290 Art. 284. The Ten Angels ②

 Prince Zeu collapses to his knees as General Hova desperately tries to wake him up.
 The two of them are over two meters tall, so it's an amazing sight, says Allen, watching with lukewarm eyes.

You can't. I will not kneel in public.

 Apparently there is more to it than concern for you.
 A royal should not kneel on the ground in public.

 General Hova wanted Prince Zeus to at least sit on the sofa, so she helped him sit deeper into the sofa, lending him her shoulder.

Oh, Allen. What will you do if Prince Beku finds out about this?

"Huh? He won't be able to take over the Beast King's throne if he's found out. Prince Zeu is the right man for the Beast King.

 Allen says you don't need to worry about the Crown Prince Beku, who is going to be dethroned anyway.

That's up to His Majesty the Beast King. Even the Beast King has conspired on this case. Oh, it's over. I'm not even allowed to set foot in the land of the Beast King anymore!

 Despair oozes from Prince Zeus's entire body.

"Huh? What does that mean. Why does it happen that way?

"Don't you understand. His Majesty the Beast King is so furious that he will surely send a strike force to chase me to the ends of the world.

 I mourn my end with distant eyes.

"I'm sorry. I don't see what you're talking about? Is the Beast King, the head of state of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom, so small?

"What? What the hell! I will not tolerate insults to His Majesty the Beast King!

Prince Zeu. You are the one who is insulting His Majesty the Beast King. Don't you understand the situation?

 Allen admonishes the enraged Prince Zeu, telling him not to joke about it.
 Even General Hova wonders what this means.

 Both Helmios and Admiral Galala are watching the events between Allen and Prince Zeus.
 This is a big deal that could lead to the collapse of the League of Five Continents and even a war between Rosenheim and the Albahar Beast Kingdom.

 But Allen doesn't care about it at all.

Explain it to me so I can understand.

"Yes. Let me explain. This is an ordeal His Majesty the Beast Prince Zeus asked me to undertake in order to capture an S-class dungeon.


 Prince Zeus listens silently as he glares.

And through my companion Sophie, I was able to get Rosenheim to move. And I also used Prince Beku to get the Ten English Beasts to come to our dungeon. Here's what happened.

So why did you say this would happen? You've thought of everything.

 It's true that you said you were plotting against His Majesty the Beast King, but in fact, it's clear that Allen and Rosenheim are involved.

''The facts don't matter. What His Majesty the Beast King thinks is important. Rosenheim has summoned the Ten English Beasts by offering a large quantity of an expensive elixir, and even reckoning with them. That's what's natural for him to think. Who thinks it's natural to ask whoever you want to orchestrate this. If not His Majesty the Beast King, then there is only one answer.


 No one thinks it was Allen's idea, or that Rosenheim was acting behind his back on his own.
 Rosenheim was willing to give up three thousand precious potions and Marshal Sigur to bring the Ten Brigands to him.

 Does the Beast King simply think it was Rosenheim who did it?

 It's natural to assume that the Beast King was orchestrated by Prince Zeu through the royal family of Rosenheim who happened to be in an S-class dungeon.

 Here is the future Queen of Rosenheim and the Beast Prince who hasn't been able to accomplish his task because of His Majesty the Beast King's trials.
 Surely, when the Beast Prince Zeu became the Beast King, one would think that Rosenheim also interfered in the internal affairs of the kingdom, hoping for something in return.
 Maybe there is some secret agreement between the future queen and the beast king.

A king is one who uses any means necessary to accomplish his goal. Shouldn't you tell him in confidence that it's worse to be deceived? Wouldn't you be convinced if His Majesty the Beast King is truly the vessel of a king?

"A vessel for the Beast King?

Yes. Suppose you successfully completed the dungeon in this case. What will you have left? Three thousand precious elven elixirs to close relations with the great power Rosenheim . And the achievements of the Zeu Beast Prince.

 He will choose any means to achieve his goal.
 And greedily consider the national interest of the beast kingdom.
 Isn't that the quality of a king, Allen explains.

Does it really work that well?

Yes. I thought the position of the Beast King was already in doubt.

No.... You say Beast King, Beast King, but Shea will be the Beast King. Not me.

 Princess Shea, the beast princess who captured the evil guru a few months ago, says she will be the Beast King.
 Princess Shea is one of the first to pass the trials to become the Beast King.

Isn't she already appointed as the Beast King?

