It's the day after 10 days since the S-class dungeon attack.

"Allen, you're in a good mood.

"Hmm? I see. .

"What's a giggle?

 Cecil asks dumbfoundedly as Allen leaves the temple and returns to his base in a lilting rhythm.
 Allen and his friends have been working together on the Iron Golem hunt.
 On this hunt, Allen is in a great mood as his level has risen.
 The day his level rises, that alone puts him in a good mood.

(Oh no! That's Merle! You were right about the 20 holes in the grimoire board. The Zeus monster prince's necklace to increase attack power is also working well. Hmmmph!

 The efficiency of the iron golem hunt has increased at once.
 Now you can fit twice as many stone slates on Merle's grimoire board, and the status of the Mithril Golem went up at once.
 You can fit 10 stone tablets to strengthen your Mithril Golem.
 It doesn't matter if you put in several gigantic or super gigantic stone slates at the same time.
 I knew that putting two gigantic tablet on the grimoire board didn't do any good, but it didn't do any good if you put them in the newly added holes.

 The necklace that increases attack power by 3,000 is equipped to Krsna.
 This also helped me a lot in hunting the hard iron golems.
 Thanks to Prince Zeus.

 My friends know that as Allen's summoning level rises, he'll be in a good mood for a week or more, and he'll be looking at his grimoire and grasping at his grimoire, too.

 The plan is to first release Allen's kingship skill.
 After that, we're talking about killing the lowest boss 'Gordino' in a circle.

Speaking of which, the eradication of the area around the northernmost fortress is nearing completion.

"Ma! Well, that's great!

 Walking down the street, I tell Sophie what I remembered about the experience.
 Since Allen reached summon level 8, the Bird A summons made it easier for him to transfer between continents.
 Once you build a nest for transference, you can move as many times as you want if you travel alone.

 And I've heard from the Elven Queen that she's also struggling to restore her fortress and rebuild the city where the refugees are returning.

 Rosenheim suffered a massive invasion from the Demon King's army at the beginning of last year.  
 More than two-thirds of its territory was overrun and the city and its fortresses were destroyed.
 Allen has defeated the Demon King's army, but scattered magical beasts still exist in Rosenheim.
 Even if they are scattered, they are still hundreds or even thousands in number, and they are hindering the recovery and rebuilding of the city.

 With the summoned level 8, Allen decided to help in the recovery and reconstruction.
 A total of 60 Dragon A and Insect A summons are being summoned to destroy the demon king's army day and night.

 For the lowest boss battle, I removed Bug A's summons because they need more attack power than durability, but I summoned them again to resume the annihilation process.

 In order to restore the northernmost fortress of Rosenheim, I continued to eradicate the remnants of the Demon King's army with emphasis.
 Thanks to this, the elven soldiers can finally begin to return to the northernmost fortress.

 Now you've finished your three-day dungeon retreat.
 And now you have two days off.
 The days continue the same, even after the dungeon attack.

 You'll find Sophie listening to Allen's story with a smile and telling her about the recovery situation as she enters the base.

You'll be able to find out what's going on. A visitor is here to see you.

"Huh? Have you come for me yet?

 A servant of Helmios tells Allen that he has a visitor.
 Rather, Allen, Helmios, and his party have a pick-me-up on the way.

 I've been summoned to the imperial city by the emperor of the Baucis Empire, Pupun III.
 A messenger arrived a few days ago and asked him to come to the imperial capital as soon as he was ready.

 The messenger told me that the messenger has already informed the entire Baukis Empire about the first S-class dungeon with the help of magic tools.

 He also knows that the brave Helmios and Prince Zeus have fought together, and that the emperor himself congratulates them for uniting the nations' efforts to accomplish this difficult feat.

 Originally instructed by Emperor Pupun III of the Baucis Empire, Admiral Galala aimed to conquer an S-class dungeon.
 The Baukis Empire also hides a political agenda to create as much as possible the fact that they led the attack against the Ghiamut Empire, the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom and Rosenheim.
 Rather than congratulating them, that would be the main issue.

 The Baucis Empire can't help but praise you for such a great achievement.
 With the eyes of the people and the eyes of the nations, they want to have a formal event.

 I see. You'll be in charge of your absence,'' said Allen to Helmios, who smiled bitterly and said, 'Of course you're coming.

 At Allen's party, where the princess of Rosenheim is also a member, there was a letter of intent with the Baukis family crest on it.

 This time you weren't approached out of the blue in a hotel or on a magic ship.
 A letter of intent has been prepared and a messenger has formally arrived, inviting you to the imperial capital of the Baukis Empire.
 Apparently I couldn't refuse.

 He's prepared a letter of intent immediately, and he'll be back in a few days to ask you to come to the imperial capital of the Baukis Empire then.

 It's quite frustrating for Allen, who has been hunting iron golems as usual since the day after the celebration of the S-class dungeon attack, but it's not a good look for him to refuse, so he's decided to go.

