10 times, but when activated, the accumulated damage is doubled and the power of the convergent bombardment is doubled.

 The awakening skill "convergent bombardment" is an attack with two characteristics, a physical attack and a magical attack.
 The metal spheres of the hibikikane attack physically, and the magic power collected to absorb them becomes a magic attack.
 It is extremely effective against enemies that are weak against physical attacks and those that are weak against magical attacks.
 This awakening skill "convergent bombardment" is the result of the fact that there are few enemies that are resistant to both physics and magic.

(Maybe this golem is vulnerable to physical attacks. It was running around.)

 If he was confident in his endurance, he wouldn't have had to run around like that.
 Allen believes that actions reveal the advantages and disadvantages of one's status, namely, one's status advantage and disadvantage.

(But then again, absorption and convergent bombardment. It's the perfect skill and awakening skill for my future battles)

 Previous summons of the stone system were excellent as well.
 But this time, the specialties and awakening skills are completely in line with what Allen was looking for.

 Absorption protects your friends and those you want to protect from a wide range of long-range attacks like a hailstorm.
 Convergent bombardment is a single attack.
 It is a single, concentrated, high-powered strike that was the weak point for Allen, who was already able to gain an advantage against large armies.

 I wonder if it was intended for a demon god.
 The one drawback is that it can't completely absorb the attacks of S-ranked and higher enemies.
 In this case, I was able to absorb 70% of the long-range attacks from the Mithril Golem.
 The remaining 30% was Merle's Tam-Tam, who, with the help of Sophie's spirit, defended her companions from the mithril golem's attack.

'Oh! Yeah. That's a silver box!

 Keel exclaimed with delight.
 At the position of the mithril golem, a silver box was dropped.

 Open the treasure chest.
 A ring comes out of it.

What the hell. (The ring again?)

 When Allen equipped it for confirmation, it increased the attack power by 5000.

 Coming to the fifth level, one new thing I learned is that the ring with a status 3000 increase will not be the last.
 Higher level rings will come out of the silver box at the 5th level.
 The probability of the silver box coming out is about 1 in 10, just like in the dungeons when I was at school.
 In addition, the gold box has yet to appear.
 We've already established a way to kill 100 Iron Golems per day.

 The ring that increases your status by 5,000 is almost ready to go.
 Since a good percentage of them come from the silver box, we should have about 20 of each for the entire party.

 Then a cube-shaped object appears in the back and a wooden box is placed there.
 Open it and you'll find the Mithril Medal.

Here we are at last.

 Cecil muttered as Allen let him out from inside, finally fighting the bottom boss.

''I guess so. Let's get out of this hall for once.

 Then, speaking to the cube-shaped object, return to your previous location to move between mithril.

What to do? You're already going to set me up?

"Oh, anyway, let's see what it looks like.

 Answer Crenna's question.
 We won't try the bottom level boss yet, but to see how it goes, Allen replies.

 For now, put the mithril medallion, which is snugly placed in the depression in the center of the pedestal in front of you.
 It seems to get sucked into the slightly deeper depression.  


 All three medals are hooked, so the lights of all four mages in the hall begin to glow strongly.

(Does this mean you have all the medals?)

 Allen and his friends go straight to the cube-shaped object that will transfer to the bottom boss.
 There is a cube-like object floating in front of them that will transfer to the lowest boss.

"I don't think that's a problem, but stay ready.

 Allen is not going to challenge the bottom-level boss.
 Talk to the cube-shaped object to assess the situation and gather whatever information you need.
 This object has answered the minimal questions I've been asking since my time at the school.


 Dogora holds a large axe and shield in both hands.

 Allen speaks to the cube-shaped object.

"Excuse me,

"Yes. I am S505, the lowest boss transfer system. There is only one medal stuck in the pedestal at a time. Would you like to try the bottom-level boss with only one party?


" "!

What do you mean, "Hey, only one party? How many parties can challenge the bottom boss?

 Cecil, who was about to listen to Allen's exchange with the cube-shaped object beside him, couldn't help but yell out.
 Everyone else feels the same way.

 The cube-shaped object implied that only one party could challenge, and not just one.

"Up to four parties, 50 players in total, can challenge.

 The cube-shaped object answers Cecil's astonished question.

If I can only join one party now, does that mean I have to put four medals in each pedestal to join four parties?


(That's why the dimples were so deep in the medallion.)

Let me ask you another question.


Does the strength of the lowest level boss change if I challenge it with one party or with four parties?

"No change.

Does the reward for defeating the lowest level boss change?

This one is no different. There are four rewards for defeating the bottom level boss, no matter how many parties you try it with. However, the bottom boss has not yet been conquered in this dungeon. Therefore, you will get 3 rewards for defeating the boss and one special reward for the rest. The first special reward is negotiable with Dungeon Master DiGragni".

Can we decide who gets paid for the first offer?

Of course. We don't know about the reward, so you can decide as you like. However, you do need to set up a leader to go between the lowest level bosses. This one is necessary for the transition, so please decide in advance.

(You can decide arbitrarily on the compensation here. Now we can either set up a leader to prevent them from shifting in and out as they please. Rewards.

"Let me think about it.

 I know how to challenge the lowest level boss.
 And we know how the rewards work.
 If you go with 4 parties, you will share the 4 rewards.
 If one party takes on the lowest boss, you get all four rewards, including the special reward for the first challenge.

Of course. You can decide what you want.

 Following the party leader's policy, Keel replies.

 Allen then silently faces the cube-shaped object and begins to think.

 Keel watches Allen, wondering what's so unusual about him.
 You may already have an answer, or perhaps because Allen, who usually makes quick decisions, is thinking about what to do.

"I guess this is the best way. Sophie.

What do you want?

Actually, I have a favor to ask you.

 This is when Keel realizes his mistake.
 Instead of how to challenge him, Allen was thinking about how to challenge him.
 And he asked Sophie to help him achieve that goal.


"No, I haven't said anything yet.

No, I will do everything Master Allen asks of me. It is my duty to be born a princess of Rosenheim. Only I can do that, can I not?

 Sophie agrees to Allen's request without even asking what it is.

 When Allen looks at Sophie, she's looking at him seriously, not joking around at all.

"Okay. Then do me a favor.

"Rosenheim was saved by Master Allen. Rosenheim was saved by Master Allen and is with him today. Please tell us what you want to know.

 Sophie could tell by the way Allen looked at her that she could ask him for a favor because she was the princess of Rosenheim.
 You can do anything you want, and Allen will ask you for a favor.

 That's enough to make you proud of the country that gave you birth.

Now here's what I need you to do.

 Saying that, Allen asked Sophie to do a favor for him to capture the bottom level boss.