302 Chapter 296 Diglagni ①

 Among the rewards for defeating the other three parties, the gold and rainbow boxes are in Allen's hands.
 The beastmen and dwarves have nothing to say about the decision by Prince Zeu and Admiral Galala, so I'll take it gratefully.

 Rosetta, the thief, holds the stone slab of magic in her arms as she glares warily at Allen.

(No, you don't have to be so cautious; we won't take it away. And I have a storage grimoire. That's a big one, not "big".

 Allen has killed nearly 4,000 Iron Golems.
 It is true that grimoires come out of the silver box, and grimoires for storage are in Allen's grimoire.

 From the silver box, which has a 10% chance of coming out, I found stone tablets of baboons, grimoires, and weapons and armor made of Adamantite.

 Thanks to this, I think I've gotten all the mages I need for my adventure.

It's good. I'm one step closer to an Adamantite golem.

 Allen had hunted nearly 4,000 Iron Golems and had produced three gold chests.
 One of them was a lump of orichalcone, but it had two Adamantite golem slates.
 Thanks to this, I was able to get an adamantite tablet (leg) that didn't fit.

Congratulations! You are the first conqueror of the S-class dungeon 'Tower of Trials'. Please receive your certificate first.

 The cube-shaped object speaks to them once more, as everyone's attention is now focused on the reward chest.

 Then, a jet-black card the size of a business card appears in front of Allen, Helmios, Admiral Galala, and Prince Zeu.

Oh, it's called "S Class Dungeon 'Tower of Trials' Conquest Certificate". Is our names engraved on the back?

 The jet-black card is marked in gold letters on the front and back with the certificate and who participated.

"Prince Zeu, this is the perfect proof. It's good to be back in the Beast Kingdom.

 Allen says you're lucky to be in a dungeon that issues you a proper certificate.

Hmm, well, yeah.

 Prince Zeu looks at the front and back of the face and replies.

Next, the reward for the first kill, Mr. Digrigni would like to give it to you in person, he is here. I'll let him know.

"Oh! Please!

 Allen replies in a jubilant voice.



 Then, right behind the cube-shaped object, a huge, jet-black object suddenly appears.

(You've finally arrived!)

 The figure is a ten-meter-long adamantite golem.

"Oh! Sorry! I'm sorry I startled you. I'm Dighragni!

 Then nimbly the dungeon master DiGragni appeared.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Allen. The leader of this whole party is Prince Zeu, but we're told that our party will receive the reward for the first kill. I am the party leader. ......

"It's a long story!

 Apparently that was a long explanation.

"I'm sorry. I will negotiate the reward for the first kill.

"Oops, I'm sorry. I've been busy making a dungeon. The Elmera is asking me to make it by next month.

Oh, it's a job change dungeon. How's it going?

"No problem. Master Elmere said to hurry up and make it. I'm a very busy man.

 Good grief, says DiGragni.

 It's the beginning of March now, but I've heard from the genie gods that in April, there will be a dungeon that you can change jobs if you conquer it.

 Assigned dungeon master DiGragni said that he is often absent from S-class dungeons due to the difficulty of changing jobs.
 I heard that Digrigni would normally leave the altar and come to the city on the first level of an S-class dungeon.
 Aren and the others have been in this S-class dungeon for a long time, but they've never met him.

So you've been in Gakuen City all this time? Can you move between dungeons in an instant, even if they're on different continents?

 The place seems to be the school town of the Latash Kingdom, where Aren and his friends went to school.
 I heard that one of the A-class dungeons in the city is being renovated to become a job-change dungeon.

You're the same as always. Digragni.

 When the creator god Elmea sluggishly says that she was put in charge of the job change system by Elmea, the spirit god Rosen is stunned and opens his mouth.

''Oh! Hey, Rosen. It's the sun!

"Do not call me noble. Unlike you, I came to God. Ha ha.

You're the same as me. You're the same age, so don't be so formal with your appearance.

 DiGragni and Rosen start a conversation.
 I think you're talking like a businessman's conversation in a previous life, saying that since we're in the same class, you're the only one who can move up in the world, but you don't need to use honorific language.

(Did I mention that we don't get along very well?)

 Looking at the wrinkled eyebrows of the God of Spirits, Allen recalls.

