288 Episode 282 Leader ②

"How. Now you want to try it with two parties. Helmios-dono's party joins in, it's a formidable force. The central continent is going to have to pull together.

 Prince Zeus is impressed as he watches Helmios' party "Sacred" challenge the lowest boss.

''No, Prince Zeus, we're not all here yet. They are not all here yet . I will be inviting Admiral Galala's 'Stinger' party as well.

"What! What does that mean?

"There are quotas and numbers of participants. Admiral Galala's party is also a good idea. Isn't Admiral Galala also not stuck in the base for three months thinking about joining?

 Admiral Galala, who has been watching as Allen invites Helmios to the party, explodes in anger.
 However, Allen nonchalantly invites Admiral Galala to the party.

What? There is no way!

"Huh? No? It's not what I expected again.

"What? What's that about?

"No. . At first I thought that Admiral Galala was angry about this situation because of an unreasonable order from the Emperor.

 Admiral Galala began to infiltrate the base last October because he was angry with the emperor for losing his people to unreasonable orders from the emperor.
 Allen thought that's why he was swearing and drinking.

 But that was not the case.
 It wasn't until I was at the fifth level, with all my medals on a pedestal, that I realized I had received an explanation from the cube-shaped object.

 The bottom level boss had four parties of fifty people in it.


 A voice also leaks from Hermios.
 I think I know how Admiral Galala got into this situation.

Admiral Galala decided that they could make it on their own. But because of that decision, he lost a colleague. And he blames himself for it.

 Allen continues to talk to a glowering Admiral Galala.

(Do you want to play it safe, like Helmios, or do you want to be as adventurous as Admiral Galala? Both are ways of being a leader, though.

 I can't say that the way of Helmios, who made sure it was absolutely safe, is the right answer.
 Some things can only be gained through risk-taking.
 But it's true that we have lost a number of people to Admiral Galala's decisions.

 Admiral Galala hated himself and, not being able to face his comrades, fled to the base where Allen and his friends were stationed.
 Admiral Galala had been desperate.

"Why, you...

 Everything is understood, and Admiral Galala's words become less vigorous.

Admiral Galala. Now is the time to try again. We have it, and so does the Helmios party. Isn't it a safer challenge?

 Finally, Allen invites Admiral Galala to the party.

"Ah! You can't tell them to go back! How many people do you think died?!

Is that so?

"Of course! Of course they think their friends are dead because of my decisions!

 There was no more swearing on Admiral Galala's face as he cried out to expose everything in his heart.
 As penitence, as repentance, as regret, he spits out what has accumulated in his heart.

 Thinking of the comrades he had lost through his own errors and miscalculations, he couldn't bear the magnitude of his mistake and continued to bully himself to pieces.

Do they feel the same way?


 As Allen says this, I hear a noise coming from upstairs.
 You can hear the footsteps of more than ten people who have been waiting in the upstairs room.

 Then they creep into the dining room.

""Admiral ......"

 There were all of Admiral Galala's friends who were now 13 people.

Why are you here ......

Allen invited me. He said he would definitely invite Hermos' party to join us and we would try to complete this dungeon. He said it's the only way for everyone to move forward. ......

 A fellow dwarf, wiping away tears with sobs, says .


 Helmios looks at Allen, who was already being talked about for inclusion in the group, but Allen doesn't say anything.
 As Helmios looks at Allen as if filing a complaint, he also noticed that Admiral Galala's fellow dwarves were upstairs, and it was expected that this kind of conversation was going to happen.

Before or after: ......

"Yes, sir. I can't watch you like that anymore. "There's no way I'm going to capture a dungeon!" again. I want you to say, "Please come back! Please come back!

 As Admiral Galala was falling apart, his friends anxiously watched over him for a long time.

"You tell me what you're going to do: ......

 Having said that much, Admiral Galala is silent.
 Then he slowly begins to look at Allen, Helmios, and their party and begin to think.

 Admiral Galala begins to think deeply, as if starting over, what he once could not think carefully.
 You hold your palms down on your head as if to tell your alcoholic head to get serious.

 He seems to be thinking hard and calculating whether he can do it or not, and whether he has a chance of winning.

(Okay, okay, the leader's thinking is coming back.)

 Allen and his friends are watching the scene in silence.
 And then, as if already sobered up, Admiral Galala looks at Allen.
 And then he says.

"This is Allen. I'll join you in attacking the lowest level of the boss. No, let me join you.

"Yes. Of course.

"But I want you to promise me one thing, and that's not a requirement for participation.

"Huh? You can't raise it if it's a reward for the first strike.

"It's not like that . If Allen and Helmios' party has a fifty percent chance of winning, you can't be sure we're going to win, even if we do. Isn't that right?

It certainly is.

