292 Episode 286 The bottom boss ①

Here they come.
"Seriously? The rumors were true?
"Awesome! Don't push me. Who's pushing me?

 The adventurer's morning is early.
 The sun has already risen a fair amount of time, so it's not as if it's crammed with active adventurers.

 Incidentally, since we are in a one-level dungeon, the light of the day is also an illusion created by Degragni.

 The first was an adventurer's sighting that occurred five days ago.
 An adventurer saw Allen and his friends enter the dungeon.
 The sighting became a rumor, and the next day more adventurers were born who knew the rumor to be true.
 And the adventurers who learned the truth started spreading the rumor further.

 Apparently, something outrageous is happening.
 More than 10,000 adventurers live in this S-class dungeon's first level.
 Those adventurers are starting to get excited.

 Some of the dwarves are not with Admiral Galala, but they drink quite often.
 A dwarf close to Galala's companions tells me that the rumors are true.

 The Beast Prince Zeu has a large number of beastly cronies.
 They number in the thousands.
 Every month, the Beast Prince and his entourage would send them over from the Beast Kingdom to make sure they didn't just walk into the dungeon and die.
 The beastmen who were taking care of Prince Zeu would brag about what was about to happen in the tavern as if it were their own business.

 Adventurers no longer think of S-class dungeons as something to be conquered.
 The reason why you don't think about conquering a dungeon is because you will notice it as soon as you hear about it from an experienced player of your race in a tavern before you enter the dungeon.

 This is not the place to conquer a dungeon.
 This is a place for desperate survival and earning money.
 You're taught the reality of no dreams and no hope.

 Even the doubting adventurer soon forgets about the conquest and adjusts to the present.
 The sight before you will make you forget everything that you have locked away in the recesses of your mind.

 That's right.
 It's today.
 Today is the day the S-class dungeon is being conquered.

 Many adventurers are crowding in front of the temple to confirm that what they have heard in the rumors and legends is true.

 And the adventurers realize that the rumor is true.
 The center of the rumor is walking right in front of you.
 Some are so shocked by the power of the rumor that their hearts are gripped.

 A sea of strong adventurers who are eligible to enter S-class dungeons is building a sea of more than ten thousand people in front of the temple.
 Such a sea of people naturally cracks open without anyone telling them to, and a path is formed there.

 Many adventurers watch with bated breath as Allen and his party of 40 or so people walk towards the temple.

So the rumors are true. Is it true that Admiral Galara has teamed up with the brave Helmios to capture the lowest boss? That's great. This is going to be great!

 Dwarves gaze, wide-eyed, at Admiral Galala's party, the Stinger, as they walk.
 The scene of despair they saw at last year's dungeon festival is now filled with the scene of hope that lies before them.

 Then a human beside the excited dwarf interrupts.

What do you mean? Hermios the Brave has asked for volunteers from all over the world to help him conquer the city. That's our hero. She's not just here to provide information for the adventurers!

"What? What the hell!

 The brave Helmios saved the world from the demon king's army, and saved many lives, providing valuable information for the adventurers.
 That is the common perception of more than ten thousand adventurers here.
 From that recognition, they have no doubt that it was Helmios the Brave who brought this party together.

 The dwarf is almost angered by the denial of his words, but these feelings fade away in an instant.
 The adventurers from the Empire of Ghiamut can only see the heroic walk of Helmios' party.
 The dwarf resigns his blame as he watches the adventurers, who have conquered five A-class dungeons, gaze at Helmios with boyish eyes.

 A beastman snickers at the adventurers from the Gearmut Empire.

Hmph. That's why the humans of the Central Continent are Behold the gallant Ten English Beasts. You don't know the true power of the beastmen.
"What? Oh, hey.
The man beside General Hova is His Royal Highness Prince Zeu, the future king of beasts. You led the way in this dungeon for the beastmen, but I didn't know you made these preparations behind my back. The beast kingdom of Albahar! No, come move the world!

