291 285. The eve of the final battle

 After assembling a four-party raid party, Allen spent the next five days meticulously planning a strategy to attack the lowest boss.

 Then he conducted a series of exercises to see if he could move as planned.

 For the exercise, he used an S-ranked hierarchical boss.
 The Scarlet-Sand-Worm, a worm-like hexenbiest on the third level, was really helpful in coordinating our attacks.
 I even wondered if this was the monster beast that was there for this purpose.

 Tomorrow we'll go to the bottom level boss.
 Today is the eve of the battle.
 We had a four-party rally five days ago, but no matter how many times we go through something like this, it's always good.
 It will give you some energy to prepare for tomorrow.

 Since the ten English beasts were especially large, we decided to hold it in the yard of the base after reflecting on how small it was during the rally.

 The dwarves drink like a joke.
 Admiral Galala is back.
 That seems to be all the more reason to drink.

 In secret, Admiral Galala's fellow dwarves told him they were very grateful for this battle, win or lose.

"More fruit water, please.


 The servants of Helmios give me a refill of fruit water.

 The servants who came with Helmios' party are working quietly today.
 I can't thank them enough.

(We won't fight until we kill the lowest boss, though.)

 I'm going to continue to hunt the Iron Golem after conquering the lowest level boss.
 I want to do this until I learn the still-sealed kingmaking skill.

"Can I have another fruit water?


 As Allen is planning his future, Admiral Galala gets a refill of fruit water from a servant.

I've prepared a nice drink for you.

"It's okay. I've had enough to drink. I'm saving it for tomorrow's victory drink.

 Admiral Galala is no longer the cursing he was when he was at the base.
 I'm counting on Admiral Galala to regain his composure.
 Admiral Galala hasn't had a drop of alcohol in the last five days.

So tomorrow will be a victory party.

"Yes. Allen. Whatever form tomorrow's fight takes, I'll say thanks in advance. Thank you.

"Let's not do that kind of depressing stuff.

That's right.

 Admiral Galala chides Admiral Galala, who is determined to burn out tomorrow.
 Admiral Galala walks into the circle of fellow dwarves with a radiant expression on his face.

 Lepe, the musician, is playing the biggest flute you've ever seen to set the mood.
 Such a Lepe notices something.
 He stops playing the flute and heads to Cecil's side, taking two cups of liquor from the servant.

"Hello, beautiful girl. Beautiful girl. Would you like to have a drink with me?

"Huh? You are so clever. I'll take it.

 Then you take the cup and try to go somewhere.

"Hey, hey. Come on.

"I'm only interested in strong men.

 Then Cecil smiles, accepting only a cup.

 But Lepe, the musician, seems to be happy with that kind of line.
 Incidentally, Prince Zeu says that there are many strong-minded women among the beastmen.
 Perhaps they enjoy the fact that they are not taken seriously.
 Once again, start playing by yourself.

 Allen comes back with some fruit water to where Krsna and her friends are eating like demons.
 Then Prince Zeus comes to him.

"Is this starting to form the way you think, Mister Allen?

 For the past five days, Prince Zeu, who came as a party leader of one of the four parties, came to check the previous day.

 His party name is "Prince Zeus and the Ten Brutes".
 The Ten Eigeng Beasts adventurers who are already in another party have been invited to leave and join this party as well.

 The joking name means something too.
 Who's in this party means more than a cool party name.
 This is the best party name if only because it has proven to be successful in attacking the lowest bosses with the ten English beasts that Prince Zeus had assembled.

I think it's not too far off. To be honest, the professions of the Ten Yongbeasts are so special that we won't know for sure until we try it in five days.

 If you ask me if I'm perfect, I'm not.
 There are many special professions, some of which I don't fully understand.

 So, if you ask me if I fully understand Allen's skills, I'll never be able to do that.
 But I think we've spent the last five days sharing the kind of common ground we need to fight.
 It will take another month of information sharing and practice for validation if we are to fully understand the details of the skills.

 But all four parties are seasoned warriors with plenty of real-world experience.
 If we can share this much information, we can win the battle.

 So today is our eve.

''Is that so. I've seen you all fight at the Beast King tournament.

 Beast King martial arts tournaments have been held in the presence of beast kings and royalty.

 Among them, he says he's not that uncomfortable with the ten people who have won their respective divisions many times.

(That alone is a reason for Prince Zeus to lead the Ten Eigon Beasts. It also helps that there are a lot of Ten Eigenes who don't like royalty but don't like Prince Zeuschwein.

 For two years, he continued to work for the safety of the beastmen while being ordered to conquer an unattainable S-class dungeon.

 It seems that Prince Zeu is well-liked.

''I want to observe the Beast King's Martial Arts Tournament sometime. Do you think he'll listen to you, Mr. Lepe?

 There is little concern .
 I'll check with Prince Zeus to see if there will be any problems tomorrow with Lepe, the musician who seems to be less organized.

That shouldn't be a problem. He's a fierce competitor who has been chosen as a Ten Brutes three years in a row. He's a fierce man who was voted Ten Brutes three years in a row.

"That would be great.