 Apparently, Digragni and the genie god are about five thousand years old, the same age.
 They received the sacred artifacts from the god of creation at the same time.
 I remember that the genie god called me to the temple of the creator god and told me that he gave me the sacred artifacts while eating shikaman.

"Hmph. Everyone's prayers and wishes are being used in this courtyard. Lord Elmere is stunned.

"An? I don't understand the beauty of this dungeon. Elmea-sama is not even close.

"Ki, you! You're not just talking to me, you're talking to Master Elmere like that!

 I've heard they don't get along, but it sounds pretty bad.
 Allen thinks that the genie god in a flying monkey is making an angry fist with great dexterity.
 As he looks at Dighragni, who is yelled at by the genie god and turns away from him as if he were a fly, he sees the relationship between the two bodies.

I wonder if she used the vessel of faith given to her by the God of Creation to collect prayers, expand S-class dungeons, make rewards and treasures for defeating people. (Maybe that's why the hierarchical bosses and lowest level bosses were so strong.

 The creator told me once that the bearer of a divine instrument collects prayers from people and uses the power of those prayers to reach sub-gods and then gods.

 Apparently, Digrigni is using the power of his prayers to expand S-class dungeons for his own enjoyment.

 Aren't the S-ranked hierarchical bosses of incredible power, the one-level cityscape that gets bigger and bigger every year, and the towers that seem to reach to the heavens are also the result of the power of people's prayers, Aren analyzes.

"So, the reward for the first kill...

"Oh! It was. What's good for you?

 The relationship between Dighragni and the Spirit God is also quite interesting, but now I want to talk about the reward for the first defeat.

Then change all of your companions to Hell Mode.

"What? What are you talking about? You can't do it!

"Can't I have extra mode too?

"Of course!

 I heard that neither Hell Mode nor Extra Mode is good.
 The Spirit God also said before that he couldn't do it, so I thought it would be impossible for Digragni to do so, who is wasting the vessel of faith.

''Then you only have one extra skill each. Give me the second extra skill.

 Thanks to Prince Zeus, I learned that there can be up to three extra skills, and I'm asking for more extra skills.

"That's not possible either. Impossible. That's God's domain as we speak. Come on. There's a god out there. Ask him!


 The god there, the genie god, is spoken to, and the genie god reacts by telling him not to say anything unnecessary.

By the way, how do you feel about changing jobs?

"An? Maybe you can at least change jobs, but not if you're a guy who's done changing jobs once, or if you're a starry-eyed guy.'

 They say you can change jobs, but there are conditions.

How old are you?

Maybe three.

(Three in a row. That's pretty low. Well, at the sub-god stage they told us that spirits could only get four stars. As a genie, he gave me five stars for Krsna. I'm quite frank with this dungeon master. I'm sure Elmere will punish me for this.

 It's common knowledge for Allen to talk about things like Hell Mode and the number of stars in front of quite a few people.
 I think the creation of the change of occupation dungeon may be some kind of divine punishment by the creator of the world against the normally badly behaved Digrigni.

As I recall, the maximum number of dungeons you can have next month is four stars and you can only change jobs once. It doesn't sound very tasty if you make a career change into a wish.

 About the newly-launched job change system, Allen is so insistent that the genie gods want to run away to Rosenheim.
 I'm told that the job transfer system is not so generous.

What are you going to do then? Then what are you going to do?

 Allen asks for a favor, and DiGragni tells him to make a wish in his own area of expertise.

(Well, this is what we thought. It's time to get down to business.)

 Allen had heard beforehand that the mode change was not going to happen, and that the job change was not going to be enough to strengthen Allen and his friends' ranks.

 I was only asking just in case.
 Since we're talking about being in a hurry, let's get down to business.

Merle: "Merle. Merle: "Give me your grimoire.


 Then Allen asks Merle to lend him the grimoire.
 Merle hands the grimoire to Allen, wondering what he'll use it for.

 The dwarves, who are also golem wielders, look on as Allen holds the grimoire in his hand and wonder what it is.

 Allen turns the grimoire over and over in his hand.
 The front of the grimoire has 10 mithril tablets on it and the back is slippery and empty.
 To begin with, there are no holes on the back side of the board, so it is impossible to fit the stone tablet.

Then make a hole on the back of this grimoire so that 20 stone slabs can be fitted on the front and back.

 Allen was to tell Digrigny the reward for the first defeat he had in mind.