289 283. The Ten Angels ①

"Are you all there?

 The number of people seems to be 10, but still a half-believing Prince Zeusu confirms .

''Yes . The Ten Brave Beasts are all those who were elected last year. Your Royal Highness Prince Zeuschwein.

 Marshal Sigur brought the "Ten Brave Beasts" with him.

 Prince Zew Beast has been in the S-class dungeon of the Baucis Empire for almost two years now.
 While some of the faces are familiar, some are new to me, so I will check them out.

 But hearing Marshal Sigur's words, Prince Zeus is convinced.

 The ten English beasts are the ten beastmen who are allowed to call themselves the 'Strongest in the Beast Kingdom of Albahar'.

 They must win each division of the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament held in the capital of the Beast Kingdom.
 The winner will have a battle with last year's winner to regain the title, and the one who wins can take the title of Ten Brave Beasts for one year.

 His behavior and expression are full of confidence.

''Oh! Your Highness, Prince Zeu. It's been a while!

 In the midst of this suspended situation, a bear beastman in fine armor, wearing fine armor and carrying a huge hammer on his back as if to move time, steps forward.
 The giant hammer is so heavy that it looks as if it's two and a half meters tall.
 The floor shakes and creaks as you walk.

I see General Hova is here too.

 Then the bear beastman chosen by the Ten English Beasts seems to know Prince Zeu.

 Some of them know the face of Prince Zeu who left for the Baukis Empire for two years ago.
 I'm buzzing when I realize Prince Zeus is here.

"Keh! What the hell. This one.

 So swearing, one of the Ten Englishmen standing near the entrance sat down at the table and began to drink directly from a small wooden barrel of wine.

"You have a leper too?

Yeah, I was trying to be nice to the girl and then Bek sent me to the Kingsguard. It's a joke. This isn't Rosenheim. What the hell is going on?

"What? What a way to talk to His Royal Highness Prince Zeu! And to call the Crown Prince of Beasts out.

 General Hova is furious and puts his hand on the back mallet.
 The floor is about to fall out, and Allen thinks, "I don't want you to flail about.

What? I don't know.

 The fox beastman named Lepe seems to have a rather uninhibited character.
 He wears a jerky thing around his neck that looks like an African national costume.

He seems to be quite a troublemaker. No weapons. I think "musician" is a gifted profession.

 Allen has heard all about the Ten Brutes.
 While discussing a problematic child named Lepe, one of the ten Englishmen, another one of the ten is sitting at the table.

 She seems to be a little taller than Merle, a squirrel beastman girl.
 She sniffs the mouth of a different wooden barrel than the one Lepe is clutching, but her face is twisted.

'Oh! Do you drink alcohol too, Temi?

You're still the same. Why don't you calm down a little? I don't drink alcohol. No fruit water?

"Yes, yes. I will serve you.

 Without looking at Lepe's face, he demanded a drink that was not alcohol from the servant of Helmios.

 Not interested in the conversation between Prince Zeus and Lepe, he began to eat the fruit water given to him by the servants and Hucaman on the table.

"Oh, no. Isn't that your counselor, Lord Temi? Oh, impossible.

"Ho. This is good!

 Temi doesn't even bother with the astonished Beast Prince Zeu, but eats Hucaman with his munchies.

(I thought you were supposed to serve the Beast King by giving him advice on astrology. I know he looks like an early teenager, but he's in a pretty good position.

 Temi has a rare talent as an astrologer, a talent that is said to be found only in a few people in the Beast Kingdom.
 This talent has put her in a position to advise the Beast King's aides in deciding the future of the nation, Allen has heard.
 That position is apparently higher than any general or minister.

General Sigur. What's going on here. Why are we here, all ten of them?

"Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I don't know what to say. I just need a little more time to explain.

 When asked by Prince Zeus, Marshal Sigur looks puzzled.
 I was just trying to explain why I'm here and he says he can't.
 He looks to Sophie for help.

 Apparently, even the highest ranking military officer in the great nation of Rosenheim can't explain it well.

Prince Zeu, Rosenheim wishes to live and prosper together with the Albahar beast kingdom. Therefore, please do not misunderstand today's matter: ......

 When asked for help, Sophie tries to explain on behalf of Marshal Sigur.
 She tries to explain well, but she freezes in the middle of explaining if there is even a contradiction in what she is saying.
 Sophie also seems to have fallen into a self-contradiction.

What's going on?

"Oh, they can't seem to explain it, so I'll take their place.

No, I knew it was a ploy by you.

(I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. Excuse me.

 As Allen tries to talk, Prince Zeus is a little relieved.
 He thought that Allen would try something.

"No, not so much a ploy. I've asked Rosenheim to come help us capture the dungeon in the Baukis Empire.

