300 Episode 294 Goldino Battle ⑦

 The super-merged Gordino was hit by Cecil's extra skill "micrometeorite" and its body disintegrated, revealing the true Gordino from within.

 Its body is smaller than when it first appeared, about one-third the length, or about 30 meters, and its body is slender and sleek.
 Like the mithril golem, it floats in the air with a spinning loop-like object on its head.

 Then the true Goldino's eyes lit up, and all of Aren and the others were engulfed in light and felt their strength leave them.

'All assistance has been drowned out! Calling the auxiliary back! Priority is given to you from assisting in defending yourself!

 Allen yells out to the worst of the situation.
 Then, he tries to recreate the fish-related specialties and awakening skills that he himself had been erased from.

"Hahaha! This is the first time I've seen this! I will die proud to have seen my true colors!

 True Gordino declares victory on a high note.

 Aren's companions seem to understand the situation and try to reapply for assistance.
 However, the real Goldino pulls out a beam shield and a beam saber from his hand and quickly closes the distance on Allen and his friends.


"Humph! I'm so depressed!


 One of the super-merged golems blocks the way, holding on to his friends for protection.
 But the dwarves inside scream as their arms are crushed by the beam saber and knocked down with a roar.

"How many times have I told you this?

 Her eyes light up again, and she feels her body's assistance slipping away.
 It's like a true Gordino's auxiliary removal skill has been used.

Can it be erased again and again? It's a big area of effect in an instant, and that's the worst part. Is this a big space now? Now there's just one thing to do.

 This is where you must decide whether to continue the fight or leave.
 This place was originally a corridor, but Cecil's extra skill shattered the corridor walls on both sides, making it a much wider space.



 Allen decided that the battle was not yet over.
 Allen thinks of the most effective strategy in this situation and puts it into action.

"Divide everyone into three. I'm going to divide everyone into three groups, and I'm going to call the auxiliary for each one! Homing instinct!

 Allen disperses the party to lead it out of the situation to victory.
 Balance vanguard, rearguard, and middle guard, and prioritize stability by mixing the races.

 With Allen's strategy, there will be three parties.

 Choose two Helmios saints, a keel, and two beastmen as the healers, but leave the keel alone and leave the saints and beastmen as a pair.
 The assistance of the saints and beastmen as healers is for overlap and to even out and stabilize the party.

''Gordino's auxiliary disabling attacks have now been dispersed! The enemy cannot recover any more. If we can shave off all our strength, we win!

 Hearing Allen's shouted maneuvers floating in the middle of the circle, amidst a sudden change of vision.
 Knowing that you can still fight.

'To no avail! No use, no use!


 The summoner's blessing of bird A, "flight," causes Allen to float in the air and scream for all to hear, and a true Goldino takes aim at Allen.
 He is reamed off with a beam saber, and his left arm, which he was defending against, is shattered and blown away.


"No problem! Hang up the aid while you aim at me!

(One hit will take more than half of your energy, so please help me out, Keel, when you have time. You will die.

 Allen stays in the air to buy time to assist his friends.
 Use the blessings of heaven to repair his left arm, which was completely shattered.
 In this place, I can also universally apply the special skills and awakening skills of fish-type summons to my friends.

Are you still struggling in vain? Watch your friends die!

 One of the three parties that hang out with the aid will be attacked.

"Come on, ole!

"Humph! Small fry!


 Dogora slashes at you with all his might, but he is blocked by the beam shield and knocked back by the beam saber.
 The other beastmen seem to be doing the same.
 The attackers are nowhere to be seen, as they are assisting in defending themselves first.

 True Goldino is now one-third the size, but it seems to be stronger than the original Goldino.
 It makes full use of its beam shield, so its attacks can't penetrate, and it moves through the air like a mithril golem, moving with great speed.

 The only saving grace in this state is the super-combined golem that doesn't require any assistance.
 The stalemate continues as the super-merged golems protect their respective parties.

 However, the situation is becoming more favorable to the true Gordino with every passing second.
 Every time it was attacked, the super-merged golem consumed its tablet, so some parts could no longer be fixed.

 Before that, the time limit for super-mergers is approaching.
 It's almost an hour before the super-merge.

 If the super-merged golems, which are of high status and serve as the wall, are gone, there will be dead men in the rear and middle guard.

(Now, this is a decision time!)

 I tried to reduce the strength of the true Goldino through trial and error, but I could hardly remove it.

 Neither the beastly beasts nor their other companions have been able to do much damage at close range.
 Even if the Stone B summoner's reflex attack is successful, it will still duck due to its high mobility.

 I've already set up a nest that leads to a cube-shaped object that can transfer to the place where I flew to the fifth level.
 At Allen's discretion, you can return or let your friends escape.

Unfortunately, the super-merge will be unlocked in a few minutes. We haven't used the Spirit King's Blessing yet, so should we at least try that? (No, there will be deaths in the meantime.

 You still have the Blessing of the Spirit King, which increases everyone's status by 30% and allows you to use extra skills again.

 I don't know if it will work in this situation, and we might lose the time to retreat while doing so.

 Unfortunately, there's still time to try the lowest level boss again, because there's no way you're going to lose any dead people.
 It was then that you decided to fight again, since there were some problems you noticed in the first game.

Good grief. Showing it in public is bad for my business, but I'll have to do it. I'll take care of it with extra skills, and you guys can take care of the rest.

 After one sigh, Rosetta the Phantom Thief opened her mouth.


 The shared bird B summoner picks up Rosetta's voice.

"Hey, wasn't Rosetta an extra skill to steal treasure?

 What are you talking about, says Helmios beside you.
 Even to the same party, Helmios doesn't seem to think that Rosetta has the skills to take advantage of this situation.
 The others also look at Rosetta, wondering what she can do against a true Goldino in this situation.

