301 Article 295. Remuneration for subjugation

 Gordino is lying in front of Allen and his friends.
 Allen has stabbed him in the face, and his face is broken.

No, he's too strong. That was pretty close. That was a pretty close call. But that's okay.

 I'll let slip my thoughts on finally defeating it.
 In a very close fight, I was helped by the beastly princes and the skills of Rosetta the Phantom Thief in the last minute.
 Our first raid victory together feels like a long-forgotten sense of nostalgia.

...... Father. Zeu did it.

 Beside Allen, the beast prince Zeu, who has already lost his animalization, shakes his shoulders.

 The beast prince, who usually calls himself "Yu" in the first person and his father "Your Majesty the Beast King," has returned to his childhood memories.
 The astrologer Temi tells me that this is a test given on the premise that he could never be overcome.

 There was also a strong desire to do whatever it takes.
 Is it just my imagination that General Hova is weeping louder than Prince Zeu beside him?

...... everyone did it. I'll bring wine to your graves too!

 Even Admiral Galala closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about his lost comrades.
 The golem-using dwarves played the role of the wall perfectly.
 If even one of the three super-merged golems had been spared, some of them would have died.
 The dwarves who had risked their lives more than anyone else in the battle also shed tears, and even more than victory, they shed tears for the friends they had lost in their first challenge.

 While they were immersed in their own sentiments, Cecil approached Allen.

"Hmm? What's going on? You look disgruntled.

That's too bad. I didn't let you stop me.

 In the end, Krsna and Helmios' attack was stopped, so he says his extra skill, the micrometeorite, could not be used.

"No, it's not something you should use when people are trying to stop you like that.

 Allen was stunned that another 100-meter micrometeorite would be too much for him.

 Cecil also received the Spirit King's blessing and his incredible intelligence.
 There are quite a few situations where Cecil's extra skills are not suitable for use.

''Well, yeah. Oh?

 While this conversation was going on, a potato-faced man who recently came of age, who is neither Prince Zeu nor Admiral Galala, stood in the place where Goldino had already disappeared, leaving behind only an S-ranked magic stone.

'Dogora, you are depressed,'

 Crenna also comes up to Allen and guesses Dogora's feelings with a sad face.
 Dogora was not satisfied with this battle.
 The other races are working together, as are Allen's friends, and he seems to be wondering why he's doing so well.

"Dogora, you didn't play well.

"What? Oh, man.

 Allen speaks directly to Dogora's troubles.

"Don't worry. Folmar hasn't played much of a role either.


 The tweaks from Folmar .
 Formal does not have much room to play in battles against hard golems like this one.
 It was a difficult battle against the lowest bosses, where attacks were difficult to get through with the bow.

 But Folmar himself didn't seem to mind at all.
 To begin with, he's thinking of nothing but protecting Sophie.

(Can't help but be unskilled in some situations, depending on your profession. I need to be able to activate extra skills. (Well, he was active, though.)

 Dogora has been useful or not useful.
 He has changed jobs three times, is well equipped, and has an overwhelming amount of offensive power.

 You're not just second to the ten English beasts and Helmios' party, but you've shown an overwhelming ability to fight.

 He has also been with his friends since he was at the school.
 You'll be able to get the most out of them, as well as Krsna, the same vanguard, and Keel, the healer, so you'll be able to get around them. You're a guy of a different skill level.

(That doesn't mean you did well, though, does it? (Dogora)

 With Dogora's discontent coming to the fore, Allen opens his mouth further.

"You're not trying to be a hero in the situation I've set up, are you?


 Dogora gasped.

 Allen gathers his party, devises a plan, and wins the battle.
 He tells Dogora that he's going to get in there and be a hero.

 That implies that this is just the beginning.
 Take it upon yourself to be a hero, he says with his eyes, and show me how to solve Extraskill's problems.

I want my reward. Let's go back to the hall.

 Allen grinned and called out to each party in the aftermath of their sentiments and victories, saying, "Oh, watch," said Dogora, in an inaudible voice behind Allen's back.
 Oh, watch," Dogora said in an inaudible voice behind Allen's back.

 The transition to return to the fifth level is at the end of this passage, but if you defeat the boss, a cube will appear in the hall.
 It's a dedicated cube for defeating the boss, which gives you a reward and moves you to the first level.

 Use Bird A's summoner to move all at once.
 There is a cube-shaped object floating in front of you, and in front of you is a never-before-seen box.

Congratulations to the lowest boss. ......

"Whoa! What the hell is this thing? What's that glow! Hooray!

