303 Art. 297 Diglagni ②

 Allen asked for 20 stone tablets of the grimoire board as a reward for the first defeat of the lowest level boss.

 Digragni, who hadn't yet become a sub-god, probably wouldn't be able to change from normal mode to Hell or extra mode, nor would he be able to change jobs and increase his star count.

 He is a dungeon master and the dungeons provide him with a large number of magical tools.
 Allen has been thinking about the rewards that he wants from Degragni and what will best strengthen his party.

 Orihalcon weapons and armor can be obtained from the dungeon in bulk.
 I think I've got most of the useful mages and tools I need for my adventures.

 Allen, who has played the game in his previous life, saw a grimoire with ten stone slates on its surface and a single word came to mind.

There are 10 slots.

 There is an upper limit to how much you can fit a mage board, and within that limit, you can utilize your golem in a creative way.
 I guess that's what the golem soldier is all about.

 Everything has a slot, which is the upper limit.
 You can only equip one status-enhancing ring on each hand.
 This would bring the ring's slot to two, one for each arm.

 Things have an upper limit, and releasing that limit has often happened in previous lives.
 You are given a challenge, called a quest, and whoever can overcome it will have their slot expanded.

(Is this a slot expansion quest?)

 In Allen's mind, Rosenheim's war was an aspect of a "job search quest".
 So, I've been thinking about what aspects of this dungeon attack are important.

 I thought of this S-class dungeon attack as a "quest to open the slot on Merle's grimoire board" and set out to capture it.

"Twenty stone tablets to fit in the grimoire board?

Is it impossible?

 Saying this, Allen held out the grimoire to Digragni.
 Then the grimoire disappears from Allen's hand and appears in front of the giant Digrigni's face.

 The grimoire slowly rotates in front of Digrigni's face.

 Allen watches Digragni in silence as she thinks about the grimoire.
 Aren's friends watch the events unfold, leaving Aren to negotiate with Digrigni.

"I see. This guy can do it. You're a funny guy! Here it is!

 The grimoire became faster and appeared to be a sphere.
 Then it begins to glow strongly.

 The glow and the speed of the grimoire settle down and the grimoire returns to Allen's sight.
 Both sides of the grimoire have holes for the tablet on both sides.
 It looks like they've increased the number of holes for the grimoire plates to 20.

 Where the slate was originally on the back side, the status appears to float like a hologram.
 You've done a lot of work on this one moment.

Is there anything that can and cannot be done with multiple slabs of stone?

"An? Well, you can't fit multiple supersized versions of it in, it won't get any bigger. But you're right. Try everything else.

"Yes. Okay. Merle, you played a big part in the fight against Gordino.

 When Allen handed Merle the grimoire, tears spilled from his eyes as he received it, trembling.

Thank you.

 When Aren heard from Hermios that he would get a reward for the first kill of the lowest boss, he told his friends that the reward would be 20 holes in the grimoire.

 And when I told my friends about it, no one objected.

 When I was in the academy, it didn't help me at all to capture dungeons.
 When you came to an S-class dungeon, you weren't even a wallflower for the first few months.
 Allen and my friends kept telling me it was nothing to worry about.


 When Merle can't stop crying, Kurena hugs her from behind.

"Yes! I've handed you your reward now!

"Oh, sorry.

(Don't go home just yet.)

What's that?

 You're going to be able to get the best out of it.

'When I conquered an A-class dungeon, the management system told me that if I beat the lowest-level boss of an S-class dungeon, I could challenge Master Digrigni.

"...... Oh yeah, yeah. That's the story. I forgot about it because no one else would try. But not now. Master Elmere's gonna be mad at you for playing around here.

 DiGragni pauses for a moment, then replies as if remembering.
 I don't know how long ago it was set up, but maybe Allen was the first person to talk to me about it.
 He says he can't try now because of Digrigny's circumstances.

I understand. I'll try next time because I'm not strong enough yet, but I want to check something.