 If you are asked who is the leader of this whole party, Allen has told his companions to say that it is the Zeu Beast Prince.
 The goal is not only to capture the dungeon.
 You have to make sure that Prince Zeu becomes the Beast King.

 Neither Admiral Galala, the leader of the Baukis Empire, nor Helmios, who fights the Demon King's army in the Central Continent, let Prince Beq Beast, who advocates invading the Central Continent, be the Beast King.
 This is the same perception of Rosenheim, which was badly wounded in last year's war.

 The five-continent alliance must truly come together as one.
 This campaign is also a battle for that important future.

 Many adventurers never thought that all races would be united.
 Many adventurers never thought that all races would become one.

 But just for this moment, that common sense may have changed among the people who share this place.

Keck. It was all Allen's doing, wasn't it?

 Dogora feels resentful that none of the adventurers around him ever mentions Allen.
 Dogora was the only one who opposed the use of Hermios' name from the moment he decided to provide the information in the dungeon.
 He thinks that Allen is the one who should be praised for his hard work in gathering and providing information.

 Dogora has a really straightforward personality.
 There is no mention of Dogora's own activities in helping to organize the information.

 But in order to save as many lives as possible, to provide information as soon as possible, I was forced to agree with Allen's statement that he is certain to borrow Hermios' name to save as many lives as possible.

 Now he couldn't be more convinced.

 No one is looking at Allen.
 All they know is that the princess of Rosenheim is at Allen's party.

It's Dogora.

"Yes, yes . Mr. Doberg.

 You can also have a look at the other side of the room.
 The anger that had been building up is suddenly diminished by the sudden call from Doberg, who always trains with you in the yard.

"Don't worry. A hero is not something you can hide.

"Yes, yes

"Because people want heroes.

 Doberg speaks to Dogora as if he were looking somewhere far away.

I see.

 The short words of Dogora, who lived for decades in battle, reverberated in Dogora.

Dogora. So do you.

"Ho, really! I can be a hero, too!

 Dogora's face lights up at once as he is praised by Doberg.
 You'll be able to see that it's not as simple as it sounds, and you can't help but sigh as you look at Dogora.

 No one stood in the way of Allen and his party of forty or so people.
 No one formed a line to enter the temple and opened the way for us.

 That helped us get to the fifth level earlier than usual.

So this is the fifth level.

"It's just as I've been told. I guess we'll just have to move on.

 The Zeuschwein prince replies to Helmios' words.
 This is the first time Helmios and Prince Zeus are here.

(Should we have done this exercise? No, I'd rather take the time to try again if I have the time.

 Allen and his team can all join the lowest boss, but from the Iron Golem to the Mithril Golem, you'll have to join only one party.

 It could be possible to completely disband the entire party, but I've already decided with everyone here that it wouldn't be that beneficial.

 Since it was decided by all of us, Allen shakes off the thought that has passed him by for a moment.

 Furthermore, if the plan is impossible, he thinks there is time to try again and again.
 I told Hermios that I wouldn't do it again if I couldn't do it once, but after hearing about the bottom boss from Admiral Galala, I've changed my mind.
 He believes that his promise to you before hearing about the lowest boss is invalid.

 With Allen's thoughts at the back of their minds, the group moves forward with Prince Zeu in the lead.

''Hello. I'm S505, the lowest level boss transfer system. There are four medals stuck in the pedestal. Would you like to challenge the bottom-level boss with the four parties here?


''Then . . the leader of the four parties is Zeu-van Al-Bahar, who leads the 'Zeu Beast Prince and the Ten English Beasts'?

 The cube-shaped object confirms that the zealous prince who is now speaking to you is going to be the leader of these 40 or so people.


"Do you want to move on while the bottom level bosses are there immediately?

"Oh. . skip me.

 Then your vision changes at once.

 You can hear the sound of something moving in the distance, a great hall.
 More than a hundred meters away stands a vermillion-red golem.

(Okay, that's what I'm told.)

 The bottom level boss was a baboon kane golem, which could be as big as 100 meters.