305 Article 299. Director-General

 It seems that not only Allen and his party, but all the participants in this S-class dungeon have been called into this room.

So this old man is the head of the Adventurer's Guild? Did he come all the way from the Ghiamut Empire?

 He is an old man with no hair on his head and a beard.
 He looks quite old, but his eyes are sharp, and as soon as he enters the room, he stares at everyone here.

 As Allen looks at the old head honcho, he remembers the Adventurers' Guild of the world.

 There are several world-wide organizations, such as religious organizations and the Mages' Guild.
 Among them, it is said that there are two that have great influence over the whole world.

 One is the Church of Elmer and the other is the Adventurers' Guild.

 While many countries have monarchies or feudal systems, the Adventurers' Guild is a worldwide organization.
 It is headquartered in the Ghiamut Empire, with headquarters in each country's capital, branches in major cities such as the capitals, and branch offices in villages.
 It is one of the few organizations that has expanded to exclusive countries and republics like Rosenheim.

 A thousand years ago when the Giamut Empire unified the central continent, the Adventurers' Guild is said to have fought with the emperor over the treatment of adventurers, and at one point moved its headquarters to the Giamut Empire.
 A thousand years ago, the emperor of the Ghiamut Empire is known to have been quite a tyrant.
 But a few hundred years later, during negotiations between the Ghiamut Empire and the Adventurer's Guild, he moved his headquarters back to the Ghiamut Empire.
 The Ghiamut Empire has since become its current territory after several splits and independence movements and the invasion of the Demon King's army.

 Furthermore, the Elmerian Church, which left at the same time as the Adventurers' Guild due to suppression, did not return to the Giamut Empire, but founded the Elmerian Kingdom on the southern United Continent.
 There is only a branch of the Elmere Church in the Ghiamut Empire.

 In this world overrun with magical beasts, the existence of the Adventurers' Guild is very important.
 They've spent more than a thousand years accumulating the know-how of defeating these monsters, and the old man in front of you is often in a higher position than the king of the country.

 There are stories of countries that have fallen into decline as a result of their adventurers' guilds withdrawing from the country as a result of a dispute with the adventurers' guild.

''Huh? It's Dr. Karlovac.

 As Allen looks at the headmaster, he notices a familiar face in Krsna's mind.
 Along with Section Chief Popocka, Mr. Karlovac, who was her homeroom teacher when she was at the school, comes out of the back room.

"Everyone's here. Sorry to ask you to come over today. I am Macallan, the general manager of the Adventurers' Guild.

 Everyone in the party seems to be sitting down, but to talk standing up to be seen in the back as well.
 It kind of reminds me of school class.

"Hey, Chief McCarran. What brings you all the way out here today?

That's what I'm talking about. You know the chief of police?

 Normally, Hermios lives in the imperial capital of the Ghiamut Empire, where the headquarters of the Adventurer's Guild is also located.
 Allen wonders if they know each other.

I'm not sure if you know each other. It's been a long time since I've been away from the Ghiamut Empire, but it's been a long time. I heard you conquered an S-class dungeon today. Well, I thought the Adventurers' Guild needed to take care of that.

 McCarran will tell you why he came today.

(Huh? That was fast. It's only been 10 days since we invaded the dungeon. (Did you have a plan to come here in the past?

 I think that the Adventurer's Guild is very quick to respond, even if the information reaches the headquarters through a grimoire.
 It takes a lot of time to get here, even if you take a speedboat mage ship.
It probably didn't take them days to decide to come after they learned of the attack on the S-class dungeon.

'Huh? I wonder what the response will be?

 Rosetta the Phantom Thief reacts to Macallan's words.
 These are the men who have been called in here to perform great deeds.

Hmm? Am I an old geezer, too? Why is the head of the bandits here?

Oh, no, you got the wrong guy. A gang of thieves? What's that about?

 When asked by Macallan, Rosetta breaks eye contact and starts whistling a lousy tune.
 Good grief, Macallan scratches his head.

"Get back to the point. Sorry to bring so many people here. Prince Zeus. I heard you led the attack on this S-glass dungeon.

"The leader is me, but what about it?

