299 Episode 293 Goldino Battle ⑥

 For a moment you forget that you've been transformed into a beast, and then you look at the dark-haired young man in front of you.
 General Hova unintentionally pointed his hammer at Allen, who should have been his companion.

What's the matter with you? Let's continue the attack. We're almost there.

 At Allen's words, so natural from the looks of it, General Hova returned to consciousness.

 Allen is equipped with a powerful buff, a summoner's blessing, and two rings that increase his attack power by 5,000.

Allen with all his aids added together
 The effects of blessings and rings are shown separately from the bare status
 [Physical strength] 3007 + 2760
 [Magic] 4968 + 6240
 Attack Power] 1888 + 31980
 Endurance] 2604 + 9688
 [Quickness] 3514 + 24960
 Intelligence] 4150 + 7200
 Fortune 3244 + 2400

Status Increase by Sophie's Spirit
Keel durability increased by 30%.
Astrologer Temi magic power increased by 20%.
Astrologer Temi Endurance increased by 20%.
Astrologer Temi Good Luck 20% increase
Prayer Hui endurance 15%, strength 15% increase
Lepe the Magician attack power increased by 30%.
Musician Lepe speed increased by 30%.

 Allen comes out from behind Goldino's legs and continues his attack.
 He slams the Adamantite sword into one of his feet.


 The impact is so great that the giant super-combined body of Gordino shakes to the side.

That's more damage than it's worth. (That's more damage than its status.) It's almost a critical hit thanks to the assistance it receives.

 As the battle begins, analyze how much damage is being done by the companions' auxiliary skills and summoner's specialties and awakening skills, although this is their first attack.
 It seems that more than 40,000 damage has been dealt by Allen's attack.
 This may be another effect of Lepe the Magician and summons to increase the criticality rate.
 With its current status and auxiliary overlap, it seems to be able to attack with a critical strike almost 100% of the time.

 From a foothold created by his own attack, Allen slams his gunning sword into the legs of the super-merged Gordino.

''Hey, hey, here we go again.

 Keel is stunned by this situation.
 We've seen this all too often over the past month.

 Allen's frantic pursuit of his sword has been a common sight in the Iron Golem hunt.
 Anyway, as fast and as desperate as possible, Allen continued to hunt the Iron Golem.

''Hey, don't get cocky!

 A huge drill punch from Super Combination Gordino heads towards Allen.
 It looks like it's going to hit the super-merged Gordino's leg as well, but it seems to have decided that killing this Allen is the priority.

 Allen catches the drill punch with the opposite hand of the sword he's slamming into it.
 One hand is shattered by the drill punch.
 But when the fist is shattered, the attack stops.
 It is not only durability that protects against physical attacks.

 Allen has the Fish B summoner's special skills and awakening skills that he sprinkled on his friends.
 And he has the blessing of Spirit A's summoner.

Fish B's Summoner's Special Skill "Turtle Shield".
Fish B Summoner's Awakening Skill "Turtle Barrier".
Spirit A summoner's blessing "physical resistance strong".

(You're right, the drill punches take a lot of damage. Do a little more "physics resistant" work. Well, it's not enough to kill you. It hurts like a b*tc*. I won't allow it!

 The physical resistance is so high that only Allen's fists could destroy it.

 Kiel has already activated his recovery spell.
 Allen's hands are chattering and regenerating.
 The recovery spell of Keel, who has already become the Holy King, has been able to heal the missing limbs with no problems.

 After his arm is recovered, he draws another Adamantite sword from the chamber and stabs it with a two-pronged attack.
 Aren knows that this will increase your swordsmanship level at twice the speed.

 Keel has been hunting at all hours of the day with a companion who threw away these defenses.
 Rather than avoiding or not avoiding, Allen decides his actions based on whether he can or cannot defeat them quickly.
 Especially when he reached summoned level 8, his status went through the roof and Allen began to act as the vanguard.
 After throwing away his defenses, Keel had to anticipate Allen's actions and recover.

"We will attack too!

 The Zeu-Beast Prince gulps for a moment because of Allen's excessive strength, but now is the time to take advantage and tell the Ten Eigenes to continue their attack.

 With the Super Combination Gordino's attention on Allen, now is the time to take advantage of it.

(Hurry up, hurry up. (Good luck, Melus.)

 With the shared Bird B and Bird A summons, the whole thing is visible, but it seems to be a bit tougher to defend, as Allen's assistance is gone.