 For a moment, a look of dissatisfaction appears on his face as if he's already here, but Allen tries to keep a calm face.

'Hey, who are you?

 I know Allen.
 A dwarf, but not dressed as a messenger of the Baucis Empire.

 I know him well.
 This man is in charge of the Adventurer's Guild of S-class dungeons.

"It's what you've been waiting for, Master Allen.

"Huh? Did you ever wait? It could have been word of mouth.

 Allen is repeating the schedule of going to the dungeon for three days and taking two days off.
 It's nighttime now that the sun has set, as Allen hunts the Iron Golem with fervor until the last minute.

 From the tea and snacks placed in front of me, it seems like I've been waiting for quite a while.

 Allen looks at Hermios, who is also in the cafeteria, wondering if he's been keeping him waiting.

"Hey, I think I have something important to do.

I see.

 It seems that Hermios has already heard about the visit of the Adventurers' Guild.
 Whatever that is, Allen will sit down with his friends.

 Note that Admiral Galala is no longer here.
 He's back at his base, enjoying the company of his friends.

 The Adventurer's Guild has helped me a lot in this S-class dungeon.
 When I was in the college town, they helped me get the magic stones, but they were very sincere in S-class dungeons, and I can say that I was able to spend my dungeon life comfortably.

As a matter of fact, General Manager McCarran has come from the Gearmut Empire and is waiting to meet with you. Would you be able to come tomorrow?

Yes, what can I do for you?

I'm sorry. I haven't heard that much, but I'll check if I need to.

No, in any case, I'll be at the Adventurers' Guild tomorrow, so I'll take care of business then.

 Allen glances over at Helmio and smiles at him.
 It seems that Helmios has also been called by the general manager.

 I will be heading to the Adventurer's Guild to redeem the treasures from the Iron Golem.
 Aren and the others will go through the dungeon as planned and then head to the Adventurer's Guild as planned.

 Since they have been going to the guild for a long time as part of their routine, the guild staff should know that Allen and his friends will be coming to the guild tomorrow.

 Still, they waited until the previous day so that it wouldn't be an urgent matter on the day of the event, and they waited until this late.
 I have nothing in particular to say no to, so I'll see you there.

(I know it's related to the attack of an S-class dungeon.

 Although he originally attracted a lot of attention for his unusual hair color, Allen and his team are known to be one of the attack parties for S-class dungeons.

 The person in charge of the adventurer's guild thanks you for that, and says, "If you're going to have it, you might as well eat it and go home," and then they have dinner together.

 The next day comes.
 Aren and the others headed to the Adventurer's Guild with the unnecessary items and weapons/armor from the treasure chest.

 The iron golem hunting has accelerated Allen and his team's moneymaking efforts.
 Already, the money managed by the entire party has exceeded one million gold coins.

 As I recall, when the Granvels were barons, the amount of gold paid to the Latash Kingdom was several tens of thousands a year, so Aren and his friends have an amount equivalent to several decades of that time.

 They are also needed for the gold and silver beans made from A-ranked magic stones, so they buy magic stones to the limit, but the gold coins continue to accumulate.

 When you go to the Adventurer's Guild with a large package, you will be shown into a large and luxurious room as usual.
 As usual, I'll go ahead and finish my business.

 Thinking that I have to keep Hermios waiting for the head of the guild, you quickly hand over the weapons, armor, and items, and stow away the magic stones.

 Then you will be called to the branch chief's office on the top floor where you have never been before to say that this is the next step.
 I've met the branch chief of this S-class dungeon several times, but he always came to this room to talk with me after he finished his business.

 I was led into the back room where I was led to find the head of the division.
 I can see Hermios' face.

"Excuse me. Mr. Helmios. Sorry to keep you waiting: ......

 I put the transaction ahead of the transaction because they offered to go ahead and get my stuff sorted out.
 I tried to apologize, but besides Helmios, Admiral Galala and Prince Zeus were also here.

 And Admiral Galala's companions and the Ten English Beasts are also here.
 It seems that everyone who has conquered an S-class dungeon is here.

 I've heard that not only Prince Zeus, but also the Ten Winged Beasts are still in this S-class dungeon.
 All the names of those who invaded the S-class dungeon have already been published.
 The Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom has also heard that the Ten-Ying Beasts took part in the lowest level boss battle of the S-class dungeon.

 This is because Prince Zeu told the Beast King of the Al-Bahar Beast Kingdom that he was able to conquer an S-class dungeon and that he borrowed the Ten English Beasts.

 Both Prince Zeu and the Ten English Beasts have been officially invited by the Bauchis Empire and are waiting for you in this S-class dungeon city.

I hear the chief will be here soon.

Sorry. Sorry to keep you waiting. Admiral Galala. I see you all have been summoned.

 I guess I've been keeping everyone waiting, not just Helmios.
 As Allen apologizes, Admiral Galala points to an empty seat and says come here.

Yeah, yeah. I see you're here.

 When Admiral Galala said this, the back door opened and a rather old man came in.