297 Episode 291 Goldino Battle ④

 The Iron Golem that fought the Helmios party in the distance, and the Iron Golem that Allen and the others defeated, floats in the air and comes towards us.

 The Iron Golem then transforms into two large legs.

 The bronze golem becomes a giant right arm.
 Goldino seems to become the body and head.
 The mithril golem becomes the left arm with several huge turrets and several smaller turrets combined.
 On each shoulder is a Vulcan-like turret.

 Together with five other golems, including Goldino, they become a super-merged golem.

"I'm going to be filled with power! This is my true nature. Fear! Go ahead and die shaking! Hahaha!

 The character is firmly in place, and Allen thinks that the villain's lines look good as always.

'Gordino's super combined too! The rearguard should prioritize defense, and the super-combined forces should stop Gordino's movement.

 Allen remains vigilant and tells the rear guard to increase the frequency of recovery and stay on the defensive.
 He also instructs the three super-combined golems, including Admiral Galala, to block the super-combined Gordino's movements.

"Hmph! It doesn't matter how many small fry swarm!

(Hey, hey, you won't be able to absorb the locanelle in time)

"Merus, get more rockanels. We won't be able to absorb it in time.


 Goldino turns the huge Vulcan-like turrets on his shoulders to his back to prevent the super-merged golem from approaching from behind.
 Then, using the numerous turrets in one hand, it keeps Admiral Galala's super-combined golem coming from the front.


 Nevertheless, Admiral Galala's golem, which was trying to force its way closer, was attacked by a drill punch with its right arm.
 Because of the super-merged Goldino's super-merger, its range is now tens of meters greater than the bronze golem's, and it's even bigger than the bronze golem's. The four dwarves, including Admiral Galala, ride with Merle.
 Admiral Galala and the four dwarves, including Merle, ride with Admiral Galala and reinsert a new tablet on the grimoire to repair the destroyed body.

'Convergent bombardment! Aim for the shoulder turret!


 Two Stone A summons unleash the convergent bombardment skill.
 The turret is abducted and shattered!


"Nuh? Hmm. This much.


 Looking at the shattered turrets on both shoulders, the super-combined golem behind the super-combined Gordino sees an opportunity to win.
 As he tries to pack it in at once, the abducted one's turret is repaired with a resounding sound.
 The attack from the recovered turrets on both shoulders heavily damages the super-combined golem.

 The part that Admiral Galala attacked is quickly healed as well.

(Hmmm, my leg is glowing! (Is the Iron Golem's repair ability)

"Everyone, aim for the legs! Do not destroy the legs and will recover from the side that attacked!

 Krena, Dogora, and Prince Zeus' party react to Allen's words.
 Merus tells Helmios' party to prioritize their shots.

 Recall that two Iron Golems with a special ability to revive Goldino when they super-merged became two-legged.

Hm! It's harder than before!

"Your Highness, Prince Zeus, the attack seems to work. Let's attack!

 The Beast Prince Zeus feels that the legs of the super-combined Gordino are more durable than the Iron Golem he was fighting so far.
 However, it is not completely immune to attacks by knuckle attacks, as it will dent and crack if you hit it with all your might.
 General Hova, the hammer-hammering ten-beast and beastman of the bear, tells you to continue your attack.
 However, the parts damaged by the weapon are being repaired quickly.

(Will I be scarlet again?)

 In Allen's mind, the rate at which enemies spontaneously recover faster than the rate at which they attack and deplete their strength is called the scarlet state.

 Allen is immensely pleased with the speed of recovery.

 This reminds me of the time when Scarlet, the S-ranked hierarchical boss of the third level, had a ridiculous recovery rate that made it difficult to defeat.
 Moreover, this time, the super-combined Gordino is a powerful enemy with vicious turrets and drill punches.
 If you take your time in reducing the enemy's energy, the danger is here.

No, this is not going to get us anywhere. The vanguard should also use extra skill to attack it. We need to destroy their legs to win!

 Allen decides that he can't win with normal skill use at this point.
 He has saved extra skills and no one has used them yet.

 Everyone nodded at Allen's words.


 Kreena's body is refracted like a shimmering fire.
 The Zeu Beast Prince and the beastmen, too.

 They all seem to have extra skills, such as a powerful blow or increased status.

 Even more powerful beastmen rush in as they leap forward.
 They attack the legs of the super-merged Gordino.

 Allen also generates and strengthens Stone A's summons, attacking the legs and shoulders in a balanced manner.
 The turrets on both shoulders are so vicious that the two super-combined golems behind the super-combined Gordino could be killed if ignored.

