298 Episode 292 Goldino Game ⑤

"Let's go! Follow me! Victory is at hand! Goo-oh!


 The beastmen, who have turned into giant beasts, clutch their weapons, which are now a bit small compared to their body size, and charge into the super-combined Gordino.

 The Beast Prince Zeus stomps in and then leaps into the super-combined golem's foot, sending his fist into the super-combined golem's foot.
 The fist dives into the super-merged Gordino's leg.
 It seems to be much stronger than before it turned into a beast.

 The beastmen who have gone mad continue to attack as if they were following Prince Zeu.
 The other ten English beasts are also doing more damage to the super coalescing Gordino than before with their extra skills, as you can see.

"Lord Aren. This power is the power that the Beast God Garum gave to the beastmen of the House of Al-Bahar for their independence. That time Mr. Garum the Beast God rode into the temple.

 Merus talks about something that was very hard to do because of its past.
 Apparently, the beastmen didn't simply break away from the Gearmut Empire.

'Gave? The second extra skill that can be acquired?

"That's what it is.

 Allen and Merus are on hand to assist the beastmen who are attacking like beasts, shirking their defenses.
 He is talking with Merus, but as he faces Merus, Allen shifts his gaze to avoid overlap.
 Both continue to summon summons to take advantage of each other's overwhelming intellect and to take advantage of the war situation in their line of sight.

(You are born with one extra skill and can have up to three at birth. How do I ask God to get it?

 The normal mode is born with one extra skill.

 Allen remembers how he acquired skills in a game he played in a previous life, and how he got them.
 There were several ways to get it, some by leveling up, others by killing bosses or obtaining it through treasure.

 All through the fifteen years, I had been growing in skill level and gaining new skills. That was the case with my friends.
 Skills could be obtained by growing the original skill or by making a certain number of attempts, like swordplay.
 But he learns that leveling up is not the only way, there is a way to get it from the gods.

(Now we're talking about how to get it. Is there anything else I missed?

"Hm? I feel like I've missed something. Could it be that the Beast King is not a profession but a talent? No, is your position and title concurrently with your talents?

 Merus said that he used the extra skill "Beast King-ization" even though he was the Beast Prince.
 I think this is a way of saying that the Beast King could have activated it more naturally.
 I think this means that 'Beast King-ization' would be difficult for the Beast Prince but easy for the Beast King.

''Mister Allen is another step closer to the truth of the world. The Beast King is a talent that is given to those who are in the position of the Beast King. Now Prince Zeu is supposed to be the 'Beast Prince' talent.

(Hoho, talent changes too.) Is that why the brave man lost to the Beast King? The clue was given to you by a hero a long time ago? I guess I didn't analyze it well enough.

 The brave man had been defeated by the Beast King in a match in front of the royalty of the nations of the Five Continents Alliance.
 It wasn't simply that the Beast King had a strong talent for interpersonal combat.
 It was that the talent of the Beast King overwhelmed the talent of the Brave Man.

 In the Beast Kingdom, the Beast God Garum is still watching over you and giving you great blessings.
 It is surely the power that Garum gave to save the suffering beastmen.
 How ready was Garum, the beast god, when he rode into the temple of Elmea, the creator god, and spoke directly to him?
 I think I can understand how the beast king was pissed off when the teachings of paganism came in.

 Now that power is being wielded by the fanged, clawed, super-merged Gordino.


(So much power that one star was raised.)

"Ki, you guys!

 With the tone of Super Combination Gordino, the war situation is changing.

 With Allen and Merus supporting them, the beastmen are attacking as if they were clinging to the super-formed Gordino.
 It seems that the beastification will not be easily released, and more and more super-merged Gordino's legs are being destroyed.

 The attacks of the massively assisted beastmen are overwhelming the repair speed of the super-merged Gordino.

(Okay, okay, as long as the leg is shattered, he won't be able to recover, so we can boil or roast him.


"Oh, Allen!

d*mn it, Merus, you got away. Oh, well, you couldn't force me to move in the Angel's Circle of Merus. (Out of your rights?)

 The super-merged Gordino reached out a huge hand and grabbed Allen, while damaging his leg.
 Merus uses his homing instincts and ducks at the last second.

 Cecil is stunned as Allen is caught.

 Melus' special skill "Angel's Circle" has some restrictions, and even if you use your homing instincts, which allow you to move in groups, you can't transfer Aren on your own.

You are the leader of this party, right?

 Super-merged Gordino apparently decided to attack the party leader, despite being attacked in the leg.