 It's been months since I heard that you have captured the evil guru.
 Strangely enough, we still haven't decided on a new beast king yet, which is strange since we're still in the middle of the religious trial.
 That's why Prince Zeu is still in the Baucis Empire.

That's... But...

''The ordeal His Majesty the Beast King has put forth this time is not for the general. It's about what a king is. It's about what a king is.

What is the king? What does that mean?

Yes . Indeed, Princess Shea was the first to capture the pagan guru. With the help of the Elmarid state.

"Mm. That's right.

"An accomplishment of this caliber is a general's caliber. It's not for a king.

What do you mean by that level of achievement? What do you think of Shea!

(You're my sister's favorite brother.)

"Calm down and listen. Princess Shea is certainly worthy to lead her army and accomplish her goals. And what Prince Zeus did is the more important thing.


''Yes. Prince Zeus is a schemer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal and will deceive both the Beast King and Prince Beku. And in a short period of time, he has accomplished this by involving the strongest troops in the Baucis Empire, led by Admiral Galala, the brave party in the Central Continent, and the royal family in Rosenheim, all over the world.

 He says that the scale of the achievement of the goal is totally different.
 It's obvious to everyone who will be the Beast King and who is fit to be the Beast King, Allen explains.

Indeed, indeed. That's great. And the one who will lead the League of Continents is fit to be the new Beast King. I see! I see!

 General Hova was so moved that she began to cry.
 Beyond the tears, he seemed to see the Beast King Zeu sitting on his throne, running the world.

What! Oh, hey, General Hova. Settle down.

 General Hova's hand on his chin as he looks at the brave party and Admiral Galala's party here and is convinced.
 This achievement in attacking this S-class dungeon isn't just an honor.
 I'm talking about how much national interest it will bring to the Beast Kingdom.
 And conquering an S-class dungeon is just a byproduct of the albahar beast kingdom.

You must have gotten them involved. All I have to do is join the dungeon.

 Prince Zeus says he has nothing to do with it.

''Oh, I didn't tell you that this is the lowest boss that requires up to four parties to defeat it, but it seems that we need a leader who can lead multiple parties. The leader of all parties should be Prince Zeu.

 Allen bows deeply and asks for a favor.

 If there is more than one party, who is the leader of the whole party is required in a transition setting.

 Prince Zeusch was the leader of the entire four parties.
 This will definitely be viewed by everyone as an achievement by Prince Zeus.

 For a moment Prince Zeusebeast went black and almost blacked out again.
 It was all done by the dark-haired man in front of him.

No.... It's a perfect ruse. What is the purpose of this? Why do you go to this extent . Do you have any idea what happens if you fail!

 Allen will have involved the world.
 If you fail, there will be consequences.

 Prince Zeu can't be the Beast King, of course.
 It won't just be more than that.

 Rosenheim who engineered the beast kingdom of Albahar will have a hundred-year vendetta.
 The five continents are on the verge of a schism.
 Under attack by the demon king's army, this crisis could be the downfall of the world.

 It's true that the payoff for Prince Zeus to conquer the dungeon is immeasurable.
 But what is Aren's goal?

 What greater purpose could there be?
 at least not for Prince Zeus.

We won't fail. We'll win if Prince Zeus joins us. I've already told you why I want to do this.


 Prince Zeus traces his memory to see if he skipped anything.
 I can't remember if there was ever a story about why Allen did this.

My party, the Abandoned Gamer, will take the reward for the first kill. You won't be fooled anymore. Just the Beast King's throne this time.

 I will make sure that the reward for the first kill will be given to Allen and the others.
 I will give you all the honors that come with the conquest, but I will not give up this one.

Only the Beast King's throne. You would bind the world together for the reward of revenge? You're mad!

 The Zeuschwein prince's vision became blurred because the loss of failure was completely out of proportion to the return of success.

The party leader of the Ten-Ying Beasts' party, Prince Zeu, would like to invite you to join us in attacking the lowest level of the S-class dungeon. Please join us in attacking the lowest level boss of an S-class dungeon.

 Allen bowed deeply once again.

"Huh? I don't answer now?

"Yes, sir. We're borrowing the Ten Braves from the Kingdom of Albahar Beasts. We don't have much time.

(You sound like a damsel who wants to be prepared.)

 The Zeuschwein prince sees the Ten Brutes.
 The world definitely moves by its own choice.
 He swallows his spit and thinks desperately.