I see. But as I said before, you said the Crown Prince Beku would never allow it.

 Prince Zeus could understand that Allen's plan called for the Ten-British Beasts in the Baucis Empire.
 But he doesn't know how to do it.

 Prince Beku is absolutely against it.
 I want to clear this question up.

"There's still a remnant of magical beasts in Rosenheim. There are still a remnant of monsters in Rosenheim, a vicious hexenbiest who's hindering the recovery process. The elves are tired from the battle with the Demon King's army and they can't help us. I'm asking for the help of the world's most powerful beasts, the ten most powerful beasts in the world. Well, I have asked the Baucis Empire to come to our aid.

 Since that is the body's reasoning, I would add that there is no troubling fact of being tormented by such a monster beast.

 I asked Marshal Sigur to fly to the capital of the beast kingdom of Albahar in a speedboat of magic ship to help Rosenheim because they are in trouble.
 Then I begged the Beast King for help.

I see.

"In return, I have given him 3,000 elven elixirs.

 Hearing that much, Prince Zeus could understand the situation to a large extent.
 Perhaps if Marshal Sigur of Rosenheim were to beg, Rosenheim would be in real trouble.

 And in return, he was given a valuable elven elixir.

 Prince Zeu knows the effects of this elven elixir.
 Sophie has given me this elixir on several occasions to heal even missing limbs.
 It's for beastmen who were badly injured and couldn't be healed by restorative medicine or recovery magic.

 A person in a respectable position asked for a favor, and for a reason that makes sense.
 Even Prince Zeu thinks this is believable.

But that's really not enough to send the Ten-Year-Old into another country to defeat the Hexenbiest.

 The Zeuschwein prince thinks that's not good enough.
 You could send half of the ten Yongbeasts to help you, but would you really send them all?

 Even with the evil guru, he never sent Ten Brutes to help Princess Shea.
 I've never had all ten Euboids together at a meeting of the League of Continents.

 The Ten Braves are the ultimate trump card of the Albahar beast kingdom.
 We don't set up this system just for the popularity of the beast king or for national uplift.

 Especially against Lepe the musician who never listens to you, he seems to have sent an army to force you to come here.
 And will she really send her astrologer Temi to be the beast king's advisor?
 It's even said that the future of the beast kingdom could change if something happens to Temi.
 The reason for sending her is to defeat the monster that even Rosenheim's army can't handle.

 Sending Temi the astrologer might cause the Beast King to object, not to mention Prince Beku.

 I wonder if it's really true.
 Is this the only reason for getting what precious elixir?

 That's the question that comes to me from Prince Zeus.

 When I looked at Sophie to confirm that Prince Zeus was telling the truth, she looked away.
 I look at Marshal Sigur and he looks away.

 I feel like she's desperate for me to believe her just because of what she just said.

As expected of the future Beast King, he seems to understand the situation.

 Allen just gave me something of a compliment.

What do you mean?

Yes, actually, if you don't mind keeping this between us, I have a bit of a confidential conversation with Crown Prince Beku.

 I can't help but have a bad feeling after hearing this far.
 Or rather, Allen looks worse than any bad guy ever imprisoned in the Beast Kingdom.

 I know you say it's just between you and me, but there are nearly 50 people here.

"Oh, what did you do?

No, I just made an appointment in private. Then, Prince Beku personally persuaded the Beast King to join us, which was really helpful.

 Prince Beku himself did his best to make it happen.

Say it! What in the world have you promised me!

As a matter of fact, I have promised Prince Beku that if we invade the Central Continent, Rosenheim will not do anything for a month.


"When the beast kingdom of Al-Bahar violated the pact of the Alliance of Five Continents and attacked the central continent, you didn't issue a statement of condemnation and tacitly acknowledged it, sending no reinforcements or relief supplies to the Ghiamut Empire, well, that's about it. I'm so grateful for your immediate cooperation already. Hey, Marshal Sigur.

 Marshal Sigur called Prince Beku to his private room and made a verbal promise to him in confidence.


 General Sigur has no answer.
 It's probably not something that should be spoken in the presence of the nobles of the Gearmut Empire.

 But the time to care about it is long past.
 Now, I may just want to get away from this situation as soon as possible and go back to Rosenheim as soon as possible.

 Prince Bekku has never hidden his intention to invade the central continent when he ascends to the throne of the Beast King.
 Prince Beku, who had a confidential talk with Marshal Sigur, even persuaded the Beast King to cooperate with him to the best of his ability.

You did what you did. It's impossible. It's impossible. ......

 Prince Zeusu collapsed to his knees as if his whole body had been drained.

Prince Zeuschwein!

 The fall of Prince Zeus was enough to send General Hova into a panic, and she held the prince in her arms as he was about to pass out.