If the plan doesn't work, if we're not strong enough to win, if we're close to defeat... Well, you can't win. Is that all right?

What does it mean?

I'll be the bait, so all 13 of you must get out of here safely.

""The Admiral ......"

You shut your mouth!

I see. I guess it's the responsibility of the party leader.


I see. But I'm responsible for getting the party together. I have a responsibility to stay until the end to make sure that all the parties are safe. So please understand.

 He says it's fine to stay until the end, but it's Allen who will stay until the end.
 I remind Admiral Galara that I don't mind.

All right. If that's your decision, I won't stop you.

"Yes! Now we can move on! Let's have a drink today! Hey, brother Allen!

(Who's Allen's brother. I don't remember having a brother like this.

 Admiral Galala's buddies rejoice.

"That's great. Even the strongest troops of the Baukis Empire will be there. This is going to go down in history: ....... Today is the perfect prelude to the big dungeon.

 The Zeuschwein prince, who had been silent all along, praises with surprise.

"Huh? Prince Zeus is coming too. We have medals for four parties to go to the fifth level, and medals for the challenge of the lowest level boss.


 Prince Zeus couldn't understand.
 I don't understand what was said.

Oh! Great. Then, the bottom level boss of the first defeat.

"What? This must not happen! I will not take alms and fulfill my promise to His Majesty the Beast King!

(That's it . Admiral Galala. I've never had to work so hard to collect raids in a previous life. You were hard at work that time.

 Helmios can fulfill his promise to His Majesty the Beast King if Prince Zeus joins him.
 Prince Zeus promised to attack the lowest boss for the first time.
 I thought that if I didn't have a detailed promise to His Majesty the Beast King, I could join someone's party or gather some beastmen to join.

 But when Prince Zeu understood what Helmios said, he was furious.
 He said that attacking the lowest boss as a form of entertainment would be a violation of his promise to His Majesty the Beast King.
 He is adamantly against it.

 Raids where multiple parties challenge each other will be more willing to join you because the rewards for defeating them are great.
 So I don't remember having that much trouble when I became the recruiter.
 The hardest part was when I had to call on parties whose attributes conflicted with mine.
 When I had to invite the leader of the dark knight, I was in a lot of trouble, I thought as I watched Prince Zeu bare his canine teeth and snap.

It's not charity. You need Prince Zeus to take on the party as well, or else we won't be able to defeat him.

"No, no. Allen. You know that ......

 To the enraged Prince Zeu, Allen replies seriously.
 His anger fades and his words become stagnant as if he's ashamed of his position.

 There are a lot of beastmen in this S-class dungeon, but most of them aren't very good at what they do.
 In terms of stars, they were only one or two.

 Prince Beku knows about Prince Zeku's promise to the Beast King.
 If Prince Zeu conquers an S-class dungeon, Prince Zeu could become the next Beast King.

 I won't send salt to Prince Zeu who would be my political rival.
 It hadn't changed since Princess Shea captured the Evil God Sect's guru.

"His Majesty the Beast King has not yet decided who will be the Beast King.

There's that. I couldn't drag such a strong man down.

 That's why Prince Beku will not relent.
 No man of influence will ever come to the Baucis empire.

 Even if he knows he'll never be the Beast King.

I understand. Soon the strongest men of the Beast Kingdom of Albahar will be here.

 Then Allen looks at the door of the dining room.
 Everyone looks at the door, not just Prince Zeus, wondering what this is all about.

 No one comes.

 A minute, two minutes go by, but no one comes.
 You'll see that no one is coming," he says, looking at Allen, his face full of conviction.

"No one's coming ......


 Just as Prince Zeus is about to tell you that no one is coming, there is a knock at the front door.
 A servant of Helmios comes to greet his guest.

 The dwarves are buzzing that someone has indeed arrived.
 So is Helmios' party.
 All eyes are on Allen and his party, but they are undisturbed.

 Allen's party seems to know who's coming.

Oh, um, ......

 After some time, the servant comes back to the dining room.
 The tension is evident in his expression.

"Please let me pass.

 Allen answers before Hermios answers.
 The servant invites the guest into the dining room, with a nervous look on his face.

"Hey, this is Marshal Sigur!

 Prince Zeus shouts in surprise.
 It's because Marshal Sigur, the top military officer of Rosenheim, has entered the room with his elves.

 Of course, as the royalty of a continent in the League of Five Continents, you have met Marshal Sigur many times.

 When you are about to ask why you are here, more and more people are creeping into the room.

"Mister Allen, we've got them all here.

"Thank you.


 Ten mute and confident beastmen come in, led by Marshal Sigur.
 Then Prince Zeu noticed something.

Could this be the Ten English Beasts?

 The negotiations for the fourth party were about to begin, with Admiral Galala joining him to capture the lowest boss.