296 Episode 290 Goldino Game ③

 The recovering actor had a battle to recover.

 The enemy was huge, with a range of several tens of meters for bronze golems, or over 100 meters for Goldino and Mithril golems, attacking at great speed.

 In the midst of the rainstorm-like attack, two beastmen lament that their recovery is not up to par.
 Keel tells them that he'll take care of the vanguard, so only the rearguard party of Allen and Prince Zeu will try to recover.

 There was one problem with the beast.
 They didn't have enough healers.

 Including Prince Zeu, the beast prince's party of eleven consisted of six brainy vanguards, one tank, one for offensive magic, two assistants, and one healer.
 There are ten English beasts in the recovery magic department, and there is the goat beastman Hui.
 However, in this brain-heavy composition, there was only one healer, Hui, a praying man.
 The beast prince Zeu is equipped with knuckles and is included in the brainy vanguard.

 That's where Sarah, the cat beastman who saved him from Beebe, came in.
 With her talents as a healer, I was able to coerce Sarah into joining the party of Prince Zeus and the Ten English Beasts as a healer.

 If the healer's abilities weren't enough, Allen believes that the sheer number of people would be enough to fool them into joining the raid.

 Sarah, who was brought in under duress, is now in a semi-crying state and desperately trying to cast a recovery spell.

 The battlefield is wide and the rear guard is targeted by the enemy, and they say they can't recover fast enough.
 Keel assures that the vanguard will be left to the Ten Brave Beasts' witch doctor and the healer, Sarah.

 Keel says he's responsible for the recovery of the six beastly brained vanguards, Krsna and Dogora.

Oh man. Keel is in full bloom.

 In the midst of battle, Allen admires Keel.

 In this S-class dungeon, Allen's companions have changed jobs and continued to improve their equipment.
 While Sophie has gained new powers, such as handling spirits, it's Keel who has grown the most and awakened his power.

 Of all of Aren's team, Keel's so-called player skills have improved the most in terms of combat prowess.

 Recovery magic goes through a process of chanting, activating, and recovering, and the higher your intellect is, the faster each process goes.
 Each passage takes place over a range of seconds.

 Allen noticed that for a few seconds after activation, he was able to recover from an attack.
 This means that seconds in advance can be reserved for the recovery spell.
 If you cast a recovery spell a few seconds later, you are still able to recover from the attack.

 Then activate the recovery spell in advance when you are attacked and heal at the same time when you are attacked.
 This reduces the risk of being seriously injured by a second enemy attack in a row.
 When your friends are wounded, your attacks will be less powerful, but they will be prevented as well.
 You can move on to the next recovery move, so you can cast more recovery spells without wasting time.

 I've been touting it to Keel to include it because of its party stability and experience efficiency.

 Easy for you to say.
 Keel is becoming a perfect example of that technique.

"d*mn, that was too good. What a speed. You can see the future.

Just focus on your recovery. I don't have the intelligence to spare. I can't even make it to the rear guard.

 Keel remonstrates as another healer, the praying woman Hui, is so moved that her voice escapes.
 Hui sees right away how great this is.
 Clearly, she is releasing her recovery magic before she is attacked.

 There are currently three healers here, including Keel, and he is responsible for more than half of their recovery.

 Anticipating the moves of the rampaging brainy vanguard beastmen and Krsna and Dogora, who move in three dimensions on Bird B's summons, he continues to recover in anticipation of the attack a few seconds later.
 The action is based on anticipation of who will be in the recovery range of the high endurance, low endurance, well attacked, ducking, and range magic.

 Since the beginning of the battle, Keel has been analyzing the movements of the beastmen on the common front, and his prediction of their movements is reaching a prediction.

 Kiel's skill as a healer has grown to the point that even the Ten English Beasts agree with him.