"Hmm . For the first time in 20 years. The Adventurers' Guild has decided to appoint S-rank adventurers. The appointment of S-rank adventurers is subject to the approval of the Governor.

""S-ranked adventurer!"

 Everyone's voice hums.

(Is that it? How many S-ranked adventurers are there not in the world right now? (I believe the brave man was also A-rated)

 When I was in school, I was asked in the Adventurer's Guild how many ranks there were for adventurers.
 Basically, there are only A-ranked adventurers, but rarely, an adventurer can be awarded "S-ranked" for his or her activities and achievements as an adventurer.

 Becoming an S-ranked adventurer is a miracle, and it is common knowledge in the adventurer's world that adventurers aim for an A-rank.
 Even the heroic Helmios, who has prevented the invasion of the demon king's army and given hope to the human race, is an A-ranked adventurer.

 There are few S-ranked adventurers in the world, and a new S-ranked adventurer may be born today.
 That's why the people here are convinced that this is why Governor McCarran has crossed the ocean to the Bauchis Empire.

So it wasn't me. Because of my position, I'm the coordinator, but there are others who actually led the fight and accomplished this feat.

 Prince Zeus understands why he was nominated and says that he is not an S-ranked adventurer.

'Huh? Who's there?

"Lord Allen. If you ask me to choose one, there is no one else.

 If you can't choose any S-ranked adventurers this time around, Prince Zeus assured me that there's no one better than Allen.

"Mister Allen? This dark-haired boy?

 Allen and Macallan, sitting in the front row as well as the leaders of the other four parties, meet each other's eyes.

I'm already a 15-year-old adult.

 The Zeuschwein prince reacts even more to your calling him a boy.
 I'm not to be treated like a child.

By the way, are you all the same? If I had to choose one person for this S-class dungeon, Allen would be the most deserving.


 All the voices of approval echoed through the spacious chapter president's office.
 There's no one to deny it.
 They say Allen is the one who deserves to be an S-ranked adventurer.

...... I see. It sounds like Chapter Chief Popocka is telling the truth.

 Touching the beard of the moja-moja, Macallan is convinced of something.

''Yes, sir. The person at the center of all the events that have happened in the S-class dungeon Tower of Trials over the past six months or so is Allen.

 Beside Macallan, the chief of Popocka affirmed.
 Since he was dealing with the general manager, Chief Popocka also spoke politely.

Oh, so was the system for providing information to those adventurers. Allen. Is that what you did?

 McCarran also heard about Allen's provision of information in S-class dungeons and the establishment of the Intelligence Department.

"No, Helmios did the informing," he said. Our party only cooperated with you.

 Allen denies his actions.

"But you say, Hermios. Is this true?

"It's the other way around. It's just that I lent you my name. I thought Section Chief Popocka would know that part of the story better than I do.

 Hermios smiles and denies it.

(Mmmm.) Is this the way I'm going to be an S-ranked adventurer? (I mean, as far as bringing Karova-sensei with me, she's trying to shoot me.

 I think I know why Mr. Karolova, Allen's homeroom teacher, is here.
 Despite the stupid look on his face, Macallan seems to have come to make Allen an S-ranked adventurer.

 When Macallan looked at Popocka, he nodded his head strongly in affirmation.

I'm not sure if that's the case, but does this mean that you deserve to be an S-ranked adventurer here, Allen? What do you think, Admiral Galala?

"Yeah. Allen saved us all.

 Admiral McCarran confirms to Admiral Galala, who hadn't been approached until now.

"...... Okay. So this is it.

 In this situation, Dogora is convinced of something.
 It's as they all head to the temple to conquer the hierarchical boss of an S-class dungeon.
 While all of the adventurers who had gathered to watch the heroics praised Hermios, Admiral Galala, and Prince Zeu, few thought of Aren.

 Who had scrambled to get this party together, Dogora felt a strong resentment.
 Amidst that resentment, only de Bergh had said that heroes would one day be recognized.

 I don't know how many S-ranked adventurers there are in the world right now, but Aren is trying to become one.
 We're all trying to help him do it.

Um, sorry. Something tells me that I'm in the running for the nomination, so how can I refuse this offer?


 While everyone looks at him to see if he will become an S-ranked adventurer, Allen tries to turn down the title.