 Allen is not going to try Digrigny this time.
 That's because Merus told me not to.

 They can't win with Aren and his men now.
 Hermios, Admiral Galala, and Prince Zeus are in top condition.
 On the contrary, Merus says there will be far too many deaths.

 When I asked him how strong he was, he said that although he hadn't even reached the sub-gods, Digragni was good at fighting and was as powerful as the higher demon gods.

 The lowest boss was quite strong, but he was only so powerful that he hadn't even reached the top demon gods.
 Allen knew that he still didn't have the strength to fight the Demon King's army.

(You have to get stronger, you know.)

 To that end, Allen is now carrying on a conversation with DiGragni.

"Make it quick!

 Again, DiGragni tells you to put it bluntly.

"If I win against Mr. Digrigny, the reward is as good as I want it to be, is that it?

 These words startled the dwarves, including Admiral Galala.
 Aren told Digrigny to give me whatever he wanted if he won.

''Oh! This is gonna be fun! You're a funny guy! Of course. If I can do it, I'll do it all. That's if I win!

Thank you. I'll work hard to win the fight.

 Allen bowed deeply and indicated his willingness to challenge Digrigny.
 Then he lifted his head and kept looking at Digrigny's chest.

(You got an extra slot.) Next time, let's have Digrigny. (*gasp*)

 Allen had already captured Dighragni as prey from the time he appeared.

 Digragni took the form of an adamantine golem.
 And the crystal was firmly embedded in his chest.

 Allen is trying to hold back a laugh.
 I wonder if Cecil, who somehow knows what Allen wants, is serious, and sighs.

''Oh. Talk to the system around with your credentials and I'll make sure you're connected to me.

That's helpful. Thank you for this time.

 Allen thanks you for finishing your work.

"Well, but, wait. Well, hold on. Hey!



 Allen's vision changes at once.
 It was the square in front of the temple on the first level of the S-class dungeon.

 I saw eyes on a large group of adventurers, so I looked around and saw that they had transferred all of Aren's friends to this spot.

''Oh! You guys! The S-class dungeon has been conquered at last!

 And from behind Allen's voice can be heard Dighragni's
 Dighragni also came to be with us and transitioned.

 And like a speaker in the city, he tells not only the adventurers gathered here to conquer the dungeon, but the whole huge city.

 It's a proclamation of the capture of an S-class dungeon by none other than Digrigni.
 No one will think it's a lie.
 It will be overwhelming, unlike a business-card-sized certificate of defeat.

 So I look at Digrigni, and his posture changes to a cool one.

(So this is Dighragni's cool pose.)

 I've heard that when all eyes are on him, Digrigni can't help but strike a cool pose, similar to a warrior pose I saw in a past life.
 It's similar to the squadron pose I saw as a child in a past life.
 Shakin'! The sound effect of "I'm not sure I'm going to be able to see this.
 I've heard there's no benefit in seeing it, but I wonder if that's the case.

 Then Merle said, "Mm! And began to strike cool poses.
 Both Admiral Galala and his fellow dwarves struck cool poses, expressing the dungeon's conquest with their bodies.

 Admiral Galala's emotions are blown away by the dungeon's conquest of the dungeon and his melancholy feelings about his friends.

I'll be waiting for the next challenge!

 Dighragni said and jumped up and then disappeared from the scene.
 It seems that she has returned to the school town of Latash Kingdom to work on her new job quest dungeon.

What? Hey, what the hell are you guys doing?

 Dwarves flock to Admiral Galala.
 Merle is one of them.

We'll drink until morning! You guys, get out of the way! Admiral Galala coming through!

 One of the dwarves who carried Admiral Galala said so.
 It seems that they are taking her to her favorite bar.

 I've seen Admiral Galala being carried around like a portable shrine, making complaints, but no one listens to them.

 Come to think of it, the first time I met Admiral Galala, he was also carried away by his friends like this.

 That day marked the anniversary of the first time I conquered an S-class dungeon, and the city was in full swing.