"Well, we'll see. HERMIOS. This is going to cost you a fortune. AREN! I'm going to take the power of this hulking thing away from you, so do something about it while you're there!

"Guys, Rosetta is going to do something!

 Only Allen and Merus are in the middle of this place.
 For the whole world to hear, tell them that Rosetta will do something from now on, and tell them to prioritize their protection.

 Meanwhile, Rosetta the thief's body is refracted like a shimmer.

"Hahaha! What can a bandit do! No matter what you do, it will drown it all out!

 True Gordino mocks Rosetta the thief as she takes a step forward.

"Good. Your skills. I'd like to have your skills. Roverhands!

 Rosetta the Phantom Thief smiled for a moment, then reached up into the air and grabbed something.


 To the astonishment of her friends, Rosetta raises her upper body with a great swinging and grasping gesture.
 There is something shiny floating in Rosetta's hand.

"Huh. What's this. Do you have a nice one? Now I can't get my eyes to shine. Hmmm.

"What? You, you. That's it! Wow, you took away my skills! I will not forgive you!

(Got the skills!) (Seriously?!!!)

 It seems that even a true Goldino knew right away what had been done to him.
 He closes the distance to Rosetta and tries to regain the skills that were taken from her.


 Targeted by a true Gordino, floating a glowing ball in one hand, the thief Rosetta begins to get impatient.

Guard break!

 As the true Goldino closes the distance, the swordsman Doberg jumps on him and swings his great sword down.
 He seemed to have perfectly timed this attack.
 Maybe he was looking for an opportunity to follow up when his companion failed to perform an extra skill.


 The beam shield is shattered by a blow from the swordsman Doberg.

(Here's your chance!

"Homing instinct! Hang up the aid! Sophie bless the Spirit King!

 Seeing this as an opportunity to quickly assist everyone, Allen gathered his friends, who were scattered among the three parties, into one place.

Yes, sir! Mr. Allen. Spirit God Rosen, please.

 While her friends begin to assist her, Sophie uses all of her magic power and uses the extra skill "Great Spirit Reveal".

''Haha. It's the end of the war.

 Then the spirit king on his shoulder floats in the air and begins to swing his hips.
 What looks like shining raindrops are pouring down all around.

Help me! Extra skills can be used again!

 The "Spirit King's Blessing" skill used by the Spirit God has already been explained to all of my friends.
 He says he'll use it at the last minute, so they all know it's his last chance to use it.

"Screw you! You didn't think I'd give you time to prepare for that!

"We'll buy you some time!

 Two battered golems stand in the way of the true Gordino.

"It's not going to be left to you guys alone! Merle, grit your teeth!


 The tattered super-combined golem was at its limit.
 But they mustered themselves up and headed for the true Goldino.
 Admiral Galala is also charging into the true Goldino to prevent his comrades from crushing it.

 It is as if he is risking his life to buy time for assistance.

Stay with me!

 After being blown away so many times, the limit seems to have come to the super-merged golems.
 One by one, their entire bodies collapsed and fell down.
 Out of the collapsed golem's chest crystal, the dwarves rush to the rear guard.

 Then, a vicious beam saber attacks Admiral Galala's super-combined golem.
 After receiving the vicious blow, Merle leans back and uses his magic board to control it with all his might.

"Megaton pa'aanchi!

 But Merle's death blow was blocked by the beam saber.
 Cleaved off, and the last of Admiral Galala and Merle's super-combined golem also reaches its limit.

 Merle and the others are thrown from the disintegrated super-merged golem's crystal part.

You're going to die! Stop! Mu?

 True Goldino tries to dispose of Merle and his friends as they emerge from the super-merged golem.
 True Goldino loses Merle and his friends as Allen's homing instinct moves him backwards.

No, that's enough. Thank you all.

 Allen clutches his sword and speaks the words of thanks.

"Well. That's enough. I don't need more than this.

 Helmios also readied his sword and said with composure: "Yes.

Yes. Can we go now? Grrrl!

 The beastly Prince Zeu bends forward, clutching his knuckles with all the strength he can muster, to face the true Gordino.

 A dazzling light envelops Aren and the others.
 It's a magical glow that has already taken care of everything.

Yeah, and you think you've won!

Sophie. It's hard to knock them down if they move around, so you have to block their movements.

"Yes. Master Allen. Master Gale, the Spirit of the Wind, we need your help.

"Yeah. Okay. Mom.

 Sophie regains her magical powers and manifests a boyish wind spirit.
 For some reason, this wind spirit calls Sophie "mama".

 She wears two rings that increase her magic power by 5,000, receives the Spirit King's blessing, and her entire magic power is absorbed.

 A visible rope of wind crawls over her body and binds True Goldino's body.

''What! This is the kind of stuff.

 But even with all the magic in it, it couldn't stay still for seconds.
 But it was enough.

 They will all come at the attack to signal their attack.



 Allen flies and slams his sword into the eye with all his might.
 With the blessing of the Spirit King, the body of the hollyhock is of no concern to him.

"Now I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

 He puts his foot on his face and slams his sword in further.

 The beastmen, transformed into animals, also attack.
 The weapon slams into their bodies.

The kamikiri sword!

"High King Sword!

"Haha! My such opponent

 Helmios, who activated the extra skill, and Krsna, who broke through the limit with the extra skill, slammed their swords into the chest of the true Goldino.


 A true Goldino falls to the ground, losing its power.

I have killed a true Goldino. You have gained 4 billion experience.

(I kind of felt like a villain by the end.)

Apparently, we beat it.

" " " Oh! We won!

 Allen's declaration of victory had his friends screaming with joy.
 At last, Allen and his friends had defeated the lowest-level boss.