294 Episode 288 Battle of Goldino ①

Will you fight me. Dwarfs.

(Hmmm, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be called a "dwarf". But still, the lowest level boss has a personality. Is it the same as the lowest level boss in A-class dungeons, including the fact that it doesn't carry over the memories of the last fight?

 It's true that Allen and the others are dwarfed by the five giant golems we'll be dealing with.

 And this golem made of a baboon with a personality named Goldino does not seem to share the memory of the last time he fought Admiral Galala.

 Each time you take on the lowest level boss, Allen wonders if it generates a personality.
 This way, even if the strategy is the same, if you change it slightly, it won't give away your hand when you try again.


 As soon as Goldino spoke up, the four golems began to move.
 This is also what Admiral Galala told me.

 The boss battle is not always against a single golem.
 And just because there are more than one doesn't mean they'll attack at the same time.
 This time, the lowest boss battle seems to be a sudden attack.

Let's run. Run for the corridor to the left!

"What? Run away! Hey, you cowards!

 Allen thinks that even an inorganic golem has a solid sense of surprise.


 At the call of Allen, Walla Walla and begin to run away from this giant golem.

 The leader of the four parties is Prince Zeu.
 However, it was decided that Allen would be in charge of the entire party.

 This is because Allen was used to raiding.
 The thought of negotiating with multiple party leaders, planning a strategy, and leading the party to victory in a probable manner was understood by the rest of the party, not just Allen's party, over the course of five days.

 Allen, who sees and commands the whole, decides what to retreat to, what to target and what to prioritize when to attack, and so on.

 However, Allen does not command all of the forty or so people in the party.
 The finer points of the party are left to their respective party leaders.

 This is one of the best parts of raiding.

 At Allen's call, they begin to flee.
 Allen will lend his bird B summoner to anyone who asks to borrow it.
 But many, like Doberg, have a fighting style they've learned over the years.

 Those who find it easier to fight on their own feet will not be forced to do so.

 The guards of the fleeing comrades are Allen, Merle, and Admiral Galala's party.

Let's go! Bastards!

 Admiral Galala lets out a sarcastic shout to everyone.
 Then, 15 golems appear, including Merle.
 All of them are 100-meter tall metamorphic soldiers.

"Ho! There's one with a baboon golem?

 Admiral Galala has been given a set of baboonish kane paratroopers that Allen and his friends took out of a silver box.

 Name] Garalapa
 [Pilot] Galala
 Rank] baboons
 Body strength] 25,000 + 2400
 Magic power] 25000 + 2400
 Attack Power] 25000 + 2400
 Endurance] 25000 + 2400
 Quickness] 25,000
 Intelligence] 25,000 + 2,400
 Fortune 25,000

 Admiral Galala's grimoire showed me the grimoire of Admiral Allen's grimoire, which recorded the status of the super body soldier baboon kane golem.

 His bare status was 1000 for bronze, 1500 for iron, and 3000 for mithril.
 The hollyhock is a whopping 5,000.

 Thanks to this, the babooneechy kane golem has reached a total status of 25,000.
 And thanks to the Demon Rock King's skills, its status will increase even more.

 The golems led by Goldino attack Admiral Galala, Merle, and the dwarves' metahuman golems.


"Berluka, are you okay!

"Hey, Admiral Galala! Admiral Galala!

 One arm of a dwarf on a mithril golem is badly damaged.
 Because both hands were crushed by the bronze golem that became a drill punch.

"Admiral Galala before, Orochi support the retreat!



 Belurka, the pilot of the Mithril Golem, who had one of his arms shattered from the roots, hurriedly reinserted the Mithril tablet in the golem's crystal.

 The golem-using dwarves are given a large number of mithril tablets, the "outlier" of the wooden box.
 There are more than 1,000 of them.

 The plan is to collect them from the dwarves after the battle is over, but he tells them they can use them as much as they like.
 The stone tablet that was destroyed and rendered useless by the destruction of the main body of the golem can be used again with the "repair" skill, so I don't care if it's destroyed a bit.

 Then, Admiral Galala, with the Baboon Golem in hand, comes to the front and repels the bronze golem's attack, but it doesn't seem to be able to completely block it.

 The body of the hollyhock is being damaged, though it is not destroyed to any great extent.

The attrition rate is still very high. The other dwarves are also in tatters.

 Allen takes stock of the current battle situation.
 The dwarves' golem soldiers, uniquely suited to playing the role of the wall, are getting hurt and damaged.
 Allen also uses summons to support them, but with five of them at the same time, there is clearly not enough protection.

I'm sorry, but I don't think we can hold out. Everyone, 'Super Combination' please!

 While Admiral Galala and the others were stalling for time, their companions were also fine, retreating smoothly.
 And as expected, even Admiral Galala's baboonish kane golem, which has become a super body soldier, couldn't withstand the bronze golem's blow.

 So Allen asks for a "super combination".