(Hmmm, their attacks have increased considerably, but there are quite a few of them that have one-hit kill extras. (I'd appreciate a sustained status increase in this situation.)

 If you're in a situation like this, you need to shave off your energy, so you'd be better off with a sustained attack power like Krsna, but there are quite a few beastmen with specialties like one-hit kill.

 It does a lot of damage, but it can't last, so the recovery is overtaken.


 Prince Zeus is kicked up and blown away by the super-merged Gordino's huge leg.
 The extra skill of Prince Zeu's extra skill causes more damage to the super-merged Gordino's leg than a normal attack, which is also repaired.

 Beast Hui, who was in charge of recovery, quickly recovered it.
 Saying sorry, the Beast Prince Zeu stands up, but he seems to be out of breath.

Oh well! We can't attack like this. It's a bit risky but I'll go too. If that doesn't work, we'll leave.

 Your sustained extra skills ran out before you could attack them all.

 In this strategy, I've distributed the blessings to the assistants and healers, telling them that if their recovery magic can't keep up with their recovery, they can use heavenly blessings.

 The number of blessings is limited because one person can't have 1000 or 2000 of them.
 If the blessings held by your assistants and healers run out, it will interfere with your strategies and tactics.
 If I didn't need them, I wouldn't use them, but I can't say that.

 Allen has been trying to lead the operation and prevent the battle lines from collapsing, but he knows it's time to step forward.

"Excuse me. I'll step forward, too. Mr. Sarah. Goldino's attacks will become more and more violent. If your recovery gets tough, don't hesitate to use the elven elixir ......

 Until now had been supported by one person and one body with Merus, but Allen says to come forward .

...... good. This is a test for me. It's only a matter of time before I give it my all.

 Prince Zeusch wasn't giving up on the situation.
 There is still more that can be done, Prince Zeus says.

"Eh, extra skill already ......

 Something like a shimmer has already not left the body.
 The extra skill has already expired.

 What more is there to say?

I'm Zeu, descendant of the Beast King family of Albahar. Dear Beast God Garum, please help me become an enlightened one. Gal....... Guruaaah!


 Allen was astonished at the change so much.

 The Beast Prince Zeus mutters something small, and then howls loudly.
 And both his fine cloak and his shining armor can't bear the expansion of his body and begin to crinkle.
 Its originally massive body, which was over two meters tall, begins to grow even larger!
 Its body reaches three meters and its face changes to that of a wild beast!

I'm an enlightened one at the stage of the Beast Prince? Is this your Beast King-ization? I see Master Beast God Garum is getting pretty excited.

The Awakened. What's a beast king?

 Seeing Allen taken aback on the battlefield, Merus replies.
 The change is so great that all but the beastmen are stunned.

"Hm? What's this? Besides extra skills, do the beastmen have special skills?

"Mister Allen gets it wrong too. Well, it's hard to understand everything. This is extra skill.

(Because you and the genie gods won't disclose the information.

 To a disgruntled Allen, Merus chuckles and says, "You have two extra skills?

"You have two extra skills?

 Extra skill was used by Prince Zeus earlier.

That's where you're wrong. Or rather, you're already close to the answer, but you're wrong. Mister Allen. How many extra skills can I have at most? The gods call the one who can activate two or more extra skills the Awakened.

"Hmm? Three or more?

"Yes. I'm sure Mister Allen read about it when he came to this world.

 Surely when Allen comes to this world, the site description said that easy mode can be gotten by messing around with three extra skills.

(I see. Normal mode gives you one at the beginning, but you can get it afterwards. Or Prince Zeus was in easy mode)

"What mode is Prince Zeusu? Although the feeling of fighting is normal.

"Of course . . normal.

(Second extra skill in normal . I see. I guess there's still a lot I don't know.

 As Allen speaks with Merus, the battle is changing.

"Beastmen. Follow me as I pave the way ahead. Follow me! Follow me!

 The Zeu Beast Prince, transformed into a giant bipedal lion, said this, clasped his strong hands in the heavens, and punched the ground with all his might.

 The floorboards on the ground were shattered, and a huge magic circle spread out.

"Whoa! Prince Zeu is now a qualified Beast King! The power, this is a hell of a power! Grrrr!

 General Hova stands in the magic circle and looks at Prince Zeu beast prince with admiration.

 General Hova also shatters his armor and turns into a giant bear beastman over three meters tall.
 He used to hold a two-handed mallet with one hand and looks much smaller.

 The ten English beasts are turning into beasts more and more.

Hey! What's going on?

 Dogora can't keep up with the situation.

"No, maybe it's not a problem. Prince Zeus gave us the power to win. The battle is just beginning.

 Allen was trying to find a way to win this situation.