"As usual, you are the Holy King of Gold.



 He was going to say something, but the cube-shaped object fell silent as Keel covered his words.
 Cecil is dumbfounded, but Keel isn't the only one who is surprised.

 There was indeed a reward for killing the bottom-level boss. But there were three.
 Originally, you were supposed to get four, but three were the normal rewards for killing, and one was a special reward from Digragni for the first kill.

 In front of the cube-shaped object, there were three treasure chests: a silver box, a gold box, and a rainbow-colored rainbow box.

(Hoho, the bottom level boss is from the silver box? (Even so, there is no such thing as a rainbow box)

 The bronze and iron golem consisted of a wooden box, a silver box, and a gold box.
 It's quite lucky that all three rewards for defeating the bosses in this dungeon are more than a silver box, even though the probability of a silver box is only about 10%.

 The rewards for defeating the lowest level bosses in S-ranked dungeons seem to start with a silver box, and there seems to be a special treasure chest called a rainbow box.

This is...

 Prince Zeus froze when he saw the three chests.

''For now, it seems that the treasure chests will be rainbow, gold, and silver, in that order, the most expensive ones. Would you mind discussing the three between Prince Zeus, Admiral Galala, and Helmios?

I see. I see.

 Prince Zeus seems to be convinced.

 The cube-shaped object is not the subject of the treasure chest, but rather Allen and his friends are talking about it.
 The cube-shaped object seems to be waiting for consciousness to come to it.

Let's just take a look inside.

 Helmios also talks about how we should all decide on the reward for now.

 I open the three chests.
I open the three chests and find a magic tool (extra large) from silver that holds the item.
adamantine body plate (feet) from gold
Pendant from the rainbow increased attack power 3000

"What a great treasure they are!

 Even Rosetta the Phantom Thief leans over and says, "Which one shall I choose?
 Allen and his friends stand by and watch from the sidelines as they don't get the usual rewards for taking down a guy.

(Seriously. Pendants increase your attack power, which means you can raise your status in addition to the ring, right? (This has to be aligned in circles)

 Weapons and armor also increase status.
 However, the accessory-based status increase increases along with the status in skills and so on.
 I'm excited to discover new accessories.

Hmm. I'm the leader of this four-party. Shall I start with me? I want a rainbow box.


 I never thought that Prince Zeus asked me to give him the best rainbow box.

 Rosetta, the thief, lets out a gasp.
 Rosetta looks around, but it seems no one objects.

"This is good. Then I want the money box.

 Admiral Galala says that's fine with him.
 Then he says he wants the adamantine main body tablet of the gold box.

 "What did you decide to do again? But this time Rosetta didn't seem to say anything.
 You're right, there's no point in getting the stone tablet for the golem.
 It'll be sold at the temple, but it'll be sold out anyway.

All right, all right. I'll just use this grimoire.

 Saying that, he takes the oversized magic tool for storage as if Rosetta were holding it for him.
 Hermios chuckles at the fact that it can't be helped.
 Such a storage spell is very expensive, and Allen later learns that it's so expensive that a house in the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire would be worth the price of a prime location.
 The size of the storage unit is extra large, so if you sell it, it will be worth more than just a house.

Now we have a deal on the treasure.

(I thought we were going to have a battle of attrition, but this world is at peace.

 Just because you do a raid doesn't mean that everyone will be rewarded.
 I remember that in a previous life, Allen had a 50-man raid and only received 1 or 2 rewards.
 Often a battle royal would break out over the rewards after the raid, but it was decided quite peacefully.

...... I never thanked you for saving Sarah and the others.

 Then he held out the pendant to Prince Zeus and Allen.
 I should have remembered, but I sounded slightly actor-like and awkward, as if I had decided to say it.

"Huh? Are you sure?

I've served my purpose. This is not necessary.

 Apparently, Prince Zeusel wanted the best rainbow box pendant to give Allen the reward for defeating him right from the start.

 Allen looks at the ten English beasts behind Prince Zeus.
 Everyone is nodding their heads without objection.
 I think they already decided this was what they wanted.

"All these adamantine tablets don't help, either. Let Merle have this one.

 Then Admiral Galala will also offer it to Allen.


"Thank you for letting me avenge my friends. Thanks to you, we can all move on.

 Admiral Galala grinned.
 It seems that both Prince Zeus and Admiral Galala have decided to give the reward to Allen and the others.

"Wait! Hey . I'm not giving you this!

 The thief Rosetta, clutching the stored mages to her chest, was impatient and said.