"When this is all over, I'll owe you as much as Rosenheim does, Mister Allen.

"Is that why you call me 'Mister Allen'?

Hmm. Well, it's not Marshal Sigur, but be gentle with me.

 Prince Zeus began to call him "Lord Allen" around the rally.
 I guess my perception of Allen has changed greatly.

 Marshal Sigur is here too.
 Marshal Sigur, who brought the ten English beasts from the Beast Kingdom of Albahar, is responsible for returning them to the Beast Kingdom.
 Allen wonders if it's just my imagination that he doesn't want to get too close to me.
 He looks at Marshal Sigur next to Sophie to see if he might have caused some trauma.

"No, no... There's only one thing I'd like to ask of the Beast King Zeu at the moment.

"What? Is it already there? That's irresistible. What do you want, by the way?

 Quite alarmed, but even more afraid to ask, the Zeuschwein Prince asks.

"Yes, sir. If King Zew Beast has a child, I'd like to have a three-letter name for him.

 I have a wife who is already married, but I've heard that they don't have any children yet.
 He's been working alone in an S-class dungeon for about two years.

 I heard that Prince Zeu's wife also has a very bad temper.
 She says she sometimes gets letters from him asking when she can return to the Beast Kingdom.

Another big thing.

"No, no, no. Just name the child. Please give it a name that will be remembered in the future.

 Allen makes this request with many meanings.

 It's been almost a thousand years since the establishment of the Beast Kingdom of Albahar.
 Because of its tragic history with the Ghiamut Empire, a law was enacted that all beast names, including those of royalty, have two letters.

 Change your history of hatred for the Ghiamut Empire, says Allen.

Together we'll move forward.


 Prince Zeus is deep in thought at Allen's words.
 He has a look of deep resolve on his face.

 There's another beastman who's come to join him.
 This one's been following me around for the past five days.

Oh, the summoner of beginnings. There you are. Care to join us for a bit?


"Hmm . Maybe. I have to be home tomorrow.

 The astrologer Temi comes to Allen.
 Then he takes his hand and sits Allen down in an empty space.
 He begins to do something like a spell.

 It's as if he's divining something, whether it's a clean ore or a gemstone, randomly scattered on the ground.

Again, I don't know. No, it changes the result.

 I'm grumbling and trying to read Allen's future.

(Maybe the number of stars are too different to predict the future or something.

 It was only when Hermios appraised me at the school that I learned that the appraisal did not work according to the number of stars.

 The angel Merus told me that an S-ranked demon beast could not be appraised well at summon level 8.
 It seems that he can't successfully appraise an eight-star Allen.

 I wonder if it's an advantage or a disadvantage that I can't have a fortune teller to tell me what my future will be, as I look at the astrologer Temi, who is puzzled.

Speaking of which, I'm looking for something. Can I look for this?

"What? What's it like?

I've heard that it's not a fixed shape, but they say it's some kind of vessel.

 I asked him if I could find the artifacts while I was at it.
 Eventually, we were almost ready to conquer the dungeon, but we didn't get any information about the artifacts.

What's that?

That's why I'm in trouble. I really need to find it.


 Snarling, bumping and picking up gems and ores, continue divining.

This can't be happening. We're not going to find out. Is it a lie? No, the same. Can't you read it?

 Wannabe wannabe looking at your hands.
 I've been called the greatest fortune teller in the beast kingdom, but there's one thing I can't see.

 That's the black-haired young man in front of me.
 And I can't find what I'm looking for.
 For a moment, I wondered if Allen was lying to you and saying the right thing, but no.

"It's a shame. By the way, how about what Dogora is looking for?

 I met a good fortune teller, so I'll get more and more fortune telling.

Huh? It's me.

Yes. I'm sure you can tell me how to activate your whole being.


 You are asked what you are talking about, so you tell the story of Dogora's inability to successfully activate the extra skill.
 You ask her to see if she has any advice for you.

"Okay. I see. Mmm-hmm. Hey, here it comes! I haven't lost my powers either, have I? Hmm? But But

 Astrologer Temi's face clouds over.

"Oh, you see why I can't get it to work?

 Dogora approaches the astrologer Temi with a bite.

Yes, you're right. I don't know why, but they say that the answer can be found if you go to the southeast from here.

The country to the southeast of here is the Kingdom of Latash. Is there anything local?

 There are several countries to the south of the Ghiamut Empire, including the kingdom of Latash.
 Allen wonders if there might be something in that area.

Seriously? Yes!

 A loud voice leaks out from Dogora.
 It seems that she had an answer to her extra skill that hadn't been triggered since the Demon Goddess Razel battle.

(Ugh. (That's enough change for calling the ten English beasts.)

I see. I see.

 But the astrologer Temi's face clouds over.

"What is the matter with you?

He said, "If you try to ask for that power, you will lose your life. No, this isn't going to kill you. I think you have such a test on your hands.

"Oh, no! Seriously?

 The astrologer Temi says it would be very dangerous for Dogora to learn to control his whole body and soul.

 At the end of the banquet, it was mentioned that a severe ordeal for Dogora would be waiting for you.
 The banquet on the eve of the battle for the lowest level boss was broken up.