 While focusing on Allen, the super-combined Gordino, whose legs are being destroyed, is attacking in all directions with its shoulders and hand turrets.


 As I was slicing and dicing with all my might, I finally crushed one leg.
 And then the other leg was crushed by my friends' attack.

Hey, you guys!

 Losing both of his legs and getting his hands on the ground, the super-merged Gordino screams.

"Okay, Cecil, put a stop to it!

(Isn't it possible to hit a super-powerful petit meteo now?)

 Allen tells Cecil to unleash his extra skill, the micrometeorite, which he's been saving all along.
 With Sophie's help and Cecil's own job change, you'll be able to unleash a powerful blow.

Okay, okay. Do you want me to put a stop to it?

 While saying such a delicious scene, we've been waiting and Cecil is not going to refrain at all.


 The rat beastman Lat, acting as an attack spell, raises his staff and holds him still.
 Then Lat's body is refracted like a shimmering fire and he activates his extra skill.

What is it?

 When the attack is stopped, Cecil is more confused than angry.

"Full burst!

 Rutte chanted something, and then a huge magic circle appeared on the ground.

Well, what is this?

You'll have a lot of power. You'll be able to unleash twice as much magic.

 Rutto says with a grin.
 It looks like he set up Cecil's extra skill 'micrometeorite' for me.

'Oh my God, is this really necessary? Petit Meteo

 Cecil says he's sorry for the delicious situation, but his face doesn't have that look on it at all.
 All of the magic power without hesitation is poured into the extra skill.
 Cecil rains down a chunk of bright red-burned rock from the heavens that exceeds a hundred meters, let alone tens of meters.

''Huh! Hey! Homing instinct!

 Its size clearly exceeds the width of the passage.
 It rains down on the super-merged Gordino, shattering the walls of the passageway.
 Allen is flabbergasted by the sheer size of the micrometeorite.
 In a panic, he transposes his comrades some distance away.

"Gahhhh! You, guys! How dare you!

 It shattered the corridor for a long distance, but its power was not diminished.
 The super-merged Gordino desperately wanted to catch the huge, red-burned rock with both hands, but it was unable to kill the overwhelming momentum.

 His entire body caves into the ground, shattering the turrets on both shoulders and creating cracks in his hands.

Did I do it?

"No, everybody be on your guard.

 Crushed by a huge rock, Allen tells his friends not to let up.
 Because there is no log on the cover of the grimoire.

 This means that Gordino is still alive.
 I tell them to approach warily, though it may be the breath of a worm.

"Hey, hey, hey. We got crushed by a huge rock! There's no way he's alive.

 Keel says that there is no way that Gordino, who is still under the feverish, red-hot rock, could be alive.
 The impact was so great that it created a deep, huge crater, with a huge rock sitting in the middle of it.

No, let's put a stop to it. Everyone prepare to attack!


 As Allen tries to tell everyone to take an attack stance, a large rock cracks and shatters.

 And out comes a battered Goldino.
 There is no longer any trace of Goldino when they super-merged.

 The four super-merged golems look like their remnants are clinging around Gordino.
 Not only were the four golems torn to pieces and peeling off like that, but Gordino himself wasn't going to let it go.
 His hands and feet are on the ground, his whole body is cracked and he looks like he's going to fall down in no time.

Oh, Aren, we're not dead yet!

 Even the Zeuschwein prince is amazed how a blow like that doesn't kill him.

Maybe this is it.

(If you take a certain amount of damage, perhaps)

"You've finally got me on my feet. What will you regret?

 Allen's prediction seems to be coming true soon.

 Cracks all over Goldino's body are growing larger and larger, and his body is crumbling to pieces.
 And then, out of it, emerges an intact Gordino, about 30 meters long.

Hey! Something's coming out! What the hell is wrong with you?

 Kiel is furious.
 What more is there to say.

It's gotten smaller. This will work, won't it?

 Dogora lets out his frank opinion.
 I've fought Goldino at 100 or 150 meters in the past.

You're the first to show my true colors. Take this! Ha!

 And then both of Gordino's eyes light up and Allen and the others are bathed in a dazzling light.


 Allen himself was exposed to the rays of light all over his body, but there was no pain.
 But there was a strange feeling.

Is this the one you're talking about? It's that disgusting move the boss uses.

 Allen feels his whole body relax.
 It's as if all the help is being drowned out.

How's that? Be afraid . I thought I'd won, but it looks like I'm going to end up wet. Know despair!

 And then, Gordino was coming floating into the air.