 This time, I heard that there were five enemies at the same time, so I decided that the frequency of attacks is obviously high, and I have equipped the entire four parties with rings with physical strength and durability in mind.
 The high effectiveness of the ring and the superimposed auxiliary skills of your companions will ensure that you will not be killed in a single blow, even if you are the rear guard.

 I wanted to equip the ring of intellect for the speed of recovery magic and to understand the current situation, but to be safe, Kiel has increased his strength and endurance.
 Thanks to that, Keel laments that he lacks the intelligence to assess the situation, but he's so adept that it doesn't matter.

 This is even more impressive since Allen has never been a healer in a previous life.

It's not a good time to be impressed. The battle is about to change. I'll do my part.

 The space between the two iron golems is opening up more and more, thanks to Admiral Galala's slow retreat, taking down the bronze and mithril golems.
 Thanks to Helmios' party keeping the rearmost Iron Golem pinned down.

 Helmios' party is somehow the most stable.
 It's even more solid with the melus.


 Goldino seems to have figured out this situation.

 If the situation continues, the configuration of two Iron Golems to resurrect will not work well.
 Allen is fully aware of how much range the resurrection specialty called Repair Energy has.

We're almost there. Soon you'll only have one enemy resurrecter.

"Noooooooo, it's unavoidable. We fall back. Fall back.

 Goldino stops attacking and says to freeze again, then stops walking

'Let me or . I don't care how many Mithril tablets you consume, just push me forward behind Gordino!


 At that moment, Allen used Bird A's summoner to thwart two sufficiently empty Iron Golems with one more super-merged golem between them, and pushed the second Iron Golem in the back with all his might.

 I was going to retreat, but it opened up even more space between the two Iron Golems.

"Ki, you guys! What are you doing? Get back here!

 Goldino was pushed by the whole Iron Golem, and angrily the two Iron Golems were taken far enough away.

 Reluctantly, he tried to bring back the last iron golem, but was unable to do so.

 The rearmost Iron Golem had no time left to spare.

 Helmios and his party, led by the angel Merus, defeated the rearmost iron golem.

"Yes, we did it.

"Now, let's move on. The Homing Instinct

 Helmios is pleased with the defeat of the Iron Golem.

 Melus is far away from the Iron Golem, the other Iron Golem and the super-combined Golem are moved at once by Bird A's Summoner's Awakening Skill "Nest Instinct".

 Once the Iron Golem is defeated, there will be no more enemies that can be revived.

 While being attacked by the super-merged golem, the Iron Golem, which is desperately resurrecting the Bronze Golem and the Mithril Golem, will be attacked even harder.

 And the battle continues for a few more minutes.
 The second iron golem has finally fallen.

 The mithril golem that was unable to revive was shot down by the converging fire of Stone A's summons, and the bronze golem was attacked by Admiral Galala's super-combined golem, Allen, and Prince Zeu.


 Helmios's party and Merus continue to attack Gordino while the bronze golem is under attack.

(Hmmm, it's also fairly durable. Goldino is still the highest-status golem in this group, and . (Aside from Merus, Helmios' party can't do that much damage.

 Further analysis of the strength of Goldino.
 It seems to be quite strong, as expected for a bottom-level boss.

 The bronze golems also become outnumbered as Goldino's rearguard forces are reduced.

 Rat Rat, the ten-English beast in the attack magic department, has the talent of a "sorcerer".
 As the golems' attacks diminish, Lat and Cecil focus on their offensive magic.
 In the accelerated attack, the bronze golem sinks to the ground.

''You guys!

 Gordino, now completely outnumbered, screams in anger.

'Okay, I've defeated the bronze golem! There's one Gordino left. We'll pin it down!

 Stepping on the fallen bronze golem, Admiral Galala's super-combined golem and the beastmen are about to join the battle against Gordino.

You've got me in a frenzy! "You have taken me seriously!

 That was the time.
 Goldino's eyes lit up and he shouted loudly.

 Then the eyes of the four golems he had just defeated lit up.