"Huh? You okay! I've used it for such a long time.

"Never mind! It's the first game! Let's fight in a surefire way!

"Good! Okay! You guys are super combined! Hey, Merle! You come over here! Get on the right hand!

""Admiral, yes, sir!

"Yes, Admiral!

 The dwarves begin to shine 14 mithril golems and one of Admiral Galala's baboon golems.
 Then, just as they reach a dizzying level of brilliance, three giant golems descend.

 All of the golem users' extra skills are "merged"!
 Only golems of the same size can merge with each other, but the combination of super soldiers is called "super-merging".

 Each of the five dwarves on the crystals in their chests are staring at the enemies in front of them.

"Ohhhhh! You guys, get off your high horse!

(Buh! (There's only romance)

 Allen looks at the super-merged golems with sparkling eyes.

 They reach a length of 150 meters, about 1.5 times the size of a super-armored golem.
 Their status also increases by that much.

 Their status seems to increase even more by 10,000 when they are super-merged.
 Admiral Galala's golem is a baboon, so the super-combined golem that he rides increases its status even more.

 The super-combined golem piloted by Admiral Galala, whose body is made up of hollyhocks, lifts the bronze golem with both hands.

 Then, with enough force to shatter the scaffolding, it holds up the drill-punching iron golem.
 He throws the bronze golem, which is flapping its legs, away with all his might.

You're the ones who are on top of things! Go, Mithril Golem!

 Goldino directs his fellow Mithril golem.
 The Mithril golem transforms in midair and attacks like a hailstorm from two protruding turrets.

It's time for the Rockanels to go. Don't miss a shot.


 Five stone A summons appear silently.
 Then they float the metal spheres in the air and continue to absorb the mithril golem's long-range attacks incessantly.

 Most of the mithril golem's long-range attacks are absorbed by Stone A's summons.

 Then, the two Stone A summons reach their limit as their entire bodies crack.
 If it absorbs any more, its body is going to collapse.

That's enough! Cleave!

 Reaching the limit, the two stone A summons unleash the awakening skill "convergent bombardment" by the two stone A summonses.
 The convergent bombardment crushes the Mithril Golem and it falls to the ground.

A mithril golem has been killed. You have acquired 800 million experience.

 It seems to have been defeated with two convergent shots.
 A log of experience and the fact that I defeated the mithril golem appears in the grimoire.

''Hmph. So you think you've won? It's an iron. Use Repair Energy!

(Something about every single line of dialogue makes you feel like a villain.

"Repair Energy

 The iron golem is crushed and the mithril golem is repaired in one fell swoop.

The companions have already fled to the passageway. We are running out of time, so let's get out of here with Admiral Galala's super-combination at the back of the line!

 The extra skill of the golem user "Super Combination" has a time limit.

 After one hour, the coalescence is released and there is a one-day cool time.
 The time constraint of the super-combined golem is one of the reasons why I set the time for the attack on the lowest boss to be one hour.

(Now, these two resurrectors have needlessly increased the difficulty level. Probably, even if you defeat Gordino, he'll still revive you.

 Three super-combined golems, with a large stride, escape into the passage.
 The corridor is wide enough, but with one super-united golem, there's not enough room for the enemy golems to get around.

 Thanks to this, the golems led by Gordino will invade the passage in a line.
 However, the ceiling is quite high, and only the mithril golems bombard you with long-range attacks, making Stone A's summons regularly shoot them down.

'You ran into such a place, have you lost the will to fight? It will be a lot of fun to crush you frightened people!

 Goldino is gunning for you.
 Closing in on Admiral Galala is the bronze golem, which is good at close combat.
 Next comes Gordino, the Iron Golem of the spear, and the Iron Golem of the shield.

 The iron golem is quite far away, making it impossible to attack.

Hmmm...so this is the kind of formation that came in... I'd have preferred the iron to be spread out if possible. I guess we can make it.

 The bronze golem's offensive power seems to rival the super-merged golem of Admiral Galala.
 The two sides are locked in a struggle to defend each other.

 Your party mates are also using long-range magic to reduce their energy levels.

Are you ready to go, Merus?

"Yeah, I'm done with the attribution and nest setup.

 Melus returns to Allen and confirms that he has returned.
 The return of Melus is a signal that these giant golems have completely entered the corridor, that their special skill 'Attribute' is finished, and that they have finished setting up their nest.

It's time to attack. Let's go, everyone! Homing instinct!


 Goldino wondered what it was, but did not know the full extent of it.
 This is because Admiral Galala's super-combined golem hides most of his vision.

 In the midst of all this, Aren and his team use Bird A's Summoner's Awakening Skill "Nest Instinct".

It's pinned!

""Oh, oh, oh, oh!"

 A super-combined golem approaches from behind the rearmost iron golem, which has fully entered the aisle.

 Admiral Galala issued a loud proclamation, and his comrades inspired themselves as well.
 The battle for the lowest-level bosses continued.