293 Episode 287 Boss at the bottom boss ②

 Allen gazes at the vermilion-glowing bottom boss of the baboons.

(Beebe, Scarlett, and Crimson were all reddish.)

 Notice something in common that doesn't make sense.
 All the S-ranked hierarchical bosses had a reddish hue.

 The bottom-level bosses do not move because the staring Arens do not move.
 When you get a little closer, the lowest-tier bosses begin to move and the battle begins.
 Admiral Galala told me that it's just like any other rank dungeon.


"How can you win this?

 Dogora couldn't help but shout, and Keel is anxious for victory.

'Oh? Well, if all goes according to plan. Isn't that right? Mr. Helmios.

"Well, DiGragni said, 'If you can win, you can win! I just said. I think this is a bit of a stretch, to be honest.

 Hermios chuckles at Allen's question.

(Again, that's a half-assed expression. I just hope it's a winnable setup.

 Aren says that if you follow the plan, you'll be fine, but he reaffirms to Helmios what he said about the bottom level boss that he talked to Digramani about.

 The bottom level boss has never been conquered before.

 I remember that there were occasionally bosses in my previous life that were impossible to defeat.
 They were too resistant to attack, their health was set to infinite, or they were set to be defeated in the next version so that they couldn't be defeated now for various reasons.
 I've heard that Degragni never said it was impossible, so I went into this battle with the assumption that we would win.

(Well, that's what Admiral Galala told me.)

 Look next to both sides of the baboon golem to see the situation.
 There are two iron golems there.
 And next to them are a bronze golem and a mithril golem.

 There are a total of five golems you'll be fighting at the same time.
 Each one of them has the strength of a demon god.
 There are five golems as strong as the demon god Razel, who has transformed into a full-fledged demon god, lined up next to each other.

 I thought the lowest boss was several times more difficult to attack than defeating each of the bronze to mithril golems, but after listening to Admiral Galala, I assumed it would be more than five times as difficult.

(I can see why Admiral Galala would find it impossible to do so fast.)

 You can see right away how overwhelmingly strong it is.

"Hey, don't shake it! We're going to win for sure!

"Hey . Admiral Galala. Hey, let's do it!

 Memories of the losing streak of a few months ago came back and I put a notice to the dwarves, who began to tremble.

(Well, I'm done, and I've got the ring.)

 Allen checks the status of his friends in the grimoire.

 Name] Krena
 Age] 15
 Occupation] Sword Emperor
 Level] 60
 Body strength] 4150 + 8000
 Magic power] 1832 + 3000
 Attack Power] 4150 + 8000
 Endurance] 3968 + 3000
 [Quickness] 3510 + 3000
 Intelligence] 2250
 Fortune 2688 + 3000
 Skills: Sword Emperor <6>, Slash <6>, Phoenix Breaker <6>, Healing Swords <6>, High King Swords <6>, Legendary Heroes <2>, Sword Art <6>.
 Extra] Breakthrough

Skill level
 Sword Emperor] 6
 [Slash] 6

 [Phoenix Break] 6
 [Healing Sword] 6
 High King Sword] 6

 Name] Cecil Granville
 Age] 15
 Occupation] The King of Magic
 Level] 60
 Body strength] 2470 + 7400
 Magic power] 3974 + 2400
 Attack Power] 1640
 Endurance] 1686
 Quickness] 3382 + 2400
 Intelligence] 4138 + 7400
 Fortune 2541 + 2400
 Skill: Mage King <6>, Fire <6>, Ice <6>, Lightning <6>, Light <6>, Abyss <2>, Kumite <4>.
 Extras] micrometeorite

Skill level
 [Magus King] 6
 Fire Magic] 6
 [Wind magic] 6
 [Lightning magic] 6
 [Light magic] 6

 Name] Dogora
 Age] 15
 Occupation] Destruction King
 Level] 60
 [Physical strength] 4089 + 7400
 Magic] 1919
 Attack Power] 4348 + 7400
 Endurance] 3595 + 2400
 Quickness] 2849 + 2400
 Intelligence] 1757
 Fortune 2664 + 2400
 Skills: Destroyer, 6〉, Full Length Length, 6〉, Bomb Breaker, 6〉, Warriors' Slaying, 6〉, Killing Attacks, Spirit of Fighting, 2〉, Axe Technique, Shield Technique, 4〉.

 Extras] Wholeheartedness

Skill level
 [King of Destruction] 6
 Longitude] 6
 Bombing rupture] 6
 Muso Zan] 6
 Killing blow] 6

 Name] Kiel-von-Carnel
 Age] 15
 Occupation] St. King
 Level] 60
 Strength] 2740 + 7400
 Magic power] 4100 + 2400
 Attack Power] 1580
 Endurance] 1786 + 5000
 Quickness] 2893 + 2400
 Intelligence] 4030 + 2400
 Fortune 3634 + 2400
 Skills: Holy King, 6〉, Recovery, 6〉, Demolition, 6〉, Purification, 6〉, Holy Wall, Holy Prayer, 2〉, Swordsmanship, 3〉.
 Extra] God's Drop

Skill level
 St. King] 6
 Recovery 6
 [Demon] 6
 Purification] 6
 Holy wall] 6

 Name] Sophia Lorne
 Age] 50
 Protection] Spirit God
 Occupation: Great Spiritist
 Level] 60
 Physical strength] 2834 + 7400
 Magic power] 4156 + 2400

 Attack Power] 1933
 Endurance] 1719 + 5000
 Quickness] 3011 + 2400
 Intelligence] 4243 + 2400
 Fortune 3453 + 2400
 Skills: Spirit manifestation <6>, Water <6>, Wind <6>, Earth <6>, Wood <6>, Archery <3>.
 Extras] The Great Spirit Reveal

