287 Episode 281 Leader ①

 It's been a month since they defeated the mithril golem.
 Allen and his friends have been hunting the Iron Golem for a month.

 Thanks to this, Sophie's skills and experience have been perfected after she changed jobs for the last time.
 Hunting the Iron Golem is a great way to earn skill experience since it's always in combat.

 Valuable items and equipment that are not available at the 4th level can be found in the silver and gold chests from the Iron Golem's treasure chest.
 Of the chests from the Iron Golem, 90% of them are wooden chests.
 The probability of the silver and gold chests is about 10% and 1 in 1000, respectively.
 Still, I've managed to get three gold chests out so far.

 One of the gold chests yielded a lump of orichalcone, and my friends and I were in an uproar.
 With such low odds, it might be almost a miracle that an orichalcone appeared at the fourth level.
 Just like the orichalcone lump that appeared before, I decided to leave it with master craftsman Habarak.

 When I get the Fire God's artifacts back, master craftsman Habarak has promised to make weapons and armor for me as my first priority.
 I need you to forge a solid one for me.

You're right, I did get the magical stone.

 I'll complete the transaction and receive the magical stones as usual.

(I don't care how many magic stones I have.)

 Allen thinks about his stock of magic stones.

 In fact, Allen only needed to summon enough magic stones to reach skill level 9.
 In order to earn the 40 billion skill experience required to reach skill level 9, he should exchange some of the three million B-ranked magic stones for magic seeds.

 Since I would need to create ten times as many magic seeds to reach skill level 8, it would take more than a year if I were to do this in parallel with earning experience, but it was only a matter of time.

 However, that time is not enough because of the loss of the divine weapon, which may be the problem now.

 I have a new use for the large amount of magic stones I need.
 Each gold and silver bean requires five A-ranked magic stones.
 If you need a large number of stones temporarily or aim to summon level 10 or higher, you should save up as much as you can.
 You also want to stock up on heavenly blessings in ten thousand units.

 After all, you can have as many magic stones as you want.

 However, thanks to the equivalent exchange, your top priority has obviously been changed from magic stones to experience value.
 I've been looking for magic stones ever since I was able to summon an E-ranked summoner, but for the first time, I feel that leveling up is more important than magic stones.

 I feel like I've been told not to think about magic stones soon.
 What you need will change as you grow and change your environment.

 The days of the serfs when money was precious.
 The age of the peasant, when magic stones were precious.
 And now you need experience, both in the sense of no growth limit and 100 times the required experience.

 Yet, the kingship skill remains sealed.
 Merus told me that my summoning level will not increase with the sealed skill.

 That reminds me that that's how Cecil's magic was set up.
 There is a level cap on the magic that can be learned in the wizard line of work, partly because of intelligence.

 I was surprised to hear that summoners are similar.
Now that you know that, you want experience more than anything else.
 I wonder if there's a genie in there somewhere.
 Are there any demon gods among our guests?
 I heard from the higher demon god, Kyubel, that there might be a genie playing with us, but I don't think they're attacking us at all.

What are we going to do now? I know it's today.

 Cecil pulls Allen's delusions, which are far removed from the magical stone, back to reality.

Yeah, today. Yeah, today. Let's go buy some sake and meat. Let's go shopping.

 While thinking about the magical stone, Cecil asked me what my plans are for today.
 I have some important things to do today, so I have to go shopping.

 You'll be carrying a bone-in lump of meat on your shoulders that you've only seen in comic books and three barrels of the finest liquor you've ever seen.

Is three enough?

 Dogora and Krsna each carry a cask, and Allen is carrying it, when Keel asks him: "What do you think?

Hmm, that might be a little tough. Well, the liquor store is open at night. It's still daytime.

 If you don't have it, you can buy it.

 Return to the base.
 The dining room is quite large, with room for thirty people, but there is a lot of furniture in the way, so you clear out all the furniture except for the ones you need to relax, into the corner.

 You leave some of the couches in the garden.

What are you doing?

 Rosetta the Phantom Thief asks what it is that Allen's friends are doing.
 Helmios' party has yet to say anything.
 Wordlessly staring at what Allen and his friends do.


 Admiral Galala, who is sitting deep in the sofa and drinking, looks on as he glares at you.

Oh, the Zeuschwein prince will be here in a little while and we'll explain it together.

 It's almost time to look at the mages.
 The couches that are taking up space have been moved to the yard, except for one for Admiral Galala and one for the other.

"Prince Zeus is here to see you.

 I came on time.
 The servants will let the Zeuschwein prince through.

"Hmm? What is this?

 Prince Zeus muttered as he walked in, accompanied by two beastmen, Ur and Sarah.

Ah, welcome. You're early. We have a sofa for Prince Zeus.

(Have a good time.)

 Allen said, and showed you a sofa seat to sit comfortably.

What's up with that? I was asked to come, and I did. ......

 Without telling them what he wanted, Allen summoned the royalty of a great nation.
 This would never happen in the world of princes and nobles, but Prince Zeus understands that Allen doesn't understand that.

 It feels very righteous of you to come.

