295 Episode 289 Goldino Battle ②

 Allen used Bird A's summons to pinpoint the Gordino-led golems in the corridor.

(Well, since the two behind them in line were Iron Golems. How to annihilate them from here.

 Admiral Galala had told me that the bottom level boss consists of five golems.
 There were two golems that had a special skill that allowed them to resurrect indefinitely in a large area, and they decided that the battle would not end, so they dared to carry out a division operation.

 At the end of the Gordino-led golems in a single line, a dwarf on a super-merged golem and the entire party of Helmios are transferred to the end of the line.

 Two super-merged golems, including Allen and Prince Zeu's party and Admiral Galala, did not transfer.

 The angel Merus has been assigned to Helmios' party for stability.
 I have also lifted the restriction on Melus's special skill 'Angel's Ring', allowing him to summon freely.

 Bird A's Summoner's Awakening Skill 'Nest Instinct' allows you to transfer anything within a 1 km radius.
 A tree on the ground, a house with a solid foundation, or a rock dug into the ground is not possible, but it can transfer an army of more than 1,000 men and supplies.
 Even if the target is not Allen, it is not a problem.

 Even a 150-meter-long super-combined golem can be transferred.

Okay, we're all set. I'm looking forward to working with you all!

 Allen is now in a pincer stance and signals the start of the attack.

'Uraaaaah! Let's go!

"Yeah! Let's take it down!

 With permission to attack, both Dogora and Krsna plunge into the bronze golem with a drill punch.

(Hmmm, thanks to practice, you've been fighting like clockwork.)

 It's as strong as the demon god Razel, but now it's being assisted by a ridiculous amount and number of people.
 I'm not in a position to take a blow and have my friends die.
 Partly thanks to the ring that I have equipped to increase my strength and durability.

 Allen will judge the flow of the battle by observing the whole situation.
 Meanwhile, the excitement of the Ten English Beasts, led by Prince Zeus, is at its peak.

"Hey, hey, I'm going with you! I can't stand it anymore!

 The rhinoceros beastman Razo, a rhinoceros beast of the spear and halberd division, grasps his halberd and plunges into the bronze golem with all his muscles dancing.

 He is not afraid of the bronze golem's drill punches, which can reach 100 meters in length and crush everything up to several dozen meters long.

 Then it turns itself into a halberd and crashes into the bronze golem's body.
 An audible and visible shock wave is created between the adamantite halberd and the bronze golem.
 I don't know how many dozens of meters I've jumped.

 The rhinoceros beastman Razo is astonished at his own strength.
 As well as the ring he borrowed, there are more skills on his body than you can get in the Beast Kingdom.

Razo is still the same. You rashness. Can't you back off? He's not. I'm coming with you.

"Yeah, I'll go with you. What's this? It's too funny.

 The heavyweight Razo followed by the ten English beasts rushed in one after the other.

What the hell, this thing is light! This thing is light as a feather!

 Seenu, the leopard beastman, the dagger and twin swords division's ten English beasts, reached a speed so fast that his consciousness was left behind.
 With such speed that there is a lingering afterimage, he sticks to the bronze golem's feet and slams his adamantine twin swords into it.

 No one is left to fear.
 Having won the annual title contests many times, the Ten English Beasts knew the world was wide open.

 They were not sent to the S-class dungeons of the Baukis Empire by the crown prince, because they were talented.

 They found out in the dungeon that they were trapped in a small cage.

 After years of being pampered by your own beastmen, you realize that this was nothing compared to the battle you now face with your enemy.

(Good, good, the beastmen's attacks are getting through too. In this world, if there's too much difference between durability and attack power, your attacks won't work. It's a good thing I can do damage 1 or something.

"Oh, those guys.

 The Zeuschwein prince is furious as he fights like he's found someone to play with.

"Well, better than being scared.

I'll be there. I'm coming too.

"Yes. Be careful, because you can't prevent all the drill punches from being swung down from above.

"Oh, okay.

 Then, clutching his knuckles tightly, Prince Zeusu also rushed in.
 Prince Zeus is also a complete vanguard type who is good at close quarters combat.

"Don't be sneaky. Hang on, you lurking worm. Trample you, bronze!

"Hey, don't let them!

 The bronze golem tries to change the target of its attack on the beastmen.
 The bronze golem lifts its massive legs and uses its weight to crush them, but Admiral Galala and his team of super-coalescing golems are in the way!

How dare you!


 Goldino doesn't just watch from behind the bronze golem.
 He creates a beam lance and attacks from behind the bronze golem.
 Admiral Galala falls back significantly under the blow of Gordino.

(Close, medium and long range are perfect. But while Gordino is certainly the stronger of the five, he's not that outstandingly strong. Does he have any other hidden skills?

 There are bronze golems with drill punches, Goldino using a beam lance, and mithril golems from a distance.
 You'll find that the enemy, in their own way, has also invaded the corridor, considering their abilities.

 Allen will also try to understand the strength of the Gordino.
 Four of these five seem to be exactly the same strength as the golems we've fought so far.
 However, Gordino is the only one we've never seen before, so we need to determine what skills and characteristics it has.
 From the way he attacks Admiral Galala's super-combined golem with his beam lance, Aren judges that Gordino is not the only one that stands out as being strong.

 With assistance, the beastmen, who borrowed a status-boosting ring from Allen, attack the bronze golem that stands in front of them.
 The beastmen, who have no fear at all, continue to attack with all their might.

Nun! You did it!

 General Hova's final blow brings down the bronze golem.

A bronze golem is down. You have 400 million experience.

"Repair Energy

 However, a bronze golem, swollen and unharmed, stands in front of Allen and his team.
 The mithril golem's long-range attacks are also almost absorbed by Stone A's summoner, which is shot down by convergent fire, but it revives each time.

 The Iron Golem behind Goldino will incessantly revive it.
 As for the mithril golem, Stone A's summoner has already defeated it many times, but it will revive each time.

''Hey, hey, it resurrects from where it was defeated.

That's the plan. As long as you are down and revived, you will be attacked less frequently, so keep on taking them down. Admiral Galala, please fall back slowly.

"Yeah, it's all about strategy.

 Tell the astonished Zeus prince to keep on knocking it down, and tell Admiral Galala to fight back slowly.

 Then he tells Admiral Galala to fight back slowly.
 Thanks to this, Allen and Prince Zeus' party retreats backward, defeating the bronze and mithril golems.

 The battle for the vanguard of Krsna, Dogora, the Ten English Beasts and Admiral Galala is going well, but the rearguard has a problem.

Haha! I can't. I want everyone to stick together.

(No, there's no point in freezing.)

"I can't keep up with your recovery!

I'll take it from here. Just let the rear guard recover.

 Two of the beastmen's recoverers became weak in this situation.
 They fought in every direction, and said that their recovery speed could not keep up with the grand battle that was taking place.

 In such an uneasy situation, Holy King Keel said he would recover the entire vanguard.