Skill level
 Spirit manifestation] 6
 [water] 6
 Wind ] 6
 [Sat] 6
 Thu ] 6

 Name] Formal
 Age] 69
 Occupation] Bow King
 Level] 60
 Strength] 3736 + 7400
 Magic] 1949
 Attack Power] 3965 + 7400
 Endurance] 2960 + 2400
 Quickness] 3428 + 2400
 Intelligence] 1566
 Fortune 1972 + 2400
 Skills: Bow King [6], Distant Eyes [6], Fire Dragon Attack [6], Strong Bow [6], Strong Bullets [6], Uprising [2], Archery [6].
 Extra] Arrow of Light

Skill level
 Bow King] 6
 Distant] 6
 Fireball Strike] 6
 Strong Bow] 6
 Rigid bullets] 6

 Name] Merle
 Age] 15
 Occupation: General of rocks
 Level] 60
 Strength] 1677 + 6800
 Magic power] 2420 + 1800
 Attack Power] 782
 Endurance] 1318 + 6800
 [Quickness] 782
 Intelligence] 2420 + 1800
 Fortune 1503
 Skills: Demon rock general <6>, flying arms <6>, piercing fist <6>, halo sword <6>, repair <6>, alloys <2>, spearmanship <3>, shield art <3>.
 Extra] Combination (right arm)

Skill level
 [Demon Rock General] 6
 Flying arms] 6
 [Perforated fist] 6
 [Light Flux Sword] 6
 Repair] 6

Then, as per the plan, we'll assist you a little closer.

(Apparently there's no time limit, because the limit for this fight is one hour.

 We have set a limit of one hour for this fight.
 This is the consensus of all my colleagues.
 We won't fight until the end of the hour, this fight has a time limit.

 Allen will spread his fish-like abilities and awakening skills throughout the party.
 Each skill lasts for 24 hours, and your Awakened skills only last for 1 hour.

 Aren is a fish-type summoner who sprinkles all of his special skills and Awakenings to everyone in the party.
 Kiel sprinkles the Holy Wall skill to all of them.

"Dryad, spirit of the wood, grant me your blessing.

"Yeah, okay.

 Sophie manifests the spirit of the tree.

Sophie has grown into a protective figure. This is a great help in times like these. It's amazing that each of the four spirits can increase their status by 3000.

 While Cecil is completely offensive magic-centric, Sophie, who became a great genie user, grew into a form that focused on recovery and protection.
 The ability to manifest a tree spirit can only be suspected as the interference of a spirit god.

 There is a law in the overlapping of auxiliary skills in this world.
 Basically, the auxiliary skills all overlap.
 However, in the case of fully superior professions, such as monks and saints, the higher auxiliary skills take precedence and drown out the lower ones.

 In this party of forty-odd people, Sophie can only manifest a genie.

 The dryad, which takes the form of a young girl whose limbs have turned into trees, increases the stats of her friends with an effect that looks like leaves falling around her.
 When you've finished spreading the dryad over everyone, it will reveal the spirits one after another and increase the status of the others.

Water Spirit Nymph: 3000 magic power increase
Wind Spirit Gale Quickness increased by 3000
Earth Spirit Pygmy 3000 more endurance
Tree Spirit Dryad increased by 3000 body power

 The holy knights in Helmios' party also cast auxiliary magic.
 The two saints are subordinate to the Holy King's keel, so casting an auxiliary spell is useless as it will cancel them out.

 Admiral Galala's party and Merle's golem are on standby.
 They're too big the moment you let them out, which could cause the lowest boss and the surrounding golems to move.

(It's good to have a mate. (This is the strength of a diverse tribe, a diverse profession.

 So, look at Lepe the Magician, thinking.

Oh, boy. There's an enemy like this out there. Beat of war!

 Lepe the Magician seems to have enjoyed this battle.
 It seems that the outside of the beast kingdom was very fresh and exciting.

 Numerous tube-like drums appear at Lepe's hand.
 They seem to dance and beat in rhythm.

(No, this guy's awesome!)

 Allen is impressed.
 In fact, there are only a handful of assistants to increase attack power, among the many professions and skills.
 The most common auxiliary is endurance enhancement, which, as the word "auxiliary" suggests, is very much for protection.

 However, Lepe the Magician possesses a skill that increases his attack power by 30%.
 Next, perform a dance that raises your speed by 30% by launching a tambourine like object.

"You always seem to be having fun. May the stars help you.

 With that said, the astrologer Temi now sends countless gems and ore-like objects into the sky.
 Then, in one fell swoop, she shows a buffing effect on the status of her friends.

 It seems that Lepe the Archeologist and Temi the Astrologer are not very good at recovering and attacking.
 But all of their available skills consisted of buffs and debuffs.
 Some of them even allow you to recover your strength and magic naturally.

 You can feel the power surging through your body.
 It seems the same is true for the rest of the team.

Like this! It's gotta be like this! (That's the best part of the raid!

 Allen suppresses his excitement and calms himself down.
 The smaller the party, the more efficient it will be, and the more biased the party will be in terms of occupations.

 But as the party grows to 30 or 50 people, you can include one or two professions that you wouldn't normally include in your party.

 And the overlapping of the assists creates a tremendous status enhancement.

 I finish applying the aids.

Then let's go.

 At the sound of Allen's voice, the rearguard occupation behind and forward to advance.
 Then the golem eyes of the baboon kane glowed.

''Ho. I am Gordino, the Guardian of the Tower of Trials. Have you come to wage war against me?

 Then the bottom boss in front of me uttered a voice that echoed in the huge hall.