." "Huh? That's different. It's the one who's the beast down there. You see, the lion-like one. I'm the humble auxiliary.

 Allen lodges a complaint that he's the wrong person.
 I tell him to go after the beastly prince Zeu, who is turning into a beast by going for his foot.

(Let's just let me sap my strength.)

 Allen gives Cecil a look that says no problem.
 This reminds Cecil of the old battle of Mardergarsh.

"Hm. I see. So you've been pompously popping things out for a while now? This is how you do it!

 Apparently, he had a good understanding of Allen's standing and his position in the party as a whole.
 If I'm giving instructions to everyone that loudly, Allen thinks that I'm going to be targeted.

 As it is, the super-merged Gordino grips Allen with both hands with all his might.

Oh, Allen. Mr. Keel! Master Allen's recovery!

 Sophie says as she recovers from being blinded by the already huge hand of Allen.

'Ha ha! That's it! Your leader is dead!

 Saying this, Gordino slams the clenched Allen to the ground with all his might.
 The hard floorboards of the dungeon are slammed down on him with great force.
 In addition, he uses his huge body, which is probably 150 meters long, and continues to crush it with his huge feet, just in case.

 The giant crater is created with the sound of the explosion.

Everyone, we've got Allen! Rescue!

 Prince Zeu is no ordinary person and stops attacking.
 The death of one of the party's leaders and a key figure in this battle is too great.
 It's a situation that forces you to consider leaving.

 Some look anxiously at the super-merged Gordino's feet, while others look at the party leader to see if he has any new instructions.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that there are a lot of things that you can't do. What?

 While everyone in the party was exclaiming, the super-merged Gordino felt a strange sensation.
 The giant foot he'd been stomping on so many times stopped before it even touched the ground.
 The foot that was about to stomp down toward the ground was being lifted up with tremendous force!

"Keep attacking! Your hard-earned energy will be restored!

 In the crater, Allen shouted.

''B-ba-boo! I'm not going to die!

 Incredulous at his words, fearful of something unseen, the super-merged Gordino tries with all his might to further crush it with his feet.



 A huge impact on the soles of such feet.
 Something struck a powerful blow from the sole, causing the sole to crack wide open.

 Allen slams the adamantine sword into the sole of the super-merged Gordino's foot.
 The impact causes the super-merged Gordino's massive foot to float wide open.

 Allen has grown yet again after nearly a year of conquering S-class dungeons.

 Allen has hunted nearly 4,000 Iron Golems and reached level 81.
 His summoning level of 8 strengthens his summoning abilities and allows him to receive assistance from his friends like a hailstorm.
 In addition, while hunting the iron golem, your swordsmanship finally reached 4.
 However, her kingship remains sealed.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 15
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 81
 Body strength] 2615 + 2400
 Magic power] 4140 + 2200
 Attack Power] 1452 + 14,600
 Endurance] 1452 + 2400
 [Quickness] 2703 + 16200
 Intelligence] 4150 + 4200
 Fortune: 2703 + 2000
 Skills: Summoning <8>, Creation <8>, Combining <8>, Strengthening <8>, Awakening <8>, Expansion <7>, Stowage, Sharing, Fast Summoning, Equal Exchange, Commanding, Royalization <3>, Deletion, Swordplay <4>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] About 700 billion/900 billion

Skill level
 Summons 8
 Born] 8
 [Combined] 8
 Strengthening] 8
 Awakening 8

Skills Experience
 Approximately 200 million / 10 billion
 About 200 million / 10 billion
 About 6 billion / 10 billion
 About 300 million / 10 billion

Obtainable Summons
 [Grass] ABCDEF
 Stone ] ABCDE
 [Fish] ABCD
 [Spirit] ABC
 Dragon] AB
 Angel] A

 [ Bug ] 
 Beast] 1 piece of A1
 Bird] 8 B sheets, 5 A sheets
 [ Grass ] 
 Stone] 1 piece of A

 Fish] A1 piece
 Spirit] 1 piece of A1
 Dragon] A62 sheets
 Exercise] 1 piece of A

 Such a grown-up Allen blew off the giant leg of the super-merged golem with one hand.


 The ten English beasts freeze up, wondering what they were worried about earlier.
 Then, the armor is tattered, but Allen comes out of the crater alive and well.

What? Are you a monster?

 General Hova and Allen's eyes met at the feet of the super-merged Gordino.
 General Hova was so shocked and frightened that he involuntarily clutched his hammer tightly.