"Do not be confused! Your Highness Prince Zeu Beast. Isn't this a good opportunity to show the world the power of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom!

 With a roar, General Hova leaps every muscle in his body and advises.
 Just order them to fight.

 Lepe the magician yawns, watching the events unfold disinterestedly.
 Then the squirrel beastman beside him opens his mouth.

"Mmm-hmm. Hmmm." "You needn't worry about me. I'm just a fortune teller.


 Then the astrologer Temi comes to Allen's side.

I see. You must be Mister Allen? I didn't see you in the horoscope. It's a mystery. It is strange indeed. But is this the way the stars decide fate?

 So saying, take both of Allen's cheeks in your hands and make a difficult face and munimni.

"Huh? Divination? Could it be that you saw your current situation in your fortune telling?

No, I never thought . It doesn't show up in the horoscope that you would do something so insane. But I see. I guess my prediction wasn't wrong.

 Then the astrologer Temi starts talking.

 The Beast King asks Astrologer Temi to tell who he wants to be the next Beast King.
 And when Temi did, he said Prince Zeu would be the next Beast King.

What! I am the Beast King.

Hear me out. Because this story is very important to the Beast Kingdom.


 Astrologer Temi remonstrates as Prince Zeus interrupts the conversation.

 Prince Zeus is silent, so Temi continues.

 The Beast Prince Zeu is worried because his temperament is too gentle, the Beast King says.
 He asks you to re-tell the fortune again and again.
 But no matter how many times I try, the next Beast King will be Prince Zeu.

 Fortune-telling only reveals the results, so I don't know why.
 To be honest, Temi thinks this is the first time she's ever seen a result of a fortune telling with such a blind process.
 But as a result of her foresight, she advised the Beast King that if Prince Zeu is worthy to be the Beast King, then he should be put to the test.

 Then, anticipating Prince Beku's interference, I ordered him to conquer an S-class dungeon to make the ordeal absolutely unattainable.
 Both the Beast King and astrologer Temi thought that this would change the result of the next Beast King's fortune telling.
 But still, the result of the fortune-telling remained the same.
 One year or two years passed, and the result of the fortune telling remained the same.

I thought I had done a great disservice to the future of the Albahar beast kingdom. This incomprehensible divination halted the beast kingdom's progress.

 Temi deeply regretted that her fortune telling had resulted in the Beast Kingdom's deviation from the path.
 She was thinking of telling the Beast King that she would be stepping down from her position in the Beast Kingdom's service to take the blame for the confusion it had caused.

 Just as I was about to make up my mind, the General of Rosenheim arrived.
 Apparently he's been talking to the Crown Prince Beku in confidence.

 And it was decided to send the ten English beasts to Rosenheim.

"Oh, no. ......

 Prince Zew Beast hears the astonishing truth.

(Did they stop Princess Shea Beast from becoming the Beast King too?)

"Yes. But it's funny. Prince Zeu, the Beast Prince. Isn't this the only time we can make up for all the times we've been soft on His Majesty the Beast King?

 Now is the time for redemption, says the astrologer Temi.

 Crown Prince Beku has taken a hard-line measure that he is willing to let the blood of a talented person flow for the sake of national prosperity.
 Princess Shea the Beast has chased and captured an evil guru in the confederacy.

 The Beast Prince Zeu was between such a fierce brother and sister, and the Beast King had always been worried about him.

(I know...) We first met after saving Mr. Ur, right?

 If Allen hadn't saved the beastmen Ur and Sara, it's doubtful that he would have met the Beast Prince Zeu.
 After hearing Taemi's story, Allen has a strange feeling that saving Ur and the others might be the moment when the future changed.

"You're going to follow me, right?

 You're still in the Beast King's inner circle.

"The Beast King doesn't hesitate at times like that. Look around.

 Astrologer Temi smiled and replied.
 At those words, power dwells in the eyes of the Zeus Prince.
 Then he looked at the ten English beasts one by one.

You heard me. I tricked you into coming here, but you will fight with me.

 The ten English beasts nodded deeply at Prince Zeus's prepared words.

I guess we'll get an answer then.

I'm going to join the bottom-level boss attack party.

"Yes . I'd be happy to. Let's have a rally, then.

 Thus, the four party mix-up of Allen, Helmios, Admiral Galala, and Prince Zeu was about to begin the bottom-level boss attack.