Today, I'd like to have a rally to challenge the lowest level boss. That's why Prince Zeus is here.

"Oh! Finally, a challenge!

 Prince Zeu, freshly seated and deep in his royal seat, stands up excitedly.

 The story of Aren's dungeon attack has been on Prince Zeusu's mind.
 You'll be able to find a lot more information about the attack on the site from time to time.

 The dungeon is well underway, but I was just wondering when you would challenge it.
 Today, Prince Zeus wondered if he had invited himself to the all-important meeting before the attack on the lowest level.

"Shit. What. I wondered what the hell was going to happen if you were exaggerating.

 Admiral Galala, who has already been drinking since daylight, swears.

Really. I know it's going to be tough, Allen, but good luck.

 Drinking from a wooden cup, Helmios puts me on notice.

"And I would like to ask a favor of you, Mr. Helmios. I would like to ask for your help with "Sacred".

 I request you to join the party "Sacred" where Hermios will be the party leader.

"Huh? Does this mean you want me to join your party and help you attack?

"No, in fact, the lowest boss seems to allow up to four parties of 50 people to join.

"Huh? What does that mean?

 Allen explains how it happened at the fifth level.
 Hermios had heard some of it, but he hadn't asked if the bottom boss was to be attacked by more than one party.

 Prince Zeus silently asks if that is the case with the conditions for fighting the bottom-level boss.


 Admiral Galala listens as he glares at you.

"So you're going to join us.

"Yes. You only need to participate in the bottom level boss. Defeating the bottom boss will give you three regular rewards and a special first-time reward. I only want the first special reward.

 Three different medals, which can be obtained from the golem with a difficulty as high as when the demon god got serious, are already prepared for the party of Helmios.
 Allen stresses that this is a request for cooperation only with the lowest level bosses.

'By the way, how strong do you think the lowest boss is?

 There was already no smile on Helmio's face.
 Helmios' party listening in the background also looks worried.

Yes, they are. That's a leader's duty.

My guess is that it's several times stronger or more difficult than the three different golems you beat to get it. At least that much.

"Hey! I don't have any enemies like that!

That's why I'm asking you.

 The bottom boss is several times stronger than the golems at the fifth level, says Rosetta the thief, saying it's impossible.

As I thought, at least that's what you're saying. Otherwise, I'm sure Mr. Allen would have challenged it on his own.

 Helmios already understood the situation.

"I'm sorry, but I need you to tell me what this is all about so that I can understand.

 Prince Zeus also enters the dungeon.
 But I heard that they mainly go to the second to fourth levels.
 I heard that the composition and number of beastmen that work together can be different each time, so he changes the levels he goes to depending on his formation at that time.

 I have never challenged after the fifth level and I have never defeated an S-ranked monster beast.
 I've never tried, so I don't know the strength of the golems at the 5th level.

 So I don't understand the situation very well.

 Allen said that the golems that drop the medals at the fifth level are stronger than the S-ranked hierarchical bosses that appear at the second to fourth levels.
 Furthermore, he explains that the lowest level boss is expected to be several times more difficult.

Yeah. It's probably something like that.

 Helmios listens to Allen with a nod.

'How is that possible?

The Death Zone and all of them, including the one with the golem, can only be entered by one party. That's the setting for each difficulty level.

 Explain the real meaning of 50 people in four parties.
 There are many people in one party who act with 20 or 30 people.

 So it's hard to say.

 But if you consider only the number of parties, it is four times as many.
 If you consider the number of people in the party, it's two or three times as many.

Can you attack that? What an ordeal His Majesty the Beast King has put me through?

 This is when Prince Zeus learned the true meaning of the difficulty of attacking an S-class dungeon.

''It's possible if you gather a party.''

 They say it's possible if you get the best party together.

Hmmm. I need more information. By the way, Allen, if you join us, you have a shot at capturing this thing, right?

 Hermos did not answer immediately.

(Is this what a leader should be for a brave man?)

Helmios' 'Sacred' joined us, and we probably have half a chance of winning.

" "!

"Hey! You're that strong?

 Even Rosetta the Phantom Thief is surprised.
 The opponent is the world's strongest hero, Helmios, and his party.
 And even if you join Allen's party, which has a proven track record of getting to the bottom boss alone, Allen says you have a 50% chance of winning.

Yeah. That's probably about it.

But that's assuming you win. If it's too hard, you can withdraw. If it means everyone retreats safely, that's almost a non-issue. If it's too tough and we have to retreat, we won't force a rematch.

 Use the summons as a decoy, and for Allen, retreating is his specialty.

"Okay. Let's go.

"Thank you.

Well, to be frank, I've been told by the emperor to get along with him and all that.

(To tell you the truth. Well, that's what I thought. I'm not going back to the Ghiamut Empire.

 Helmios had been sitting in the stronghold for years.
 The reason was Allen.

 Maybe he was in some kind of debt, or was told to build a relationship.
 Maybe he had been urged to improve the relationship even more after he had given him the golden beans and the silver beans.

 This is how Helmios ended up fighting with Allen against the lowest level boss.